Male Idol V9c21

Volume 9 Chapter 21 Bulletin board, The Power of the Legal Wife Tested

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

[Breast Memorial Day] Thread for discussing Shirogane Aqua Part 3289 [Decision to Make it a National Holiday]
8 Verification Team *07218KADO6
9 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
12 Anynomous
>> 8-9
What happened to these two pieces of junk?
14 Anynomous
>> 12
I don’t know? At first, I was worried about them, but since they usually don’t say anything good, there was no problem at all
16 Anynomous
>> 8-9
Chinposuki messed up at work and Hagetoru dropped her wallet!!
18 Anynomous
>> 16
If Chinposuki messed up at work, she would forget it as soon as the preaching was over, and Hagetoru would recover in 10 minutes even if she lost her wallet. Besides, is there any point in dropping a wallet without money in the first place?
21 Anynomous
>> 18
22 Anynomous
>> 18
23 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
25 Anynomous
>> 23
Sensei, work faster
26 Anynomous
>> 23
Sensei, do you have time to hogee?
28 Anynomous
>> 23
Sensei, is the new book out yet?
31 Anynomous
You guys are too hard on Sensei LOL. I thought so, but everyone with a name is strict here LMAO
34 Anynomous
>> 31
Well, we can only say “Shumi, die” on the bulletin board
36 Anynomous
>> 34
That’s right lol
39 Anynomous
By the way, I bought the Emperor Sports earlier, is this real?
Ranking of women for our Aqua-sama to marry next
This paper unravels the information that Shirogane Aqua (Beryl Entertainment, or Beryl / Idol High School) will marry next, based on the votes
10th place S.S.-san (Beryl / Ane-san)
This paper has caught information that her breasts are large. There is a high possibility that they work in the same workplace
9th place Atori Ako-san (Beryl / President)
The president is in charge of being his manager. However, there is also information that they drew a line, so the possibility is low
8th place M.Y.-san (National civil servant / S*men extraction officer)
She has super big breasts (refer to attached photo / eye contact), and his breast declaration is for her? Due to the relationship between the extraction officer and the male, there is a high possibility
7th place Shirogane Marin-san (company president / mother)
His mom also has big things like his big sister. Is Aqua-sama’s love for big breasts influenced by her family? Supported by moms all over the country who love their sons
6th place Morikawa Kaede-san (Announcer / Co-star)
They have collaborated many times. From this winter, they will be in a business consignment relationship with Beryl and will be closer. There is a group that supports Morikawa behind the scenes in the national broadcasting organization, and it’s no longer a joke
5th place Tsukimachi Ayana-san (Idol / Co-star)
Not only as co-stars, but also as classmates, it is a high probability. During the filming of the Getsuku (Monday 9 PM Drama), a photo was taken of two people chatting and laughing together (refer to the attached photo)
4th place is T.K-san-san (Beryl/Manager)
Known as the Verification Team *9n2SARETAi, there are high expectations for their previous interest in otome (maiden) hobbies. Additionally, she has a step ahead with Aqua-sama’s preferred bust size
3rd place is Hakuryuu Aiko-sensei (Novelist/Colleague)
In this issue, we caught them walking together in the hotel corridor where they went on a date (refer to the next page). Tremble at Aqua-sama’s kindness and coolness as he gently escort Hakuryuu-sensei
2nd place is S.L-san (Middle School Student/Sister)
As expected, the little sister is a surefire hit, and our newspaper has already caught wind of the strong information that they are already engaged. In the attached photo, we captured the image of the sister sitting in the back seat of the bike driven by Aqua-sama
1st place is Nekoyama Toa-san (Beryl/Classmate)
Love transcends even gender!! (Author’s wish) In this issue, we have thoroughly captured their crepe shop date on the back cover
Out of the rankings, others
Due to the recognition of deliberate manipulation in the Holy Aqua Religion’s Saint voting, she has been excluded from the rankings. Due to the large number of votes from Verification Team *07218KADO6-san as a joke, she has been excluded as well
42 Anynomous
Toa-chan in 1st place, including Nee-san, Emperor Sports understands it well lol
43 Anynomous
Emperor Sports, usually they make fun of it, but this is a serious prediction
45 Anynomous
What!? A crepe shop date with Toa-chan!? I’m going to buy Emperor Sports
47 Anynomous
Hagetoru is out of the rankings, hilarious LMAO
48 Anynomous
Because you guys play Hagetoru, LOL
50 Anynomous
It’s surprising that Beryl couldn’t stop this
51 Anynomous
This is Emperor Sports, so even Beryl couldn’t stop it. Emperor Sports, which is called a treasure trove of jokes, is not believed by anyone anyway. It would be more suspicious if they stopped its publication
53 Anynomous
There are people who think Emperor Sports is just a joke, but this kind of thing is actually quite serious. Last year, in this same period, they predicted the ranking of female celebrities who would get married next year (which is this year) and got almost 80% correct
55 Anynomous
I bought this too, and Nee-san and the S*men Extraction Officer were really busty. That’s why the credibility has increased. It’s amazing that they even researched the S*men Extraction Officer
56 Anynomous
Nee-san LOL
Morikawa LMAO
57 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
This is serious. This Morikawa will marry Aqua-kun and retire from the company!!
