Male Idol V9c33

Volume 9 Chapter 33 Shirogane Aqua, Don’t Forget This View

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai


 As we got into the car, we heard the sound of knocking on the window glass. I thought it might be a cue card, and when I looked outside, Ako-san was indeed holding a cue card and pointing it towards us.

 [Um, for dinner at the hotel, we’ll be having a barbecue. Everyone, please buy some ingredients at a supermarket before arriving at the hotel]

 ”Then should we just go to a random place on the way?”

 ”Yeah, let’s do that.”

 It was getting dark outside, and the sunset seen from the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge was really beautiful.

 Everyone except Tenga-senpai, who was driving, was staring at the scenery, each with their own thoughts about this trip.

 It hasn’t even been a year since I came to this world, but so much has happened.

 I never even thought about getting married to someone within such a short period of time.

 Kanon wearing a wedding dress at the wedding comes to mind.

 Come to think of it, we still haven’t gone on a honeymoon…

 I don’t know what my wives think, but I want to go on a honeymoon trip with everyone.

 Of course, it’s fine to go one by one, but for some reason, I feel like Kanon would enjoy it more if she’s with Kotono and the others.

 I also want to go on a family trip, so I thought it would be nice to consider it if I can successfully finish this location shoot.

 ”Oh, isn’t that a supermarket over there?”

 ”Oh! Nice find, Shintaro!”

 I got off the car first and went to get the filming permission as usual. No one says anything anymore, nor do they try to stop me.

 When I found a store clerk at the supermarket and called out to them, their boss immediately came out and easily gave us permission.

 ”I’ll push the cart!”

 Tenga-senpai said and I entrusted the cart to him.

 ”Aqua, what about vegetables?”

 ”When it comes to Awaji Island, it’s all about onions. The onions from Awaji Island are sweet and delicious. And how about buying potatoes and making mashed potatoes with butter?”

 ”””Mashed potatoes!”””

 Everyone’s voices synchronized. I understand. I understand! When it comes to BBQ, it’s definitely mashed potatoes!

 I also put corn, eggplant, mushrooms, and shishito peppers in the basket.

 In the next fresh seafood section, I added squid, shrimp, scallops, and octopus, and I also grabbed a pack of eggs from the opposite side.

 Oh, and let’s not forget to secure some yakisoba for the finale…

 On the meat corner, I splurged and got Awaji beef.

 ”Oh, I should buy aluminum foil for the Mashed potatoes.”

 ”Um, we also need paper cups and plates, right?”

 ”Then I’ll go get a garbage bag.”

 ”Leave the rice selection to me, a native of Tohoku!”

 At first, everyone stuck together while shopping, but gradually everyone’s senses became numb or something, and they scattered to bring their own items and put them in the basket.

 Oh, I also need to buy salt, pepper, and sauce.

 I like sweet sauce, so I’ll get both a Kyushu-produced soy sauce-based sauce and a conventional spicy sauce. Huh? Soy sauce made with onions from Awaji Island? That sounds interesting. I’ll try buying this too.

 It’s not a problem if there are leftover ingredients and seasonings because I can make something and serve it in the kitchen at Beryl headquarters, and it can also be used for the cooking content that started streaming this month.

 ”Why are the Beryl kids here…?”

 ”It seems like they’re filming for a show, but I wonder what it is.”

 ”I heard on Twitter that they were somewhere around Osaka, but I’m so happy they came here!”

 ”I came here instead of going to Arima Onsen as a reverse move, and it’s the best!”

 ”Toa-chan, no way, he’s cuter than me, a woman…”

 ”I’m glad Aqua-sama exists in this world. I can live every day happily now.”

 ”Shintaro, what happened to your glasses? D-did you change your look? Mayuzumi thread will be in chaos!”

 ”Whenever I see Tenga-senpai pushing the cart and acting like a child, I feel like teasing him.”

 Oh, looks like it’s getting crowded here. Let’s finish shopping quickly.

 After we finished paying, we got in the car and headed to the accommodation we booked.

 “Is this the place?”

 “Looks like it.”

 “Yes, it’s a nice ryokan. It has a good facade.”

 “I’ve never stayed overnight before…”

 We left the car at the entrance of the hotel and headed to the reception in the lobby.

