Returnee 13

Chapter 13 Soft Meat

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 Main Character Perspective

 Right now, Ayano is hugging me, with her face buried lovingly in my chest.

 How many times have we made love just tonight? Each kiss was so hot and thick that my face was covered in saliva.

 Each time, Ayano soaked my thighs and then buried her face in my chest as if soaking in the afterglow. After a while, she asked me to kiss her again with a melting face.

 Her expression was somehow familiar to me.

 I remembered it from the summer of my third year in high school.

 It seemed not so different from the flirtatious look I had seen when she was around Sakaki.

 However, I feel that there is a difference.

 It was a happy expression and deep affection mixed with flirtatiousness. I am not trying to justify what I did.

 But it was clear from her aura that Ayano was feeling the greatest happiness and love for me right now. She is not even trying to disobey me.

 Although I did feel some resistance, in the end, it turned out the way I wanted it to.

 For example, she never interfered in the relationship between me and Kyouka. Moreover, we would pretend to be just childhood friends on the outside.

 The only problem was that this would inevitably lead to Ayano’s frequent visits to my house, and Auntie would eventually find out about it.

 ”Hey, Ayano. Take off your top too.”

 ”Ah, yeah. I had to take off my top so that Shuu could see my body in full. I’m sorry, Ayano is not being considerate.”

 I say something and Ayano immediately does exactly what I say.

 To be honest, I thought this was even worse than I had expected. The once proud woman is now obediently following my lead as if she had forgotten her pride somewhere. And in every word she said, she expressed her desire not to be disliked by me.

 It is obvious that there is something that has changed Ayano to that extent.

 Of course, I know the cause. But I did not expect the effect to be so dramatic. And of course, I didn’t feel guilty about it.

 Now, Ayano takes off her knit and her pink bra.

 Underneath her bra, her big breasts were revealed, so big that I could almost hear onomatopoeic sounds.

 They are beautifully shaped like a bowl, and the tips of her nipples point cheekily upward.

 The upturned nipples were rather small, but the nipple rings around them were plump and swollen. It looks like a baby bottle as if it wants to be sucked by me.

 Though I have seen a lot of naked women in the other world, including prostitutes. Compared with them, the color, shape, and size of her breasts were comparable to those of a prostitute, and I was sure that she was a first-class woman.

 ”Heh, it’s pretty good, isn’t it?”

 ”Hehehe. Ayano was quite confident about her boobs. I’m glad Shuu likes them. They’re Shuu’s, so you can have them anytime you want. All of Ayano’s body belongs to Shuu.”

 Her tone was somewhat childish.

 I got the impression that Ayano’s speech had changed slightly. Perhaps it was because she had been speaking in a very high-handed tone, and I felt more uncomfortable there than I should have. However, I thought that this might be one of the changes that had happened to Ayano.

 ”Ayano, open your mouth a little.”


 I dip my index and middle fingers full of my spit and place them on Ayano’s tongue.

 She snatches up my finger and starts sucking on it deliciously.

 ”No, don’t be like that. I want you to be quiet and do nothing for a while.”

 ”Ah, I see. Yes.”

 I put spit on my finger again and put it on Ayano’s tongue.

 She did not suck me this time, but I felt a sucking sensation on my fingertips.

 It was a strange feeling that I had been having ever since we had kissed. It was as if her tongue was sucking on my fingertips.

 It seemed that it made a lot of sucking noises.

 As a matter of fact, the thing between my legs was already in a critical state at this time. I wanted to cum in Ayano right away.

 Not only Ayano, but I was also in a state where my young body was over its capacity, and I was ready to explode at any moment.

 But first, there was something I needed to find out. How is the slime parasite inside Ayano’s body? Of course, I know that there is no danger there. But I have an academic interest in alchemy, so I thought I should check it out first.

 ”I’m going to examine you.”


 ”Don’t mind me. Get on your knees on the sofa and spread your pussy.”

 ”Hmm… Like this?”

 ”Spread your legs a little bit wider.”

 The purple of [Shame] is getting stronger.

 Ayano’s cunt has been dripping love juice like drool for some time now. And there is no way that Ayano herself is unaware of this.

 In a way, I think Ayano’s purple of [Shame] became even stronger because she was aware of it. Even so, Ayano did not try to defy my words.

 And now, in front of me, Ayano’s pussy was spread open.

 It was small, like the body of a girl who has not fully grown yet. The vulva was small enough to fit a finger or so.

 I was worried if I could insert my finger into her vagina properly, but contrary to my expectation, it swallowed my fingertip easily.

