Male Idol V9c43

Volume 9 Chapter 43 Shirogane Aqua, Shopping With Everyone, Part 2

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ”Hmm, which one should I choose?”

 I hurried over to Lapis, who was looking flustered in front of a shelf of lamp shades in a store.

 ”Lapis, what’s wrong?”

 I casually approached and spoke to Lapis as if it were a normal conversation.

 Because if Lapis were to say, “Nii-sama, by any chance were you following me? Disgusting.” I wouldn’t be able to bear it.

 ”Oh, Nii-sama. Um… I saw this beautiful lamp shade that I wanted to put in my room, but they’re all so cute that I couldn’t decide… So I thought I would choose the ones for Miyako-chan or Subaru-chan first…”

 ”I see, there are too many beautiful options to choose from.”

 Lapis nodded in response to my question.

 It is the duty of an older brother to help his troubled sister.

 Lapis, leave it to your big brother.

 ”This one for Miyako-chan, and this one for Subaru-chan, and this one for Lapis.”

 I chose a dazzling yet slim lamp shade with a translucent feel for Lapis.

 For Subaru-chan, I chose a lamp shade that had the same shape as Lapis’s but in a beautiful blue color.

 Miyako-chan’s is the one with the largest warm color and the most bulge. I want to make it clear that there is no other intention behind this.

 So, please don’t look at me like that, Lapis.

 ”…Nii-sama. They are all beautiful, but it exceeds Lapis’ allowance.”

 Ah… I see. It’s true that Lapis is still a middle school student, so the budget is limited with just the allowance.

 Back when there were hardly any people at the office, Lapis used to receive additional allowance from Mother for helping out, but I heard that now that the company has more employees, such temporary income is no longer available.

 ”Lapis, in that case, I will support your expenses.”

 ”Nii-sama will support my expenses? But… I’m sorry for relying on you so much.”

 ”Don’t worry, in return, all you have to do is listen to what your brother says.”

 ”I will listen to whatever Nii-sama says, but… is it really okay?”

 ”Of course.”

 Alright! With this, I can do all sorts of things that Lapis has been too shy to do lately.

 From now on, I can dry Lapis’ hair after her bath, give her foot massages, stroke her while she sits on my lap, and replenish my dose of Lapis when I visit my parents’ house.

 ”Lapis, let’s have a compensated date with me.”

 Huh…? I feel like it became really questionable when I summarized it, but it must be just my imagination.

 ”Y-yes, understood. Lapis will have compensated dating with Nii-sama!”

 Mmhm, compensated dating with my little sister… as a big brother, it makes my heart flutter. Yeah.

 I discreetly took out the currency of this country from my wallet and secretly handed it to Lapis, so that no one around would notice.

 ”Lapis, let’s keep this a secret from mother and the others, okay?”

 ”Y-yes, Nii-sama. I’ll also keep it a secret from Kanon-sister-in-law.”

 I gently stroked Lapis’s head.

 Hehe, now I can do whatever I want with Lapis when I go back to my parents’ house.

 For now, let’s start with having her wear the erotic outfit from this country that she apparently bought yesterday.

 As a big brother, I need to check the size and transparency of the fabric to protect Lapis.

 ”Looks like Lapis-chan is my number one rival after all…”

 ”Calm down, Shumi, it’s not time to panic yet… not yet.”

 ”B-but, um, you know, that thing earlier, it feels like they’re getting closer!?”

 ”Even so, if it’s Pon-nami-san… our Pon-nami-san who married Aqua-sama, she can do something about it…!”

 ”So what does ‘Pon-nami’ mean!? And if you really think that, don’t look away from me, Hagetoru!”

 Huh? It seems like my Kanon and Emily-san are playing over there.

 Maybe, but isn’t this cute? Ah, it’s really cute! Hey! I think they’re having a conversation between cute girls.

 They’re beautiful and lovely, so I must be right in my interpretation.

 ”Well then, Lapis, if you run out of money again, call me right away.”

