Male Idol V9c4

Volume 9 Chapter 4 Shirogane Aqua, My Brain is Being Destroyed

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 ”I like you, Aqua-san.”

 I think again about the meaning of the words casually told by Kirika-san.

 If I think about the relationship between me and Kirika-san, I think this “like” means liking me as an idol.

 Kirika-san is a very wonderful adult woman. Compared to Kirika-san, I’m just a kid, and I don’t think there’s any reason for her to like me if I think about it normally.

 So, if I think about it, the meaning of “like” that Kirika-san said would mean that she likes Shirogane Aqua as an idol.

 No… wait a minute.

 Remember. Is that really the right answer?

 If I think back to past patterns, Kurumi-san, Miyuki-san, Hakuryuu-sensei, the people who confessed to me in the past, all looked into my eyes and said they liked me with a serious expression.

 And yet, I misread the seriousness of that liking and interpreted it in the wrong direction.

 In that case, Kirika-san might have said that she likes me as a member of the opposite sex, just like those girls did.

 What was Kirika-san’s expression at that time? When our eyes met, I think her eyes were full of seriousness.

 Oh no…if that’s the case, I was wrong again.

 I reorganize the current situation in my head.

 Considering that Kirika-san likes me as a member of the opposite sex and acts accordingly, currently, there are four people who have confessed to me: Kurumi-san, Miyuki-san, Hakuryuu-sensei, and Kirika-san.

 To put it simply, as a man, I’m happy. I mean, is there any man who wouldn’t be happy to be told “I like you” by a cute girl or a beautiful woman? Honestly, there’s no such man.

 Of course, I like Kanon. I love her, and I’m so infatuated with her that I think I don’t need anything else for her sake.

 But as someone with values from a past life, I can’t help but feel guilty about whether it’s okay to cheat on my beloved wife with other women.

 Cheating equals dishonesty.

 It has been ingrained in me that it is something that should never be done, an act that brings unhappiness to the partner and goes against ethics.

 The daily reports of celebrities and famous people cheating. Being criticized by commentators and hosts every day, and causing a huge uproar on social media. From the perspective of the me from my past life who was constantly exposed to such news from morning till night, no matter what, the ethical view that cheating is something that should never be done takes precedence.

 That’s why I decided to ask Kanon during dinner.

 Honestly, I thought it might not be right to ask my wife about it, and I thought it was uncool, but since we’re a married couple, I thought it would be better to discuss it properly.

 ”Kanon, to be frank, can I ask you something? If I were to do… extreme things like having s*x or kissing with other girls, would you be okay with it?”

 ”Well, if we’re talking about whether I would be jealous or not, I think it would depend on the situation. But if we’re talking about whether I would dislike it or not, I don’t think I would.”

 I don’t understand… Is this what they call the heart of a maiden?

 I wondered what kind of emotion it is to be jealous but not dislike it.

 Kanon, who looked at my face, swallowed the rice she was eating and gently placed the bowl and chopsticks she was holding on the table. Yeah, Kanon is cute even when she’s eating. It makes my heart skip a beat.

 ”Well, for example, if Aqua doesn’t do anything with me and keeps having s*x and being intimate only with other girls, I might start thinking that even though I’m his first wife. So I think I would sulk and feel jealous. Even now, just imagining it makes me a little angry.”

 I see.

 For me, I was happy that Kanon would actually feel jealous. Rather, I saw the expression of my angry wife and thought she was cute.

 Seriously, where is she from? Oh, she’s my wife. Of course, she’s cute! I couldn’t help but imagine a stupid one-person comedy routine in my head.

 ”Sorry, Aqua. I guess I’m a little… no, quite troublesome. Maybe I became a selfish girl after being intimate with Aqua, or maybe I became greedy. But… it’s true that I don’t mind if Aqua is intimate with other girls. For example, even if Miyuki-san and Aqua were intimate, I would think, ‘Congratulations, Miyuki-san.’”

 I almost spit out the tea I was drinking. Cough, cough! You shouldn’t mention specific names like Kanon-san. You almost made me imagine it.

 ”By the way, just to make sure… Aqua, do you genuinely like being intimate with girls? I mean, you probably don’t have any aversion to s*xual acts, right?”

 ”Yeah. If I had to say whether I like or dislike being intimate, I would say I love it. I think I love it so much that I can add four ‘big’ before ‘love’ and say ‘big big big big love.’”