 At the entrance, we were welcomed with a grand hospitality by all the staff that came out.

 “Excuse me, we’re from Beryl Entertainment who made a reservation…”

 “Yes, we have been expecting you. There are four of you. This is the key to the cottage.”

 We received the key to the cottage from the receptionist.

 There are separate cottages away from the main ryokan, and we will be staying there.

 Probably for security reasons, that’s the better option.


 It’s not like the recent trend of glamping, but it’s a proper cottage-type house. When we thanked the hotel staff who guided us, we headed to the place to have a BBQ carrying a box with ingredients.

 ”No way…”

 ”Is that real after all?”

 ”Huh? Are they going to have a BBQ now?”

 ”Is it, is it alright? We don’t need to help?”

 ”It’s okay. Aqua-kun may be clumsy at drawing, but he’s excellent at cooking.”

 ”That’s right, I remember.”

 ”I think Toa-chan can make sweets too, right?”

 ”Tenga-senpai also cooks for himself, and Mayuzumi-kun said he makes his own bento, so it should be okay.”

 When we arrived at the space prepared for us, we first started preparing to cook rice by lighting charcoal.

 The staff had provided us with the necessary tools, such as a rice pot, so things were going smoothly at first, but then we noticed something unbelievable.

 ”Ah… we might not have chopsticks…”


 Huh? But, I think we bought paper cups and plates earlier…

 ”Yeah. We have paper cups and plates, but I forgot to buy disposable chopsticks.”

 Of all things, the most essential item is missing…

 In the worst case, we’ll have to eat with tongs.

 ”There’s an option of carving chopsticks from the wood we picked up on the beach over there.”

 Tenga-senpai started saying something outrageous while spinning his knife around.

 ”Senpai, fallen trees are not good. Sap comes out and it’s dangerous. I have a better idea.”

 When I said that, everyone looked at me suspiciously. What’s wrong, everyone?

 ”Aqua’s good idea.”

 ”Junior’s good idea.”

 ”Is it Aqua’s good idea…?”

 Huh? Was everyone’s trust parameter for me that low?

 Damn it, I’ll show everyone the good side of me and redeem the two letters of trust!

 ”Well, leave it to me!!”

 I quickly cooked something that seemed easy to grill, put it on a paper plate, and headed towards where other customers were having a BBQ. Well, watch over there and I’ll change this into chopsticks!

 ”Good evening~”


 I approached a group of four big sisters with a smile, saying that I’m not scary.

 Judging by their age, they seemed to be in their mid-20s, and they looked more like working adults than college students in terms of atmosphere.

 Many of them seemed to be solid and professional people who worked in a proper company.

 ”Hey, that group over there…”

 ”Did Aqua-sama talk to them…?”

 ”Wait, there’s an event like that? Like a godly event?”

 ”In ero games, there’s a development where they bring a boy to their room and have a 5P.”

 ”Even if it’s just for the show, I still have high expectations.”

 ”Everyone suddenly started fixing their hair and makeup, it’s hilarious.”

 ”You’re also fixing your makeup, aren’t you?”

 Is it because the big sisters are wearing yukatas? I can feel their s*x appeal from their moist, shining eyes and juicy lips.

 If I were still a virgin or sexually frustrated, it would be bad. I silently thank my wives in my heart.

 ”Are you okay, big sisters?”


 Yeah, they’re still a little nervous. Let’s start by easing their tension.

 ”We came from Tokyo, but are you also here on a trip?”

 ”Uh… well, we’re from the local area. We all work in Sannomiya, not Awaji, and we decided to have a BBQ as a way to relax…”

 The three big sisters behind also nod silently.

 ”Oh, I see. Actually, we were also planning to hang out in Sannomiya, but we didn’t have enough time…”

 ”Eh? Is that so?”

 ”Yeah. We were actually talking about going shopping in Sannomiya with the four of us if we had more time, but unfortunately, we only have one night and two days.”

 ”Aww, that’s too bad…so are you leaving tomorrow then?”

 ”Yeah, that’s right. It’s unfortunate, but we have to go back tomorrow. So I thought we could have a BBQ together and make some memories… but we don’t have any.”