 I part ways with Lapis and step outside the shop. Then, I encounter Ai, who is taking notes in the hallway, and Director Hongou, who is capturing the surroundings with a camera.

 ”What are you doing?”

 ”Uh… Well, I thought it might be useful for the work, so I’m taking notes based on what I see.”

 Ah, I see. I shift my gaze towards the package Ai is holding.

 ”It’s a souvenir for the staff, editors, and colleagues, and also something I bought for reference materials.”

 ”Oh, so you didn’t buy any presents for yourself?”

 I thought that would be boring, so I invite Director Hongou as well and take the two of them into a nearby shop.

 Both of them are dedicated to their work, but if we’re going shopping, we should have more fun.

 ”Since we’re here, how about some accessories? Look, what about this?”

 I pick up the earring that catches my eye and put it on Ai’s ear.

 Yeah, I think this is good because it won’t be distracting when writing a novel.

 ”Is it, is it okay? Does it suit me properly?”

 When I put the earring on Ai’s ear, she looks at herself in the mirror to confirm.

 ”Oh, it looks really good.”

 ”Then, I’ll buy this.”

 ”Yeah, please, store clerk!”

 I hand the item to the store clerk and pick up a nice-looking necklace that was nearby.

 ”Is this for Director Hongou?”

 ”Huh? Me!?”

 I nod slightly.

 ”Doesn’t director usually not have accessories or anything?”

 ”Yeah… even if you don’t say it, I don’t really have much.”

 ”Right? But, you know, when there are award parties or events as a director in the future, wouldn’t it be better to have something around your neck?”

 It’s unlikely that a director would go to an award ceremony in a jersey, so I think she would probably go in a simple dress.

 During such times, there are quite a few actresses or staff members who put on necklaces to avoid feeling lonely on their décolletage.

 With this simple yet dazzling necklace, I think it wouldn’t matter what outfit she wears.

 ”Maybe you’re right… just to be safe, I should buy one of these too.”

 ”Yeah. Then, please get this too, store clerk. I’ll cover the payment.”

 I asked the nearby store clerk to also get me a necklace. To be clear, both of them are not cheap, but since both of them are proper adult women, I can’t give them something cheap.

 ”Is it okay? Hakuryuu-sensei aside, for me…?”

 ”I’ve always been indebted to the director, and it’s not just from me, it’s also everyone else who is grateful for what the director has done. How about this as a gift from all of us? I am really happy about what the director did for me in Heaven’s Sword, at that time, when she talked to everyone.”

 When I was taking a bath with everyone in beryl&beryl program, I thought that I was able to see that scenery because Director Hongou was there. Ako-san, Shitori-onee-chan who has been supporting me from the beginning behind the scenes, Mother who initially provided funding, Lapis who helped me with shopping and cleaning when there was no one else, MojaP who has been involved in numerous music productions as a producer, Nobu-san, who is a world-famous photographer but still manages to take pictures of Beryl in the midst of a hard schedule, and the managers, including Kotono, as well as all the employees, many of whom have supported us.

 ”Surely, the reason why we have the current Beryl is also thanks to Director Hongou.”

 Director Hongou invited Toa, Shintaro, and Tenga-senpai at that time, so we are here now. Maybe… surely… everyone who silently looked in the same direction at that time must have thought the same.

 ”So please accept our feelings from us.”

 ”…Yeah, I understand.”

 Director Hongou shows a gentle smile.

 ”Thank you. I will definitely wear this at the awards ceremony.”

 ”Of course, it will be the best director. At that time, the four of us will escort the director.”

 ”Hahaha, Aqua-kun, you really have so much pressure. Well, because you’re the type of person who aims for the first place, I can do my best too.”

 In my mind, I quietly mutter that I feel the same way.

 It’s because of Director Hongou’s passion and the intensity of her feelings for the work that I can also become passionate to the fullest.

 ”Thank you so much.”

 ”I will also wear this every day.”

