Returnee 42

Chapter 42 Escape Drama

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 Main Character’s Perspective

 Higuchi Yukari completely ignored Nishikuze’s greeting.

 Instead of even looking at Nishikuze, she stood up on the spot and spoke to Miki, who was standing next to Nishikuze, yelling at her.

 ”Hey, Miki. What on earth are you doing?”

 ”Y-Yukari-san. Why are you here?”

 ”Naoko seemed to be worried about you a lot. She told me that Miki had joined a strange religion and hadn’t come back home at all. After that, I contacted you several times, but you ignored all of them, didn’t you?”

 ”A-Ah… well, I was kind of busy at that time…”

 ”Hmm, I see. Well, I don’t blame you for the phone call… but weren’t you trying to force Naoko to join this religion too?”

 ”No, I was not trying to recruit her. I was just trying to make her understand my feelings if she had the same experience.”

 ”Ah? You know that it’s against the rules among us to drag a person into the group against his/her will, don’t you?”

 ”I’m aware of that, but…”

 ”Well, well, missy. You don’t have to yell at her so bluntly. Miki-san probably didn’t mean to do what she did.”

 ”I’m sorry, but can an outsider please stay out of this? I’m in the middle of a conversation with Miki right now.”

 When Higashikawa tried to intervene in the conversation, Yukari looked down at him from above.

 She even had an angry look on her face, as if she was telling him to keep quiet. Judging from the way she looked at Nishikuze and the others just before they entered, it was obvious that Yukari did not have a good impression of Higashikawa.

 In such a tense atmosphere, Nishikuze was the only one who sat down on the sofa with his arms crossed and remained silent. Despite the mild expression on his face, he must be thinking of something lewd in his mind. Instead of listening intently to their conversation, he was looking at Higuchi Yukari as if he wanted to evaluate her.

 However, at this time, I was actually more concerned about the physical discomfort of Yukari’s left leg than about the heavy atmosphere and the content of the conversation that was going on.

 Even now, I still feel the unnaturalness in her appearance and her slight movements. It had been quite a while since we had met at the school gate before, but did she still have pain in her left leg?

 ”Well, if you have something to worry about, shouldn’t you talk to me or Naoko first? Of course, if your problem is about money, I don’t think we can help you much. Still, I wanted you to talk to me for at least a word. Aren’t you being a little too naive to ask a complete stranger for help?”

 ”Yukari-san… That’s not what I meant.”

 ”Then what do you mean? You didn’t seem to be interested in religion or anything like that, did you?”

 ”It’s not that I’m troubled or anything. I don’t know what to say to make Yukari-san understand. It all started from a small thing. As I was listening to the Founder’s words, I realized that I had been doing something wrong, and I felt as if my heart was being cleansed… I just thought that this must be the place I was looking for.”

 ”What? So, even if you decide to break off your relationship with me and Naoko, do you still think that this religion is the place where you belong?”

 ”No, I am not trying to break off my relationship with Yukari-san and Naoko. If possible, I would like Yukari-san to understand my feelings.”

 ”Heh~, really? Even when you were living together with a guy you liked, you always prioritized promises to us…”

 ”This time, I didn’t make a promise to Yukari-san…”

 ”That’s the problem, you know! I’m saying that if you’re going to talk about such an important matter, you should at least talk to us first!”

 From what I have heard, Yukari seemed to have a close relationship with a woman named Miki.

 Then she heard from the other woman, Naoko, that Miki was into religion, and came all the way to this place.

 Hearing all that, the story seems to have nothing to do with me. But the problem is that Higuchi Yukari is involved in this story.

 I have no recollection I had any contact with her, even if I go back to my past memories. In fact, I even forgot about Sayaka, with whom I had been dating for a while. There must have been some kind of memory impairment, and I can’t say anything about it.

 But what if I really had a relationship with Yukari, too?

 What kind of relationship would that be? Her brother Nobuo is still not a good friend of mine. So, I can’t imagine that I have a connection to his sister Yukari from there.

 ”Well, it seems that you two have a very complicated situation. Takagi, since this is a private conversation, please keep everyone out of the parlor so that the believers won’t overhear.”

 ”Yes, I understand.”

 At this point, Nishikuze finally opened his mouth and a mature man named Takagi, who was standing by his side, immediately left the parlor.

 The four remaining people in the room were Higashikawa, Nishikuze, Yukari, and Miki.

 Or, five in all if I include myself, who is secretly observing the scene.

 For a while, there was an awkward silence in the guest room, which was getting darker and darker as the sun went down.

 ”Why don’t we sit down, have a cup of tea, and calm down? When you are in a tense state, it is difficult to make a reasonable discussion. It would be better for both of us to have a long discussion after you calm down.”

 Nishikuze was about to sit up but suddenly stopped as if something came to his mind.

 ”Oh, by the way, I didn’t know where the teacups and tea leaves were kept. I’m sorry, I left the main hall to the followers. Miki-san, where was the place for the teacups?”

 ”Ah, Founder. I know where it is. I’ll get it for you.”

 ”Well, may I ask you to do it for me? Normally I should be the one to serve them to the guests.”

 Yukari finally sits down on the sofa as Miki disappears behind the partition.

 I was concerned about Nishikuze’s somewhat unnatural mannerisms, so I secretly followed Miki as she went to make tea.

 I mean, Nishikuze is a lecherous man. He could be up to something.

 The best of the best had come to trap her. I knew that Nishikuze would never pass up this chance.

 Sure enough, while Miki was making a cup of tea, she pulled out a familiar vial from her pocket.

 Of course, it was a request from Nishikuze, but it was also proof that Miki was crazy enough about Nishikuze to the extent that she was willing to offer her acquaintance as an offering.

