Returnee 31 2

Chapter 31 Clouds Over the Blue Sky

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 I had a bad premonition as I was following with my eyes Akuzawa’s back as he strutted down the main street, humming merrily


 ”Ayano, isn’t this position a little too cramped for you?”

 ”But is it too cramped for you?”

 ”No, I’m fine, but I thought it might be too tight for you. I don’t think our bathtub is big enough for the two of us to comfortably soak in, you know.”

 As soon as I got home after that, I was taking a bath with Ayano

 The reason why I am saying this in the bath is because I was in a rather absurd position: Ayano was lying down in the small bathtub first, and then I came in and held me as if she were holding a baby in her arms. There was no room for my feet, and it was out of the bathtub

 ”I don’t want Shuu to drown”

 ”I’m not going to drown in the bathtub, you know”

 ”No, no. There’s always the possibility of that. Anyway, why did you drink alcohol?”

 ”It doesn’t matter.”

 ”I’m not accusing you. I’m just surprised that Shuu, who has never done anything against the law before, suddenly drank alcohol.”

 ”I was having a bit of fun with a girl I know.”

 ”I see. Did you have a good time?”

 I didn’t feel any other intention when she said I had a good time

 While some women might ask such a question out of sarcasm, the words coming out of Ayano’s mouth seemed to have only a simple meaning of whether I had a good time or not. It was an unthinkable response from the prideful Ayano who used to be treated like a queen at school

 ”What, you’re not jealous?”

 ”That’s what I wonder myself. Before Shuu and I got into this relationship, I used to think that a man who cheats on his wife is the worst kind of man…”

 ”But now you’re not?”

 ”Yes. I’m so happy just to be with you. While I’m waiting for Shuu to come home alone, I’m hoping you’ll come back soon.”

 ”Hmm, that’s not so bad.”

 ”And you see—”

 Ayano reaches out her hand to my lower body

 Her white hand reached between my legs with a gentle tracing motion, and my dick instantly stiffened. Ayano’s handling of my cock is becoming more and more skillful day by day, probably because she has been giving me fellatio every day. So, it’s no wonder, she seems to be thinking about what she can do to make me happy at all hours of the day

 ”Your p*nis gets so hard so quickly because you don’t take it out, doesn’t it?”

 ”Of course. I’m not old enough to get hard after a shot or two with another woman.”

 ”I know Shuu’s p*nis is very hard, but Ayano can tell. Whether or not it’s after it’s been spurting out or not.”

 Ayano’s white hand begins to move slowly up and down in the tub

 I let Ayano move my body against hers and surrender myself to the pleasant sensation in my lower body

 ”By the way, your breasts are getting bigger again, aren’t they?”

 ”Oh, do you know it?”

 ”Yes, somewhat.”

 ”That’s right. I’m wondering if I should increase my bra size by one cup because it’s getting tighter lately. Still, I’m not sure if it’s just because I’m growing up, but I don’t want my breasts to get this big.”

 ”You don’t seem to be happy about it.”

 ”Because, you know, guys in my class have been staring at my breasts until now. I’m afraid they’ll get bigger than this.”

 ”Well, it won’t decrease. And even if they look at them, they’ll be looking at them over your clothes. It’s not a big deal if they look at you a little bit, is it?”

 ”No. Only Shuu is allowed to see my breasts.”

 I could feel Ayano’s nipples beginning to feel themselves getting hard and sharp as she worked on my cock. I guess it doesn’t really matter whether she is touching my dick or not since just a little sniff of my scent is enough to make her pussy wet

 ”Are the guys in your class, by any chance, Sakaki too?”

 ”Ah, come to think of it, Shintaro hasn’t made a move on me much since then. I don’t think he even looks at me these days.”

 ”I see. That’s all right then. I made sure I had a good talk with Sakaki.”

 ”Ayano’s your lover. You told him not to touch me?”

 ”Well, that’s pretty much it.”

 ”Really? I’m so happy! I love you, I love you, Shuu.”

 I was in a slightly awkward position as kisses rained down on my cheeks

 I twisted my face and turned my head to the side to see Ayano’s face, the corners of her eyes lowered in fascination, and the expression of a female in heat on her face

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