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Volume 9 Chapter 18 Shirogane Aqua, Everyone, Let’s be More Honest

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 Later, the four of us, including Kanon, decided to discuss our future together.

 ”For now, let’s talk about marriage… Miyuki-san, or rather, Yui-san, is it okay to proceed with the idea of marrying Aqua?”

 ”Yes, I want to support Aqua-sama from a closer position, as a wife.”

 Yui responded with her usual cool expression. Even before our discussion with Kanon, Yui had told me that she wanted to marry me. So, I had already made up my mind to go all the way to marriage even before making this declaration. If Yui wanted to get married, I would, and if not, I was determined to fulfill her wishes to the fullest.

 ”As for work, I plan to continue in that direction. I thought it would be better considering Aqua-sama.”

 ”Thank you. From my perspective, if Yui-san, who has met the people around Aqua, continues to work, it would be a great help.”

 Kanon smiled gently as usual and shook hands firmly with Yui. Wait a minute…? Why does my wife seem so composed today? Where did my usual clumsy Kanon-chan go? Well, either way, she’s cute!

 ”Nee-san, is there a possibility of marriage?”

 ”Yes, I want to support Aqua-san by his side.”

 The pre-discussion with Kotono, unlike the straightforward discussion with Yui, took a very long time.

 ’I-I’m sorry!!’

 When we talked together, Kotono apologized for coming on too strongly at first. Well, I was the one who ended up embracing her… and I should be the one apologizing.

 ’I’m sorry, Kotono… There’s something I really need to apologize to you for.’

 I apologized to Kotono with a sliding bow I learned from the Prime Minister himself. Thank you, Prime Minister, even though you looked at me with a cold stare and I just drinking milk tea next to you at the time, but it was worth practicing with Morikawa-san…! Somehow, I feel like I might need to bow more than once or twice in my life.

 ’Aqua-san!? Th-that’s nothing you should apologize for…’

 ’No, Kotono, listen… I’m really the worst. When you came onto me, I thought it was a chance. I didn’t want to share your body with anyone else, I gave in to my desires, I held you because I wanted to hold you, I had wanted to hold you for a long time, and I thought you would be mine after marriage… I’m sorry I held you for such a lousy reason!’

 Kotono’s body has aroused me many times. Especially after joining Beryl, I was often with her, her breasts are ero from the front, her buttocks are ero from the side, and her aura is ero in general.

 I have heard that women become ero when they are over 30, and I thought it was true.

 Because of this, I don’t even remember how many times I had s*x with her.

 Kotono’s body aroused me that much, and I was so excited to think that I would be able to have s*x with this body every day after marriage.

 I was so excited at the thought of having this body every day when we get married…

 ’Aqua-san’s…lust…oh, um, is my body really attractive to Aqua-san?’

 ’Um… I mean, I just really want to have s*x, or rather, I’m already feeling a bit h**ny. Kotono’s body is like eye candy to me. Honestly, it’s so ero that I wish Kotono’d tone it down a bit. I mean, does Kotono even realize that her suit looks sexy? Even in that training wear, your body’s curves are clearly visible. I’ve even misunderstood a few times, thinking you might be inviting me.’

 It’s not just Kotono’s body; there are many women in this world with sexy bodies, and it’s really troublesome. Please understand my feelings, being constantly seduced by such people every day.

 Kanon says it’s okay to embrace them casually, but if that were to happen, I would lose control of my rationality and end up having s*x with girls every day, doing nothing else. But that wouldn’t be good. I have dreams as an idol, and for that, I believe some level of restraint is necessary.

 ’Aqua-san… It’s not the worst reason at all. In fact, it’s probably the number one phrase a girl wants to hear, you know? I’m really happy too. And you’re still feeling h**ny now… D-do you?’

 Yes, I did. Without even responding, I immediately acted on it. We were supposed to be discussing something, but when Kotono, dressed in her suit, told me it was okay to embrace her, there was no way I could resist.

 By the way, after having s*x, we also promised to have s*x in the shower, all sweaty after finishing our training. Why, you ask? Because I wanted to. There’s no other reason.

 ”Nee-san, you’re planning to continue working, right?”

 ”Yes. Um… even if I get pregnant, I’m planning to work until the last possible moment and return to work as soon as possible.”

 Personally, I’d like her to take it easy, but as the idol Shirogane Aqua, it’s a tremendous relief. In Beryl Entertainment, the Chief Manager Kirika Kotono is that important.

