Male Idol V9c6

Volume 9 Chapter 6 Bulletin board, Morikawaaaaaaaa

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

Change of name: wife-like => self-proclaimed wife

[Shirogane Aqua] Everyday Meal 65th Anniversary Special Episode [Morikawa Kaede]
12 Anonymous
Everyday Meal, is it true that Aqua-sama will appear?
15 Anonymous
It’s true
16 Anonymous
At first, it was undecided when the information was first released, but it was listed in the schedule as usual
It seems like they kept it hidden until the last moment
18 Anonymous
I’m worried if it’s okay with Hogekawa…
21 Anonymous
Morikawa is capable when Beryl is involved
24 Anonymous
But Gorikawa-san had achievements when she appeared on a cooking show. Just like, she crushed lemons with her strength
Well, she’s generally not good at delicate work
And another example is rolling pins break. I learned for the first time that rolling pins can break
And when she caught a dropped glass, she instantly crushed it. There is also a case which nuts she crushed in a mortar turned into powder
Even a knife slipped out and flew towards the cameraman. It was a complete broadcasting accident
27 Anonymous
I’m already full of anxiety…
28 Anonymous
But the national broadcasting station wanted to use this for live broadcasting. It’s amazing
30 Anonymous
I can only see a future of messing up
33 Anonymous
This guy should just join Beryl’s security department. She’ll protect everyone
35 Anonymous
That would also be worrying in a different way
36 Anonymous
It’s 30 minutes before the broadcast, but there’s no one with a username group… Isn’t that unusual?
38 Anonymous
Shumi was in the anime live commentary
41 Anonymous
That guy is definitely an otaku
43 Anonymous
Hagetoru was asking if she can eat leather shoes in the food board’s question thread
46 Anonymous
Oh my LMAO
47 Anonymous
Hey, that’s a lie LOL
49 Anonymous
Is that guy okay…
52 Anonymous
Either Nee-san or Shumi should save Hagetoru
53 Anonymous
I want to save Hagetoru
55 Anonymous
Shumi should just keep Hagetoru
It’s like having a Butter Inu (Dog)
58 Anonymous
That’s too disgusting LMAO
59 Anonymous
She would probably go straight to licking the husband
60 Anonymous
Hagetoru is the worst…
62 Anonymous
Whether it’s the cultural festival, Halloween event, or today’s everyday meal, each one has a satisfying volume, but the supply is overwhelming. I’m really happy that Aqua-kun and Beryl do something regularly
65 Anonymous
I understand. In the past, we used to cherish each one for years, but Beryl generously brings them out one after another. It’s a bit hard to keep up, but that’s why it’s fun to think about what to watch or do every day when I get home
68 Anonymous
Speaking of the cultural festival, Kumano-sensei, the author of the pink rose, was enthusiastic about publishing a revised edition
The same goes for Otomeiro no Kokoro (Maiden’s Heart) and Hana-ata, but when Aqua-kun is involved, even old works become lively again, and there are nostalgic fans who are reignited and new fans are created. It’s great that everyone can enjoy it together
72 Anonymous
Or rather, Aa-sama breaks through even the generation gap
Heaven’s Sword, which can be enjoyed by parents and children, is one example, but at school, “My honor student Big Brother” is extremely popular among teachers and students
I’m on the teacher’s side, but surprisingly, there are more teachers who are enthusiastic than students
There are many teachers who want a student like the brother, and many teachers want to spoil that type
I’m exactly that pattern
75 Anonymous
76 Anonymous
Aqua-kun is hereeeee!
77 Anonymous
Aa-sama’s new song
79 Anonymous
Beryl is singing again
81 Anonymous
New song without announcement!!
83 Anonymous
What? What?
85 Anonymous
Wait a minute, what are you talking about?
88 Verification Team *010meTA473
What happened?
92 Anonymous
The related drama announces Aqu-tan’s new song without any notice
Since it’s directed by Hana-ata, is there a connection? This is surprising
95 Anonymous
Gwaaaaah, I could hear a little bit at the end…!
Official, please release it quickly!!
98 Anonymous
Huh? You don’t know either, wife?