 ”You don’t have any? What don’t you have? If it’s money, I’ll give you all my savings…”

 Saying that, the big sister takes out her wallet from her pocket and tries to hand it over to me. But just because I’m a boy, she doesn’t have to spoil me that much, like she did before.

 ”It’s chopsticks that we don’t have. So, sister, I have a proposal. We have some delicious food here, so why don’t we exchange it?”

 ”Yes, yes, yes! We’ll exchange it. We will!”

 What?! Startled by the sudden enthusiasm of the big sister, I hand her a paper plate.

 ”Oh, then you can take all these chopsticks with you.”

 ”Huh? Are you sure?”

 ”Yes, I already took what we need.”

 ”Thank you!!”

 ”No, thank you. I’ll make the paper plate a family treasure!!”

 A family treasure? Was I mistaken? Yeah, I must have been mistaken. I’ve never heard of someone making a paper plate a family treasure before.

 I turn around and return to everyone, holding the chopsticks up high.

 ”Look! I got chopsticks!!”


 Everyone welcomes me with applause. With the chopstick problem now solved, I wonder how the cooking is going.

 I roll the onions wrapped in foil together with the mashed potatoes with butter using tongs and serve the cooked vegetables to everyone.

 ”Here, Toa, there are more mushrooms.”

 ”Yeah, thanks.”

 Of course, I don’t include the bell peppers that Toa doesn’t like.

 This Aqua-san is the type to spoil completely, so I follows the principle of not putting in things he dislikes.

 Besides, some people can stop disliking something if they have a chance to eat something delicious forcibly.

 ”Senpai, thank you for driving today. I made more meat.”

 ”Yes, I appreciate it!”

 Since Senpai will have to drive us tomorrow as well, I made more meat.

 It will still take a while for the asparagus, which is Senpai’s favorite. I’m also cooking it in foil, so it will take time.

 ”Shintaro, let’s have this. It’s my special seafood grill!!”

 ”It looks delicious. Thank you, Aqua.”

 Shintaro temporarily reinforced his broken glasses with tape, but they don’t look good, so he took them off for the filming.

 We are planning to stop by a glasses shop tomorrow morning to either fix the broken frames or buy new glasses.

 ”It’s delicious…”

 I also pick up the dishes I made with my own chopsticks and eat them eagerly.

 Maybe it’s because I was quite excited today, the saltiness is spreading throughout my body.

 ”Precious… everything is precious already”

 ”The destructive power of four boys’ BBQ is too much”

 ”This is it, right? Aqua-sama already completely become Daddy Aqua”

 ”Dadddy Aquaaaa!? Wait, don’t add any new fetishes to me!”

 ”Yeah, they’re Daddy Aqua and Mommy Toa.”

 ”See? Earlier, Toa-chan reacted just by Aqua-kun’s words and handed him a paper plate. It’s like they’re in sync. They’re definitely a couple…”

 ”Confirming Shumi’s death!”

 ”Shumi, serves you right!”

 ”Oh, just thinking about Shumi’s grumpy face makes the rice taste better!”

 Oh, the asparagus is ready. The potatoes, onions, and corn are still to come. The rice is almost done.

 I’ll push the ones that are ready to the weaker fire on the right end.

 ”Senpai, the asparagus is ready. Everyone, the ones on this end are ready, so please take them yourselves. And please grill your own meat too. I’m taking a break.”


 ”Got it”

 ”Leave it to us”

 Hmm, I made too much while caught up in the moment.

 I made a lot thinking that the staff would also eat later, but it still feels like too much.

 When I looked around, everyone was staring at me intently.

 Ah, everyone must have been lured in by this good smell.

 ”Who’s hungry?”

 When I raised my hand, everyone else raised theirs too. Wait, wait, there are a lot of people indeed. But it should be fine if everyone gets one each.

 ”Alright! Everyone, line up and stand in line. One per person, only one time. I’ll keep grilling like crazy. Oh, and if anyone is done using the BBQ grill, please lend it to me. Emergency opening, Bistro beryl, here we go!”

 I grill various things like a demon.

 Of course, everyone helped me too.

 ”Hmm, which one do you want? Come on, tell me.”

 ”Um, I want the asparagus… Tenga-senpai.”

 ”Alright. I’ll give you this especially thick one.”

 ”Thank you!”

 She is really energetic.

 By the way, where did she gets that chef’s hat from?