58 Anynomous
I have high hopes for Nee-san and Hakuryuu-sensei, for real…
60 Anynomous
I’m a fan of Ayana-chan from eau de Cologne, so I’m a bit conflicted. There are already weird antis when they co-star, and if they go crazy because of these rumors, it would be unbearable. Of course, there is no objection to the two getting together, but I want that people to leave them alone
61 Anynomous
Even though they are the same co-stars, Kohina Yukari-paisen is out of the picture, it’s so funny. I don’t think she meant it, but when I look at this, it seems like she said “Why am I out of the picture?” LOL
63 Anynomous
In addition to this, there are also discussions about Euris who appeared together in the CR cup, Kuga Reira who co-starred in the CM and runway, Sayamu Inko who played together outside of the stream, and Kato Iria from Fairies who took a photo together backstage
It was interesting to see that Toa-chan’s sister, who is said to look just like him, was also properly considered. However, the way it ends with the author’s wishful thinking is just like Emperor Sport quality. LOL
64 Anynomous
Comparing the breasts in the Emperor Sport images is just too much. It’s too deliberate to put Aqua-sama’s little sister between the images of Nee-san and the S*men Extraction Officer. LMAO
66 Anynomous
67 Anynomous
This is terrible, LOL
68 Anynomous
With just the words retirement, the support group is also disbanding. Good job
69 Anynomous
I saw the worst response today
71 Anynomous
I understand. I would support them if it were true, but I want them to be left alone
73 Anynomous
I bought the Emperor Sport, but the headlines are still ridiculously funny. LOL
– Actress Kohina Yukari-san eating two 98 yen onigiri alone in the park
– The girls at the cultural festival were thrilled by the cross-dressing appearance of Tsukimachi Ayana, the ever-popular center of eau de Cologne
– Shirogane Kanon, the former princess, hesitating to buy discounted buri fish fillets at the supermarket
– Atori Ako, the president with a suit, caught on camera entering a restaurant with a smile
– Kuga Reira, who seems to be back in a hurry, playing with her bike in a friend’s garage
– Morikawa Kaede, the announcer, is doing well at work, but what about her private life? She seems to be about to fall in a place where there is nothing
– The world conference begins, and the prime minister, who is fluent in 8 languages, protects Aqua-sama’s sp**m from other countries with the secret technique of Morikawa tactics
– Nekoyama Toa and Aa-chan, who is sleepy, is being watched big sisters as they yawn during their live stream
– A must-see for all moms! Mayuzumi Shintaro-kun’s best hip collection, Heaven’s Sword edition!
– Is Tenga Akira-senpai actually an alien? Approaching the mysterious community representative who advocates the theory of being reborn as a fallen angel
76 Anynomous
Regarding “Actress eating two 98 yen onigiri alone in the park” and “Former princess hesitating to buy discounted buri fish fillets at the supermarket”
It’s fine for the actress to eat 98 yen onigiri, and it’s fine for the former princess to consider buying discounted products. LOL Just leave them alone
78 Anynomous
>Morikawa Kaede, the announcer, is doing well at work, but what about her private life? She seems to be about to fall in a place where there is nothing
Definitely the most irrelevant article of the year LOL
Maybe there was no other news and they had an open slot
80 Anynomous
>The world conference begins, and the prime minister, who is fluent in 8 languages, protects Aqua-sama’s sp**m from other countries with the secret technique of Morikawa tactics
Don’t suddenly put in serious articles LOL
What the hell is the secret tactics Morikawa strategy LMAO
83 Anynomous
>Atori Ako, the president with a suit, caught on camera entering a restaurant with a smile
I saw this article, and it was only people wearing badges from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Maybe they received job offers from other countries through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
When it comes to appearing as a representative of the country, the options are limited, I wonder which one it was
85 Anynomous
It’s from the runway, right?
