Male Idol V9c27

Volume 9 Chapter 27 Bulletin board, A Gentle World

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

[Celebration of national broadcast] Matchmaking party live commentary venue part 1 [First live]
7 Anonymous
National broadcasting… Morikawa… ugh, my head!
9 Anonymous
Definitely an Aqua-kun case
10 Anonymous
Confirmed production is here!
12 Anonymous
Seriously, there are 10 boys participating!? D*mn it, I should have applied!
15 Anonymous
16 Anonymous
Well, even if you applied, the odds were so high that it was like… that
18 Anonymous
It’s impossible for Beryl’s child to participate… if that happened, the participating women would probably be smiling at each other under the table while stepping on each other’s feet. And the number of participants is likely to decrease every time they come out of the dressing room..
20 Anonymous
Is it physics? Is it drugs?
21 Anonymous
Oh, I see, they’re strangling each other in the dead angle of the surveillance camera that shows the dressing room
23 Anonymous
They might put a laxative in the paper cup drink or lock someone in the toilet LOL
26 Anonymous
As expected of females. Their methods are dirty, too dirty!!
28 Anonymous
Wait a minute, I’m going to watch Tama-chan’s soft (mochi mochi) streaming cutout video to soothe my heart
30 Anonymous
What’s a soft streaming?
32 Anonymous
The other day, I had a cold and my nose was stuffed, so my voice was hoarse all day
35 Anonymous
I’ll be right back
36 Anonymous
The trio stream the other day was also good. Aqua-kun was still a master of buildings, and Mayuzumi-kun’s building was not finished until the end. And Tama-chan won overwhelmingly again, so it seems like it will be Tama-chan VS Aqua-kun + Mayushin-kun from now on. (T/N: Minecraft)
39 Anonymous
The artists said that Aa-sama’s work was too early for humanity, and they laughed, saying that they could catch up in another 1,000 years. And Mayuzumi-kun’s work is said to be incomplete completion, like a cathedral or a station, which is hilarious LOL
42 Anonymous
Are you serious? LMAO
43 Anonymous
This is terrible LOL
44 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun’s unfinished art is cheating. This big sister feel like helping him
45 Anonymous
Guys, it’s starting already
46 Anonymous
I have a bad feeling about Mayushin-kun being paired with the master of buildings, Aqua-kun!
47 Anonymous
Morikawa is here!
48 Anonymous
Chin… Hogekawa is cute!!
49 Anonymous
Opening, Chin…Gorikawa!!
50 Anonymous
Chin…Morikawa is here!
54 Anonymous
What a warm world…
55 Anonymous
That guy, seriously..
56 Anonymous
57 Anonymous
She called herself Hogekawa LOL
59 Anonymous
Damn it LOL
60 Anonymous
I think the only thing I can honestly say is that her forward-leaning attitude towards making fun of herself is amazing
62 Anonymous
> I am Hogekawa, also known as Morikawa Kaede, a national broadcaster, the one who illuminates this country and uplifts everyone’s hearts
If you’re not mentally strong, you wouldn’t be able to say something like this normally LOL
63 Anonymous
Morikawa “Illuminates this country and uplifts everyone’s hearts”
Huh? Is… Hogekawa-san in the same rank as Aqua-kun!?
66 Anonymous
Oh, they already received complaints from the national broadcast lol
Those who are telling her to take it seriously should realize that it’s useless to say such things to Morikawa
She’s not an announcer in that sense
67 Anonymous
>> 62-63
Moreover, it’s a bit annoying how she takes a pose and makes herself cute
Actually, as an announcer, her appearance is not bad, so it makes me even more annoyed LOL
68 Anonymous
Special guest is here!!
70 Anonymous
Yes, yes, Shirogane Aqua, Shirogane Aqua
71 Anonymous
Shirogane Aqua confirmed appearance!!
73 Anonymous
Damn it LOL
Usually, when Aqua-kun appears, everyone screams!
But when this guy is involved, even Aqua-kun is treated a little roughly, which is funny lol
75 Anonymous
Small joke lol
76 Anonymous
This is what’s great about her
Even though she knows that people around her think she shouldn’t make small jokes, she does it without hesitation, which is annoyingly funny lol
78 Anonymous
Recently, some mistaken talents and boastful female YouTubers have imitated Morikawa, but it’s better to stop
This Hogekawa’s talent is permitted because she is genuinely funny, so if a boring woman tries it, it will just be boring
Also, normal women cannot talk like Aqua-sama. It’s all about charm. If you have charm, everything is allowed. Fortunately, this guy has a charming face
80 Anonymous
Sunny girl LOL
83 Anonymous
Sh…Should we tell her that most days were cloudy or rainy while Morikawa was at Stars?