 ”Hey, hey, which one do you want, Big sister?”

 ”Um, well, I’d like the mushrooms that Toa-chan grilled… just kidding.”

 ”Hmm. Then I’ll give you these burnt leftovers. It doesn’t matter if they’re small, right?”

 ”Ah, um…”

 That big sister looks like she’s about to ascend. Is she okay? And also, Toa-san. Can you eat those mushrooms that are almost charcoal now? Besides, it’s not the ones you grilled, but the ones I grilled.

 ”Which one do you want to eat?”

 ”The half-eaten one on Mayuzumi-kun’s plate…”


 ”Oh, sorry. Can you grab that grilled eggplant over there?”

 Did the big sister say something strange earlier? Or was it just me? Hmm…a beautiful sister like her wouldn’t say something weird. It’s just my imagination.

 After confirming that the rice was cooked, I move the rice cooker aside. It’s hot!

 Once all the ingredients were removed, we took a break and ate the grilled onions that were ready.


 ”Huh, onions can be this sweet?”

 ”Oh…this is delicious.”

 ”I’ve never had onions from Awaji Island before, but they’re really good.”

 We enjoy the rich and mellow sweetness of the Awaji Island onions. I know how good they are because I’ve had them before, but I’m sure it must be shocking for someone trying them for the first time.

 ”Hey, I think we can make some potato butter too.”

 ”Oh, you’re right. Let’s try that too!”

 The potato butter was delicious as usual. It may not be as shocking as the onions, but potato butter is always delicious and reliable.

 After eating half of it normally, I sprinkle black pepper on the other half.

 Hafu, hafu…it’s hot, but delicious!

 The person with a sensitive tongue is struggling, but every time they stick out their tongue, a few women wobble. I understand. They’re cute, aren’t they? After finishing eating the potato with butter, I took a bite of grilled corn.

 Mmm! This harmony of soy sauce and sweetness is amazing!

 After finishing eating everything, I slowly approach the person behind the camera who is filming this.

 ”Director Hongou, would you like to try something?”


 Director Hongou probably didn’t expect someone filming to talk to her. She had a surprised expression.

 ”We’re in the middle of filming, but we won’t use all the footage. If you want to eat, it should be something warm, right? I brought a variety of things, so which one would you like to eat?”

 ”Oh, then meat, onions, and potato with butter!”

 ”Haha, shall you eat all three then? Here, say ‘ahhh.’”

 I pick up a piece of onion with disposable chopsticks and offer it to Director Hongou.


 ”Oh… I thought it would be convenient for you since your hands are full with the camera, but you’ll eat without putting it down, right? I’m sorry.”

 Director Hongou shakes her head. Even so, I thought it was impressive that the camera didn’t shake.

 ”Well then, say ‘ahhh!’”

 ”Mmm! Oh, it’s sweet and delicious…!!”


 Director Hongou nodded her head vigorously. After that, I fed Director Hongou by making her open her mouth and eat.

 ”Oh, other staff members, please eat while you can. And… Ako-san, do you need something?”

 ”I’m good with the same thing.”

 ”Understood… oh!”

 Ako-san was also filming me with a small camera, so when she tried to do the same thing, she dropped her chopsticks.

 ”I’m sorry. Ako-san, we don’t have any replacement chopsticks, you can use mine, you know?”


 ”Oh…nevermind, I guess you wouldn’t want that. Then…”

 ”No, it’s okay! I’m fine with that!”

 Oops, did I make her uncomfortable? But since we don’t have any chopsticks, there’s nothing I can do. I feed Ako-san again in the same way as before.

 ”Alright, open wide.”


 Hmm, this is actually becoming more and more enjoyable. Maybe I should do this at home too, with Kanon. I’d love to put her on my lap and feed her a whole meal.

 ”Here, next is a slightly bigger one. Open your mouth wider than before.”

 ”Ah, ah…”

 ”Be careful, this one is hot.”

 ”Mm, I’m also sensitive to hot food…”

 ”Alright, let’s blow on it.”


 ”Yes, blow, fuuh, fuuhhh, ahh!”

 ”Ah, ahh!”

 ”Ah, I spilled the sauce on the meat, come here, let’s wipe your mouth”


 ”Okay, next up is eggplant”


 ”Is it delicious?”