101 Anonymous
103 Anonymous
106 Anonymous
Album information revealed in a commercial!
108 Anonymous
Someone please capture it!!
It’s too fast, I can’t understand!!
111 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
I will repost the announcement from the official account
The first album will be a 3-disc set due to various circumstances
Disc 1
1. Maiden-colored Heart “To You, Where the Flowers Bloom” (ED song for the drama RE:LATED)
2. Glass Teenager (PV appearance by Yukishiro Mikuni) “Fuji TV Music Station ED song”
3. Pendulum Crafted Heart “Haugenmattas Ice Cream CM song” *new song
4. Carpe diem (PV appearance by Yukishiro Emily) “Drama RE:LATED insert song” *new song
5. Shikiori (Season by Season) “Hanafuda Hall’s mobile game CM song, Kasage! Zenigeba no Shima CM song”
6. Fireworks (Tsukimachi Ayana * Shirogane Aqua) “Coke Company Aquarius CM song” *new song
Disc 2
1. Stars boy ft. Trash punks “Corolle Homme CM song”
2. beautiful right? “BerylXBeryl official song”
3. stay here (PV appearance by Charlie) “National Broadcasting News Program ED song”
4. I don’t want to miss a moment of you (PV appearance by Shirogane Kanon) “Official song for the Cabinet Office’s recommended wedding campaign”
5. You are beautiful (Nekoyama Toa, Mayuzumi Shintaro, Tenga Akira) “Fuji Department Store official song”
6. Let’s clap our hands on a happy day “Morinaga Merry Biscuit official song”
7. [Please wait for the information embargo to be lifted] *new song, delayed due to contractual obligations
Disc 3
1. Phantom Requiem (PV appearance by Kohina Yukari) “My Honor Student Big Brother ED song”
2. HOT HOT HOT Limit OVER! “Momofuku Food CM song”
3. next round “Masked Driver Heaven’s Sword first season OP song”
4. elementum “Masked Driver Heaven’s Sword second season OP song” *new song
5. Infinite Flame “Onmyoji insert song” *new song
6. FULL SPEED (Kenzaki Souji with Kamishiro Hajime) “Masked Driver Heaven’s Sword first season insert song”
7. Intensifying Boisterous Dance (Kenzaki Souji, Kamishiro Hajime, Tachibana Zanki, Kagami Natsuki) “Masked Driver Heaven’s Sword second season insert song” *new song
8. On the day the world ends “Halloween Night Festival song”
The limited first edition of the complete reservation production will come with a live and PV video disc, as well as an off-shot booklet
The release date is December 24th!! The price is an astonishing 2,980 yen, and the limited first edition will be 4,980 yen
Reservations for the limited first edition can be made until the end of January, so even minors can buy it after receiving New Year’s money
118 Anonymous
Thank you, Nee-san
121 Anonymous
The price, is it really this cheap?
I’ll buy both
122 Anonymous
> 4. I don’t want to miss a moment of you (PV appearance by Shirogane Kanon)
> “Official song for the Cabinet Office’s recommended wedding campaign”
Hey! Don’t mess around!!
124 Anonymous
127 Anonymous
Shumi, die!!
128 Anonymous
There’s no helping it when someone says “Shumi, die.”
130 Anonymous
As expected, there are many people here who are upset on his spouse, and it’s hilarious, lol
132 Anonymous
You can’t say it openly, but without a doubt, “Shumi, die” is a popular phrase in the background, lol
135 Anonymous
“2. Glass Teenager (PV appearance, Yukishiro Mikuni) – Fuji TV Music Station ED Song”
“4. Carpe diem (PV appearance, Yukishiro Emiri) – Drama RE:LATED In-Drama Song” ※ New Song
Relatives of Mishu-sama…?
138 Anonymous
There are a few places that catch my attention
142 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
Also, the new song release of Heaven’s Sword will be on January 1st broadcast, so if you buy it on the 24th, you can listen to it as a Christmas present to yourself
145 Anonymous
>6. Fireworks (Tsukimachi Ayana*Shirogane Aqua) “Coke Company Aquarius CM song” *new song
Wait a minute, it doesn’t say PV appearance, but could it be a duet? Rina, you betrayed me even though I’m supporting you!