84 Anonymous
Also, the temperature. As soon as she returned, the temperature went up by 5 degrees
Sunny girl, who was left behind at Stars while everyone else returned, is in a different dimension LOL
86 Anonymous
This is it
Because she goes to shrines, buys charms, and does things like this, it’s hard to hate Morikawa-san
87 Anonymous
Her personality is good. If she were my friend, I wouldn’t get bored…
90 Anonymous
Something-shrine LOL
91 Anonymous
Is it okay for the media to release such vague information?
There might be someone who makes a useless complaint. 90% of them are just joke complaints from people who understand, so the complaint response room should be more lenient
93 Anonymous
Aqua-kun, who is smiling next to her, seems a little upset
95 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Damn it! How can Hogekawa flirt with Aqua-sama!?
98 Anonymous
Introduction crew for the male members!!
99 Anonymous
100 Anonymous
Can’t wait!
103 Anonymous
105 Anonymous
Wait a minute! Wait a minute!
106 Anonymous
Oh no… Is there only one really cool person here?
108 Anonymous
There is one dangerous person here. Beryl class is mixed in
110 Anonymous
Oh… Haraguchi-san might be my type, or he is really my type..
115 Anonymous
I like people like Mr. Nitta
121 Anonymous
Hamada-san looks gentle
126 Anonymous
Kuga Rihito-san
127 Anonymous
Kuga Rihito-san, is he the top of the Kuga family and the older brother of Kuga Reira? Oh, wait, is he the younger brother? I saw his face for the first time, and it’s amazing. No wonder he hasn’t shown his face until now
129 Anonymous
Rihito-san, does he really have four wives!? It’s amazing that the wives haven’t leaked anything until now. If I were his wife, I would definitely go to the bulletin board to get attention from other women LMAO
131 Anonymous
I know why Kuga Reira is cool. His brother can definitely be a model. He should apply for Beryl’s audition program!
133 Anonymous
Special Assistant to the Prime Minister… amazing. Even his job is cool
135 Anonymous
Ah… He appeared because he is a government official
136 Anonymous
I see. This is a fake
137 Anonymous
This is an obvious bait. Don’t fall into the trap!!
140 Anonymous
Ughhh… I should have applied even if I knew it was impossible
142 Anonymous
I tend to focus on Kuga Rihito-san, but many of the other participants also seem like kind people. I want to give applause to the organizers who managed to gather 10 people and to the men who came to participate
145 Anonymous
Come out!!
146 Anonymous
Come out!!
149 Anonymous
They don’t really look alike, and the female participants and Aqua-kun are all laughing nervously
152 Anonymous
Girls, do your best! This is your chance!!
154 Anonymous
This seems like a joke, but it’s actually done to ease the tension on the girls’ side. When we do a series of impersonations that don’t look like the real thing, it’s usually to lighten the atmosphere. If it weren’t for Morikawa the sommelier, I would have missed it
161 Anonymous
Morikawa the sommelier LOL stop it LMAO
162 Anonymous
Damn LOL
163 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Huh!? Really…?
165 Verification Team *010meTA473
Is it a lie…? Then, what about that time…?
166 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
I didn’t know that before..
170 Anonymous
172 Anonymous
Verification Team>>163>>165-166, Chin… Morikawa knows more about>>154, Morikawa the sommelier LMAO
175 Anonymous
Damn lol. I want to focus on the show, but a monster appeared on the bulletin board
178 Anonymous
By the way, when Morikawa-san was talking to Aqua-kun earlier, she was touching her right earlobe, which is a sign of being embarrassed. She doesn’t do that when she intentionally shows a gesture of being embarrassed. Also, when she touches her left earlobe, she is usually thinking. It’s common sense among Morikawa sommeliers
184 Anonymous
You’re lying LOL
185 Anonymous
I don’t really understand what a sommelier is anymore..
187 Anonymous
The theory that most people with qualifications that have the word sommelier in it are crazy LMAO
193 Anonymous
It’s about Shirogane Aqua-san, who was certified by the National Bra Association as the first breast sommelier
195 Anonymous
Strange people keep coming out on this bulletin board..
197 Anonymous
When I hear that, >>187’s theory becomes valid. I’ve been thinking lately. Actually, I think Aqua-kun is the most dangerous
198 Anonymous
But still, the person who goes to get a crazy qualification like Ochinchin sommelier is the craziest. Even the ID is crazy
202 Anonymous
I like the theory that Aqua-sama is the most dangerous
205 Anonymous
I’ve been thinking that since he married a strange woman like Shumi. A normal boy wouldn’t touch Shumi
211 Verification Team *010meTA473
Grr! Why am I strange!!
218 Anonymous
Your past words and actions
219 Anonymous
Put your hand on your chest and think?
220 Anonymous
If your head isn’t flying, a normal girl wouldn’t say “Shumi-chan, great victory” by herself
222 Verification Team *07218KADO6
You… you should start to realize it soon..
229 Anonymous
230 Anonymous
What did you say!?
