Returnee 29

Chapter 29 Mysterious Fate

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 In the dark of night, I had left the sacred hall where Nishikuze and his friends lived.

 The money I took from the Nishikuze was a little over 8 million yen, which I took from them in a sort of blackmailing way.

 To be honest, it wasn’t quite the harvest I had hoped for, but since there was no cash lying around, and this was all they had in their temporary cash vault, there was nothing I could do about it.

 Well, they are tools for generating money.

 It would be more profitable in the long run to keep them alive and not kill them. So, I had no intention to take away everything from the beginning.

 And I was going to give some healing potions to Nishikuze other than the ones I used, but I decided to take a wait-and-see attitude for the time being, since I did not trust Higashikawa very much.

 Although there are a lot of potions in the interdimensional storage, they are not something that I should give away indiscriminately.

 Still, they must have witnessed what happened to Nishikuze’s body. They must have understood that it is an extraordinary thing. For this world, it is a miracle itself.

 That’s why I have warned them not to reveal casually what is left.

 But I told them to spread the rumor. Even if they use the medicine as bait to extort money from the believers, they should be careful not to raise suspicion about the source of the money.

 Higashikawa seemed to have understood my intention and nodded his head in agreement with me. Seeing that Higashikawa became cooperative as soon as he realized that he could make money, I thought that it would be better to offer him some benefits than to threaten him.

 So for the time being, everything is fine for the next month.

 They are bound by their pledge not to tell anyone about what happened tonight.

 It doesn’t matter whether they understand how unreasonable their pledge is or not. If they actually experience the pain, they will realize it. I have a feeling that a person like Higashikawa will have to experience it firsthand.

 Anyway, if there are any attractive women among the believers, I’ll take them as an offering to Vepar and I’ll enjoy them.

 Well, most of the followers are old men and women, but there must be young and beautiful women among them if there are thousands of them. Moreover, since Nishikuze and the others are going to arrange for me, there is no way I will not take advantage of this.

 I think I have done all I can do, but it may not always work out.

 There is a possibility that Nishikuze and the others will betray me in a month’s time. However, as an insurance policy, I even lied about the existence of the devil by disappearing from the scene to hide my true identity. Either way, there should not be much problem.

 Thinking like this, I disappeared into the quiet mountain toward the foot of the mountain.


 ”—This is the reality of the religion you believed in.”

 The day after the incident with Nishikuze and the others, I called Houjou Sayaka to a hotel.

 After I let her listen to the audio recording I made there, Sayaka kept a blank expression on her face in response to my words, which I said to her harshly.

 She could have expressed her anger at the fact that she had been deceived by Nishikuze and the others. However, as far as I could see from the color of her aura, Sayaka did not show any anger at all.

 Just because she trusted me, it does not mean that her faith in the gospel of love religion will disappear completely. So, I thought it was necessary to remind Sayaka of the reality to make her depend on me.

 Well, it is not a lie that I did it for money, but I had other plans for it.

 Unexpectedly, what Sayaka was strongly emitting at this time was a gray color of [Sadness] and [Pain].

 ”You don’t seem to be so angry at being deceived, do you?

 ”Of course, I feel bad that I was deceived. But it’s not only that. If I hadn’t known about the existence of the real God, I might have been distraught.”

 ”I see. If that’s what you’re willing to accept, we might as well let the matter drop. They’ll never admit it anyway. But still… I didn’t know Sayaka had a daughter.”

 ”I’m sorry. I didn’t tell you that I had a daughter. I had planned to tell you sooner or later, but…”

 ”Is she sick?”


 Sayaka kneels at my feet on the edge of the bed, hangs her head down, and blurts out a few words.

 I knew there was something wrong with her since she had been so eager about the Poison of Muldeur.

 The reason why I did not come to the conclusion that her family was sick was that there was no evidence that Sayaka, whom I had met before, had a family at all.

 Indeed, Sayaka is a woman who should be married, in terms of her age and appearance.

 Moreover, we did not used to go back and forth to each other’s house before. Nevertheless, we were in a relationship. It is possible to know whether she has a husband or children.

 Also, there was no call to her family when she stayed over unexpectedly, and she didn’t seem to be concerned about anyone else. So, I judge that she hadn’t any family at all.

 Anyway, it is not that there are no women who feel that the presence of children is a disadvantage in a relationship between a man and a woman and try to hide the fact.

 And, indeed, she did not tell me that she had a child this time, too.

 So, there is a possibility that I just didn’t notice it. Or maybe I forgot?

 I can’t deny that my incomplete memory makes it difficult for me to make a clear judgment about what happened in the past, in the future.

 However, the conversation between Higashikawa and Nishikuze about Sayaka’s daughter suffering from an incurable disease made me think of another possibility.

 ”Is it serious? Is there any chance to cure it?”

