Returnee 54

Chapter 54 The Destroyer’s Woman

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 Main Character’s Perspective

 ”Is there anyone here who you know?”

 ”Hmm? Anyone I know? No, I don’t think so.”

 ”I see. In that case, that’s good.”

 I was asking Yukari this question as I listened to the voices of the gangster-like men that I could still hear.

 It was not an accidental encounter with a gangster at a restaurant we had just entered for dinner.

 It means that I relied on my ability, just as I did when I searched for the office of the Rindo clan. From the glimpse of their backs, I’m sure they are the gangsters I’m looking for.

 I did not tell Yukari in advance which restaurant we were going to, and it might have looked like I chose this Chinese restaurant at random.

 According to Yasunaga’s story, this downtown area should be the territory of the 4th Shouryuu family.

 The 4th Shouryuu family seems to be an organization that recently came to power from the Kansai region, and is said to be in a hostile relationship with the Sanriku-kai organization to which Yasunaga belongs. When Yasunaga warns me again and again that he has a trouble with other organizations, I guess he is mainly referring to them.

 There may be some other weak organizations, but only this 4th Shouryuu family can compete with the Sanriku-kai group on an equal footing, and Yasunaga should not be giving me any warning just because I might have a trouble with a weak organization.

 ”That’s good? What do you mean by that?”

 ”Well, I just thought it might make things a little more difficult if you happen to know someone here.”

 ”What do you mean, it’ll make it difficult?”

 ”I’m sure I’ve told you this before, but becoming my servant will cause not only your blood-sucking desires, but also various changes in your state of mind.”

 ”Oh, you mean that I want Sienna’s hot thing?”

 ”Yes, of course that’s part of it. But isn’t that all?”

 ”Hmm? What other changes do you mean?”

 ”Do you ever get angry or somewhat irritated by some things?”

 ”Oh, yes, that’s right. I did say that I do get irritated a little bit. But that will go away when I did it with Sienna.”

 ”I see. Perhaps you are able to release your frustration by relieving your s*xual desire for now. But I don’t think that’s a fundamental solution. Even I can’t always meet Yukari-san.”

 The reason why I came all the way to this restaurant is because I wanted to use these guys as an outlet for Yukari’s violent impulses.

 Also, they must understand how much violence Yukari can inflict on them and made her learn to take it easy on them.

 With these guys, there should be no problem even if something goes wrong. They are a good training ground for her, since they can’t hurt my conscience, which is still a little intact.

 Although Yukari seem to have managed to suppress her violent impulses so far, there is no telling how and when she might explode.

 The urge to violence is an instinctive urge for monsters. So, no matter how much I commanded her to do so, I doubted if she could suppress it with her reason. There was a possibility that Yukari would lose her tension and attack those who were close to her.

 I can’t say for sure that she would do so, but it would be a serious matter if it was on the news one morning.

 ”What do you want me to do then?”

 ”For that reason, I’m asking Yukari-san to accept a job offer to relieve stress. Somehow, I have been asked to do it by some other organization. They want me to give these people a little pain.”

 ”Hmm. A job offer, huh? I didn’t know Sienna did that kind of thing.”

 ”Well, there’s a lot of things. And I also need Yukari-san herself to understand what your current level of strength is. I think it would be a good training ground for that purpose.”

 ”I see. So, in a nutshell, I’m going to pick a fight with these guys and beat them to a pulp.”

 ”Well, something like that. But you don’t have to fight them fair and square. However, no need to kill them. You can attack them in the dark or from behind, but it’s enough if you can disable them for a while.”

 ”I don’t really like that kind of thing.”

 ”Don’t get it wrong. This is not a fight, so there is no cowardice or anything like that. Well, I’ll leave it to you, Yukari-san, but I told you earlier that this was a job offer.”

 ”All right. So I’m supposed to do everyone in the room?”

 ”I would say do as you please, but I would suggest that you avoid the top brass at first. If you start with the executives, they will be wary of you. Let’s start by taking off their limbs little by little and crush their heads at the end.”

 Although I have made up such a story, of course, I was not really asked to do such a job.

 It is not that there was anything wrong with being honest, but it is also because Yukari herself did not quite understand her own impulse toward violence.

 Rather than explaining everything from scratch, I thought it would be easier to convince Yukari if there was a motive that was at least somewhat easy to understand. Since Yukari will never disobey my instructions, it does not make any difference what the reason is.

 In any case, if many members of the Shouryuu family were beaten up by a single woman, the face of the Shouryuu family would be completely destroyed.

 It is not that I was trying to ingratiate myself with Yasunaga and the others, or that I felt even a slight sense of comradeship with them.

 On the contrary, when the situation turned bad, I was going to blame Yasunaga’s organization for the whole thing, and escape as fast as I could.

 In fact, I even made Yukari wear the shapeshifter’s mask, so that she could leak some of my secrets to the police.