Until just now, they were having a normal conversation, and then that person said, “I don’t understand,” in a broken joking language manner
The person who was told that also had a face like, “That’s not true,” but that person was really pretending not to know
By the way, in Stars, they call that MORIKAWA tactics
And in the case of the Prime Minister, she puts her hand on her ear and starts a skit at the World Conference, saying, “Sorry, my hearing is bad,” and the Foreign Minister who was accompanying her was laughing like crazy
The Prime Minister is 46 years old, it’s not like she’s hard of hearing LOL
And in the end, she left with a ridiculous performance, holding her stomach and saying her head hurt, and other countries were at a loss
Indeed, she uses all the tricks she can, even if she has to lick mud or lick shoes
86 Anynomous
>Is Tenga Akira-senpai actually an alien? Approaching the mysterious community representative who advocates the theory of being reborn as a fallen angel
I’m going to buy Emperor Sport for this LOL
Seriously, they write nothing but ridiculous articles LOL
87 Anynomous
>Is Tenga Akira-senpai actually an alien? Approaching the mysterious community representative who advocates the theory of being reborn as a fallen angel
Is he a fallen angel or a alien? Make it clear LOL
And where is that mysterious community? Are they the patients in the fallen angel thread on the bulletin board?
This overall messy feeling is Emperor Sport. That’s why it’s suspicious
89 Anynomous
>A must-see for all moms! Mayuzumi Shintaro-kun’s best hips collection, Heaven’s Sword edition!
Emperor Sport, are they doing such a wonderful project!?
I’m going to buy it now
90 Anynomous
Damn it LOL When I see stuff like this, I want to buy it LOL
Even though they only write things that don’t matter at all, I want to buy it LMAO
92 Anynomous
Mayushin’s hips collection was the best in the summer edition
94 Anynomous
They’re writing this like a joke, but I think they were able to successfully avoid repeated demands from other countries
There were even countries that approached with natural resources like oil as trade materials
However, it’s impossible to deliberately misunderstand Aqua-kun’s sp**m as Akita Inu (dog) sp**m LMAO
By the way, in response to the Prime Minister who said hse doesn’t understand foreign languages, the foreign diplomat came over and asked for Aqua-kun’s sp**m in our language, and the response was “Akita Inu (Dog) sp**m? OK, OK!” in a matter of seconds. It’s too much of a strong mental game. Even the white ladies’s face turned red, LOL
96 Anynomous
The Prime Minister just had a press conference with a foreign journalist who was crying for some reason. Her acting skills are so good, the way she dodges questions until the end is the best
99 Anynomous
The Prime Minister sometimes goes too far and can be annoying, but she is the strongest when it comes to diplomacy. When Aqua-kun and the others went to the Stars, everything was kept ambiguous and it worked out well
101 Anynomous
Here are the Stars, burned down by Aqua-sama, the Holy Aqua Religion, and the Prime Minister
– Her Highness Kanon, who had an overwhelmingly high citizen support rate as the next queen candidate, was taken away
– Similarly popular former Queen Mary moved to our country
– Although she was a former princess, the main role at the Stars royal wedding was played by the Holy Aqua Religion’s saint
– All branches of the Stars Orthodox Church in our country were dismantled as a recognized danger and somehow incorporated into the Holy Aqua Religion
– Even though there was so much commotion, the Stars paid compensation to our country as a nation
– They took Shumi hostage… and through various unreasonable means, they made a contract on advantageous conditions to celebrate friendship
In fact, I think it’s the Prime Minister who’s playing with the best toy, Shirogane Aqua, LOL
104 Anynomous
“Even though there was so much commotion, the Stars paid compensation to our country as a nation. They took Shumi hostage… and through various unreasonable means, they made a contract on advantageous conditions to celebrate friendship.” How did this happen? Wait, why is our country receiving compensation?