 Ai lifts her hair a little and shows the earrings she put on her ears.

 Yeah, it suits you well. When I whisper that to Ai by her ear, her face turns bright red.

 ”Self-proclaimed-wife-sensei…! I also want to receive accessories from Aqua-sama!”

 ”Hagetoru, that’s a problem for another time, isn’t it? Try a little harder. You’re being a coward at a critical moment.”

 ”Well, because… Father and Mother suggested that it might be better for me to not show my true self outside…”

 ”Ah, so that’s why you were pretending… But, you’ve always been like that in front of me, haven’t you?”

 ”Well, that’s because I knew you were interested in me.”

 ”I feel like I’m being made fun of.”

 ”Yes, I’m making fun of your interests.”

 ”Hey, at least try to hide it!”

 ”See? This is what happens when I show my true self.”

 Kanon and Emily-san were still chatting happily in the distance. They must be having a conversation befitting of elegant girls.

 After leaving the shop, I noticed Yui with a blank expression outside.

 ”What’s wrong, Yui?”

 ”Uh… well, I never thought that by doing this job, I’d be able to come this far…”

 I wondered what she meant, so I asked Yui about it.

 ”Well, you see, as s*men extraction officer, we can’t really distance ourselves from the men we’re assigned to. So when I started this job, I thought I would never be able to travel abroad. I even heard from my seniors that even domestic travel is difficult.”

 Oh, I see… So, I go out for work and stuff, but hikikomori guys don’t usually go outside.

 Especially for men, it’s difficult to go to other countries. Even this time, I heard that Toa, Shintaro and Tenga-senpai wanted to come, but both countries put a stop to it considering safety and stuff.

 ”I can’t have you come with me for work… But if we have time, should we go on a private trip someday?”

 I gently squeeze Yui’s hand.

 ”I-Is that okay?”

 ”It’s okay, right? Well, for the time being, work keeps me busy. Let’s go on a trip for one or two nights when I have time. But we can’t go on separate trips with everyone, so Kanon and the others will probably join us… Is that still fine?”

 ”Yes…! Of course. Madam is very kind even to someone like me, and I’m looking forward to being able to travel with everyone. I’ve never really had a family trip before, so I’m excited. Hyaa!?”

 I hugged Yui tightly.

 Oh right, that’s true. Yui didn’t have a good relationship with her family, so if I think about it, it’s understandable.

 ”I haven’t really gone on a family trip either. So, how about we take our mother and the others and go on a family trip together?”

 ”Yes…! I’m really looking forward to it!”

 I gently stroked Yui’s head and asked the nearby security guard if we could go outside for a short while.

 The security guard said it was okay as long as we stayed within the shopping mall premises, so Yui and I went outside for a walk.

 The security guard, Rinon-san, Akiko-san, and for some reason, Pegonia-san followed us from behind, but Yui and I spent a relaxed time together, having a conversation.

 ”Rinon, Crus—no, Pegonia, are you guys truly happy now?”

 ”Yes. Ever since I met young lady, the world looks more vibrant than when I could see with both eyes.”

 ”I, too, have been able to meet a person worthy of truly serving, the Saint.”

 ”You guys… That’s good to hear. But let me tell you, don’t worry about the ones who passed away before us and think that you can’t be happy. If you keep pondering such meaningless thoughts, they will rise from the depths of hell and pinch your miserable n**ples.”



 ”Listen here. When a man’s l*wer half swells, it’s a chance. When that time comes, you can confidently offer your p**sy. Hey, why are you seeing me like that? Even though it may not seem like it, I’ve never been defeated in bed. If you have any troubles, ask me anything.”

 ”You truly are amazing, Teacher!”

 ”Captain! That’s why you’re our captain!”

 Since it was a special occasion, I took many pictures of Yui as a souvenir of the trip.

 From the middle, I asked Pegonia-san to take a picture of the two of us.

 I think that perhaps, considering Yui’s relationship with her family, she didn’t take many pictures when she was young.