 ”I see…”

 Oh, huh? Did my wife seem a little hesitant? Maybe it’s just my imagination. I looked at Pegonia-san in the next seat to confirm, and she was holding up a sign that said, “Do it more.”

 By the way, when Pegonia-san first came to our house for a meal, she tried to eat alone later, but I told her she didn’t have to do something so lonely and we’ve been eating together ever since.

 It may be unthinkable in the traditional relationship between a master and a servant, but we prioritize making my wife happy. If Kanon is happy, that’s the right answer. So, don’t underestimate the love of a husband who made his wife win a beauty contest through consideration!

 ”Well then, in a situation where there are no obligations, can you be intimate with someone like Miyuki-san who has feelings for you?”

 ”Well, I guess I can.”

 That’s not true. I can definitely control myself. Maybe a normal man would have answered that way. But I’m different. I didn’t want to lie to my wife, Kanon. I want to be sincere with Kanon as her husband.

 So I seriously considered what would happen if I didn’t have any obligations, the ethical values and moral compass that have been cultivated in my past life. Yeah… I can be intimate with Miyuki-san, Kurumi-san, Hakuryuu-sensei, and Kirika-san. Of course, assuming Kanon won’t be sad.

 ”Well… then, for example, even though Aqua ej***lated on Pegonia’s chest before, can you be intimate with Pegonia?”


 No, no, no, Kanon-san! What are you saying? It’s true that I ej***lated on Pegonia-san’s chest because of the pressure, I admit that.

 But if you ask me if I can be intimate with Pegonia-san… purely thinking with my lower body, I think I can do it without any problems.

 But that doesn’t mean Pegonia-san’s emotions aren’t necessary, and I have my own emotions too.

 ”Oh, Miss… This Pegonia is trembling with excitement. There has never been a day when I am more grateful to serve you, Miss. Yes! You are truly the rightful wife! I admire and long for you there!! That’s why no one can surpass you except Miss herself!”

 Pegonia-san!? What are you saying? This is bad. I need to stop this situation before it goes in a strange direction. While I was thinking about that, Pegonia-san stood up and started taking off her maid uniform.


 I couldn’t help but let out a voice. I need to stop her quickly… but her breasts in front of me! Oh, breasts! Pegonia-san’s two bulging fruits, which are now exposed, make my eyes fixed on one point.

 ”Master, how is Pegonia’s body? It’s an ugly body that other men don’t look at at all, but can it satisfy Master’s desires?”

 Huh? Pegonia-san’s body is not even looked at by anyone? Is that a lie…?

 Pegonia-san is wearing a maid outfit, not the usual mini skirt maid outfit, but a proper long skirt maid outfit.

 It’s impossible for a man not to react when faced with such a voluptuous and seductive body exposed from within such a modest maid outfit.

 Or maybe, are the men in this world more clueless than I imagined? I hope Shintaro and Senpai are not like that. No, convince me! You guys whom I believe in shouldn’t be like those men!!


 I stood up from my chair and gently placed my hands on Pegonia-san’s shoulders.

 ”Yes, Master…”

 Pegonia-san’s gaze is focused on my lower body.

 Let’s be clear. I am currently aroused.

 Normally, it would be considered proper for a man to hide his erection when looking at a girl’s body outside of a sexual context. But now, it’s different.

 The usually confident expression on Pegonia-san’s face darkened. Shirogane Aqua, is it okay to make the woman in front of you sad?

 I felt like the other me whispered that to me. And I want to save Pegonia-san. That desire fills my heart.

 So, in this situation, it would be more of a breach of manners to hide my arousal towards Pegonia-san.

 ”Your body is attractive. So please have confidence.”

 ”Then, please have s*x with me now.”


 What are you saying? I was just comforting you, Pegonia-san. But somehow, the situation seems to be heading in a bad direction.

 ”Aqua, if you don’t mind, why don’t you try having s*x with Pegonia? Aqua, you seem to make a big deal out of having s*x, dating, and getting married, but I don’t think you need to think so deeply about it.

 After all, s*x is an act for both parties to feel pleasure, so as long as there is consent, there shouldn’t be any problem, right? Like I said earlier, I don’t mind at all if Pegonia and Aqua have s*x. In fact, I want to see it a little…”

 Kanon blushes and whispers to me with an embarrassed expression.

 ”But, I will only have s*x with Aqua, so rest assured.”

 As expected of my cute wife in the world.