105 Anynomous
What they’re doing is like those pushy salespeople or scammers. I remember the Prime Minister trying to sell garbage to the Stars and saying “Nyaa” to them. Even though there was a Stars diplomat next to her, what was impressive was the Prime Minister showing her gums, LOL
106 Anynomous
We have Shirogane Aqua, the Prime Minister has the Midas touch. Our country, which has obtained the iron ball called Shirogane Aqua, is the strongest
108 Anynomous
LOL, an iron ball
109 Anynomous
That iron ball has maximum killing power even against us
112 Anynomous
113 Anynomous
115 Verification Team *010meTA473
I just found out from the Imperial Sports, but… Nee-san was also surprised next to me. By the way, why did they take a picture of me in my casual wear?! Take it when I’m wearing something cuter!
118 Anynomous
Shumi-san, that’s the job of the sports newspaper
120 Anynomous
That’s fine. They have good raw materials, so even if Nee-san’s hair is a little messy and her glasses are slightly crooked, she’s still cute
123 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Anyway, Aqua-sama will comfort you later and say how cute it is, right!
Ugh! I’m not interested in girls like you!! Shumi, die!!
126 Anynomous
Oh, you’re back LOL
For now, Shumi, die
128 Anynomous
This is the appearance of the ugly friend
But then, Shumi, die!
129 Anynomous
Ugh, it makes me sick if I know that. Shumi, die!
130 Anynomous
Hmm, Aqua-sama will comfort her…
I guess it’s understandable if we tells her to die
133 Anynomous
If there is Nee-san besides you, tell her to do her best. But Shumi, die!!
136 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Hey, by the way, the phone has been ringing since earlier. Should I answer it if it’s from my boss?
139 Anynomous
Answer it immediately
140 Anynomous
Idiot, you should answer it right away!
142 Anynomous
It’s common sense as a working adult
143 Anynomous
It’s funny that you’re pretending to be not home even though it’s a mobile phone
145 Anynomous
Even if you know you’ll be lectured, it’s better to answer it
148 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Got it. It’s a hassle, but I’ll answer it
Today, my throat is dry and not feeling well, so even if I’m asked to be a substitute, it’s impossible…
151 Anynomous
Hey, you…
152 Anynomous
With Aqua-kun’s declaration of breasts, what do you think of your consideration? LOL
154 Anynomous
It’s almost like saying it, right? LOL
157 Anynomous
Breaking news
158 Anynomous
Breaking news is here
160 Anynomous
Did Mayushin-kun get new glasses?
162 Anynomous
Speaking of breaking news, it’s Mayuzumi-kun!
165 Anynomous
166 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
167 Anynomous
Hey, hey, the time on the thread has stopped. What happened? I can’t watch TV
168 Anynomous
Same here, can someone who knows the information tell us?
169 Anynomous
Breaking news, Shirogane Aqua-san was attacked and injured by a woman during recording. The situation is unknown
170 Anynomous
171 Anynomous
Thank you… huh!?
173 Anynomous
Wait a minute, what does this mean?
Hasn’t the details been reported somewhere?
175 Anynomous
This is definitely about that incident!!
177 Anynomous
As expected of a national broadcasting, it immediately switched to a news program
178 Anynomous
The national broadcasting immediately switched after the breaking news
179 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Thank you, everyone. I’ll hurry and go to the company
182 Anynomous
183 Anynomous
Commercial broadcasts are also switching to news programs one after another
185 Anynomous
The details are still unknown
187 Anynomous
Isn’t it only Fuji TV that’s not reporting?
188 Anynomous
Is Shumi here?
190 Anynomous
For now, let’s kill the culprit
191 Anynomous
Huh? Who the hell is this woman!!
192 Anynomous
Male? Female? Either way, I won’t forgive them
194 Anynomous
“Shumi die” is a joke, but for this guy, “die” is real!
196 Anynomous
If Fuji TV is not airing it, is it recorded on Fuji TV
197 Anynomous
I’m going to Fuji TV with a chainsaw right now
198 Anynomous
I live in Oumi’s tower mansion, and a large number of ambulances and police cars are heading towards Fuji TV
199 Anynomous
If it’s confirmed as Fuji, I’ll go there with an ax right now
200 Anynomous
It’s a woman, I understand it’s confusing, but let’s calm down for now!!
201 Verification Team *010meTA473
Everyone, calm down
I haven’t received any information yet, so I can’t say anything, but if something happens to everyone because of everyone’s actions, Aqua will be sad, so let’s stay calm for now!
