Returnee 58 2

Chapter 58 Unreachable Hands

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 There was a woman on the bed with her face buried in the crotch of a man with a big belly, who was sucking his dick with all her heart

 The guy seems to be filming her with a video camera in his hand

 ”Hoee. Shuu-kun?”

 She overhears the man’s words, looks up and sees me, and utters such a dumb remark

 Still, she never took her face away from the man’s crotch and flicked her tongue on his dick with a regretful look on her face

 Her face was familiar to me

 No, I could say I knew her well

 A pleasant husky voice

 A lovely face for a slender figure

 And the dimpled cheeks that I loved the most

 But who the hell is this girl? I don’t think I know. This woman who looks so much like Kyouka..

 ”Kukuku. I’m sorry, boy. Look at this girl, she’s turned me on to my dick. Whenever she has free time, she’s sucking dick like this. But well, I think it’s rare that a woman doesn’t fall in love with this great Hitoshi Akuzawa’s dick.”

 ”I like dick. I want to lick Shu-kun’s dick, too.”

 ”You stupid! Kyouka, you should just shut up and lick my dick. Don’t you want to get my fat dick poked in the back of your cunt a lot? Is that okay? If you’re going to suck his dick, I’m not going to give you any more good feelings, okay? How?”

 ”No. I like it when you poke me deep inside my cunt. I want your big cock to penetrate me more and more.”

 ”Of course you do.”

 I had no idea what they were talking about

 No, I just didn’t want to admit it

 That the woman happily sucking Akuzawa’s dick in front of me was my girlfriend, Kyouka

 I don’t even know if the emotion I’m feeling right now is anger or frustration. Afraid to admit that I am such a weak person, I refuse to even acknowledge that what is happening now is real

 ”Do you understand now? That’s why I asked you to come all the way here, in other words. I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to give up this woman.”

 ”No, you’re lying…”

 ”It’s not a lie. This is the reality.”

 ”Hmm, why’s Shuu-kun here? Yahoo, Shuu-kun, you wanna have s*x with me too? Do you want to get in my pussy too? Wouldn’t you like to cum in my pussy a lot, Shuu-kun?”

 ”Tsk, this is no good. You’re not understanding anything. Come on, Kyouka… open your legs wide so I can give you that good feeling I always give you.”

 ”What? The good feeling? Are you going to rub some drugs on me? Maybe I like drug? Hurry, hurry. I want to get so much pleasure from my clit.”

 ”Just turn around. I’m going to make your favorite Shuu-kun get all hot and while I show him.”

 Saying this, Akuzawa scooped something liquid and transparent from a small plate on the table next to the bed with his finger and started to apply it to Kyouka’s crotch

 It was easy to imagine that the liquid was some kind of drug. After all, since there were some suspicious-looking pills or something else randomly placed next to the liquid

 ”Yes! This feels good. I’m going to cum!”

 With these words, Kyouka roughly slid her fingers in and out of her vagina

 Her face was already contorted with pleasure, and she seemed to be oblivious to my presence

 ”How about it, Kyouka? Are you getting horny for my dick?”

 ”Yes, yes. I want it. I want your dick.”

 ”Well, then, you should say goodbye to your beloved Shu-kun. Isn’t that the right thing to do?”

 ”I’ll do it! I’ll do anything! Dick! Hurry up and put your dick in my pussy!”

 ”Then put it in yourself. Make sure Shuu-kun can see it.”

 As soon as Akuzawa said that to her, Kyouka straddled his dick with a happy look on her face

 She then quickly slurps up Akuzawa’s dirty cock in her beautiful pink pussy

 ”You’re always whining and crying and resisting when you come to your senses, aren’t you? D*mn you, you made me go through all that trouble. But I guess she’ll give up if I show her this video later.”

 My heart skips a beat

 The feeling I was having at that time might have been a marked desire to kill Akuzawa

 Without realizing it, I clenched my fist so hard that I felt pain


 The moment I saw a single tear fall from the eye of a woman who looked like Kyouka, who was swaying her hips comfortably in front of me, I ran away from the scene

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