Returnee 62


Chapter 62 Unremovable Shackles

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 ”Can you tell me what’s going on? I don’t recall agreeing to anything like this,” Amazawa said, feeling confused and frustrated.

 ”Amazawa-san, please take a closer look at the contract once again. There’s no provision prohibiting the transfer of rights written anywhere, right? In that case, the transfer of rights does not require the debtor’s consent,” Yasunaga explained calmly.

 ”Well, if that’s the case… Fine, as long as he can pay me back, there shouldn’t be any problems. The contract itself doesn’t change too.” I agreed. “I mean, he’s not completely unwilling to pay, is he? Then it’s the same thing.”

 ”Well, that might be true, but…” Amazawa hesitated, still unsure about the situation.

 Although Amazawa was saying such things, it’s doubtful whether he really intends to pay. Well, he might have some vague idea of trying to figure something out, but it’s probably just a reckless thought of striking it rich in gambling. If he had any intention of working seriously and repaying, he wouldn’t have come to a place like this. After glaring at Kyouka’s father like that, I followed up on Yasunaga’s words.

 ”Amazawa Katsuji-san, please rest assured. If you can at least repay the interest, I can extend the repayment period to some extent. However, if I determine that you haven’t even paid the interest or that there’s no intention on your part to repay, then I’ll have to resort to some strict measures.”

 Upon hearing my words, infused with a bit of anger, not only Amazawa’ but also Kyouka’s aura trembled with fear. It might be true that I became somewhat emotional. In addition to the negative emotions towards Akuzawa, I also felt anger towards Kyouka’s father.

 ”Now, Masuda-san, here’s the contract with the change in the creditor’s name from Akuzawa.”

 ”Yes, indeed.”

 ”And as promised, Amazawa-san, I will give you 1 million yen in cash for now.”

 ”Oh, uh, yes.”

 ”And from now on, Akuzawa will not be involved in this matter at all. We will also refuse any further borrowing. Please keep that in mind, Amazawa-san.”

 What Yasunaga handed me was a contract in which Akuzawa personally transferred the rights of the loan he made to me. When the creditor is a financial institution, they would be subject to the Money Lending Business Act and the Interest Rate Restriction Act, so they couldn’t do anything reckless. However, when it comes to loans between individuals, even if they fall under the interest rate restrictions, there are no substantial penalties, allowing those involved to do as they please. That’s why such a dangerous contract, commonly found in shady money lending, was made, probably because it was impossible to borrow from other financial institutions. And now, Akuzawa made it clear that he would not lend any further. Looking at Kyouka’s father’s face clouding over, it seemed he finally realized that the current situation was desperate.

 Moreover, the rights were transferred right after signing the contract. From Kyouka’s father’s perspective, it wouldn’t be surprising if he suspected that Akuzawa and I were colluding for some scheme. However, even if he regrets it now, it wouldn’t change anything.


 ”Sorry. This is where our connection ends. Don’t worry, it’s possible to manage a few million yen if you’re determined to pay back with all your might.”


 ”Hey, you… How about working seriously and trying to earn money? There are places that would hire someone like you for manual labor.”

 As expected of Akuzawa. There was supposed to be a plan to further trap the Amazawa family, but due to my intervention, Amazawa Katsuji’s debt was settled at around 8 million yen. So, his argument that he can manage the repayment might not be entirely wrong. However, it comes with a condition that he works day and night and allocate most of his salary towards repayment. That would be an impossible task for someone like Kyouka’s father. Moreover, considering what might happen to Kyouka afterwards, it seemed highly unlikely that he would change his mind over something like this.

 ”Well then, let’s discuss the future repayment plan, including those aspects. It won’t be the same as before, that’s for sure. However, it would inconvenience Yasunaga-san and the others if we continue here. Shall we go to Amazawa-san’s home for now? Did you come here by car, or did you walk?”

 ”Huh? I walked, but… Still, there’s no need for you to come all the way to my place. I will make sure to pay the interest by the deadline.”

 ”Amazawa Katsuji-san, if I may be so bold, I understand that you are currently unemployed. I’m well aware of your inability to repay. In the current situation where you cannot borrow from Yasunaga-san anymore, how do you plan to repay even just the interest? Can you allocate the 1 million yen you currently have for repayment, for the time being?”

 ”Well, this money is needed for something…”


 Kyouka, looking uneasy, directed her gaze towards her father’s face. Though it may be a bit unreasonable, to pretend to be aware of what Kyouka’s father is hiding from her, I decided to press him for information. Should I sever ties between Kyouka and her father? No, that seems difficult. Kyouka is quite stubborn and has a compassionate nature. Even in this situation, I can’t believe she took her father’s words at face value. She can’t be that foolish. Perhaps she sensed something was off but couldn’t bring herself to abandon her father.

