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Volume 9 Chapter 40 Shirogane Kanon, My Husband’s Brave Figure

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 ”We’re going to surprise Aqua-sama by going to the Arabian Peninsula Federation together!”

 In the Arabian Peninsula Federation, a certain big sports event is currently being held and Aqua is scheduled to perform at that event. Originally, I planned to gather everyone at home and watch leisurely in front of the TV while looking at the bulletin board.

 But thanks to Grandmother and Chairman Fuji Ranko’s surprise, it has been decided that we will secretly watch the event with everyone on-site.

 Thank you, Grandmother and Chairman Fuji Ranko!

 ”Wow, is this the Arabian Peninsula Federation?”

 ”Woahhh! I made it to the Arabian Peninsula Federation! It’s not some remote mountainous area, it’s a proper trip!”

 ”Hey, Chinposuki, look at that!”

 ”Oh… in our country, that woman’s outfit would definitely be considered a public obscenity crime…”

 ”There’s a chance Aqua-sama might be wearing something like that too, right?”

 ”No way. Hagetoru, you’re a genius after all…”

 Yeah… let’s pretend these two are strangers. Also, it’s inevitable for the excitement to rise, but let’s not call each other Hagetoru or Chinposuki! Thankfully, the others didn’t hear, so that’s good, but Nee-san will get angry!

 ”Hey, Shumi! Come over here quickly.”

 When I try to escape, I was grabbed by the scruff of the neck by Hagetoru. I said, call me Kanon instead of Shumi! And where are you going to take me!?

 ”Since we’re here, let’s buy that perverted outfit at the shop!”

 ”Hagetoru, maybe we should be considerate and buy one for Nee-san too?”

 ”Well, that’s true, Chinposuki. Nee-san will cry if she’s left out. Oh, maybe she would like that thong-like thing.”

 Hagetoru points to a string caught on a hanger.

 ”But it’s more like a string than a thong, Hagetoru.”

 ”Yes, this won’t work. It doesn’t hide the important parts at all…”

 Oh, this will definitely make Nee-san angry…. Because this…even the outfit itself is full of s*xual intentions. It’s too embarrassing to wear.

 ”Idiot, someone like Nee-san would button up her shirt all the way to hide her sexy body. But at night, it’s better to be bold like this! It’s completely different from the surface!”

 ”I see, Nee-san is definitely Chijou.”

 ”Nee-san is Chijou, understood!”

 ”Who are you calling Chijou?”

 Huh? The three of us look at each other.

 Um… I have a bad feeling, but should I turn around? I tried to ask for help from Pegonia, but for some reason Pegonia ignored me, her master, and went to line up at the cash register.

 ”No, Nee-san. This is not what are you thinking. I was thinking about you…”

 ”Yeah, yeah. I’m seriously thinking that this costume would make it easier for Aqua-kun to c**nilingus Nee-san… Eek!”

 Okay, I’m not going to stop… but I smoothly slipped away, leaving the two who have just begun the sermon.

 Silence is golden, and it’s good that I kept quiet.

 ”If… if I wear something like this, boys will faint…”

 ”Ayana-chan, life is an adventure! Since we’re here, we’ll buy something too. Look, Ako, you should buy this too.”

 ”Wait, wait a minute, Yukari, this… my butt…”

 Ako-san’s face turned bright red when she saw the transparent part of the outfit.

 As someone who only knows the usual composed Ako-san, it’s the first time I’ve seen her like this.

 Hmm, Ako-san is also a proper girl, huh.

 ”Maybe I should buy a piece for Aqua-chan too.”

 Oh, oh mother-in-law! Is, is that outfit okay?!

 The fabric around the nipple area somehow started rolling up… why is it made like this? M-maybe it’s for… cough, cough… imagining playing with Aqua made me choke.

 ”I-if I wear this, I can be with my brother…”

 Wait, Lapis-chan!! Don’t buy the same string-like thing your mom has!!

 ”I’m buying this.”

 Yui-san!? Where did you find such an erotic outfit!? Does that mean you also… Okay, I-I think I should buy something too…

 ”Oh, I wonder if I can still pull it off.”

 ”Mary-chan, want to buy matching ones?”


 Chairman Ranko…?