231 Anonymous
LOL, of all people, the one I didn’t want to hear from the most
233 Anonymous
Of all people, LOL, this guy
234 Verification Team *010meTA473
Huh!? I don’t want to hear that from Hagetoru or Chinposuki either!
240 Anonymous
Chinposuki collateral damage LOL
242 Anonymous
I was going to say Chinposuki is fine, but she was also up and down
243 Anonymous
Regularly, Verification Teams other than Nee-san are crazy
245 Anonymous
I sometimes think to myself, was it really good to be Shumi for Aqua-kun? I clapped my hands in the heat of the moment, but… oh, it’s a joke, don’t cry
246 Anonymous
I don’t know why, but when I see Shumi being teased, I feel peaceful
247 Anonymous
The interview from the male side is here!
249 Anonymous
The interview from the boy’s side, huh?
250 Anonymous
Oh, there’s an interview from the male side. We shouldn’t be excited about things like Shumi!
255 Anonymous
Haraguchi-san is here!
257 Anonymous
I really like Haraguchi-san
259 Anonymous
Working at a bento shop is nice
261 Anonymous
How can I eat a boy’s homemade bento legally?
262 Anonymous
I would die if I could eat Aqua-kun’s bento
264 Anonymous
This bento shop is going to be in trouble tomorrow…!
266 Anonymous
Aqua-sama, a bento for his little sister
267 Anonymous
Bento for his little sister!!
269 Anonymous
His little sister is amazing
How much virtue did she accumulate in her past life to be reborn as Shirogane Aqua’s sister…?
270 Anonymous
What kind of person is Aqua-sama’s little sister?
If I were Aqua-sama’s little sister, I wouldn’t be able to go out without preparing an hour before in the morning
271 Anonymous
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!
273 Anonymous
>The person who eats food deliciously
That’s me!
274 Anonymous
When I heard about the person who eats food deliciously, everyone must have thought it was me LOL
276 Anonymous
Oh, Haraguchi-san is 20 years old
Do you want to make a bento with this big sister?
279 Anonymous
Haraguchi-san, please stop because it fits my fetish
280 Anonymous
Sakano-san No. 17, Neyama-san No. 65!!
282 Anonymous
283 Anonymous
A chance to win from the first move!!
284 Anonymous
Until now: Not interested
This time: Specific names from the first person
Something is different about this matchmaking party!!
286 Anonymous
Sakano! Neyama!!
It’s a chance!
Show us your womanhood!!
288 Anonymous
Do your best, Sakano-san and Neyama-san!!
290 Anonymous
Aqua-kun, that’s good support
291 Anonymous
As expected of Aqua-sama, even if his wife Shumi, a married man is completely different!!
292 Anonymous
Even if his wife is Shumi, Aa-sama is reliable in times like this
294 Anonymous
Being married, Aqua-kun seems relaxed. Even if his wife is Shumi..
299 Anonymous
You guys LOL
300 Anonymous
Self-proclaimed wife LOL
301 Verification Team *010meTA473
Hey!! What’s with “even if his wife is Shumi”!!
305 Anonymous
Even if he’s married, Shumi still gets played with
Well, it can’t be helped. Please accept it willingly since you’re married to Aqua-sama
307 Anonymous
I’m glad you said you’re not alone
308 Anonymous
Is this okay?
What if the boys mistake Aqua-kun for a girl and fall in love with him?
310 Anonymous
311 Anonymous
Oh no, Uesaka-san is my type and too perfect for me
313 Anonymous
I want to be roughly handled by someone like Uesaka-san..
316 Anonymous
My dream is to become the mother of a somewhat difficult-to-approach man like this and do baby play
319 Anonymous
Mayushin-kun’s fans are hereeeee!
320 Anonymous
I can support just because I’m a fan of Mayuzumi-kun
321 Anonymous
I understand Uesaka-san
324 Anonymous
Oh no… Aqua-kun’s fatherly demeanor makes my heart race
325 Anonymous
It’s troubling that Aa-sama is acting like a dad
327 Anonymous
He’s a school clerk!?
330 Anonymous
School is dangerous! Are you okay, Uesaka-san?
331 Anonymous
You graduated from St. Claris, right..
334 Anonymous
335 Anonymous
He was unemployed, but after seeing Mayuzumi-kun’s success, he got a job!
338 Anonymous
Mayushin-kun, amazing!
339 Anonymous
As expected, it’s Heaven’s Sword. It’s changing not only women’s lives but also men’s lives
340 Anonymous
Heaven’s Sword is life by Hongou Hiroko
342 Anonymous
He’s a school teacher!?
345 Anonymous
Ah, Uesaka-san, he’d probably be popular as a school teacher. If I were a female student, I’d say, “Please teach me here,” and lead him to the preparation room while touching his body
346 Anonymous
If people like Uesaka-san become teachers, they’re guaranteed to become prey for high school and junior high school girls!! Everyone, restrain yourselves!!