 Ugh…! I’m such a terrible person to easily get aroused by other women when I have such a wonderful wife.

 But the s*xual instinct of a man, the instinct of a male, directly responds to s*xual temptation. So I have been enduring it all this time.

 I have pride in maintaining my rationality, self-discipline, and control. Oh… but the other day, I was relieved by Miyuki-san and Pegonia-san…


 When I turn towards the voice, Pegonia-san is looking at me with a different, less confident expression than usual.

 Guh… she usually doesn’t have such an atmosphere, but when she suddenly shows a vulnerable side, I feel the need to protect her. I never expected Pegonia-san to stir up my protective instincts…!

 ”If Master doesn’t embrace me, Pegonia’s body will remain untouched and beautiful for the rest of her life. This hole that is only used for excretion will decay without ever experiencing the pleasure of being a woman.”

 I felt Pegonia-san’s eye sparkle.

 ”If you feel any s*xual attraction towards my body, would you please consider embracing me with a casual mindset?”

 I hesitate in the face of Pegonia-san’s serious expression.

 How did it come to this? When I consulted Kanon, it ended up with me having s*x with Pegonia-san for now. I don’t understand what’s happening.

 But I just don’t want to make the woman in front of me, Kanon’s important person, sad. What should I do? What should I do?

 If it’s about whether I can embrace her or not, I can do it normally. But is that really the right answer? Someone, anyone, please give me a push from behind.

 Ah… I suddenly lose sensation in my body. This feeling, it happened not long ago. Memories from my past life flash back. This is bad! If it continues like this, it’ll be the same as before.

 ’Aqua, there always comes a time when a man must make a choice.’

 Akio-san… Is that you? I see the towering figure of my past life’s mentor, Akio-san.

 ’If you run away, you might protect something precious. But… if you move forward, you might gain two new things.’

 Back then, I couldn’t fully understand the meaning of those words. But now, I’m different. I understand the meaning of your words clearly. I see… that’s what it meant. Akio-san!

 Certainly, I have Kano-pai if I run away from here. But if I move forward, I might obtain Pego-pai in front of me.

 ’As a man, always move forward without hesitation, and you’ll understand the way of a man! Shirogane, keep making women cry only in the bedroom!’


 I reach out my hand toward Akio-san, my mentor from my past life.

 It’s soft… What is this soft feeling? At first, I thought it was Kano-pai, but it’s not. This plump and supple texture, and above all, the size that can’t be contained in one hand, is completely different from my familiar wife-pai.

 ”Master, th-thank you. This is what you meant, right? Even a dull Pegonia like me can feel the power of your passionate feelings through my hand.”

 Oops… I meant to reach out to my mentor’s back, but I accidentally ended up fondling Pegonia-san’s breasts in front of me… Not just once, but three times…! Now, I can’t make excuses for this anymore.

 So, Shirogane Aqua, be prepared! If I run away, I lose one thing; if I move forward, I gain two… Then, I will… go!

 Seriously, I can’t help but think that word. The more I fondle, the more it feels like it’s slipping out of my hand. I firmly grope both of Pegonia-san’s breasts to confirm their sensation.

 ”I’m sorry, Pegonia-san. Since I’ve already fondled you, it’s my fault. So… I’ll take responsibility. Let me make love to you.”

 I saw a glint in Pegonia-san’s eye. Isn’t it the worst for a man to make a girl cry? What am I doing!! Thank you, Akio-san. As an actor, my mentor is Kohina-senpai, but as a man’s life mentor, it’s definitely you!

 ”Huh? Did tears come out of your eye?”

 Huh? Did Kanon say something? Is it my imagination?

 ”Well then, Master, let’s go to the bedroom right away. Come on, hurry up~”

 Huh? Pegonia-san, who was so modest just now, where did she go? What happened to the weak Pegonia-san who looked like she was about to cry?

 Now, I’m being pushed by Pegonia-san from behind, heading to the main bedroom. Kanon is following behind with an excited look.

 Huh? Are you really going to watch, Kanon-san? Are you kidding me… I’m having an affair with a maidservant in front of your wife? What kind of play is that?

 ”Yes, we’ve arrived. Ta-da!”

 Wow! I’m pushed from behind and fall onto the bed. Pegonia-san, who straddled my lower body right away, looks down at me with a blissful expression and sticks her tongue out, licking her lips. Huh? Could this be… Pegonia-san is going to devour me?

 ”W-wow, Pegonia.”