 W-well, I didn’t see anything. Yes, I decided not to see anything.

 ”Wow, everyone is amazing. Buying something like this…”

 ”Hakuryuu-sensei, aren’t you buying anything? Look, this one…”

 ”Director Hongou… do you know how old I am!?”

 ”Sorry, sorry, but sensei looks pretty young for her age.”

 Even Director Hongou and Hakuryuu-sensei, who seem normal…?

 In the end, somehow, we all ended up buying erotic outfits.

 By the way, for mine, I had no right to refuse since Pegonia bought it together with mine earlier. Ugh… Why did you have to buy something so revealing like this?

 ”Well, I made a good purchase!”

 Ugh, it’s all Hagetoru’s fault! And yet, only one person bought the one that fits the best! That’s not fair! Look, even grandmother is blushing calmly!

 Even Chinposuki has a face that says “Oops, I messed up” and Nee-san is completely shut down after double-checking her costume.

 Anyway, the car carrying us in this state is heading to today’s venue.

 ”Welcome, Chairman Fuji Ranko, Her Majesty the former Queen Mary, and all your companions, please come this way.”

 Upon arriving at the stadium, we are guided by the staff into the VIP room. Unfortunately, this is where we say goodbye to Chinposuki, who has been assigned to work at the local site.

 ”Sigh… I just asked for a day off in return for doing anything my boss asked me to do. I never expected it to turn out like this… I wanted to watch from the audience if possible.”

 ”In the case of Kaede-senpai, I think it can’t be helped…”

 ”Kaede-san, this is a consequence of your actions. Take this opportunity to use your paid leave more strategically.”

 ”That’s right. Use this as a chance to reflect on things, Morikawa!”

 ”You’re the person I least want to hear say it, gnunununu…”

 Alright, alright, Chinposuki and Hagetoru, just stay apart. Why do you guys occasionally fight even though you’re good friends there?

 ”Well then, I’ll also do some work for Aqua-kun’s sake.”

 Saying that, Chinposuki waved and headed towards the announcer’s seat. Somehow, her back figure looked a little cool, but I’ll stay quiet because she might get cocky if I tell her.

 ”President, I’ll go for a bit too.”

 ”Yes. Please take care.”

 Saying that, Director Hongou took her camera and headed towards the press area below. It seems she already obtained permission for filming, so her sightseeing has turned into work. But, Director Hongou seems to be enjoying herself, so maybe this is for the best?

 ”I-I’m getting nervous…”

 ”Don’t worry, Lapis-chan. Aqua will definitely be okay. And Shitori-sister-in-law is with him too… right?”

 ”Y-Yes! Kanon-nee-sama”

 I gently held lapis-chan’s hand who was sitting next to me.

 Next to Lapis-chan, my mother-in-law had a face that looked like she was about to cry, sitting with her hands clasped together as if praying. It’s been really quiet since earlier, I wonder if she’s okay?

 Further back, Kohina-senpai, Ayana-chan, and Ako-san were having a lively conversation.

 At the seats behind me, Chairman Fuji Ranko, Grandmother, and Hagetoru were happily talking, while Yui-san, Hakuryuu-sensei, and Nee-san had a very nervous expression.

 Phew… I’m starting to feel a little nervous too….

 It’s not like I’m going to do anything, but the exciting and thrilling atmosphere of the venue, different from a live show, makes me feel something special.

 ”Master will be fine, Miss.”


 Still, I thought Aqua will make a mistake or things won’t go well.

 Such a bad feeling crossed my mind. Pegonia must have sensed my anxiousness.

 ”Let’s enjoy… I’m sure Master would say that.”

 ”Yes, you’re right. Thank you, Pegonia.”

 That’s right. If it’s Aqua, it’ll definitely be fun. And as the legal wife, I have to stand tall. I gather my spirit inside my heart.

 ”Look, it seems like it’s about to start.”

 As I turn my gaze to the front, the lights in the venue slowly dim. Along with that, the beating of my heart gradually accelerates.

 [Everyone, please sit down for the world cup final ceremony.]

 With the stadium announcement echoing throughout the venue, a loud cheer resembling a roar can be heard. The intense heat envelops the entire venue, making my skin tingle with vibrations.