348 Anonymous
In erotic manga, there are stories of being gang-r**ed by volleyball club girls in the gym warehouse or being r**ed by swimsuit girls in the swimming club’s changing room
350 Anonymous
Even in elementary school girls, men can’t let their guard down. There was an incident where three fourth-graders attacked a man in the riverbed
352 Anonymous
Well, it’s the time when women are most controlled by their s*xual desire when they’re a student. I really mas***bated every day back then. Moreover, it becomes more and more difficult to control it as you get older, and s*xual desire becomes stronger and stronger at 20, 30, so it’s tough
354 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
Uh… I imagined Aqua-san becoming a teacher…
355 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
What must it feel like to be Aqua-kun’s teacher? I think you need extraordinary mental strength to handle it
357 Anonymous
How did you know I graduated from St. Claris!?
368 Anonymous
I see. So, the prediction in >>352 is correct…. Actually, I think the most s*xually active person in the Verification Team is the most normal Nee-san, not Chinposuki or Hagetoru. Shumi? She’s just a lively child… She’s probably the weakest in terms of s*xual desire in the Verification Team
370 Anonymous
Nee-san, are you tired…?
371 Anonymous
Aqua-kun, Mayushin-kun, Toa-chan alone are enough, but Tsukimachi Ayana and Shumi are there too. If it were me, I’d collapse from stomach pain. You need a strong mental strength or be quite insensitive to handle it
374 Anonymous
AnnAnn’s special feature: a survey of s*xual tendencies by university of origin. St. Claris had the most people who liked mommy play
378 Verification Team*07218KADO6
Nee-san, this is enlightening!! I’ll use this as material for today’s f*p!!
381 Anonymous
The boys are different from usual…
383 Anonymous
While the bulletin board is having a low-level conversation, the boys…
386 Anonymous
I wonder if Nitta-san sells his paintings or something? He’s really pop and I like him normally
398 Anonymous
Hamada-san’s smile is nice. I fall when he laughs
404 Anonymous
I can relax when Aqua-kun is here. Even the nervous boys are starting to relax
412 Anonymous
Damn, everyone is just a good boys. The government did a great job gathering so many boys
423 Anonymous
Earlier, there was someone who said that Shirogane Aqua was the most dangerous, but there is no mistake. Since Aqua-kun appeared, the boys are changing in a good direction
437 Anonymous
Aqua-kun pulled Mayuzumi-kun, Tenga-senpai, and Toa-chan, and the boys who were influenced by those three came out… In the end, what I want to say is that Aqua-sama is really amazing
445 Anonymous
Kuga Rihito-san is here!
446 Anonymous
It’s dangerous. Even standing next to Aqua-kun, he doesn’t look inferior. Is this a nobleman’s son…?
448 Anonymous
D*mn, I envy his four wives so much. Even if they were a couple in a bureaucratic relationship, it’s okay..
451 Anonymous
It’s good that the wives can have a marriage meeting with such a person..
453 Anonymous
It’s also nice to have a slightly salty response
456 Anonymous
It was dangerous to say that they should come out…. The combination of a suit-wearing adult man and Aqua-kun is dangerous… For the first time, I had palpitations
462 Anonymous
Welcome to the new world. Welcome to the world of palpitations. You are also a member of palpitations from today
466 Anonymous
Are Hamada-san and Akiha-san in love with each other? It’s a chance!!
469 Anonymous
Hamada and Akiha have already won!
472 Anonymous
Hamada, Akiha, don’t let your guard down!! Keep going until the end!!
478 Anonymous
Free time starts!!
480 Anonymous
Even though it’s not about me, I’m getting excited for some reason. Boys and girls, do your best!!
493 Anonymous
Gwaaaaaa. I’m jealous. I’m jealous, but I’ll support you. Do your best!!
502 Anonymous
Even if it’s just one person, be happy!! Be happy!!
511 Anonymous
After all, I like that the bulletin board is praying for other people’s happiness. But Shumi, die! Because Aqua-kun’s wife (legal wife) is too enviable!!
520 Anonymous
Even though I’m serious about other people’s love, the bulletin board is too nosy. But if it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t have been able to support Shumi
532 Anonymous
Do you want to hear the story of how the bulletin board people used all their power to stop the publication when the weekly magazine’s reporter tried to write about Shumi being Shumi?
But in the end, it seems that the machine broke down or the PC that was saving the data crashed due to a mysterious hacking, so I don’t know if we were useful. Because of that, even if Morikawa-san causes a problem, no one will write an article about it
554 Anonymous
Were the bulletin board people the guardians of the Verification Team?