147 Anonymous
I received an email!!
3. Heart of a Pendulum “Haugenmattas Ice Cream CM song” *new song
Lyrics and composition by Murashita Takae
5. Infinite Flame “Onmyoji insert song” *new song
Lyrics by Sakai Mikiko, composition by Suzuki Hidemi
Since “Heart of a Pendulum” is a cover song like “Maiden-colored Heart,” isn’t this the first time it’s not written by Toa-chan?
153 Anonymous
This song “Heart of a Pendulum” is also a cover song like “Maiden-colored Heart.”
155 Anonymous
The combination of Sakai Mikiko and Suzuki Hidemi gives me a bad feeling in a good way
157 Anonymous
Tsukimachi Ayana is Aqua-kun’s classmate. When you think about it, it makes sense
160 Anonymous
Ayana-chan is an idol, but she sings well. But… compared to Aqua-kun’s singing ability, I wonder how it is
163 Anonymous
>4. Carpe diem (PV appearance, Yukishiro Emily) “Drama RE:LATED insert song” *new song
This is the song we were excited about earlier
164 Anonymous
Even though I’m Emily-senpai’s junior, this person is really beautiful. She definitely must be Mishu-sama’s relative since she looks like her
166 Anonymous
Damn, I don’t know where to start… But I’m looking forward to PVs with Charlie-kun and Kohina-senpai
168 Anonymous
Just with this, I definitely want to buy it
170 Anonymous
Surprisingly, there are many tie-up songs
175 Anonymous
Oh, I want to watch it more carefully, but “everyday meal” will start!
177 Anonymous
It’s time for meal!
178 Anonymous
Waiting for meal
180 Anonymous
It’s here!
181 Anonymous
A-kun, it’s here!
182 Anonymous
Morikawa, it’s here!
184 Anonymous
Hogekawa, it’s here!
185 Verification Team *07218KADO6
D*mn, that Hogekawa guy, she always has such an annoying face!! Aqua-sama, be careful, she’s definitely thinking dirty thoughts in her head!
189 Anonymous
What’s with that? When I saw them wearing aprons and standing side by side, it irritated me
193 Anonymous
195 Anonymous
198 Verification Team *010meTA473
201 Anonymous
Aqua-kun: “What should we do?”
Morikawa: “What should we do?”
This part really irritated me!
204 Anonymous
Isn’t it a little too lovey-dovey?
207 Anonymous
The self-proclaimed wife is getting jealous, lol
210 Anonymous
“if Aqua-kun makes it, I’ll be happy with anything.” D*mn, this guy!
213 Anonymous
Today is not Hogekawa or Gorikawa, it’s Derekawa
218 Anonymous
Gingerbread house is here!
219 Anonymous
I want a gingerbread house
222 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
I’m getting hungry from this
226 Verification Team *07218KADO6
227 Verification Team *010meTA473
230 Anonymous
Morikawa: “Newlywed Couple”
Hey, this guy!!
235 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Public and private mixed! Public and private mixed! Public and private mixed!!
238 Anonymous
I will stop paying the public broadcasting fee
242 Anonymous
Gingerbread house? Minecraft… the ideal home… ugh!
245 Anonymous
When I hear “gingerbread house,” I remember Minecraft and shudder
247 Anonymous
Morikawa, can you do things like cutting shapes?
250 Anonymous
251 Anonymous
253 Anonymous
Hey, I heard a bent metal sound!
255 Anonymous
Bad news, Gorikawa, the cookie cutter is bent due to brute force. LMAO
257 Anonymous
This guy, LOL
259 Anonymous
While Aqua-kun wasn’t looking, she forcefully restored it with brute force. LOL
260 Anonymous
Isn’t it no longer in its original shape?
261 Anonymous
Isn’t the shape strange?
262 Anonymous
At first, it looked like a horse shape, but now it has two humps and looks like a camel. LOL
265 Anonymous
This guy, LMAO
269 Anonymous
She’s already messing up, huh? LOL
271 Anonymous
Aa-sama doesn’t even notice this situation. He has a sense of importance
274 Anonymous
275 Anonymous
278 Anonymous
Somehow, it feels like a good atmosphere again
280 Anonymous
I also want to be praised by Aqua-kun
281 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Whatt teacher? Stop joking around, you perverted student!!