 That’s why I want to take a lot of pictures now. So that when we get older, we can look back at those photos and remember the happy memories.

 It only took about ten minutes, but I had a relaxing time with Yui, and we went back inside the shopping mall.

 ”Oh, welcome back.”

 ”Everyone, come over here and have some tea.”

 Grandmother Mary, and Chairman Fuji Ranko were having tea at a nearby cafe. So, we decided to join them.

 ”Oh, Pegonia, where is my granddaughter?”

 ”If it’s young lady, she seemed to be having a fun atmosphere with Yukishiro-sama, so I left her behind. I asked Kirika-sama to take care of her, so I’m sure she’ll be fine.”

 If Kotono is nearby, then I feel relieved. I don’t know why, but I have this sense of security.

 ”It reminds me of our school days, going out in such a big group.”

 ”I know. It was so much fun that yesterday, Emily-san, my granddaughter, and I stayed up late.”

 ”Oh, that’s nice. It’s like going on a school trip.”

 The grandmas continue to laugh and have a good time.

 When I listened to the two people, it seemed that they had already enjoyed shopping enough, and it seemed that Grandmother Mary, and Chairman Fuji Ranko bought various things for everyone.

 I express my gratitude and thanks to my family and everyone for taking good care of me again.

 I am grateful that they brought my family here, and thanks to that, I feel that I can spend such a wonderful time.

 ”Oh, you don’t have to worry about such things.”

 ”That’s right. It’s like the activities that old ladies do.”

 ”Oh, that’s a good idea. Let’s call it ‘Baba-katsu’ for short.”

 ”That’s a good idea! Let’s have a great Baba-katsu today too!”

 Yeah… I think it’s good to be energetic.

 But I feel like it might be better to replace that word with a different one.

 ”Grandmother Mary, Chairman Fuji Ranko, although it’s just a substitute, tell me anything I can do for you. I’ll do anything.”


 ”Anything, huh…”

 Grandmother Mary, and Chairman Fuji Ranko exchange glances and show a ladylike smile.

 Then the two of them start whispering to each other.

 ”Since we’re here anyway, should we also have Aqua-sama marry that child?”

 ”Oh, that’s a good idea. Then my place too…”

 ”This will make Baba-katsu even more lively.”

 ”Oh my, I don’t like that. I’m so busy even in my retirement.”

 Somehow, I’m satisfied just seeing the two of them having fun. After that, Yui, who was caught up in the meddling of the two grandmas, said that the three of them would talk, so I politely left my seat.


 When I went outside, I found Ako-san making a phone call in a corner.

 ”Yes… yes… understood. Well then, when I return home…”

 Probably a work-related call, maybe something about me.

 Ako-san tries to do everything related to me as much as possible.

 Coming all the way here and still working, that’s what it means.

 I’m also consult Shitori-onee-chan and Kotono, but like Ako-san, I try to do everything I can by myself.

 ”Ako-san, thank you always.”


 I speak to Ako-san when her phone call ends.

 ”Ako-san, aren’t you tired? I think you should rest when you can. I’m not in a position to say it, but…”

 ”Well. That’s true, but I just can’t help it.”

 I think Ako-san is a workaholic.

 Even when she’s resting, she’s still thinking about work. It seems she even goes to the office on holidays. Somehow, she has to find a way to create proper time off.

 ”If that’s the case, even on days off, shouldn’t you decide a specific time to answer work calls? For example, only answering work calls for one or two hours at night, and keeping the work phone off for the rest…”

 ”I see… If that’s the case, it might just work…”

 Although I have a feeling that Ako-san would still answer the phone even if she decides on that.

 Yeah, in that case, there is a good method.

 ”In that case, I’ll go check on your house during your next day off, Ako-san.”

 ”What!? M-my h-h-house, who? Whose…?”

 ”I’ll go to Ako-san’s house, and then I can make sure that you’re resting properly. I thought it would be a good idea.”

