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Chapter 57 Dark Clouds

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 Main Character’s Perspective

 Third year students are in the middle of the examination season

 With that, we second year students started to have a sense of anxiety and anticipation about our future, such as going on to college or getting a job

 Amidst all this, I stopped by a park on my way home from school, and the touch of lips on my cheek brought me back from my daze. When I turned around, I saw Kyouka’s smiling face with a clear dimple on her cheek

 ”Hey, Shuu-kun, did you just think about another girl?”

 I laugh at Kyouka who says this to me after kissing me

 However, the reason why I laugh is not because I thought that Kyouka was being jealous. I knew that Kyouka’s tone was mischievous and that we were just joking around as usual

 I even knew that she must have been aware of my relationship with Ayano before that. Even if Sakaki and the others did not talk about it to the people around them, rumors about relationships between men and women would come out of nowhere. It is not surprising that someone might be suspicious of the relationship if it is somehow suspicious

 Even so, Kyouka doesn’t say anything to me, so I guess that she is not a jealous person

 Even if it’s a convenient assumption, it won’t make any difference anyway, since I have no intention to change my immoral behavior

 ”Hmm? Was it that obvious on my face?”

 ”Clearly. But still, you’ve got a lot of nerve even with me, your lover, next to you.”

 ”Don’t blame me. I don’t have a choice. She’s very beautiful and she’s got a great personality.”

 ”Really? I didn’t know Shuu-kun had such a wonderful girl around. This is something I should pay attention to. So, Shuu-kun, you were thinking about this girl even though you were in the middle of a meeting with your beloved lover, is that right?”

 ”Yes. I was wondering if there was any way I could bring her to my room now. I mean, she even kissed me and did some more erotic things, but things didn’t go very well from there.”

 When I laugh jokingly, Kyouka seems to know what I am trying to say and breaks into a smirk

 It may sound like a joke to anyone other than Kyouka, but I didn’t say this to fool her

 It is true that I have been thinking about Kyouka, and it is also true that I would like to promote our relationship. Even if it’s not out of love

 ”I see. As Shuu-kun is in the middle of puberty, you want to take the relationship a little further, correct? But, is she using her mouth or something to make Shuu-kun feel good? Is it possible that you are no longer satisfied with that kind of behavior?”

 ”Mmm. That’s the point. It feels great and it’s satisfying. But it’s only a physical satisfaction in the end, isn’t it? A man always has the desire to completely own the body and soul of the girl he likes.”

 ”Don’t worry, I’m Shuu-kun’s, right?”

 The aura of Kyouka’s smiling face was full of pink [affection], as if to confirm this fact

 At the same time, however, there was a grayish color of [agony] that was always hidden in her aura

 Every time I saw this gray aura, I felt as if I was being hit with the reality that Kyouka did not fully trust me

 ”But there’s something you’re not telling me, isn’t there?”

 Even if I was getting my life back on track, it wouldn’t be to change the breakup I’d had with Kyouka

 If that were the case, I would not have had to redo my relationships with Ayano, Sayaka, Yukari, and Naoko

 It would be more understandable if I had a selfish desire to own not only Kyouka but also all the women in my life before. I am now fully aware of the fact that I am such a bastard

 However, it is difficult to say that things are going well with Kyouka

 I don’t remember that we had any fights in my previous life, or that our relationship gradually deteriorated, although I am sure that our relationship has grown deeper than before. I also don’t remember that Kyouka had a change of heart or something, and she left me unilaterally. That is how I perceive it

 In that case, I didn’t think that the fundamental problem was solved

 And it is probably about time. If the time comes for Kyouka to break up with me, it will be..

 However, it would be a negative thing to forcefully ask her to break up

 But then, given Kyouka’s stubbornness, it is unlikely that she would be willing to talk to me, and it might even make the relationship between us worse

 It is not that we did nothing last time. It is just that I could not get Kyouka to tell me what was bothering her

 ”I have my own problems, too. It doesn’t mean that I can’t tell Shuu-kun about it, it’s just that it’s not something that I should talk to you about. You don’t have to worry so much, okay?”

 ”But the other day you suddenly missed school, didn’t you? Even if you tell me not to worry because of that, I can’t help it.”

 ”That’s why you got sick all of a sudden. You know… even I have my girl’s day.”

 ”No, I’m not blaming you. I’m just saying that if you have a problem that you can’t solve on your own, you should talk to me about it. I think I’m pretty dependable in many ways.”

 ”Thanks. But don’t worry. I’m sure I’ll get over it pretty quick.”

 ”I see…”

 I don’t understand why Kyouka is so adamant about keeping this a secret

 Of course, it is natural that even a trusted lover has a thing or two that he or she does not want to tell

 But if I fail like I did before because of it, I might as well let her drown in the pleasures like Ayano and Naoko did

 At worst, I would do so, but there was still a problem with the parasitic slime that I was going to use in that case

 What should I use for the third stage of transformation?

 The incubus’s bodily fluids were not enough for one change, and the orc’s aphrodisiac was too effective, and it would be too much of a physical burden if the parasited body by the slime kept climax every time it secreted mucus. And the ovaries of the war-rabbit would also make the s*x drive too strong, which would only result in the creation of a s*x-crazed woman

 Hmm, what about making a hybrid of incubus bodily fluids and orc aphrodisiac, or orc aphrodisiac and war-rabbit ovaries?

 Then each effect would not be so high

 But it would be a last resort anyway

 For now, I have no intention to use anything against Kyouka. However, it is not out of pure love for Kyouka that I have come to such a decision

 The reason why I do not try to use the parasitic slime as I did with Ayano is because something other than my feelings is blocking my way

 At first, I thought that it was because of romantic feelings, but now I understand that it is not romantic feelings at all

 It was the same with Sayaka and Yukari. I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that I have started my life over again, but I feel that I am unknowingly choosing the path that seems to be more correct. I guess I can’t get too deep into it now that I’m aware of it, though

 ”But, you’re right. Then, if I can’t solve the problem, I might take you up on your offer and ask Shuu-kun to help me, right?”

 ”Yes, please do. I’m sure I can be of more help than Kyouka thinks.”

 The [gray] aura in Kyouka fades a little

 Although I said this confidently, I was not sure that I could solve my problems either. There are some problems that can’t be solved by money or violence alone

 In my previous life, I must have noticed some changes in Kyouka. And yet I did nothing

 Or maybe I just lost a part of my memory and could not do anything even though I was aware of Kyouka’s problems

 ”So, I wonder if after this, I go to Shuu-kun’s room and get attacked by your trusty girfriend…?”

 ”You’ve never forced me to do anything like that before. Don’t tell me you don’t trust me?”

 ”I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it like that. To tell the truth, I’ve been thinking that maybe it’s time to move on…”

 ”What? I heard what you said.”

 ”Wait… I’m still not ready…”

 ”I’m kidding, I’m kidding. I mean, you’re okay with oral, right?”

 ”Yes, I am. But I was surprised at first because Shuu-kun’s is so big, but lately it’s starting to look cute.”

 With such a nonchalant conversation, we walk out of the park together, holding hands

 To other people, it was probably a repulsively sweet exchange

 From all appearances, things were going well between Kyouka and me

 A week later, Kyouka started to take a break from school, and I was enjoying my sweet youth, not knowing that I would be out of touch for a while

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