283 Anonymous
Did the reaction of the self-proclaimed wife disappear? Did she die?
285 Anonymous
Is the self-proclaimed wife okay?
291 Verification Team *010meTA473
Huh!? When I called the public broadcasting customer service, they hung up on me! When I said, “I’m Shirogane Aqua’s wife,” they said, “Yeah, yeah, self-proclaimed wife.” Don’t joke around without me saying anything yet!
296 Anonymous
This is so damn sh*tty. LMAO
298 Anonymous
This is a complainer
300 Anonymous
Even though she’s a wife, she doesn’t have any composure. LOL
303 Anonymous
I can hear the sound of someone hitting the wall from three houses away
305 Anonymous
The person upstairs has been stomping their feet since earlier. I understand their feelings, but the dust is terrible, so I want them to stop
308 Anonymous
Hey, you’ll get scolded by Nee-san. Don’t cause too much trouble for your husband’s workplace. I understand your feelings 100%, but LMAO
311 Anonymous
This is bad
313 Anonymous
Oh no, Morikawa has a knife!
316 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Run, Aqua-sama! That person is dangerous!
320 Anonymous
Just because Hogekawa has a knife, the scene and the bulletin board are tense. LMAO
324 Anonymous
Exciting in various ways~
327 Anonymous
328 Anonymous
330 Anonymous
Oh no, my v*gina tightened with fear just now
331 Anonymous
When she first put the knife in, I thought she took her finger with it
333 Anonymous
When she put the knife down, there was a loud noise and she panicked. LOL
336 Anonymous
Everyone, it’s okay. If it’s Gorikawa, even the knife might break
338 Anonymous
I’m worried that the knife might break when it hits Gorikawa’s fist
342 Anonymous
Bad news, when I was watching a cooking show, it turned out to be a horror show!
346 Anonymous
I breathe a sigh of relief as the knife scene ends safely. Why do I have to sweat while watching a cooking show… Wait, is that what cooking shows are like?
352 Anonymous
353 Anonymous
Huh!? Huh!? Huh~!?
359 Anonymous
A sudden praise for Morikawa’s apron from Aqua-kun. LOL
362 Anonymous
This guy is getting all lovey-dovey!
364 Anonymous
365 Anonymous
368 Anonymous
Breaking news, Morikawa and Shumi have the same apron
370 Verification Team *07218KADO6
This guy is joking around!!
372 Anonymous
Shumi should just die after all
373 Anonymous
Hey hey hey, Shumi-chan, great victory! Don’t joke around!
377 Anonymous
Four people…? W-wait, could it be even Nee-san… huh!?
379 Anonymous
What? Nee-san bought such a cute apron? Really…?
381 Anonymous
This apron seems like it’ll be identified today and sold out from the stores by tomorrow
384 Anonymous
I somehow feel like you don’t have the right to say that
385 Anonymous
This guy, lol, it’s surprising she can say that
388 Anonymous
390 Anonymous
Morikawa, did you really doing that!?
391 Anonymous
Hogekawa, the mitten! Don’t forget it!!
394 Anonymous
Breaking news, Morikawa almost grabbed the hot tray from the oven with her bare hands. Aqua-kun was so focused on something else that he didn’t notice, lol
396 Anonymous
The lines from Aqua-sama, half-asleep, are exactly what I want to say to Aa-sama, lol
399 Anonymous
Gorikawa, you touched it a bit, but you’re way too calm. Normally, people’d have burns, LOL
401 Anonymous
Sad news, Morikawa has a thick face in more ways than one; her hands are thick-skinned too
404 Anonymous
It feels like there have been multiple broadcast accidents, but Aqua-kun, who remains completely unfazed, what’s going on with him, LOL?
405 Anonymous
407 Anonymous
This, lol
409 Anonymous
Aqua-kun, you’re really skilled at cooking
412 Anonymous
His tempering is amazing too
415 Anonymous
He’d definitely win the Miss Contest at the culture festival. Clearly, he’s better at cooking than us
418 Anonymous
I want a wife like this
422 Anonymous
Aqua-kun, are you actually not a husband but everyone’s wife!?