 By the way, during Kotono’s absence, Shitori-onee-chan will become my manager, and Ako-san, who slides, will be accompanying me with Toa.

 ”Kanon-san, um… I’m sorry! I, I haven’t been taking contraceptive pills…”

 ”Nee-san, I’ve already told you multiple times that it’s okay. There’s no need to worry about such an old custom where the first wife has to have children. Given your age, you shouldn’t worry about me. Aqua, when you’re with Nee-san, you shouldn’t use contraception either.”

 Yeah… When I think about it again, it’s pretty amazing to be told to make another woman pregnant. Sometimes, I tend to think with the values of the previous world, but when the contrast is this stark, my mind gets confused. I don’t know what’s right and wrong anymore.

 ”But… in exchange, please make me pregnant someday.”

 ”Uh, sure.”

 Kanon-san… It’s dangerous for girls your age to get pregnant. But the thought of Kanon becoming pregnant with my sp**m got me excited as a man.

 So, can I really endure it if she gets pregnant? I think I’ll immediately want to have s*x. But having s*x with a pregnant woman carries risks for her and the baby, so I must exercise restraint.

 ”Yui-san, what about having children…?”

 ”As a National Confidentiality Bureau employee, I think I should have children. But personally, I’m really scared of having children, so Aqua-sama and I discussed it. For the time being, we’ve decided I’ll take contraceptives and engage in s*xual activities for relief and ej***lation.”

 Yui… the way she says it… It just makes it seem like she’s only interested in sex. Well, I can’t really argue, given that I’m constantly thinking about s*xual things.

 ”Are you afraid of having a baby?”

 ”Yes, I… couldn’t build a good relationship with my mother or grandmother. So, I’m very anxious about taking on the role of a mother myself.”

 When we talked together, Yui expressed that she still lacks the confidence and determination to become a mother. Recently, it seems she’s been gradually talking to her mom and things are improving.

 Therefore, I was asked to give her some time to sort out her thoughts, calm down, and be ready to take the next step. I want to respect Yui’s decision.

 ”I see… I understand. By the way, Yui-san, about the wedding…?”

 ”Yes, if we have a grand wedding, we would have to announce it publicly. Personally, I’m planning to keep the fact that I got married a secret, especially if I continue my duties as a National Confidentiality Bureau officer. So, please continue to address me as ‘Miyuki’ in public.”

 Even during our previous discussion, Yui’s determination was firm. I said I would respect Yui’s will as much as possible, but there’s one thing I can’t give in on. I raised my hand to seek permission from my wife.

 ”I was thinking about my wedding with Yui, but what if it’s not a big, public event? What if it’s just for close family, or even just the two of us?”

 ”Well, that could work. Having just close family or even just the two of you could be a good idea.”

 As expected from my wife, she understands what I want to say. Good, keep supporting Yui like this! Even though during our previous discussion, Yui didn’t want a big wedding, I feel like that was just her public stance. So, I wanted to know Yui’s true feelings.

 ”But… you see…”

 ”Yui-san, if there’s something on your mind, you should tell us. Aqua can be quite stubborn about these things. If you don’t say it clearly, he won’t be satisfied or convinced.”

 Yeah, yeah, Kanon-san is amazing. She understands me better than I do. Well, I think any husband would be happy if his wife were this understanding. He is probably the luckiest person in the world!

 Of course, I’m talking about myself! I feel like I’m getting carried away, but today, like today, when I reaffirm in my heart that Kanon is my wife, I can’t help but smile. I better keep it to myself, though…

 ”Weddings… I heard they can be quite challenging. There’s preparation beforehand, and even if it’s a small-scale event, it would take up almost a whole day, right? Um… I don’t want to burden Aqua-sama with my wedding, even if I try to handle it myself as much as possible. It would be a waste of Aqua-sama’s precious time, especially on the day of the ceremony.”


 I gently place my hand on Yui’s. Then, I look deeply into Yui’s anxious eyes.

 ”Thank you for thinking about me. But, there’s no such thing as a waste of time when it comes to you. On the contrary, I want you to use more of my time. I’ll use more of your time too. That way, it becomes our time. That’s what being married means, right? So, from now on, don’t ever say it’s a waste because of me.”


 Yui blushes and nods softly. Yes, it seems she understands. I smile and stroke Yui’s head.

 ”You’re sneaky…”

 ”Aqua-san, you’re being sneaky.”

 Huh!? What’s sneaky about me!?