 My clumsy wife said something beside me.

 ”Please watch, Miss. Normally, it’s the woman, who take the lead.”

 The touch of Pegonia-san’s skin against my thigh causes a reaction in my lower body. A different texture from my wife creates a sense of taboo, making my spine shiver.

 If I thought that I would be having s*x with someone who is not my wife right in front of my wife, I’d get painfully aroused. I can’t resist the instincts of a man.

 ”Oh, my… I’m so happy that you’re getting so excited by my ugly body, Master.”

 Pegonia-san’s hand touches my p*nis. She lightly strokes the surface of my p*nis with her fingertips. Instead of forcefully rubbing it, she handles it with just the right amount of strength to make me want more. Thus, my p*nis surrenders to Pegonia-san with just one touch.

 ”Please, Miss, watch closely. It is written in that book that it is a duty of a wife to tame a man’s p*nis… No, to properly manage Master (Danna-sama)’s p*nis.”

 Which book are you talking about, Pegonia-san!? And Kanon, why are you nodding? Wait, you don’t need to learn about these things, just stay cute Kanon!

 ”Hehe, it seems that foreplay is not necessary in this case. It’s already so eager, with pre-cum dripping from the tip. Well then, Master, please try the feeling of my, no, the maid’s hole.”

 Oh… w-what is this sensation!? Even though it’s rude to compare, Pegonia-san’s v*gina is completely different from Kanon’s. It’s not about ranking them.

 But the internal structure is completely different. Pegonia-san’s has amazing undulations, it’s so different from the v*gina I knew. I feel embarrassed for thinking I knew everything after just one experience.

 ”Ah… this is Master’s… If I know about such a wonderful thing, I won’t be satisfied with just a stick or vegetables anymore.”

 P-Pegonia-san!? D-Does that mean you do this kind of thing regularly? Hearing about women’s stories like this makes my heart race.

 ”Hehe, Master may not know, but girls are very naughty, you know? Even the most self-restrained ladies like Miss here do it on a regular basis… But I’ll keep the frequency a secret for Miss’ honor. It’s normal for adult women to do it every day.”

 ”Pegonia!? What are you saying!?”

 W-Wait a minute, does that mean everyone, including Kanon, is imagining such things with me? Pegonia-san’s words have lured me into imagining everyone’s indecent behavior. And she’s right there, gently breathing into my ear. It’s as if she’s scolding me during our intimate moment.

 Meanwhile, Pegonia-san’s slow strokes continue, her hips moving up and down. Her inner contours are so different from Kanon’s. I’m helpless. Unlike with Kanon, I have no control at all. It’s completely Pegonia-san’s turn. I’m just surrendering to pleasure.

 ”Master, did you imagine what I mentioned earlier, and did you feel a bit excited? It must be tough for you. The urges of a man are said to be quite challenging, as mentioned in the book. But from now on, you’ll be fine.”

 Pegonia-san looks down at me with a suggestive smile. Just like how she gently handles my manhood, her voluptuous skin softly envelops mine.

 Our touching skin rubs against each other sensually. Both of us seem to be getting excited, our temperatures rising. Our moist skin is now glistening with sweat, emitting a seductive scent of lust.

 ”I am both Miss’ maid and Master’s caretaker. So, whether it’s morning or night, at school or even during meals, please feel free to use me as a tool for s*xual pleasure if you feel even a little bit aroused.

 My foolish and l*wd hole, as well as my breasts and mouth, and even my an*l hole, oh, there are gentlemen who enjoy being pleasured with hands, feet, hair, and armpits.

 If there is any part of Pegonia’s body that you desire, please let me know. My body has already surrendered to Master the moment it was penetrated.”

 Surrender? Does Pegonia-san understand the meaning of surrender? If anything, no, clearly, it seems like I’m the one being made to surrender!

 ”And, in this way, it is important to fulfill the male’s desire for dominance. Hehe, but in this regard, Miss has no problem. Please continue to be the lovely Miss that both I and Master adore.”

 Pegonia-san’s skin turned pink. Is she excited? Her breathing became heavier and faster. At the same time, her seductive and intense hip movements became even more alluring. I couldn’t resist either.

 ”Pegonia-san, I…!”

 ”Yes, please. Master, please release everything inside Pegonia’s v*gina without hesitation. You don’t have to hold back. Yes, 3, 2, 1…”

 As if guided by Pegonia-san’s countdown, what had built up inside me was released into Pegonia-san’s body.