And Chinposuki, I don’t know if you’re watching this, but please contact me if you know anything
Nee-san had a panic attack, so she can’t answer even if I contact her
Another person beside me also collapsed, so I’m going to take that person to a clinic in the same apartment building, so I won’t be able to come here for a while
Anyway, everyone stay calm! Take a deep breath and watch the information calmly
204 Anynomous
Is Nee-san okay? Shumi, hang in there!!
205 Anynomous
Everyone, let’s calm down for now!!
206 Anynomous
This is definitely at the level of real wife not a self-proclaimed one
207 Anynomous
You were really married. I’m moved
208 Anynomous
Usually, I only say “Shumi, die,” but I’m glad your’re the wife
209 Anynomous
As expected of a former princess, you’re a different kind of courage. You have a strong will
210 Anynomous
I won’t forgive the culprit who made Nee-san have a panic attack!! But for now, let’s stay calm!!
211 Anynomous
I’ve turned off the power of the chainsaw for now
I was almost arrested for swinging a chainsaw in a residential area
212 Anynomous
For now, I put the ax in the storage room
Anyway, it takes five hours one way from my house, so I won’t make it in time
218 Anynomous
Shouldn’t everyone call their family members for safety confirmation?
If even Nee-san is having a panic attack, there may be other girls who have collapsed, so let’s confirm everyone’s safety together
222 Anynomous
225 Anynomous
This is the only thing that’s trending on SNS
>>218 Let’s spread it
229 Anynomous
For now, I’ll call my mom..
232 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
Breaking news, Shirogane Aqua is alive with minor injuries
234 Anynomous
Aqua-kun, even with minor injuries, I’m glad you’re alive…
237 Anynomous
I won’t forgive even minor injuries
245 Anynomous
National broadcasting, prime minister’s press conference
246 Anynomous
Emergency press conference by the prime minister
251 Anynomous
Is the prime minister serious!
259 Anynomous
The prime minister is serious!!
262 Anynomous
The prime minister have a serious expression. I’ve never seen a prime minister like this..
268 Anynomous
Hey! This guy is a fake, right? She’s not the prime minister I know!
271 Anynomous
This is a body double
275 Anynomous
All citizens of Kokumin, please remain calm
283 Anynomous
A special medical team has been formed and is rushing to the scene by rescue helicopter
291 Anynomous
The scene is at Fuji TV. It seems that Chairman Fuji Ranko personally called the prime minister. The culprit has been apprehended, but it is expected that the Self-Defense Forces will be dispatched to seal off the area to avoid confusion
306 Anynomous
Minor injuries will take about a week to heal
308 Anynomous
The minor injury from cutting the arm was because the knife was deflected
315 Anynomous
Wait, what does it mean to deflect a knife?
319 Anynomous
This guy is really playing Driver for real
324 Anynomous
I’m concerned about the injury and the incident, but what I’m most curious about is how the knife was deflected
326 Anynomous
Damn it, Aqua-kun, the victim, is ruining the atmosphere
333 Anynomous
The details of the incident will be reported later on Fuji TV
335 Anynomous
The prime minister’s press conference is over
342 Anynomous
The prime minister is not joking…?
345 Anynomous
Is the prime minister serious? LOL
349 Anynomous
Good news, it turns out the prime minister can do it
353 Anynomous
Fuji TV has also become a news program!
356 Anynomous
It seems that Fuji has become an emergency special news program
362 Anynomous
It seems to be an accident during the recording of SOUND FAIR
366 Anynomous
SOUND FAIR… Was Aqua-kun scheduled to appear? Or is it a surprise?
374 Anynomous
377 Anynomous
The crime targeted Tsukimachi Ayana-san from eau de Cologne
379 Anynomous
384 Anynomous
Hey hey, seriously? It’s from the 9PM Drama!! I actually like the 9PM Drama. I don’t know what the culprit didn’t like, but please spare her!!
395 Anynomous
If Ayana-chan’s anti-fans increase again, it would be the worst
398 Anynomous
I’m glad Tsukimachi Ayana is safe too
403 Anynomous
So in the end, is the story that Tsukimachi Ayana’s anti-fans attacked Tsukimachi Ayana and Aqua-kun defended her and came to help?
410 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
I’ve grasped the details of the injuries, but it seems like he’s really okay. I’ve also contacted Shumi. It seems like Nee-san is okay too, so don’t worry. By the way, there’s no reaction from Hagetoru, is everything okay? I’m going to work now, but don’t do anything strange!!