 ”Everything is just sooo sneaky. Maybe next time, I should try being sneaky from my end? I feel like that’s the only way he’ll understand.”

 ”I understand. That last part where he smiles and stroke her head was undoubtedly a deliberate act. If Aqua-san does that to other women, they’ll have no choice but to accept it, no matter who the woman is.”

 ”Ladies, perhaps in such situations, it would be more effective to convey our intentions through our body language, which is our weapon.”

 My wife’s sneaky nature, I gladly accept it. Thank you, thank you! But, Pegonia-san, please don’t try to take off your maid outfit and expose your ample bosom.

 What can be understood through body language, personally I don’t mind, but there is still discussion left, so let’s calm down for now, okay? Okay? If we talk, we’ll understand.

 ”So, what did you decide on the wedding, Nee-san?”

 ”As you know, my parents have already passed away. So at first, I thought it wouldn’t be bad to have a small celebration with just a few people, including the people from the company, or to use my wedding or announcement with Aqua-san as a scapegoat in case he causes a scandal…”

 Kotono glances at me and blushes.

 Ah, that’s nice. Even though she’s usually cool, it’s the best that she only blushes for me.

 ”…But can I speak my true thoughts?”

 ”Kotono, I want the wedding that you want. What you want to do, what makes you happy, what makes you feel good, and what makes you happy and pleased, that’s my happiness too. So, come on, say what you really want.”

 Kotono blushes even more and pouts.

 What’s that, cute!!

 ”…Geez, Aqua-san is cheating after all.”

 No, no, no… Isn’t Kotono’s reaction earlier much more cheating!? You’re usually a reliable, cool, and ennui-filled big sister, but blushing and pouting like that is too much cheating.

 There’s no room for my VAR intervention. Shirogane Aqua’s referee is a shitty referee who’s on the level of being paid for consideration to Kanon and a shitty referee who makes the strike zone wider and wider during the match, but I’ll never miss such a cute scene. If there were other guys here, I’d want to take a survey and say, “Isn’t Kotono cute and cunning?”.

 ”I want to have a wedding with just five people. Aqua-san and I… and Kanon-san, Kaede-san, and Emily-san. If it’s allowed, I think that’s the happiest wedding for me. Ah… of course, it’s okay if Aqua-san’s family is there too.”

 ”Okay, then let’s do that.”

 That was an immediate answer.

 By the way, I wonder if it’s okay not to invite my family. We also talked about not inviting them depending on the situation.

 ”Are you really okay with that?”

 ”Of course, I’m looking forward to where and what kind of wedding it will be, Kotono.”

 I hug Kotono’s waist and cuddle her lightly.

 There’s my wife with a sullen look in front of me, but I pretend not to see her.

 Because Kotono’s reaction earlier was cute. So, please, let me love her for a moment. It’s okay, I’ll make up for it by loving you on the bed tonight! I had a great time together with Kotono and Yui the other day, and then you and me got excited alone at home.

 Ah… Kanon, who was wearing a padded bra at that time, was cute. Thank you, God, for creating such a cute girl.

 ”I… also want to have a wedding…”

 ”Yeah, Yui-san, I think that’s a good idea.”

 Yui stares at me.

 How cute. When she looks at me like that, my heart races. It’s as if she’s looking only at me, and it makes me happy, realizing that she truly likes me.

 ”We should talk to my mom about being together, just the three of us, when we have a chance.”

 ”Okay. Then, let’s go talk to your mom about it another time.”


 Yui’s face brightened up suddenly. Her expressions may be subtle, but when I notice these small differences, I can’t help but find her extremely adorable. I pull Yui closer, and the three of us share affectionate moments. There’s a woman watching us from afar with a sad expression. That woman is my wife, Kanon.

 Kanon, instead of just nibbling on your finger, come on, sit on my lap! Make sure to leave the most important front side open, just like Pegonia-san does. Pegonia-san somehow managed to outmaneuver my wife and has been holding onto my back.

 Yes, yes, don’t point fingers at yourself, Kanon-san is the only one left here. Look, Kotono-san is waving at you. Come on, come on, hurry up. Alright, then the four of us will be together…but just as I was thinking of something perverted, the phone suddenly rang.

 Who could be so clueless to call at a time like this? When I thought about it, it was Kohina-senpai. I thought it didn’t have to be Kohina-senpai, but I had a bad feeling, so I left everyone and answered the phone.

 ”Hello, Senpai? Is something wrong?”