423 Anonymous
He’s definitely more outstanding than the self-proclaimed wife, lol
426 Anonymous
Morikawa, can you even use a piping bag?
428 Anonymous
Aqua-sama looks cool when using a piping bag. I want him to squeeze my H-cups with that face
429 Anonymous
There are probably lots of fools who fantasize inappropriately while watching Aqua-kun use a piping bag, LOL. And, that includes me
433 Anonymous
Morikawa, lol
435 Anonymous
Morikawa, you went overboard with that last “pfft,” lol
438 Anonymous
She’s trying to cover it up, trying to cover it up, lol
440 Anonymous
Aqua-kun, he still hasn’t noticed, huh?
442 Anonymous
Could it be that Aa-kun is already sleepy? Want to take a break in this big sister’s bosom?
444 Anonymous
Every day, it’s definitely a legendary episode about food
447 Anonymous
Good news, Aqua-kun knows the existence of the door in his house!
449 Anonymous
Oh! He’s progressed; he forgot to put doors in Minecraft!
453 Anonymous
He’s trying to make windows, too; he’s definitely growing
457 Anonymous
Gugyaa! LOL
459 Anonymous
I think I just heard Hogekawa mess up
463 Anonymous
× Can still recover
○ It’s too late now
468 Anonymous
On the national broadcast, by doing different tasks, they’ve wiped Morikawa from view, LOL
470 Anonymous
Aqua-kun, we know you’re using all of Morinaga’s sweets
473 Anonymous
Morinaga is definitely smiling because of this
477 Anonymous
These sweets will disappear from the supermarket and convenience stores by tomorrow
481 Anonymous
Aa-sama is a housewife’s ally. He not only started with cookie dough but also came up with a recipe that takes it easy. Cooking every day is already tough, but making sweets requires different effort. There’s a possibility that he’s just trying to please Morinaga-san, but I like this thoughtfulness
485 Anonymous
He’s skilled at using a palette knife
488 Anonymous
I wonder what he’s planning with the cellophane sheets?
492 Anonymous
As expected, Aqua-chan is the only winner!
496 Anonymous
Aqua-sama, I want you to be my wife…!
503 Anonymous
504 Anonymous
He pasted something at home!
508 Anonymous
Is it like a present box?
513 Anonymous
He has this sense of style, so why is he so bad at Minecraft..
517 Anonymous
His sense of aesthetics might be lacking, but when it comes to cooking, Aqua-kun suddenly shines
Even though he’s not good at writing lyrics, Aqua-kun is talkative only when talking about girls
What’s the difference…?
521 Verification Team *07218KADO6
524 Anonymous
These guys have been flirting too much since earlier!
525 Verification Team *010meTA473
Don’t mess around! I haven’t been doing anything like that either!!
529 Anonymous
The national broadcast is flooded with protest calls, LOL, can’t get through
534 Anonymous
Self-proclaimed wife. Lol
536 Anonymous
That’s too funny, lol
539 Anonymous
Oh well, lol
543 Anonymous
Oh, how nice
I don’t protest, but I’m just envious of being able to cook together with Aa-sama
547 Anonymous
It’s nice that Aqua-kun compliments everything
Morikawa-san also seems to enjoy cooking together
552 Anonymous
Oh, so that ring from earlier was a ribbon after all
554 Anonymous
Nice, it looks more like a present
558 Anonymous
The number of people commenting seems to be decreasing, there seem to be many who are punching walls, making protest calls, and shedding tears of blood
561 Anonymous
563 Anonymous
As a pastry chef, I’m moved
567 Anonymous
It’s really nice when professionals compliment him for being able to make things properly
569 Anonymous
This, there will probably be many patisseries selling gingerbread houses tomorrow
572 Anonymous
Well then, as a professional, shall I make something even better?