419 Anynomous
I can’t believe the day would come when Chinposuki would be useful…. thx!
424 Anynomous
Nee-san is safe, Aqua-kun is safe, understood
427 Anynomous
Thank you! Oh…? By the way, what happened to Hagetoru?
433 Anynomous
I have a bad feeling..
441 Anynomous
Sorry for going off topic, but I received a message from a friend in the Holy Aqua Religion. It seems that everyone has been instructed to stay at home and pray. For now, it’s reassuring to know that their leader is handling things calmly
455 Anynomous
I’m a follower of the Holy Aqua Religion, a little higher than the average believer, but it seems that the top is a bit confused
That blindfolded sister, who is the saint, is the top of the Holy Aqua Religion, and below her there are the Twelve Bishops
It seems that those people are basically running the organization, but the usually calm Number 1 and Number 12, who is in another country, are really angry and everyone is desperately trying to stop them
And there’s something about the saint descending to the headquarters, so they don’t have time for that. So it seems like the lower ranks are supposed to stay quiet
467 Anynomous
Speaking of the Holy Aqua Religion, there must be someone who knows a lot about it
Where did our self-proclaimed high-performance Server-chan go?
474 Anynomous
I think maybe, there are some idiots on the bulletin board who are criticizing Ayana-chan, not threatening to kill her, so I think she’s busy deleting those. After all, Saba-chan is the manager here…
482 Anynomous
There’s a warning message when posting now
Good job, Saba-chan
495 Anynomous
The flow of the thread is too fast
501 Anynomous
It seems that there will be footage of that moment in the Fuji
502 Anynomous
Footage of the incident at the Fuji
507 Anynomous
People with weak hearts shouldn’t watch!
508 Anynomous
Change the channel from the national broadcast to Fuji
512 Anynomous
Chairman Fuji Ranko is here!
516 Anynomous
519 Anynomous
An apology, huh
520 Anynomous
Apology before the footage
534 Anynomous
Apology for Aqua-kun getting injured
Apology for the security problem
Apology for the fact that the Fuji clan was part of the criminal group
542 Anynomous
I see, understood
546 Anynomous
It’s amazing that they publicly announced that the culprit was a family member and that they publicly acknowledged their mistakes. Don’t write anything extreme. Chairman Ranko is on good terms with Aa-sama. Aa-sama will be heartbroken if he sees that
551 Anynomous
The only ones at fault are the damn culprits
Tsukimachi Ayana-san and Chairman Fuji Ranko are not at fault
558 Anynomous
Footage is coming
560 Anynomous
It started…!
572 Anynomous
I see, it’s this guy
573 Anynomous
I remember this damn face
574 Anynomous
Was it really during the recording?
581 Anynomous
582 Anynomous
583 Anynomous
Aqua-kun is gone!
585 Anynomous
587 Anynomous
594 Anynomous
598 Anynomous
It’s too scary to watch!!
605 Anynomous
You… you’re kidding, right..
606 Anynomous
This is a lie
608 Anynomous
Huh? Is this a recording!?
609 Anynomous
So cool…
613 Anynomous
Amazing LOL
Knocked her down barehanded…
616 Anynomous
Is there anyone who can do this in real life?
619 Anynomous
Damn, he really gets us excited in a different way!!
623 Anynomous
Indeed, he is Shirogane Aqua, who destabilizes the emotions of girls nationwide
631 Anynomous
I’m sorry, Aa-sama. Aa-sama’s blood is coming out and it hurts, but at the same time, dirty liquid is dripping from my cr*tch, I’m sorry
634 Anynomous
Oh no, all the females in the country are getting wet!
636 Anynomous
I’m sure all the girls watching this video are also getting wet
639 Anynomous
Even though Aqua-kun is taking it seriously, I wonder what I’m doing. I trembled at my own despicable female instincts
642 Anynomous
If I were Tsukimachi Ayana, I would fall in love in seconds
647 Anynomous
649 Anynomous
653 Anynomous
Ayana-chan probably has various things going on too
658 Anynomous
There was talk about her quitting mysteriously and being harassed before, but it’s probably serious based on this feeling
661 Anynomous
664 Anynomous
Aqu-tan is cool
667 Anynomous
Damn, this guy makes me realize he’s cool in seconds
669 Anynomous
Everyone becomes quiet when Aqua-sama starts talking, LMAO
673 Anynomous
The fans are here!