 ”Oh no, I have to clean up that altar.”


 ”N-nothing, it’s nothing.”

 Seeing Ako-san panicking, I’m reminded of the Ako-san from a few months ago who used to panic for some reason… Even though she tries to act like the president at work, I think this side of her is closer to her true self.

 ”You did well! I was worried because Ako seemed more enlightened than I thought, but it’s okay to have some happy moments, right?”

 ”Yukari-senpai, what’s wrong?”

 ”Hmm…? Oh, Ayana-chan. You should also do your best.”

 ”Huh? Do my best… what?”

 ”That person will be fine if you let them touch your breasts. He was conscious even when I pressed my breasts against the back seat of the bike!”

 ”Y-Yukari-senpai!? I-I-I’m not, not like that, with Aqua…”

 ”Ayana-chan, it’s too obvious. Okay, I need to train you again. Come over here!”

 Hmm? It seems like Kohina-senpai is nagging Ayana from a distance.

 I hope she didn’t force Ayana into something unreasonable…

 ”Well then, next time the two of us have a day off, let’s go to Ako-san’s house to hang out.”

 ”O-Okay… got it…”

 Oh… come to think of it, is Ako-san unmarried? She’s the president of the office and a manager, but is it okay to go to the house of an unmarried woman? Well, I guess it’s fine. Ako-san hasn’t shown any signs like that, and it’s pointless for me to be conscious of it alone.

 Now, where should I go next? While pondering about that, I heard a cute voice from behind.


 When I turned around, Kukuri-chan, with her hands behind her back, was tilting her head cutely.

 So cute. When a beautiful girl does that, it’s incredibly effective.

 ”Kukuri-chan, are you enjoying shopping?”

 ”Yes. Did Aqua-senpai buy anything?”

 ”Oh, yeah. I bought souvenirs for everyone and stuff.”

 ”Well then, Aqua-senpai, haven’t you bought any souvenirs for yourself?”

 Well, now that she mentions it… maybe I haven’t. Well, I’ve made a lot of memories, so I’m satisfied with that, but since it’s a special occasion, maybe I should buy something too. Maybe that camel stuffed animal over there would be nice.

 ”Here you go.”

 Kukuri-chan handed me a small can about the size of a matcha tea container. What is this?

 ”This is incense sold in the Arabian Peninsula Federation. You see, I thought Aqua-senpai might be tired from all the work… so, if you’d like, use this to relax.”

 ”Kukuri-chan… thank you! I’m really happy. I’ll make sure to use it carefully.”


 Ah… what a good child she is. Kukuri-chan’s smile, without any ulterior motive, seems to cleanse my heart.

 She must have carefully chosen this as well. Just like Emily-san, I guess all of my wife’s friends are pure-hearted girls.

 ”Hehe. What do you think, Mary-chan?”

 ”My granddaughter is really lucky. Kukuri-chan is a formidable opponent.”

 ”That’s Sumeragi Kukuri-sama… the pinnacle of the aristocracy, as the chief said.”

 ”That’s right. Yui-chan, if you become Aqua-sama’s bride, it’s better to remember this. Grandma will definitely be on Aqua-sama’s side, so I will surely help you when you’re in trouble.”

 After thanking Kukuri-chan, I found Emily-san staring at something that looked like a magic lamp at a nearby shop.

 ”Emily-san, what’s wrong?”


 Emily-san’s gaze flickered only slightly. Although she seemed to be having a pleasant conversation with Kanon, it was mostly like this with me.

 Maybe she’s afraid of men. She seems like a sheltered young lady.

 ”Like in a picture book I read as a child, I wonder if rubbing this will make a spirit appear and grant wishes.”

 ”Oh, right… Is there something you want to wish for, Emily-san?”


 By the way, I don’t think I have one.

 Walking through my second life, surrounded by wonderful family and friends, being able to enjoy work, and being united with someone I love, it would be greedy to still have something to wish for. It would be better to let someone else have that wish.