 [It’s not a question of win or loss, it’s a question of honor.]

 It’s not about winning or losing. It’s a battle for the honor of each country’s representatives. It’s in accordance with the spirit of chivalry of the Stars.

 [How long will this battle continue? In the midst of the invisible fog, struggling, suffering, falling, yet still moving forward. Why do people have to keep moving forward even if they can’t see anything?]

 A beautiful, yet delicate melody. The intro played by the orchestra is overlapped by the singing voice of the world-renowned opera singer, Aria Catalini. Everyone in the venue was instantly mesmerized by the powerful singing voice.

 [At a random moment, someone pushed my back, causing me to stop walking. I extend my hand to those who, like me, can no longer move. I believe that there is something beyond this mist.]

 With the magnificent performance of the orchestra, the voltage in the venue quietly rises. And then the moment arrives.

 [Even if we win or lose this battle, our lives will continue. So why do we fight… it is for the sake of honor.]

 The venue murmurs at the low baritone voice of the man. When Aria Catalini, who watched that video, saw Otomezaki and Mary’s joint music concert, she immediately sent an offer to Aqua. We need your voice to complete the best song, so please lend us your strength. Aqua immediately responded to that offer.

 [We will give everything we have accumulated in our lives, compete, fight, and bring out the best in each other. And so, our greatest battle begins. No one is here to interfere with this battle. What is here is the feelings, souls, and honor woven by the comrades who have fought together and the people who supported us.]

 The voices of the two blend together. In that moment, goosebumps appear. It is not about who follows whom. It was the perfect harmony of the two, the best singing voices that collided with each other’s 100%.

 I remember practicing the pronunciation of this song’s lyrics over and over again, even though I’m still not good at everyday conversations in Aqua’s Stars. There were also days when I didn’t come home until late at night. Tears naturally overflowed.

 [Now, let’s start our battle. What lies beyond the peak of victory and defeat? Standing here, that is already an honor. We don’t need to think about unnecessary things anymore. So, let’s enjoy fighting, competing, and improving together!]

 In the end, they sang alternately, competing and improving each other, as if enjoying the battle. They gave everything they had. At the moment the performance ended, the audience stood up and applauded.

 [Everyone, once again, please give Aria Catalini and Aqua Shirogane a round of applause.]

 Following the announcement at the venue, we sent another round of applause. Looking around, everyone seemed to be teary-eyed like me.

 However, Lapis-chan seemed to be unable to comprehend the situation because it was too overwhelming, and she unconsciously clapped her hands with a bewildered expression.

 On the other hand, my mother-in-law was crying so much that she couldn’t seem to get up from her seat anymore. Ako-san noticed her condition and has been calling out to her.

 [Now, everyone, the World Cup final is finally starting. I, Kaede Morikawa, will be the commentator until the game starts.]

 Kaede-senpai’s voice could be heard from the monitor in the VIP room.

 In the venue, music starts playing again for the players’ entrance.

 [We still have unfinished work to do. Let’s finish it quickly. There is no past or future here. Right now, there is only one thing. Now, let’s go and do what needs to be done.]

 The collaboration song between the famous DJ Michelle and Aqua, titled “Task,” plays for STARS.

 Until now, the version without lyrics has been used, but the final match is special.

 The audience gets even more excited by the quiet yet stirring melody.

 [We still have work that needs to be done. So let’s go and finish it. We can’t postpone it. Right now, there is only one thing we must do. Now, let’s go and do what needs to be done.]

 On the field, the flags of both countries are spread out widely.

 On the monitor, the Prime Minister, Sumeragi Kukuri, and my mother also my sister representing the Stars, including Her Majesty the Queen Shams of the Arabian Peninsula Federation, were shown. Both of them look energetic… I feel a little relieved seeing my family after a long time.

 [This is the work we should be proud of. Work continues endlessly. Even if we finish work today, new work will begin tomorrow. If we look back at the past, we have repeated similar work many times. Today, just like always, we will go to finish our work. Now, let’s go finish the work with our comrades.]

 The players from both countries enter the pitch. Along with the music, the players’ faces completely transform into expressions of determination. With even louder applause than before, audiences pray for the players’ success. They are the main characters of today. But the battle has already begun.