675 Anynomous
The fans’ cheering is great!!
676 Anynomous
I like this kind of thing..
678 Anynomous
Damn, he started doing hot things for real!!
681 Anynomous
The team members are good
684 Anynomous
Fran is already head over heels. This guy is not good at hiding it, just like Chinposuki
686 Anynomous
Maron-senpai invited Ayana-chan, so she must have something to think about
692 Anynomous
She’s usually cheeky, but Fran-chan is cute like an elementary school student in this aspect
696 Anynomous
It feels like the rain is falling and the ground is solidifying
699 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
It’s troublesome when Aqua-kun is involved, everything goes beyond fiction..
701 Anynomous
Idols save their fans, and fans save their idols. The center pulls everyone together, and the pulled friends hug the center. It’s the best!!
702 Anynomous
Eau de Cologne is good. Beryl is doing it!!
706 Anynomous
Is the video ending here..
712 Anynomous
There were some parts that I couldn’t see clearly, but was the culprit Tsukimachi Ayana-san’s long-time anti or something? Aqua-sama helped a lot. I’m glad Ayana-san is safe
716 Anynomous
I felt a little heart flutter in front of the last girl. Only Aqua-kun is like that
721 Anynomous
Are there any girls who react like “if you spit on it, it’ll heal”? Aa-sama, that spit of yours is probably worth 1 billion for 1 ml..
723 Anynomous
Chairman Fuji Ranko, apologizing again
726 Anynomous
After watching the video, I thought that her family really didn’t hide the information about the culprit
732 Anynomous
Tightening the family. And the mastermind behind it all is a man..
736 Anynomous
We will deal with it strictly, whether it’s a man or not!!
739 Anynomous
I’m relieved that I have comrades
742 Anynomous
Could it be that Ayana-chan was being harassed by boys? I can’t say that kind of thing, but I think there are quite a few girls who were hurt by boys in their childhood
If everyone could have s*x with boys, they would be okay with being r**ed, but it was tragic for girls who were r**ed before puberty. They have a fear of men and some girls even have panic attacks when they remember it
But if they talk about it, they get criticized by other girls for bragging..
747 Anynomous
The other day, it was on the national broadcast, but it was pitiful for the girl who was beaten by boys every day
There’s no way you can like someone after something like that
752 Anynomous
Kokucho Agewa posted that people should strengthen the male protection law in response to this incident
758 Anynomous
“The Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare doesn’t need to review it immediately. We should discuss it more deeply in various places. Also, if I, the Prime Minister, makes decisions with short-sighted thinking, it could close the future of young people who will live from now on
As a country, we need to discuss what the citizen want to do, and what they want. Personally, I think that strengthening the male protection law is a defeat for those who have given up on thinking
In this country, and ultimately in the whole world, I want the leaders to present a new form of relationships between men and women, so that all men and women can build better relationships. That’s what I can say.”
By the way, who the hell is this guy
763 Anynomous
This is a body double!!
765 Anynomous
The Prime Minister’s body double is too capable. What was that crying apology press conference this morning like a child?
768 Anynomous
I sent a message to the Cabinet Office saying that the Prime Minister’s account has been taken over by someone
772 Anynomous
You guys are treating the Prime Minister badly LOL
776 Anynomous
Damn, it’s troublesome when she occasionally shows her capabilities
779 Anynomous
National broadcast Morikawa is here!!
782 Anynomous
Morikawa is late, it’s already almost over!!
786 Anynomous
Morikawa, wearing pajamas on top LOL
789 Anynomous
792 Anynomous
Hogekawa came out and left in a second LOL
What the hell is she doing!!
