Mercenary 0

Chapter 0

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ’Death is certain for one who has been born.

 And rebirth is inevitable for one who has died.

 Therefore, you should not lament over the inevitable.’ *1

 ”Takkun. Yes. Here you go~♡”

 ”Tsukasa, you’re still a handsome black lover~♡”

 Mother and daughter don’t know.

 That their precious, precious brother will die in the future.

 ”Have you found where Hero-sama is?”

 ”Your Highness, I’m afraid he’s still missing.”

 ”I see…”

 The loyal retainer is saddened by the sorrow of the North European princess.

 (For her Highness’ sake… we will surely do it…)

 ”You’re a bad woman!”

 ”Stop it! Stop! Don’t!”

 A wife is beaten by her alcoholic husband.

 There is no love in this cold marriage.

 The wife curses her fate and hopes for a savior.

 (Somebody, help me…!)


 A soldier woman thinks of her father who went to war and never came back.

 ”What? Miss again? Sheila, when will you learn to do this?”


 ”What? You’re ignoring me? You’re a private, aren’t you?”

 ((For some reason)), a private can’t speak even if she wanted. She doesn’t raise her voice even when she is grabbed by her hair and forcibly shaved with clippers.

 And so, the hell continues.


 An intelligence officer, both eyes vacant, quietly taps away at the keyboard.


 Suddenly, the nightmare flashes back and the intelligence officer runs to the bathroom.

 Then vomits.


 The surface of the toilet is stained with vomit and diarrhea.

 After vomiting everything out, the girl quietly leaves the toilet bowl and stands in the bathroom.


 A beautiful, but tired, expression like Aileen Wuornos’s appears on the screen.

 ”…I hate…”

 The woman shouted, raising her fist in the air.


 They don’t know yet.

 The world’s most terrible and wonderful husband who will come along one day and make them happy.

 [References and Sources]

 *1: Hindu scriptures ‘The Divine Verses (Bhagavad Gita)’

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