556 Verification Team *010meTA473
Thank you for your help at that time…
558 774 *Hi-P3erver
<(*^з^)> ~♪
564 Anonymous
Today, it seems like Shumi is being played with all the time. I thought it was because the person was here. However, it seems that everyone was lonely because the frequency of coming after marriage has decreased a little. You guys love Shumi too much, no matter what you say, lol
577 Anonymous
Actually, the theory has emerged that the bulletin board people like Shumi more than Aqua-sama
582 Anonymous
I like Shumi, but I want to say it. Shumi, die!
585 Anonymous
Actually, after getting married, I became concerned about the people around her, and Shumi stopped talking about she’s cute aspects that she used to say “Shumi-chan, great victory”. Can I talk about Shumi’s cute aspects?
592 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Hehe! You guys, you’re embarrassing me…!
601 Anonymous
603 Anonymous
I like Shumi, but I didn’t say I like Hagetoru
604 Anonymous
Hagetoru is different
606 Anonymous
That’s how Hagetoru is
615 Anonymous
Only Hagetoru gets a lot of wind
621 Anonymous
Because Hagetoru just dirties the thread with erotic talk
623 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
637 Anonymous
It’s funny how Nee-san looks at you with pity
639 Anonymous
Come to think of it, Nee-san has decreased compared to before she came like this. Everyone is here except for Mori… Chinposuki. Hakuryuu-sensei has also revived
653 Anonymous
According to my sister in high school, there is a rumor among junior high school and high school students that if you write on a bulletin board where the Verification Team is gathered, you can date a boy
666 Anonymous
Is the bulletin board a power spot?
668 Anonymous
Seriously!? I’ve never dated a boy before! Or is this an opportunity to do so…? Phew! I’m looking forward to it!!
671 Anonymous
Is my happy marriage confirmed!?
673 Anonymous
Oh, is it moving…?
678 Anonymous
680 Anonymous
Akiha, come back!!
681 Anonymous
Akiha-san, no!!
684 Anonymous
Aaaa, Hamada-san…
685 Anonymous
She’s following you with her eyes, Hamada-san!!
686 Anonymous
Akiha, behind! Behind!
690 Anonymous
Gwaaaaaa, it’s frustrating to know everything!
693 Anonymous
Seriously. Please. Even though they are both in love, this is tough!
695 Anonymous
Help them, Aqua-sama!!
698 Anonymous
It’s here!!
700 Anonymous
Aqua-sama, you noticed!!
701 Verification Team *010meTA473
It’s… cool…
704 Anonymous
Shirogane Aqua doesn’t miss anything
706 Anonymous
Telephone time has come!
707 Anonymous
Super Aqua Time has started!
714 Anonymous
A woman I really like…. If a man to say this to me at least once, I would open my legs in a second
717 Anonymous
Hamada-san, your statement is too lewd
720 Anonymous
Wow. I envy Akiha-san
721 Anonymous
It’s too cruel not to notice when a boy thinks so much of you
723 Anonymous
Everyone is being tricked. This is Akiha-san’s technique. It’s educational
725 Anonymous
Aqua-kun, you’re right…
727 Anonymous
As expected, the man who proposed to the whole world is different
729 Anonymous
Gwaaaaah! Aqua-kun is too cool for his own good!!
732 Anonymous
Aa-sama is in a different league. I don’t want to compare, but Aa-sama is on a different level
735 Anonymous
Aqua-sama: “You are the one who will make Akiha-san happy, not anyone else.”
Is there anyone who can say such a passionate line without drinking?
737 Anonymous
Damn, this person is really doing Heaven’s Sword!!
738 Anonymous
I see. What’s amazing about Heaven’s Sword is that it’s realistic
Aqua-kun is even hotter than Kenzaki. Kenzaki is more cool. He’s not this passionate
739 Anonymous
There’s someone who monopolizes such a cool Aqua-sama
742 Anonymous
Hang in there, Hamada-san!!
745 Anonymous
Is there anyone who can give me such passionate advice?
748 Anonymous
Hamada-san, you have the face of a man who can do it
When Aa-sama is involved, boys become tense
751 Anonymous
Shirogane Aqua is a man who can wake up even a sleeping lion
753 Verification Team *07218KADO6
What the hell!! That person is a terrible woman!!
758 Anonymous
There’s still a chance!!
760 Anonymous
Please, please be together properly since you both love each other!! I don’t want a sad ending…
766 Anonymous
What are you doing again?
767 Anonymous
As a fellow Verification Team member, I have a request
771 Anonymous
This is definitely wet lol
777 Anonymous
Turning even reality into a drama, turning despair into hope. That’s Shirogane Aqua
780 Anonymous
Ah, why is Aqua-sama so cool? It’s cheating…
783 Verification Team *07218KADO6
If you’re a woman, shut up and say “Shumi, die” repeatedly
791 Anonymous
Akiha-san, please notice!!