 The sticky love juices lubricate it well, and the walls are soft, yet tight. It even felt as if it was sucking on my finger.

 Even though I didn’t push it in that hard, it was still sucking my finger all the way down to the second joint of my middle finger.

 It made me wonder if her virgin membrane had been ruptured by too much masturbation, or if Ayano’s body had changed so much that she felt no resistance, or if she had always been okay with a finger or so.

 I had no way of knowing, but I never doubted Ayano’s word that she was a virgin. All I can say now is that Ayano’s pussy seemed specialized, to me, for getting sperm out of me.

 ”It feels good. Shuu, that’s great… Ah, ahh, ahhhh. Shuu’s fingers are greatttt! Ah, ah, ah, I’m cumming! Ayano feels so good… it’s melting!!”

 ”Is it that good? Better than kissing?”

 ”I don’t know. They both feel so good. Ah, no, my vagina’s making a terrible noise. Ah, don’t. I’m gonna pee my pants again!”

 Every time I lightly inserted and withdrew my middle finger, an obscene sound was heard.

 Ayano’s pussy sucked my finger so much that it was like a hole of melted flesh. In the middle of the session, I tried to add saliva and my index finger, but Ayano’s cunt swallowed both of my fingers easily.

 After a while, I pull my fingers out.

 This is not good, I thought.

 Not only Ayano but also me must be feeling pretty good. I wonder how long I can endure it after insertion. I honestly wondered how much my young body would be able to endure such a pleasant feeling in her pussy.

 ”Amazing. Shuu, that felt so good. I didn’t know that having a finger in and out of my pussy could feel so good. Shuu, I like it. I like it.”

 ”You’ve been blowing so hard since a minute ago. How can you blow so much? Isn’t it draining your body?”

 ”Because it feels so good. Ayano didn’t expect it to be like this. Shuu, maybe you don’t like Ayano like this anymore?”

 ”No, not like that. You can feel as good as you want.”

 ”I’m glad. But I’m sorry. A lot of Ayano’s juice was spilled on you.”

 ”Don’t worry about that. But, now, let’s do it from behind. I’m gonna put my fingers in your ass.”

 ”…Uh, yeah.”

 The yellow of [Expectation] grows.

 I look at it and wonder if it’s this girl interested.

 ”Is Ayano interested in the asshole?”

 ”Eh? N-No, I don’t think so.”

 ”Hmm. If Ayano really doesn’t like it, I’ll stop it.”

 ”Eh!? I-It’s not that. If Shuu wants to do it, then Ayano is totally fine with it…!!”

 ”That’s a good answer.”

 ”I don’t know. Ayano doesn’t know.”

 I immediately knew she was lying.

 No matter how obedient she’s become, she still won’t talk about the secrets she wants to keep hidden.

 But that’s fine with me. Even if not that, I was quite disappointed to see a woman who only does what I tell her to the deepest part of her heart, even though she has started to listen to me obediently.

 For me, it would be more enjoyable if she still had a little bit of humanity in her.

 ”I see. Anyway, Ayano’s body is all mine. I’m gonna stick my dick in you someday, no matter how much you don’t like it.”

 ”Yeah. Ayano will put up with it for Shuu’s sake then.”

 ”Yes. Then let’s do this some other time and have s*x. I’m running out of patience.”

 I said and took off my sweatshirt and pants.

 My cock, which was already raging, was leaking and stringing up my juices. I knew that if I stimulated it even a little, I might ejaculate.

 In the meantime, Ayano’s face relaxed when she saw that.

 She looked entranced.

 It was as if she had fallen in love with my dick at first sight.

 I let out a sigh, and I notice Ayano licking her tongue. I don’t know if she was doing it consciously or not, but her long tongue was reaching toward me to lick the tip of my dick.

 ”Stop, don’t do that yet. If you suck it now, it’ll come out in your mouth, won’t it? Now, I’m going to get it out of your pussy. Don’t you want it?”

 ”Aaah!! I want it. My womb tingles when Shuu says such a thing. I want Shuu’s sperm in my womb. Please pour your sperm into Ayano’s pussy.”

 Ayano fell down on the sofa and held her legs with her hands, spreading her pussy wide open. In this deeply slumped position, Ayano must have thought that she was offering her melted pussy to me.

 And her face looked as if she was already half-aroused with anticipation and excitement.

 Her beautiful face was ruined, and she was stretching her tongue desperately toward the empty space. She looked like she was licking my dick in her fantasy, which was vulgar like a prostitute.

 After seeing this, I covered Ayano and put my dick to her vulva. I leaned down and thrust my dick into Ayano’s vagina.

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