575 Anonymous
578 Anonymous
And I’ll also compliment store-bought products properly
581 Anonymous
This makes me, who works in a factory, smile
584 Anonymous
Honestly, the quality of Stars’ sweets varies greatly depending on the location, some are delicious and some are not
587 Anonymous
Phew… tomorrow, there might be a supermarket stampede
589 Anonymous
This will cause the confectionery section and the pastry section to become a mess
594 Anonymous
Everyone, come and buy slowly without rushing
There was a prior notice at the supermarket, so there is enough stock, so rest assured
598 Anonymous
Hogekawa, don’t show your sweaty hands, lol
602 Verification Team *07218KADO6
She must sweating dirty sweat even in her crotch!
610 Anonymous
612 Anonymous
616 Anonymous
Aa-sama: “Even though we worked hard together to make it, it’s pitiful if we don’t eat this baby.”
620 Anonymous
623 Anonymous
You bastardddddd!
625 Verification Team*010meTA473
Huh!? Even I’m still not ready to have a baby, don’t mess around!!
628 Anonymous
Hogekawa and Aqua-sama’s baby…?
633 Anonymous
No good, the phone is jammed, lol
635 Anonymous
The national broadcast server is down, LMAO
640 Anonymous
Calm down, guys!
Under no circumstances should you make bomb threats!
643 Anonymous
645 Anonymous
647 Anonymous
There’s someone casually saying something outrageous!!
649 Anonymous
Someone stop this idiot too!!
650 Verification Team *07218KADO6
We, women, are currently accepting surrogacy for free!
We have already prepared the womb so that we can definitely get pregnant with Aqua-sama’s child, so please provide the sp*rm directly for a guaranteed pregnancy!!
653 Anonymous
I’m canceling the national broadcast subscription!
656 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
I want a baby too..
659 Anonymous
It should still be okay, but I understand the feeling
Even though she’s the legal wife, if she can’t have a child, she’ll be taken advantage of
663 Anonymous
These guys are eating the sweets so deliciously!
665 Anonymous
This guy is the worst, lol
666 Verification Team *07218KADO6
I will chew on cardboard while shedding tears of blood
In terms of color, it’s not impossible for it to look like a gingerbread house…
670 Anonymous
673 Anonymous
Sensei… I understand… We are on the same generation..
677 Anonymous
Sensei, do your best!
679 Anonymous
You can still do it. You can still give birth. Don’t give up!
681 Anonymous
This guy, LMAO
684 Anonymous
Hagetoru LOL
689 Anonymous
Are you really okay…?
692 Verification Team *010meTA473
Why did it come to this!?
698 Anonymous
The time has come..
701 Anonymous
Even though the thread is scattered, it didn’t progress much today
703 Anonymous
With the progress of the thread being this slow, most people are probably just fooling around and watching the lovey-dovey. After all, it was too stimulating. There might even be people who are self-inserting and roleplaying as mas***bating
705 Anonymous
Oh no, the house is shaking. I can hear the sound of walls being hit from all directions. Everyone, stay calm!
713 Anonymous
Friends, huh? I want to make friends too
715 Anonymous
I’m thinking of making a candy house with my daughter
718 Anonymous
Huh… not in the next episode?
722 Anonymous
Aqua-kun, let’s act like nothing happened and appear in the next episode
724 Anonymous
727 Anonymous
That’s rght, she should give advice to her boss later!
729 Anonymous
Morikawa, you suddenly have a face that can work, it’s funny
731 Anonymous
That’s our Morikawa-san!
733 Anonymous
Oh? Are everyone’s opinions changing?
736 Anonymous
The flow has changed
740 Anonymous
The collaboration with Doi-sensei is hereeeee!
742 Anonymous
The ally of housewives, Doi-sensei!
745 Anonymous
I like that he praises Doi-sensei just for cooking every day
748 Anonymous
749 Anonymous
750 Anonymous
753 Anonymous
Salt onigiri has arrived!
754 Anonymous
Aqua-kun’s salt onigiri!
756 Anonymous
Aqua-sama’s salt onigiri?
757 Anonymous
Aqua-kun’s sq*irt onigiri?
759 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Aqua-sama’s ramen onigiri!? Can you use it as a substitute for mayo in tuna mayo or mentaiko mayo?