793 Anonymous
The scary thing about Aa-sama is that everyone already knows he’s cool and has a certain level of resistance or mental preparation, but he still manages to make you wet, so slimy, desu~wa
798 Anonymous
Damn it! As mom said, Aqua-kun should have worn a diaper properly in the show!
801 Anonymous
I saw that somewhere!
802 Anonymous
Yes! Shumi, die!
804 Anonymous
Morikawa and Aqua-kun’s lively talk
806 Anonymous
I thought again that Morikawa is amazing. If I were in the same position, I wouldn’t be able to talk so normally
809 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Damn it, Hogekawa is being lovey-dovey even though she’s a hypocrite!!
812 Anonymous
I’m amused that Shumi is ignoring it in a subtle way. Well, it can’t be helped since it’s like a usual attack
816 Anonymous
818 Anonymous
Wait a minute?
820 Anonymous
Is Aqua-sama a Sagittarius?
821 Anonymous
As expected of Morikawa, new information comes out in the midst of normal talk
824 Anonymous
Sagittarius… isn’t the birthday far away!?
826 Anonymous
That’s why Morikawa is unable to quit being a sommelier
829 Anonymous
Is Aqua-kun a Sagittarius? I thought he was a Leo or something
831 Verification Team *010meTA473
Huh? Really…?
833 Anonymous
The bulletin board is also confused by the unexpected new information LOL. By the way, it was predicted that the office had kept the birthday private to avoid confusion until now
835 Anonymous
Aa-sama, does that mean you’re 16 years old? 16-year-old Aa-sama doesn’t seem erotic, does it?
836 Anonymous
Only a little more until Aa-sama is 15… or rather, 15 years old shouldn’t have such a seductive look..
842 Anonymous
844 Anonymous
Huh…? It’s a joke, right…?
845 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
Shumi…san…? By the way, I also just found out
847 Anonymous
It’s unnecessary information, but Shumi is a Virgo. In other words, Shumi is a little more like a big sister. That was the information from Shumi Sommelier!
850 Anonymous
Hey, Aa-sama!?
Nekoyama Toa@toanekoyama_beryl
Toa-chan is surprised too!!
853 Anonymous
I hope no one didn’t know about it…?
855 Anonymous
Damn it, Morikawa didn’t even notice!!
856 Anonymous
Morikawa, show your clumsiness here! You said it casually, but that’s new information!!
858 Anonymous
We don’t need Morikawa’s Cancer information!!!
860 Anonymous
Morikawa’s birthday is July 22nd, seriously, who cares LOL
861 Anonymous
Your birthday is on the station’s HP, so we don’t need it, lol
862 Anonymous
Reply to that
Tenga Akira@tengaakira_beryl
I… knew it..
By the way, Mayuzumi-kun didn’t seem to know either
863 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
Earlier, the president contacted me and said that she didn’t know either…
865 Anonymous
Morikawa’s unnecessary knowledge is increasing
867 Anonymous
Only Morikawa Sommelier would be happy with this information
No, if it’s Morikawa Sommelier, they probably already knows
871 Anonymous
>> 863
872 Anonymous
>> 863
President LOL
873 Anonymous
>> 863
875 Anonymous
>> 863
It’s not because of the office’s consideration, but because no one really knew LOL
878 Anonymous
>> 862
On the contrary, I’m curious why only Tenga-kun knew LOL
880 Anonymous
Aa-sama likes to confuse people with just one birthday
Hogekawa is the only one who laughs carelessly. If you think about it, these two might be a good match…
882 Anonymous
It’s time for a two-shot
883 Anonymous
885 Anonymous
Will they go to a two-shot with this flow? Is it okay LOL
887 Anonymous
Hamada-san, Akiha-san was nominated!!
889 Anonymous
It’s okay, it’s okay!!
892 Anonymous
Others are going smoothly
894 Anonymous
There will be a lot of girls confessing here
There seems to be some leniency
896 Anonymous
Akiha-san, please notice Hamada-san’s feelings!
901 Anonymous
903 Anonymous
905 Anonymous
908 Anonymous
Unexpected confession from Hamada-sannnnnnn!
911 Anonymous
Is it true that Hamada-san confesssssed?
913 Anonymous
915 Anonymous
Hamada-san is amazinggggggggg!
919 Anonymous
Akiha-san nodded!!
921 Anonymous
Akiha-san is frozen
925 Anonymous
Of course, she’s frozen. It’s better than her heart stopping from being too surprised
928 Anonymous
Hamada-san was like Aqua-kun!!
932 Anonymous
It’s getting excitinggggggg!
936 Anonymous
Akiha-san cried!!
939 Anonymous
Even I would cry!!
941 Anonymous
942 Anonymous
Congratulations Akiha-san!!
944 Anonymous
Unexpected confession from the male side, damn
Something always happens when Aqu-tan is involved
946 Anonymous
I’m glad I didn’t go to the bath before the two-shot…
948 Anonymous
Breaking news ticker came out!!