 [Everyone, please stand for the national anthem.]

 The venue becomes quiet as if it were a lie. I hear Kaede-senpai’s voice from the TV monitor.

 [The national anthem of the Stars will be sung by the world-renowned opera singer, Aria Catalini.]

 God bless Her Majesty the Queen…

 I have heard this song countless times, even before I can remember.

 Everyone is captivated by the powerful and majestic singing of Catalini’s voice.

 But for me now, it feels somewhat distant. I feel nostalgia and a sense of nostalgia, but I realize that my emotions are not swaying as much.

 [Next, we will have the national anthem of Japan.]

 I felt a tightness in my heart. It has only been four years since I left Stars… Yes, only four years have passed.

 However, these four years in this country have been very intense, and all the important memories within me… and the people I want to cherish, they are all here now.

 [The national anthem of Japan will be sung by none other than Shirogane Aqua!]

 Aqua, wearing a formal kimono, steps forward towards the microphone. In my heart, I applaud the kimono dressers who worked behind the scenes to fulfill their duties without collapse.

 Everyone working here is a professional, no one is not.

 [Now, a historic moment is about to begin. Many world tournaments have been held in the world of sports so far… However! Up until now, not a single man, yes, not a single man! has ever performed the national anthem. But now! Shirogane Aqua from this country takes the first step! Representing our country in this foreign land, she is about to carve a new page in the world’s history!!]

 The cheers from the audience in the seats won’t settle down, so the song doesn’t start. In order to connect that, Kaede-senpai continues to talk to keep the viewers’ excitement.

 Really, she looks cool only when she’s being a proper announcer. I thought it would be good if she could always be like that, but then it wouldn’t be like Kaede-senpai and it wouldn’t be interesting.

 [Now, listen, world! This is our representative, Japan’s representative, yes, Japan’s Shirogane Aqua singing the national anthem!]

 Everyone in the VIP room stands up and looks at Aqua. Even mother-in-law, who was crying just a moment ago, stands firmly and looks straight ahead, putting strength in her legs.

 Aqua only accepted the request to perform on the final day of the tournament, as a collaboration with Catalini-san.

 However, because the Japanese representative team showed remarkable progress, Aqua proposed to also sing the national anthem.


 Aqua’s soft and gentle singing voice extends throughout the venue. That voice instantly changes the atmosphere of the venue.

 It contrasts with the majestic national anthem of the Stars that was played just a moment ago.

 While keeping the excitement in the venue, the tense atmosphere slightly eases.

 I felt like the Japanese athletes were quietly burning with passion in their hearts.

 [Then, to all the spectators, including the VIP room, please stand up and applaud!]

 On this historic page, everyone in the venue applauds. After listening to it until the end, Marin-san breaks down in tears.

 ”Aqua-chan… You were amazing. Thank you, Ako-san. It’s thanks to you.”

 ”Marin-san, please allow me to express my gratitude. At that time, when you gave your approval to Aqua-kun’s aspirations, you silently supported us, which led us to this moment.”

 ”Thank you, it makes me happy to hear you say that.”

 The two of them embraced each other while shedding tears. I think there are also things that can only be shared between these two, who have a special relationship with Aqua.

 ”Thank you, Kanon-san. Please continue to support Aqua-chan in the future.”

 ”Yes, I may still be unreliable, but I want to firmly support Aqua.”

 I also hug my mother-in-law.

 It’s a secret from Aqua, but I contact my mother-in-law almost every day.

 She gives me a lot of advice, and recently she told me various things about pregnancy and childbirth.

 ”Kanon-san… It’s going to be even harder from now on, but do your best. If you have any problems, you can consult with me.”

 ”Yes, thank you. Ako-san.”

 I also hug Ako-san.

 I contact Ako-san every day about Aqua.

 Aqua tends to push himself too hard or not show his tiredness, so as someone who wants to support him, it’s important for me to have information about him from Ako-san who is close by. Ako-san often looks after Aqua, so she notices immediately when Aqua seems tired even a little bit.

 Behind us, my mother-in-law is hugging Kohina-san.

 ”Kohina-san, please take care of Aqua-chan from now on.”