 I don’t know what Nishikuze said to Miki when he handed the vial to her, but I guess he decided that it was safe to disclose the trick to Miki.

 Well, it is not wrong to assume that the only way to get the aphrodisiac is to do Nishikuze’s bidding, knowing that the vial is the cause of the great pleasure.

 So, I can understand that Nishikuze decided that there is no problem in revealing it, but I was a little concerned that Nishikuze is now trying to use that aphrodisiac on Higuchi Yukari.

 If you force someone who is not willing to have s*x with you to take an aphrodisiac, how effective will it be?

 Even if the partner is in heat, it does not necessarily mean that he or she will listen to what you say. Of course, it is certain that the more times a person is given the aphrodisiac, the more he or she will not be able to resist the temptation. However, I did not think that the process would go so well with only one dose.

 Nishikuze must have known that. Then, is he going to confine her to house arrest until the effect is seen?

 It seems to be a very rough way, but it is still understandable.

 Originally, Nishikuze Eishin is nothing but a fraud. It is hard to believe that he would be so bold in committing a crime. If Nishikuze felt confident in the aphrodisiac after the incident with Miki, it is not surprising that he took such a daring action. However, Higashikawa would never make such a sloppy plan. So, Nishikuze’s decision is more likely to be his own.

 Now, as Miki returns to her seat, she puts the tea for all the people on the table and takes a seat next to Yukari.

 Yukari, who had no idea that the tea contained an aphrodisiac, sipped the tea without any suspicion.

 ”Miki, Naoko is worried about you too. Let’s go home and talk about it. If you insist that this is where you belong, then I’ll give up on the idea that it’s something that can’t be helped.”


 ”Hmm, maybe that’s a good idea.”


 ”You see, this old man says so too. Hahh, hahh… hey, let’s do that… Ahh!!!”

 ”Miki-san, wouldn’t you be happier to be with her? How about it?”

 Saying this, Nishikuze stood up quickly and sat down next to Yukari on the opposite side of the table.

 ”Hahh, hahhh…hey, wait a minute. Wh-What are you… Ah… No… S-Stop it!”

 Yukari was caught between Miki and Nishikuze, and their hands started to reach out to her from both sides together, as if in a gesture of mutual support.

 Miki put her arms around Yukari, and Nishikuze put his hands on the thighs of her long legs.

 ”Hey, Eishin. Don’t tell me you’re… Isn’t that a bad idea?”

 ”Don’t worry about it. Leave it to me to deal with this missy. It’s the quickest way to keep her quiet.”

 ”You bastard!!! Don’t touch me with your dirty hands—Ahh! Hahh, hahh… What happened to me?”

 ”Hey, Miki. Hold her down and make her drink all the rest.”

 ”Yukari-san, I’m sorry.”

 ”S-Stop it! Mnght… Miki, ah, youuu… Hahh, hahh!”

 Yukari is pinned down by Nishikuze, who pinches her nose.

 Miki’s hand also reached out from the opposite side of Nishikuze’s body and forced the rest of the tea into Yukari’s mouth.

 ”Eishin…. Do you really think this is going to work?”

 ”Don’t worry. Hirofumi, you worry too much. It worked out fine with Miki, didn’t it?”

 ”That’s not how it was with this woman. Damn it! But what’s done is done… But if you’re going to do it, you’d better make sure it’s done exactly the way you want it.”

 ”Yeah, I know. Everything’s fine with that thing. I’m gonna lock her in the basement until she learns to be a good girl.”

 ”Of course, that’s the only way. But, are you sure she’s the kind of person who’d be okay with suddenly disappearing?”

 ”Yes. Miki told me she seemed to be able to handle it. The only people who would be worried by her sudden disappearance are the people at work and a woman named Naoko, and Miki can talk to them.”

 ”That’s better. But still, I’ll have to talk to you later. Eishin, I’ll tell you this. Don’t touch the girl yet. But talk to me first before you do anything. Do you know how much trouble we’ll be in if you do this and fail?”

 ”I know, I know it.”

 ”Ah, ahhh! D-Damn! Miki, you bastard!!!”

 Yukari, who was being held down by Nishikuze, was desperately trying to escape.

 However, Nishikuze was a huge man, weighing more than 100 kilograms. When a man like Nishikuze presses down on her body, it is difficult for a woman to move. Even if Yukari is a tomboyish woman and has little strength, she would not be able to move much now due to the effect of the aphrodisiac.

 ”By the way, she’s a bit of a brute. Don’t worry. I’ll make you feel good soon and then I’ll make you go to heaven with my ‘son’. Miki, give her another dose of that stuff you just gave her.”


 ”Hahh, hahh… I-I’ll kill you! You bastard! I’ll never forgive you! ah… ah… Stop itttt!”

 Without a doubt, Yukari will kill Nishikuze if the situation continues as it is.

 Even though Yukari may be able to show her will of steel and endure the pleasure of the aphrodisiac for a few days, Nishikuze’s intention that it is only a matter of time before she is put under house arrest seems to be not so wrong. Because this aphrodisiac is so addictive that it can lead to criminal acts.

 But will it really work that well?

 Well, even if these guys fail and get into trouble with the police, I can just go into hiding.

 However, I felt a kind of uneasiness in my heart at this time. Was it because this Yukari woman might be involved in my past?

 I just met this Yukari the other day, and I am not even close to Nobuo. I don’t feel any obligation to help her.

 So I didn’t know why I felt the need to help her.

 Still, I suddenly took out the Nine-Tails Pain from the interdimensional storage and swung it at Nishikuze’s body.

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