 ”Well… um… like… world peace? If there’s no more fighting and everyone can live in peace, then there won’t be any hunger, right?”

 Phew, Emily-san really was like a goddess, just as she looks.

 The dimension she’s thinking of is completely different from mine, it’s incomparable. Can I worship her a little, if she doesn’t mind?

 ”That sounds great. I also hope that society can be like that. If you don’t mind, please let me cooperate with that wish.”

 ”Ah… Yes, thank you…”

 Has the distance between us narrowed a bit with this?

 If Emily-san has androphobia, it’s dangerous to quickly build a relationship.

 Let’s gradually close the distance through conversations.

 ”I’m sure their conversation doesn’t match.”

 ”Yes, I feel the same way.”

 ”Well, knowing Hagetoru, she’s probably wishing for all the world’s men to be assigned to women and for the concept of male chastity to be reversed.”

 ”No, maybe we really wish for world peace… but not for Hagetoru.”

 The time with Emily-san was a refreshing time for my heart.

 It’s like the air around Emily-san is delicious, maybe even emitting negative ions from her body.

 As I was immersed in the afterglow of being with Emily-san, I heard a voice from afar.



 When I spaced out, my mother suddenly attacks from behind.

 ”Deadly Marin Rocket!”

 ”Mother… You’re an adult, so you shouldn’t fool around when everyone’s around.”

 I smiled and grabbed Mother’s shoulders, as if advising a small child.

 In response, Mother puffed up her cheeks and turned her face away with a huff.

 ”But Aqua-chan goes to Shitori-chan and Lapis-chan’s places, but never comes to me! I’m mad!!”

 ”Okay, okay. So, what’s the matter?”

 ”Aqua-chan was cold towards Mom!”

 Mother sometimes gives outdated responses. And I’m always like this, so it’s too late to say that now. If only Mother would stay silent, she’s so beautiful… sigh, it’s too bad.

 ”Aqua-chan, are you tired? Let’s take a break on the sofa over there.”

 ”Yeah, sure.”

 I sat down on the nearby sofa. Mother handed me a bottle of water and sat down right next to me.

 ”You were very impressive yesterday, Aqua-chan.”


 I heard from Kanon that Mother was crying heavily in the audience.

 If I were to have a child with Kanon and they did the same things in that place, I thought I might cry for sure.

 But then, am I really okay with continuing to lie to my mother like this?

 A sharp pain runs through my heart.

 When I was Aqua in this world, I have no memories from before I was reborn, and it is undoubtedly the previous Aqua that has shaped who I am now.

 The more I think about how it would have been if I were in my mother’s position, the more my heart hurts.

 I think my mother, who gave birth to and raised the previous Aqua, definitely has the right to know.

 However, if I were to confess, there is a possibility that my current relationship with my family would collapse. It may be selfish, but I don’t want to lose the family I have now, the first family I ever had as the previous Aqua.

 Still, I thought it might be best to confess everything to my mother.

 ”Aqua-chan, are you okay? Are you tired, by any chance?”

 ”Ah… no, it’s nothing. I was just thinking a little.”

 Unable to meet my mother’s gaze, I averted my eyes. I feel frustrated with myself for acting so distant.

 For now, I opened the cap of the pet bottle and tried to calm down by drinking some water.

 ”By any chance, Aqua-chan…”

 My mother looked around nervously and whispered in my ear.

 ”If you’ve been holding it in since coming to this country, should Mom clean Aqua-chan’s in the toilet over there with her hands?”

 Buhoh! I almost spilled the water I was drinking.


 ”Uh… Did I say something wrong?”

 I looked at my mother with a sharp gaze and let out a small sigh.

 ”It’s nothing. I just thought that mother seems happy.”

 ”That’s right, right! Mom will make Aqua-chan happy, so let’s be together forever.”

 My mother clung to my arm and rubs her cheek against it.