950 Anonymous
Breaking news…wait, that’s not it LMAO
952 Anonymous
Breaking news: Mayuzumi Shintaro-kun (16 years old?), didn’t know Shirogane Aqua’s birthday
No, that’s not it LOL
955 Anonymous
Hey lol
958 Anonymous
The ticker came out this time LOL
960 Anonymous
Ah… I wish..
965 Anonymous
Congratulations Akiha-san!!
Congratulations Hamada-san!
968 Anonymous
I’m crying even though it has nothing to do with me
970 Anonymous
Thank you for the inspiration!!
973 Anonymous
Shouldn’t we start the next thread soon?
980 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
I’ll prepare for the next thread!!
984 Anonymous
Uesaka-san also accepted the confession
988 Anonymous
Wait, wait, a confession rush is happening! Goodness…. But congratulations!
993 Anonymous
Congratulations to both Akiha-san and Hamada-san. But Shumi, die!
996 Anonymous
Damn it, I’ll pour this feeling into these words! Shumi, die!!
998 Verification Team *07218Kado6
If it’s 1000, then Hagetoru-chan will have a great victory!
999 Anonymous
May everyone be united if it’s the 1000th!
1000 Verification Team **9n2SARETAi
The next thread has been created. Here it is
[Akiha-san, Congratulations] Matchmaking Party Live Commentary [Hamada-san, Congratulations]
3 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
4 Anonymous
5 Anonymous
Hagetoru missed 1000 in the previous thread, how funny
6 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Good job, Sensei!
8 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
Ah… I forgot to put in the part. I’m sorry
9 Anonymous
Hagetoru in the previous thread, LMAO
Good deeds are important after all
11 Verification Team *010meTA473
Thank you for creating the thread, sister
13 Anonymous
It’s only you, Sensei
The rest are just for fun
16 Anonymous
I’ll expose the ridiculous Hagetoru from the previous thread, lol
998 Verification Team *07218KADO6
If it’s 1000, then Hagetoru-chan, Great Victory!
20 Anonymous
Congratulations to everyone
22 Anonymous
A lot of people got together, right?
25 Anonymous
Now I’m really looking forward to the second half!
28 Anonymous
In the trend ranking, Hamada-san is far ahead in first place. Congratulations!
I never expected to know about Aqua-kun’s Sagittarius information, lol
1 Hamada-san related word: Aqua-kun looks cool!! Wonderful!
2 Sagittarius related word: When is your birthday? I noticed, Hogekawa!
3 Akiha-san related word: Congratulations!! Be happy!
4 Confession from a man related word: It reminds me of that wedding ceremony, Aqua-sama Shumi
5 Lunch shop related word: I’ll go to the bento shop tomorrow, Haraguchi-san
6 Nitta-san’s drawing related word: I want to buy it normally, Aqua-kun’s portrait illustration
7 Hashii-san related word: Baseball enthusiast, influenced by Monday 9 drama, baseball
8 Everyone’s success related word: Unexpected confession by Uesaka-san, everyone accepted
9 Successful matchmaking party related word: The next ratio seems amazing. It’s good that I paid taxes
10 Okazawa-san related word: It becomes quiet in front of a funny and cute girl
30 Anonymous
Hamada-san was amazing. I never thought he would confess
33 Anonymous
35 Anonymous
37 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Calling it “Shall we also date?” haha
Hogekawa… Keep the joke to just your face. Got it?
40 Anonymous
Hey! You’re mixing personal and professional matters!
42 Anonymous
What did you just casually say… huh?
44 Anonymous
45 Anonymous
47 Anonymous
53 Anonymous
Sorry, what did you just say…?
58 Anonymous
No way, my hearing suddenly got worse, maybe this is what they call aging?
62 Anonymous
65 Anonymous
69 Anonymous
Aqua-kun, did you not hear well?
72 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Haaaaaaaaaaa? Haaaaaaaaaaa?
76 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Ah, I misunderstood. I’m sure now
79 Anonymous
85 Anonymous
Is this for real?
91 Anonymous
Even if it’s Aqua-sama, joking about something like that… it’s not a joke, right?
95 Anonymous
Things have changed
104 Anonymous
Is it a lie?
113 Anonymous
122 Anonymous
Is it a lieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
133 Anonymous
142 Anonymous
155 Verification Team *07218KADO6
164 Anonymous
178 Anonymous
186 Anonymous
197 Verification Team *07218KADO6
201 Anonymous
219 Anonymous
225 Anonymous
There’s someone going crazy here
238 Anonymous
Hagetoru LMAO
247 Anonymous
I’m surprised by this…
258 Verification Team *010meTA473
Congratulations. Welcome
264 Anonymous
Well, this is a joyous occasion
It’s okay to be happy, right?
276 Anonymous
I’m genuinely surprised by this
No one predicted it, right?