 ”And thank you for crying for Aqua-chan.”


 Ayana-chan is also surprised by the unexpected crying of Kohina-san.

 My mother-in-law, who was crying, gently smiled and patted Kohina-san’s back to comfort her.

 She will also express her gratitude to Yui-san, Nee-san, and Sensei in the same way. Again, I realize that Aqua has accomplished something amazing.

 And now, I embrace my grandmother who was behind me.

 ”Grandmother, we only clapped during the national anthem of Stars, so was it good that we sang this one?”

 ”When in Rome, do as the Romans do. It’s the language of this country. As Queen Mary, I left my soul with Stars, but as just Mary without the title of queen, my soul will always be with Aqua-sama until the end.”

 Haha, Grandmother, you love Aqua too much.

 Ah, wait? Maybe more than your granddaughter… No, that’s not possible, right?

 By the way, the other day, I had a dream that young Grandmother took Aqua away from me, and I grinded my teeth in frustration.

 I’m glad Grandmother is Grandmother… but for some reason, I feel like I would never win if Grandmother were the same age as me.

 I also embrace Pegonia, who was next to me.

 ”Pegonia, thank you once again.”

 ”Miss, my homeland is wherever you are. So, Miss, you will always be my one and only young lady.”

 Oh… Doesn’t Pegonia like me too much in return?

 But if that’s the case, I want her to show it more in her attitude on a daily basis… However, the other day, she were secretly exchanging explicit images with Aqua without telling me.

 ”Now, everyone. The match is starting. Let’s all cheer for Aqua-sama!”


 Everyone’s attention turned towards the field at the words of Chairman Fuji Ranko. From the monitor, the voice of Kaede-senpai could be heard.

 [Now, I would like to return the microphone to the two commentators in the commentary booth. This concludes the live commentary from the scene by Kaede Morikawa. Do your best, Japan!]

 On that day, the Japanese national soccer team achieved a new feat.

 After conceding an initial goal, they equalized with a goal from player Miyama and the match went into extra time.

 It became a tough battle as they were pushed back again, but the ace player Sawa scored a goal to bring it to a draw.

 Finally, it went into a penalty shootout, and Japan, who scored three shots first, won the soccer championship for the first time in history.

 After the match, both teams embraced each other and praised each other’s efforts, raising the championship cup. Their sight was very beautiful.


 ”Wow, mother!”

 After that, we reunited with Kaede-senpai and Director Hongou and surprised Aqua. Aqua comforted her crying mother.

 ”And Kanon too… why is everyone here?”

 We all applauded and celebrated the successful surprise when we saw Aqua’s surprised expression. Pegonia had a cue card that said “Successful Surprise” which we don’t know where she got it from.

 ”I see. Everyone, if you’re coming, you should have told me.”

 ”Sorry. I didn’t want to put pressure on you, but I’m glad I got to see Aqua’s brave figure up close.”

 ”I see… So, have you fallen in love again?”

 I shook my head slightly.

 ”I’ve always liked you, so there’s no need to fall in love with you again.”

 Aqua showed a slightly surprised expression at my response and then covered his face shyly with his hands.


 ”Is that a lie? Even that self-proclaimed wife…”

 ”Shumi awakens!?”

 ”Kanon-san, you’ve grown…”

 ”That clumsy miss is grown, sob…”

 ”Go for it, Kanon-san!”

 ”Sister-in-law is lovely…”

 ”I see… So this is the response of the legal wife. It’s a learning experience.”

 ”Kanon-san, you’re amazing for retaliating against Aqua-kun!”

 ”Aqua is quite weak against Kanon-san, isn’t he?”

 ”Mufu, well done Kanon-san. I can tease Aqua for a while with this joke.”

 ”Kanon-san, can I use that in the novel?”

 ”I captured the current scene perfectly on video!”

 ”Kanon-san, please continue to treat Aqua-kun like that in our daily interactions.”

 ”Hehehe, as I expected from my granddaughter! Today we’ll have celebratory red bean rice!”


 Geez! Grandmother, it’s embarrassing, so please stop with the red bean rice!! And everyone else, don’t say things like Hagetoru, Chinposuki, or anything related! What if Aqua finds out! Seriously!

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