 ”Ahhhh… so this is the essence of a man. Amazing. This hole, this body, this female is marked desperately to make it clear that it belongs to Master.”

 Pegonia-san’s hand reached out to my head. I thought something was going to happen, but Pegonia-san gently stroked my head.

 Ugh… it feels like I’m being treated like a child. Even though it’s my third time, Pegonia-san is experiencing it for the first time, yet she led me from beginning to end.

 ”Hehe, you’re cute,… Even though I may look cute, I’m actually very weak, you know.”

 Yes, I understand. Because Kanon is cute…

 ”Hehe… no, Pegonia, you’re amazing. Unlike me, she’s like a wife…”

 See? Isn’t she cute? We confirmed it with each other as if to say we’re both cute, looking into each other’s faces.

 ”Master, even so, I am older than Master.”

 Saying that, Pegonia-san embraced my body and buried my face in her cleavage.

 ”So, it’s okay for you to rely on me.”

 I… I can’t win. Is this the charm of being older? Wait, older? Oh, right. Come to think of it, how old is Pegonia-san? Is she really older? I’m starting to doubt whether I can believe it when she says it so honestly.

 ”Um, umm…”

 ”It’s a secret.”


 ”I said, it’s a se-cre-t.”

 Huh? It’s like I’m being told not to ask anymore… Is there some kind of confidentiality? Oh, but Kanon knows Pegonia-san’s age, right?

 ”Oh, oh? Come to think of it, Pegonia, how old are you?”

 Kanon-sannnn! No way… My wife is a klutz more than I expected.

 ”Hehe, what do you think, Master? Have your concerns and distractions disappeared now?”

 Ah… come to think of it, that’s right. I feel like I was cleverly diverted by Pegonia-san, but originally it was about what would happen between me and another woman.

 ”Master, I am very happy now. So please think more casually. Instead of dating or getting married, let’s just focus on making each other feel good, as a man and a woman, as male and female. Let’s only think about being happy.”

 Indeed, maybe I was thinking too complicated. If we have s*x and don’t date or get married… In the values of the previous world, I would be called a scumbag or a guy who just uses and throws away.

 But women in this world have fewer opportunities to interact with men, so they don’t have such values.

 ”Because, Master, you have given so much to my body, which has no demand.”

 Pegonia-san earlier had a happy face that was filled with pure joy even after having s*x just once.

 ”So, that means there are many women in this country who can make Master feel good, right? But if you endure and harm your bodies, surely the fans and even we, the president, and Kirika-san, will be sad.”

 Pegonia-san’s words struck me. Yeah, enduring and harming my body would cause trouble for many people. Looking back, I think it was my limit from the beginning.

 The sudden family, for me who didn’t have a family in the previous life, the family was a place full of stimulation and danger. Well, maybe we are connected by blood, but even if someone suddenly says we are blood-related family, it’s not something that can be immediately understood in the head or heart.

 From my perspective, all three of them were beautiful, cute, and attractive. I remember getting excited when I stared at mother’s cleavage that was visible from her camisole after taking a bath, and I recall feeling upset when I saw Shitori-onee-chan’s bra size that was left when hanging laundry.

 And just between us, I couldn’t endure it and used Lapis’ panties only once. I took them from the laundry basket in the changing room and couldn’t resist using them in the bathroom. There was nothing more futile than washing the crotch that was dirtied by Lapis and me.

 So, since then, I have been pampering Lapis, pretending that she is my little sister, but that’s not true. It’s not true! When Lapis sits on my lap, I feel like getting an erection, and I have repeatedly deceived myself and endured.

 ”You don’t have to endure it even for your family. For some reason, Master feels a strange distance between family members, but even family members are women. The mother, big sister, and little sister who are not happy to be used by their sons, younger brothers, and older brothers don’t exist.”

 Ah… Pegonia-san’s words unravel something inside me. I don’t have to endure anymore. Have I been tense somewhere all this time? I slowly closed my eyes in Pegonia-san’s chest.

 ”Hehe, good job, Master. Please sleep peacefully now.”

 My consciousness slowly faded away. In that state, it seemed like Pegonia-san said something, but her voice didn’t reach me as I had already let go of consciousness.

 ”Everything is going according to plan. I will report to Lady Mary later.”

 However, in the fading consciousness, when I saw Kanon’s face, who was bubbling, I thought she was my wife and found her cute.

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