795 Anynomous
When I looked closely, Hogekawa was wearing different socks on her left and right feet…
801 Anynomous
803 Anynomous
I was stupid to expect something from Hogekawa after all
809 Anynomous
I’m changing the channel
813 Verification Team *010meTA473
Thank you all for waiting
For now, Nee-san is safe. Thank you to those who were worried
I also contacted Aqua and confirmed that he is safe here as well
I received an email confirming that there are no injuries, so there is no problem
I apologize for causing concern this time. Please let the person know that there were many people who were worried about them
817 Anynomous
Yes, the legal wife
819 Anynomous
Seeing this kind of thing, it’s just as I thought
822 Anynomous
Even though Nee-san has her own difficulties, I feel like I understand why this person was chosen as the legal wife after seeing her response this time
825 Anynomous
I’m really glad you told me to calm down at that time
Everyone was able to calm down because the legal wife was not angry. If that hadn’t happened, there probably would have been riots somewhere, or incidents and accidents happening in unrelated places, and it would have been a big problem
828 Verification Team *010meTA473
Also, thank you to the people who spread my words on SNS. Thank you, Chinposuki. Also, Hagetoru… surprisingly calm
833 Anynomous
It was unexpected that the usual useless guys were reliable in this situation. I don’t know what Hagetoru did, though lol
836 Anynomous
I don’t really want to say it, but I was surprised because I thought Neesan would be more reliable. In times like this, I thought Shumi would collapse, Hagetoru would go wild, Chinposuki would panic, and Nee-san would handle everything alone
840 Anynomous
What did Hagetoru do? I’m curious about that lol
843 Anynomous
Holy Aqua Religion is also silent. I wonder what happened, they said the higher-ups were going wild
847 Anynomous
It seems that the Saint descended to the headquarters and gave a chop to the top person, telling them to calm down. Also, just now, a mail was sent to all believers from the headquarters saying, “If you’re awake, we don’t know what trouble you might cause, so just mas***bating and go to sleep quietly!” Thank you for your hard work!
852 Anynomous
Headquarters, LMAO
856 Anynomous
Who sent that email today? It felt clearly different from the usual person who sends it. Clearly at the same level as Hagetoru’s writing
861 Anynomous
The headquarters that sent this email is competent, lol
867 Anynomous
Anyway, I’m glad nothing happened… or did it?
873 Anynomous
For now, at least. It’s a bit worrying that Aqua-sama got injured, but if it’s not a serious injury, we can endure it somehow
879 Anynomous
I wondered why Emperor Sports suddenly entered the trending rankings, but you guys… LOL
Let’s calm down by looking at Mayuzumi-kun’s Hip Collections for now. It’s so stupid
885 Anynomous
Other programs are also returning to their regular schedules. That’s better
898 Anynomous
It seems to be reported in other countries too, and it’s entering the world trends. I also received a sudden email from my friends in the States and Stars asking if Aqua Shirogane is safe
903 Anynomous
Even important people from other countries are reacting, it’s funny
907 Anynomous
Euris, Charlie-kun, John, and Trash Punks are saying they’re rushing over here, so someone who can speak a foreign language, please let them know he’s safe
914 Anynomous
It’s nice that everyone is genuinely worried. I’m happy
919 Anynomous
When the breaking news first came out, I really thought my breath had stopped
925 Anynomous
Aqua-kun, I want you to take better care of yourself… Tsukimachi-san is important, but you’re important too..
931 Anynomous
Saba-chan is raging in other threads, or rather, in the eau de Cologne thread. She’s saying that people who post cruel things will be permanently banned. Who the hell is the idiot bashing Ayana-chan in this situation?
936 Anynomous
Tsukimachi Ayana is the victim, right? Seriously, who the hell is bashing her?
944 Anynomous
Saba-chan is seriously talented, keep up the good work
952 Anynomous
Only the national broadcasting is making special arrangements. For now, the policy is to repeatedly convey that everything is safe
960 Anynomous
Morikawa came out again, but the direct mail screen from Aqua-kun is too strong!
963 Anynomous
Hey, hey, just now Morikawa, Aqua-sama’s email address was about to be exposed worldwide! Phew… the senior next to her noticed and quickly hid it
967 Anynomous
Hogekawa lmao
972 Anynomous
Is this guy still half-asleep? lol
976 Anynomous
Wait, does Morikawa know Aqua-sama’s email address!? Well, I thought there was a possibility, but knowing it again makes me feel indescribable
981 Anynomous
The address book in Morikawa’s phone must be a big deal. This is like a state secret level. Can we trust this guy? lol
986 Anynomous
I envy being able to exchange emails directly with Aqua-kun
990 Anynomous
Wait, isn’t this becoming plausible now?
993 Anynomous
We can no longer call this a joke
994 Anynomous
Empire Sports is dangerous. I’m going to buy it at the convenience store now
997 Anynomous
Next time, Morikawa will be here!
999 Anynomous
It’s helpful that Aqua-sama’s direct mail is public. I’m really glad he’s safe
1000 Anynomous
If it’s the 1000th post, I hope Aqua-sama’s wound and Ayana-chan’s heart heal quickly and cleanly!

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