 ”According to the doctor, she has about five years to live. With the current medical technology, there is no way to cure it and there is not much chance of remission.”

 ”I see. So it’s a miracle…”

 Originally, I will meet Sayaka about five years from now. If her daughter had already died at that time, her attitude at that time, including her shadowy impression, would make sense.

 ”Yes. I understand that you don’t trust me yet. However, her condition could change suddenly at any moment. If you need money, I will pay. If the money I have now is not enough, I will pay for it from now on as well and serve Master with my life, so can’t you help me with a miracle medicine for her?”

 ”Hmm… Houjou Kaede? Since she has the same surname, did you divorce your husband?”

 ”No, I’m not divorced. Kaede’s father was in a car accident before she was born.”


 Then, what I told Nishikuze and the others about Sayaka being possessed by the devil may not be so wrong.

 Nishikuze and the others also said that Sayaka’s parents died early. If her daughter is also ill, it is not surprising that Sayaka might have some kind of curse and become addicted to religion.

 Well, whether it is really a curse or not, my body should not get affected, and if I have an accident, it would not matter as long as I don’t die instantly.

 With such a good thing, it doesn’t matter if Sayaka is cursed or not.

 However, there is one thing I have been wondering about this story.

 The child whom I have been drugging with the Poison of Muldeur for my experiment.

 I have given this poison three times so far, and the name of the child I am observing is Satou Yuuki.

 And the name of the other child whom I was not sure about as the first target of the drug was Houjou Kaede. Perhaps, or rather, that girl is Sayaka’s daughter without a doubt. That means I happened to meet Sayaka’s daughter as well.

 How many coincidences can be so many coincidences?

 It is the same for Sayaka. I met Sayaka for the second time as if I was attracted to her. Like that encounter and this one, I feel something artificial, as if I am being guided.

 At the time of Sayaka, I once concluded that it was fate.

 However, when such development continues, I am beginning to feel that it is unnatural.

 However, as I thought the same last time, I honestly feel that this fate does not seem to be trying to trap me.

 I don’t have a gut feeling, or rather, I don’t have the bad feeling that I had when I was in danger in the other world. It’s just a hunch, but I’ve been relying on it for most of my life.

 And now that this fate is working in my favor, I don’t think it’s a problem that I have to worry about so much, just because I don’t feel comfortable with it somehow.

 ”Master, I know I am asking a lot of you. I also know that it is very valuable. But…”

 ”No, I’m not saying it’s absolutely impossible. And I’m not asking for money for it. Anyway, I’m just saying… it’s not right to bring God’s miracles into the world so easily. Let me think about it for a moment.”

 If it’s for the sake of her daughter, there’s no need to be so extravagant.

 I was originally going to give it to her at some point. And since it would save her daughter’s life, it is highly probable that Sayaka’s loyalty to me would be unwavering. Considering this, it was the perfect opportunity.

 ”Okay, that’s fine. Although I did not trust Sayaka with all my heart, I understood the urgency of the situation. Besides, if I let a life that could have been saved die, I’d be disobeying the will of Agfis. I promise you that I will prepare a miracle medicine by the next time.”

 ”Really? I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you so much.”

 ”You’re too hasty. Don’t thank me until she’s healed. And thank Agfis, not me.”

 ”Yes, of course. Thank you, Agfis-sama.”

 Before my eyes, the gray of [Sadness] turns to yellow of [Expectation].

 Sayaka immediately kisses the back of my legs.

 Looking down at Sayaka, I am a little anxious. The problem of what I should do in case Sayaka’s daughter rejects the Poison of Muldeur has been flickering in the corner of my mind.

 Even if the possibility of such a case was slight, it would not mean that there was no case of failure at all, since it was stated that it was not certain. So, I thought I should tell Sayaka about it.

 —But, no.

 This is a medicine that claims to be a miracle of God.

 I wonder if it is really good to be shown that God’s medicine is such an imperfect one. I should not do anything that would make people doubt the credibility of God’s medicine before trying it.

 If this is a risky bet, I might suggest the possibility beforehand, but I don’t think it is such a big gamble. Besides, if there is a mysterious connection between Sayaka and me, and it is my destiny to be like this, I should not make a mistake here.

 ”Master, I will serve you.”

 Saying this, Sayaka tries to undo my belt.

 As I let her, my slacks and underwear were pulled down, and her bright red lips plunged into my crotch.

 Sinking her face between my legs, Sayaka carefully stimulates my p*nis with her lips and tongue while she removes her clothes one by one.

 Her wonderful nude body comes into view below.

 Sayaka, who originally had proportions that would make people believe that she was a working model, has been transformed to have a perfect body now that her scars have been removed.

 The angel wings on her back, which I had dared not to erase, began to move back and forth in front of my eyes. And having received Sayaka’s thick and devoted blowjob, my mind was occupied with the mysterious connection between me and Sayaka.

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