 ”Yes, it’s delicious…”

 Hm? When I noticed, everyone was looking at me.

 What’s wrong?

 “After all, President is…”

 “I see…”

 “It can’t be helped that she’s capable of that”

 “Shouldn’t we not talk about this online?”

 “Let’s pretend we didn’t see it. She’s probably hiding it”

 “Shumi is already dead because of this”

 “Shumi, serves you right!!”

 “Ah, imagining Shumi’s face makes the rice taste even better!!”

 Oh, right, the rice is cooked.

 I hurriedly returned to everyone.

 “Director Hongou, please cut out my part from earlier”

 “Huh? But…”

 “Please cut it out!”


 Oh, it’s getting a little colder.

 Okay, let’s make grilled rice balls. And put sunny-side-up eggs on the yakisoba!

 “Rice balls!?”

 “Aqua-kun’s salt rice balls!?”

 “This is that legendary rice ball… gulp”

 “The best rice ball ever made”

 “Ugh, I’m jealous of those rice balls…”

 “If you sold these rice balls, someone might buy them for a billion yen”

 “It’s like winning the lottery…”

 ”The man who makes billions just by making onigiri, that’s Shirogane Aqua.”

 After treating ourselves to grilled onigiri and seafood yakisoba with fried eggs, we tidy up the barbecue area neatly and leave. Cleaning up is part of the barbecue, as promised with this Aqua-kun.

 Now, once we return to the cottage, we head to the natural hot spring for men in the main building, carrying our yukatas.

 I was cautious of my surroundings in the changing room, but thankfully no one was filming here.

 ”That was really fun, huh?”


 ”Yeah, it was.”


 We have a casual conversation while soaking in the hot spring.

 By the way, everyone is wearing swimsuits prepared by the staff, but while Tenga-senpai, Shintaro, and I are in swim trunks, Toa has a one-piece border swimsuit prepared for him.

 ”I wish we could have had a longer trip, like 3 nights and 4 days.”

 ”I know. 1 night and 2 days is too short.”

 ”At least if it was 2 nights and 3 days…”

 ”No, I want at least a week here, being greedy.”

 Only the four of us enjoy a calm and leisurely time together.

 I was unsure at first, but I’m glad we could come on this location shoot and trip together as the four of us.

 ”The view is nice, huh?”


 The bath with a view of the sea was amazing. Toa quietly leans towards me.



 ”Thank you…”

 I turned my gaze to that person.

 ”If Aqua wasn’t here, I don’t think I would have ever seen such a beautiful view. Thanks to Aqua who took me out of that room on that day and that time, I’m spending my days seeing sights I’ve never seen before and having experiences I’ve never had before. Sometimes I get a little tired, but even so, I’m having a really good time now. And I think it won’t change from tomorrow onwards.”


 Shintaro and Tenga-senpai sat on the other side of me. Shintaro is still thin, but Tenga-senpai’s muscles have been growing lately, perhaps because he puts a lot of effort into his actions. The image of a thin, lanky guy from the beginning is no more.

 ”I never thought I’d come on a trip with male friends to a place like this. I made some good memories. Thank you, Aqua.”

 ”Me too. There have been various things since I met you, Junior, but I’m so fulfilled that it’s the most enjoyable thing I’ve ever done in my life.”

 Everyone… I washed my face to hide my eyes that were about to moisten.

 I thought it would be okay to cry honestly, but since everyone was grinning in the middle, I endured it, thinking that they were saying it to make me cry. However, that grin might have been to hide embarrassment like me.

 ”I will definitely not forget this scenery.”

 ”I also think that I will not forget this scenery even when I grow up.”

 ”Ah… Me neither. I promise to remember this scenery forever.”

 ”I’m sure all of us will remember this scenery that we saw together.”

 Everyone looked at each other and smiled.

 Coming to this world, I truly thought it was a good thing.

 After getting out of the bath, we accidentally found a place where we could play hot spring table tennis, a famous attraction of the hot spring.

 ”Oh, there’s a table tennis court!”

 ”Huh, it seems that the time has come for me to show off my killer receive.”

 ”You two seem energetic. I’m already at my limit.”

 ”I’m also reaching my physical limit. I don’t want to sweat after getting out of the bath.”