289 Anonymous
This is why Aqua-sama is like this!
292 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
303 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
That’s nice…
308 Verification Team* 07218KADO6
315 Anonymous
This is the difference between the person who got married >>258 and the person who couldn’t >>308, lol
322 Anonymous
I think it’s a good thing that no weird person came. Well, there’s no doubt that this is a weird person though…
336 Anonymous
Breaking news, Chinposuki is trending #1, LMAO
349 Anonymous
You guys, Chinposuki is not good. Your account will be suspended, LMAO
358 Anonymous
As a sommelier like Morikawa, I can’t see ahead because of the excitement
362 Anonymous
I knew it. I thought Aqua-kun would do something
388 Anonymous
Morikawa, seriously? That’s amazing!
402 Verification Team *07218KADO6
D*mn ittttttttttttttttt! Both Shumi and Nee-san, and even Chinposuki, you’ve all betrayed meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
423 Anonymous
Wow, there are so many amazing things happening. The thread is moving so fast, it’s hard to keep up with
432 Anonymous
This is still the first half, we’re at the turning point
444 Anonymous
456 Anonymous
Why, Nee…san?
Could it be..
460 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
475 Anonymous
Wait a minute..
482 Anonymous
Hagetoru, Nee…san? This can’t be true…right?
489 Verification Team *07218KADO6
508 Anonymous
Nee-san, this isn’t true, right?
511 Anonymous
Nee-san, could it be..
521 Anonymous
Wait, this reaction..
537 Anonymous
542 Anonymous
Yes, this is real
555 Anonymous
This reaction… Nee-san, you have betrayed us
Just kidding, congratulations if it’s true
564 Anonymous
Is this true, Nee-san?
If it’s true, congratulations..
578 Anonymous
Wait a minute, Nee-san, really?
582 Anonymous
Congratulations, Nee-san!
589 Anonymous
I heard that Nee-san got married
593 Anonymous
As a woman in her 30s, I’m so excited to hear that Nee-san got married
601 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
617 Anonymous
It’s already a mess because of Morikawa’s confession
624 Anonymous
Morikawa confesses -> Aqua-kun -> Hagetoru goes out of control
635 Anonymous
Is it true, Nee-san!!
All women over 30 are so happy about this!!
642 Anonymous
It’s already a mess because of Hagetoru
659 Anonymous
Hagetoru shouldn’t have said that, but I understand the feeling. LOL
666 Anonymous
Nee-san and Shumi, please don’t blame Hagetoru
Think about Hagetoru’s feelings..
674 Anonymous
Hagetoru was probably just too nervous and said something stupid like “Chinposuki”
But I understand the feeling. LOL
683 Anonymous
Congratulations, Nee-san!
It was really good that you quit your previous company!!
695 Anonymous
Wait, my brain can’t keep up
703 Anonymous
Wait, the bulletin board is slow. LMAO
711 Anonymous
Why is the bulletin board so slow!?
728 Anonymous
Not again..
736 Anonymous
Morikawa’s and Nee-san’s double combo is tough to handle
By the way, SNS is down
744 Anonymous
Saba-chan, do your best!!
774 774 *Hi-P3erver
Right now, it’s like we’re enduring with only about HP3 in an RPG. If it goes down, I’m sorry..
795 Anonymous
Do your best, do your best!!
803 Anonymous
Is that high-performance server finally going down?
816 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Sorry, I have to go because of something urgent!!
822 Anonymous
This place has become even heavier because sns is not working
834 Anonymous
That guy escaped lol
847 Anonymous
Hey lol, I will scratch you enough lol
855 Anonymous
Hagetoru, you lol
876 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Also, congratulations to hogekawa. I’m really sorry for Nee-san…
888 Anonymous
Keep going, Saba-chan…!
890 774 *hi-p3erver
Nggoo! It’s bad, it’s bad!
907 Anonymous
Don’t go on a rampage! And, don’t worry
915 Anonymous
Hagetoru has become honest! Well…don’t get discouraged
923 Anonymous
It’s tough to think about Hagetoru’s feelings. Hang in there
931 Verification Team *010meTA473
I don’t know what it’s about, but if something bad happens, contact me immediately
949 Anonymous
If 3 out of 4 Verification Team members could go, then you should be able to go too. Please, show us your dream!
956 Anonymous
I’m done. My head is overheating
964 Anonymous
Is it true that if I become a resident of the bulletin board, I can date Aqua-sama?
975 Anonymous
Commencing commemorative post
987 Anonymous
The trending ranking is already a mess lol
993 Anonymous
It’s gotten lighter lol
997 Anonymous
Saba-chan, that was close. Did you endure it?
999 Anonymous
Can the Hyper Performance Server withstand this? Damn LMAO
1000 774 *hi-p3erver
If it’s 1000, Saba-chan, great victory!

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