 But even if the police get involved, I don’t think there’s any chance that they’ll be able to get to the real us, but just to be on the safe side, we’re going to make it look like a gang war.

 On the other hand, if there is a shadow of James Masuda near the mysterious foreign-looking woman, there is a possibility to trace it to the Rindo clan. So, even if Yukari’s rampage against the gangsters is a little out of the ordinary, the police will eventually see it as a case of a gangster.

 It is unlikely that the Shouryuu family will resort to the police so easily, but it is impossible to say that there is no possibility that they will overdo it and end up in a case of injury. If Yukari exerts her full strength, her opponent will not be injured beyond a few bones.

 Even in such a case, the plan is to make it look as if the Rindo clan has hired a foreign destroyer.

 The only time I show up, however, is when there is a problem.

 Basically, I do not intend to appear in front of the Shouryuu family. This is because it is better to assume that Yasunaga will eventually get to know about it when I appear in the form of James Masuda. As a result, the deal with the Rindo clan will also have to be terminated.

 Well, since I have made a good amount of money so far, and I have a plan to get money from Nishikuze and others, there is no problem to terminate the deal with Yasunaga.

 ”Okay. I understand.”

 ”For the time being, please memorize the faces of those people. Let’s target one of them who looks like a gangster first.”

 I’m not at all worried about Yukari’s injury.

 Despite being a lesser vampire, Yukari is a vampire.

 A stab to a part of her body with a long dagger or something like that should not be a problem, since the wound would regenerate quickly. But even before that, Yukari’s reflexes are far beyond human’s, so she would not make such a mistake.

 The problem is when she is hit by a gunshot wound to the head, but considering the vampire’s regenerative ability, I have a feeling that she would be fine. In the other world, there are only bows and arrows, not handguns, so it is hard to say.

 Besides, just because the other party is a gangster doesn’t mean that they usually carry a gun with them. Unless they are going to go to another gang, they must keep their guns somewhere where they cannot be easily found.

 Well, I will tell Yukari to protect her head just in case.

 ”My memory is not so good, but I’ll try my best.”

 As I was saying this, I noticed an elderly female waitress coming to the table to ask for my order.

 While I was giving the order to the waitress, Yukari and I were secretly watching the 4th generation of the Shouryuu family sitting in the back with a sideways glance.

* * *

 Third Person Perspective

 The time was probably around 2 am.

 If one turns off the main street of the downtown area and enters a narrow street and goes to the back for a while, one finds a dimly-lit back alley lined with red lanterns.

 There is no light from a cloak, and the lights of the stores serve as a source of light. The last train has already passed, and there is hardly anyone who looks like a normal person in the place. If there were any now, it was probably someone working in the brothel, or a drunken office worker who decided to take a cab home.

 At the present place, a small fat man dressed in a G*RFY sweatshirt was crouched down on the ground as if he were a hoodlum.

 ”Ggghh… Wh-What the hell, you son of a bitch!”

 He cries out in a voice as if he is squeezing it out from the back of his throat.

 It is natural for a man to say such words.

 Because when he had finally finished his job as a guard of the young boss and was heading for a relatively inexpensive red lantern to have a drink and look for a woman, he was kicked by a stranger out of the blue.

 He was wondering whether he should call out to her or not, because the blonde woman walking in front of him seemed to be quite beautiful.

 But this was in a dimly-lit back alley. In fact, it is quite common that she is not so beautiful in person, only with heavy make-up. However, she was slender and well-shaped, and the man thought that even if her face was a little ugly, she would be a good-looking girl.

 However, he guessed that it was probably a prostitute who was out at this time of the night.

 It is also not impossible that she had a boyfriend, and in fact, she could have been her big bro’s mistress. Surely it would be a bad idea to talk to her without checking her face?

 Just as such a thought was flitting through his mind, he was unexpectedly kicked by a woman. Her kick was more severe than he had ever experienced before, and it felt as if his left leg had been hit by a square timber with all his might.

 ”Who the hell do you think I am?!”

 ”I don’t know. You’re just a dirty bastard, aren’t you? Looking at other people’s body without asking…”

 ”Who would look at a dirty little bitch like you?”

 ”Hhuh? Who’s Zubek?

 The fat thug rubbed his aching left leg and managed to look up to see a blonde woman, who looked either foreign or Japanese. When he looked closely at her face, he found that she was much more beautiful than he had expected, and he felt an ulterior motive in spite of such a situation.

 Just when the guy was thinking that he might be able to have a blow with her as a consolation prize, she gave him another kick.


 And after that, all the man knew was that he had been kicked so hard.

 He curled up like a turtle and did his best to defend himself, as if he were the one he had been blamed for the fight.

 In the middle of this, he thought he could even hear his bones breaking.

 But he was kicked so hard that he was not even sure if it was really the sound of his bones breaking or not.

 Still, the fat thug was thinking about that in his fading consciousness, wondering how he could make love to this woman after this.

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