 ”Yeah, I definitely don’t want to sweat either.”

 And it seemed that Shintaro was tired…

 Well, it can’t be helped. I thought it would just be Tenga-senpai and me, but both table tennis tables were already occupied.

 ”Oh, ohhhhhhhhhhh, Aqua-kun after the bath…”

 ”Aqua-kun is too erotic… I’m jealous of Shumi…”

 ”The four of them in yukatas are way too cool, right?”

 ”Ah, ah, it makes my heart race when Toa-chan looks at us. Well, sometimes he shows some skin…”

 ”Sniff, everyone smells good.”

 ”Wait a minute, is everyone using the same soap and stuff that we have? This scent is different, right? Unlike the guys’, it smells really nice.”

 ”Do they play table tennis?”

 ”Huh!? Seriously?”

 ”Aqua-kun looks good at it. Even when he’s playing the Big Brother in Yuu-onii, he’s good at sports.”

 ”Wait, let me ask.”

 The big sister who was in front of me approached me.

 Oh no. It’s not good for a woman in a yukata right after taking a bath.

 Is she not wearing a bra? I’m captivated by the sight of her enormous power swaying up and down.

 ”Um, do you use the ping pong table?”

 ”Well… if everyone is using it, then it’s okay. Sorry for inconveniencing you.”

 ”N-No, it’s okay! Please use it. I beg you!”

 ”Oh, in that case, do you want to play against me? Tenga-senpai and I will be on this side.”

 ”What!? W-We’re supposed to play with you guys?”

 I nodded with a smile.

 So, we ended up playing against each other with me and Tenga-senpai as a team, and the big sisters as a team.

 Unfortunately, I’m good at table tennis. And Tenga-senpai’s mysterious and winding form seemed to work well too.

 I feel sorry for the big sisters, but there is a noticeable power difference, and if we play normally, the gap would be too big.

 So, I decided to propose something to them.

 ”Hey, how about playing in mixed teams?”

 ”Huh? Mixed teams, you mean…”

 ”Me and you are a team, and Tenga-senpai is a team with another big sister.”

 ”I-Is that alright? W-What about the money…”

 I mean, why are you so quick to take out your wallet.

 I push away the wallet that is being offered to me with the palm of my hand.

 ”It’s alright, it’s alright. Now, let’s start over.”

 Oh, table tennis is great. Yeah, really great.

 It’s definitely not because the big sister in front of me has big breasts that are swaying from left to right.

 And also the cleavage. And it looks like it’s about to overflow… This is a good eye candy.


 ”Are you okay?”

 I catch the big sister who almost fell because she was hustling too much.

 Oh, this big sister has quite a nice body too.

 ”I-I’m sorry.”

 ”No, rather, thank you.”

 If you’re a man, you have to properly say thank you.

 By the way, my team won the match.

 ”Gwaaaahhh! My junior is too strong!!”

 Sorry, Tenga-senpai. I have a policy of not holding back in competitions.

 In the end, afterwards, To and Shintaro also end up playing table tennis together and enjoying it with everyone.

 ”To think we would take a bath twice…”

 ”Haha, it’s fine. It’s fine.”

 The four of us enjoy drinking fruit milk after getting out of the bath.

 After all, when it comes to after-bath snacks, this is it!

 After returning to the cottage, we continued to play by throwing pillows and playing cards. I must have been tired because I fell asleep without realizing it. In the morning, I woke up to the chirping of birds.

 ”Good morning, Aqua.”

 ”Good morning.”

 I don’t know why, but I slept together with Toa normally in the kotatsu. It seems Shintaro went to bed properly.

 So, where is Tenga-senpai? I heard the sound of a ball bouncing in the garden, so I opened the window and looked outside.

 ”Did everyone sleep well? Let’s play basketball.”

 For some reason, Tenga-senpai had dark circles under his eyes and was playing basketball.

 Come to think of it, I remember senpai joking about playing basketball in the middle of the night…

 Huh? Senpai, huh? Are you really not sleeping when you’re going to drive today?



 I grabbed senpai’s shoulders.

 ”Please sleep.”

 ”Let’s sleep.”

 I forcefully made senpai lie down on the bed.

 I can’t let someone who’s sleep deprived drive.

 And so, our journey, the second day, began.

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