772 Anonymous
This is going to cause Murder scene
785 Anonymous
If women eat this, they might get pregnant
797 Anonymous
Murder scene, LMAO
808 Anonymous
It’s really starting to feel like a mystery drama, huh?
811 Anonymous
I understand, Morikawa
824 Anonymous
Bad news, Morikawa, suddenly becoming competent
839 Anonymous
Morikawa is amazing. Usually, she’s only competent when it comes to Beryl, but today, people was jealous and everyone was getting angry for about 55 minutes out of the hour, but she turned the tables in the last 5 minutes. She knows when to make a move. Or is this the “pretending to be dead” strategy?
842 Anonymous
Morikawa grabs the hearts of fans at the very end
846 Anonymous
Of course, there will be an audience for the salt onigiri, right? Otherwise, there will be a riot
851 Anonymous
Morikawa, it got interrupted in the middle, huh?
853 Anonymous
855 Anonymous
She messes up at the end, as expected
858 Anonymous
I don’t know anymore if Morikawa can do her job or not
860 Anonymous
Morikawa, who destroys our emotions
873 Anonymous
Now that I think about it, they were just fooling around, weren’t they!
889 Anonymous
The national broadcast is done for. The server is down, and the phones are no longer working
910 Anonymous
I’m relieved that you’re saying something terrible
918 Anonymous
There really are fewer people
923 Anonymous
Everyone, calm down a bit
927 Anonymous
I got angry when I thought Shumi was doing this kind of thing every day. But then, I smiled at >>525
930 Anonymous
Everyone is enduring quite a bit, but when we’re shown lovey-dovey scenes, it’s hard to stay calm
937 Anonymous
I think those who are venting or hitting the walls are okay. Just stop making a flood of complaints and sending a massive amount of emails, the people at the counseling office will die laughing
945 Verification Team *010meTA473
948 Anonymous
At first, there was Nee-san, but she disappeared halfway through. I think we still need her
953 Anonymous
Trend Ranking
1 Morikawa-related words, don’t mess around! A Camel Hahaha
2 Hogekawa-related words, you’re getting too close! Bare-handed idiot face
3 Salt Onigiri-related words, when will Aqua-kun’s broadcast be? Hoping to attend
4 Album-related words, the pricing of the new song Pendulum Craft is wrong
5 Tsukimachi Ayana-related words, a duet? Rina and Kazuya Phantom Requiem
6 Heaven’s Sword-related words, looking forward to the changes starting in January
7 Sakai Mikiko-related words, a hot song is coming! Onmyoji for real?
8 Shirogane Kanon-related words, PV appearance, footage of her wedding?
9 Morinaga-related words, is the supply of biscuits enough? Can’t live without biscuits
10 Cancelation-related words, national broadcast server crash, learn from Saba-chan
958 Anonymous
Seems like everyone is interested in the same things after all
962 Anonymous
I have a feeling that things like Tsukimachi Ayana’s duet and the little sister, and the teacher going on a date, and the strong scent of females around Aqua-kun, are influencing everyone and making them excited
It’s not that Hogekawa is bad or anything. When Shumi got married, it was like he was in a different world, but if he were to marry a normal girl like us, I feel like there would be more girls who would become forward and think they have a chance
That’s not a problem, but if emotions can’t be controlled and it causes trouble for Aqua-kun, that’s not good
969 Anonymous
I understand
973 Anonymous
I think that’s exactly it
975 Anonymous
Everyone should be careful about this
977 Anonymous
I feel like I would become like that if I were younger. So I understand the feeling. But I want to think about Aqua-kun’s happiness and everyday life properly
980 Anonymous
Even though they’re already married, there’s this self-proclaimed wife person who’s feeling impatient
985 Anonymous
Can’t be helped. Even after getting married, you can’t relax until you have children. It’s fine if you don’t insist on being the legal wife
991 Anonymous
Please, Aqua-kun, marry many wives and make as many girls happy as possible
994 Anonymous
That’s really it
996 Anonymous
I want Aqua-kun to be with the girl he likes without worrying about those things
999 Anonymous
I believe that Aqua-sama will someday create the Shirogane Kingdom
1000 Anonymous
I hope that as many children as possible will be happy. And please, never get together with Morikawa!!

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