 […um, the other day, I worked with Ayana-chan and we were almost attacked on the way back…but someone helped us, so it was okay. But Ayana-chan seems a little strange now. So…I’m sorry, but could you keep an eye on her? As far as I know, I thought asking you would be the best. Sorry for asking you this even though you’re busy.]

 Attacked…? Kohina-senpai and Ayana were…?

 ”Are you okay, Kohina-senpai?”

 [I’m…I’m fine, but…]

 I took a deep breath to control my emotions.

 ”You’re not pushing yourself, are you?”

 [I’m not pushing myself. But more importantly…]

 ”No, that’s not what I mean!”

 I raised my voice unintentionally. It was the worst. I should have been gentle, but I couldn’t forgive Kohina-senpai for not thinking about herself too much. Somehow, in a different way than other women, I wanted her to take care of herself.

 ”I’m worried about Ayana, but I’m just as worried about Kohina-senpai. So please don’t overdo it. I may be unreliable like a kid, but please tell me if it’s hard. Can I even go hug you right now?”

 [You idiot…but, thank you…ugh! Why am I say that? I’m such an idiot! You idiot!! Tell that to Ayana-chan!!]

 Her voice sounded normal…no, she even thanked me and apologized earlier, which was clearly unusual for Kohina-senpai. Maybe she hit her head hard somewhere.

 ”Senpai…since earlier, you’ve been saying thank you and sorry, are you okay? Should we go to the hospital and get an MRI or something?”

 [You idiot! I sometimes say thank you and sorry too, you know!]

 What!? I was shocked by the fact.

 ”No, I’ve never heard that before. Maybe you hit your head hard somewhere…let’s go to the hospital. I’ll come pick you up now, and don’t worry, the hospital is not a scary place. I’ll be with you.”

 [Am I a scared little child who’s afraid of the dentist!? Ugh, give me back what I said earlier!]

 ”What did you say earlier?”

 [No, no, that’s not what I meant… Geez! You shouldn’t question a girl about those things!!]

 ”A girl…?”

 [Hey!! You had a question mark at the end of that sentence for sure! I’ll seriously smack you!!]

 Yeah, it feels just like Kohina-senpai as usual. While it seems okay to talk, there are things I can’t understand from just the voice. I put on a suitable outer garment and return to the living room, temporarily removing my earphones from my phone.

 ”Sorry, everyone. I have something urgent to attend to, so I’ll be heading out.”

 ”Yeah, understood. Take care.”

 ”Please be careful.”

 ”If anything happens, please contact us immediately.”

 ”Master, the rest of us will enjoy our girls’ gathering, so don’t worry… hehehe.”

 Fortunately, we’ve finished discussing the important parts, and I feel sorry for interrupting the flow of intimacy with the three of them, but I’ve decided to prioritize taking care of this situation.

 Also, I have a feeling that Pegonia-san is up to something weird. That’s not allowed!!

 ”Senpai, for now, I’m also concerned about Ayana, so I’m going to your house now to discuss that. Did you also inform Ako-san properly?”

 [I can’t possibly tell her…]

 ”Alright, I’ll do it on my own then.”

 [Huh? Ah… ]

 ”There’s no use in holding back. If you don’t say it at times like this, even though you’re best friends, the other person will definitely be sad later.”

 [O-Okay… then, I’ll say it myself.]

 ”I’ll make sure to check with Ako-san later to see if you actually said it.”

 [Geez! I’ll say it properly without you doing that!]

 As expected, choosing to go right away wasn’t a mistake. As the conversation progressed, it was clear that Kohina-senpai was more timid than usual. Even if there was no tangible harm like being injured, the impact of being attacked on one’s mind is significant.

 At times like this, it’s better to have someone by your side rather than being alone. Kohina-senpai seems like someone who could be dependent on Ako-san. I think Kohina-senpai knows that too, but the fact that she called me shows that she’s not good at being dependent.

 And it would be tough if Ako-san was the only one to rely on, but I would be happy if there was someone who could be there to catch her. I care about Kohina-senpai and she’s an important person to me, but I won’t tell her that because she’ll definitely get carried away and it’s more embarrassing for me.

 Somehow…I can say those things to other girls, but I can’t say them to Kohina-senpai because it’s embarrassing. She’ll probably make fun of me right away. Yeah, that’s probably it.

 ”Anyway, I’ll be there soon, so please stay quiet.”

 ”…Thank you.”

 This is the second thank you today…? This is bad. It must be a serious condition. I need to hurry!! I got on my beloved motorcycle and headed towards Kohina-senpai’s house.

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