 Being with my mother is not boring… or rather, even when I was at home, suddenly being reincarnated to this world and not having time to worry was so lively and fun.

 That’s why my heart hurts. Can I really not confess to my mother?

 I suddenly found it difficult to be with my mother, so I said I needed to go to the bathroom and left the scene. I’m sorry… Mother.

 ”What are you doing here?”


 Kohina-senpai approached me while I was sitting on a sofa in front of the men’s area. I thought she might tease me again, but instead, she sat down slowly next to me.

 ”Is something wrong?”

 ”No… not really…”

 I answered to deceive her. Kohina-senpai would easily see through such deception.

 But at this moment, I couldn’t find any other words to deceive her effectively.

 ”…Do you have something you’re hiding?”

 My heart skipped a beat. Maybe Kohina-senpai had noticed something. I whispered, thinking that I might not be able to deceive her anymore.

 ”I… have something. And I’ve been lying to hide it all this time.”

 Kohina-senpai spoke as if interrupting my words. It felt like she was telling me that I didn’t have to say anything.

 ”So, you know. In the world, there is kindness in revealing the truth, and there is also kindness in continuing to lie. Kindness has no right or wrong answer. Even if someone lies, if they seem happy and smile, then it’s fine. I think it’s better than burdening someone with heavy baggage and clouding their smile. Well, the person who was told the lie might have wanted to know the truth, but if the lie continues until the end, it becomes real, you know.”

 Continuing to lie can also be kindness? I widen my eyes at Kohina-senpai’s words.

 ”Well, I don’t know what you’re worrying about, so I don’t know if my advice is right or not, but either way, when you’re alive, there isn’t just one answer! Also, I like that you want to make things black and white, but you’re still a kid, so don’t rush to find the answer, stupid. Think more. And be more dependent on adults.”

 Kohina-senpai stands up and messes up my hair with her hand.

 ”This is advice from your senior in life.”

 Ah… I felt like I couldn’t win. Kohina-senpai’s palm feels good, and I surrender myself to it.

 Some time passed after that. It’s about time to go home… huh? Come to think of it, I haven’t seen Kaede who is always noisy. When I looked around, I found Kaede slumped on the bench.

 ”Kaede, what’s wrong? You look pale…”

 ”Well, my shoulder hurts for some reason.”

 I started to worry. I leaned in to look at Kaede’s face.

 Clearly, she didn’t look well.

 ”Do you have any idea what might be causing it? Should we go to the hospital?”

 ”Come to think of it, the other day, when I had that lotion sumo wrestling on the show, my shoulder… it hurt.”

 Lotion sumo wrestling!? Such a wonderful concept… Ah, no, wait, why would she do lotion sumo wrestling on a national broadcast!? It’s unbelievable that such a questionable idea would be carried out on a national broadcast! National broadcasting is fearsome, indeed.

 Kanon, Emily-san, and Kotono noticed our situation and hurriedly called a doctor from a clinic near the shopping mall.

 ”Oh, it’s possible that the clavicle might be fractured. If it’s broken, she need to perform surgery immediately. Let’s go to the hospital right away.”


 Fracture!? We exchanged glances.

 In the end, it turned out that Kaede really had a fracture and needed emergency surgery.

 Because of that, just like during the Stars, Kaede would be left behind in this country… Well, there’s nothing we can do. By the way, the boss from the national broadcasting station came and they went back together.

 ”You’re really an idiot, aren’t you? And on top of that, even though you had a broken bone, you were happily fooling around with us until halfway through. You’re really dull.”

 ”Oh, you go to the same university as me, so what? This means the future of Hagetoru and Shumi are like this!”

 ”I hate it, but oh well, it doesn’t matter to me anymore since I’m already Otomezaki. Let’s pretend I never existed with mary…”

 ”Kaede-san, you’re already an adult, so please don’t do anything reckless, even if it’s for work.”

 When we went to the hospital, the four of us were talking about something, but I’m sure they were all expressing their concern for Kaede. My interpretation must be correct!

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