 ”I see. In that case, it seems Amazawa-san will have to get life insurance. I don’t mind that option either.”


 ”It’s only natural, isn’t it? There’s less than a week left until this month’s repayment deadline. I don’t think you can manage to repay it by then. Unless you provide something as collateral.”

 ”I definitely will. I’ll definitely figure something out before the due date.”

 ”Words alone can’t solve anything. I’m curious about the method you have in mind.”


 ”Well…never mind. I suppose that’s fine. I have a repayment plan in mind that should work even for someone like Amazawa-san. Let’s discuss it at your home.”

 ”No, I said the home…if you could just give me a little more time…”

 ”What a waste… I apologize, Miss, but we already have all the information, from your home address to your parents’ address. Trying to run away won’t work, I’m afraid. Now, let’s go. Miss.”

 No matter where Kyouka hides, I can find her with my abilities, and it’s unlikely that she would disappear without saying a word. I’m not worried about that. The problem lies with her father. I haven’t heard anything from Kyouka about him being a single parent. In that case, should I persuade her mother to separate them? Either way, I feel like I need to do something about her father to solve this problem.

 ”Ouch! That hurts…”

 ”In that case, Yasunaga-san and Akuzawa-san, this is where we part ways.”


 ”Oh, Masuda-san. Don’t forget I did you a favor this time. I expect a good deal in return.”

 While exchanging such greetings with Yasunaga and the others, I forcefully grab Kyouka’s father’s arm, who was trying to deceive me. Akuzawa is right beside us, smirking as he listens to our conversation. If we keep talking like this, it’s scary to think that I might reveal something. Maybe that’s why I’m feeling a bit anxious.

 Now, touching Kyouka’s back as well, I gently lead the two of them outside the Ando Finance building. Walking outside, I immediately call Sayaka. And, it seems she had parked nearby, as I hear her calling me from a familiar car. I approach the car and lean my face through the open passenger window, whispering in a voice only Sayaka can hear.

 ”Sayaka-san. We’re going to take the two people behind me to their home. We don’t have time to leisurely discuss the details now, so I understand if you find it suspicious. However, I’d like you to avoid talking to this parent and child too much. If they ask something, I’ll answer on their behalf.”

 ”Understood. In fact, you can treat me as just a driver.”

 ”I’m sorry, but please do that. Here’s the address.”

 After showing Sayaka the contract and telling her the address of the Amazawa residence, I turn to the parent and child.

 ”Amazawa Katsuji-san and his daughter, please go to the back seat. Don’t worry, everything will be fine. We just need to have a little discussion at your home.”

 Saying that, I forcefully push the Amazawa father and daughter into the back seat of the car and then take the front passenger seat myself. In the back seat, Kyouka looks overwhelmed by anxiety and fear. I couldn’t find any words to say to her, so I sat silently in the passenger seat throughout the journey.


 ”It can’t be, dear…”

 ”Sorry, Mizuki…”

 Maybe in about 20 years, when Kyouka gets older, she might look like her. That’s what I thought when I saw a woman sitting in front of me who looked strikingly similar to Kyouka.

 It was Kyouka’s mother, Amazawa Mizuki. At first glance, she looked young enough to be mistaken for Kyouka’s older sister, despite the age difference. However, she should be at least in her late thirties, if not in her mid-forties, depending on when she gave birth to Kyouka. Nevertheless, a face identical to Kyouka’s was there in front of me.

 However, there were definitely some distinct differences between her and Kyouka. How should I put it? Physically matured would be the right expression. While there were traces of weariness on her face, there was also a sensuality typical of a married woman that aroused a man’s desires, replacing Kyouka’s youthful appearance.

 I had never met Kyouka’s mother before, and even if I tried to recall fragments of vague memories, I had no recollection of knowing her. Before our relationship became intimate in the past, Kyouka had already broken up with me.

 ”But how exactly do you plan to repay the rest? The part-time job your wife mentioned earlier is not enough to cover the remaining amount. Besides, it seems like you’re barely managing your daily expenses with that money, isn’t it?”

 ”In that case… I’ll become a substitute for my daughter,”


 ”Well… I’m not so sure about that. Certainly, if the wife works at brothel or something similar, she should be able to earn a considerable amount of money. As for you, the husband, you’re the one who got yourself into this debt. I suppose you can’t complain about that. However, that would only cover the interest at best. You must understand that without reducing the principal, it won’t solve anything.”

 To be honest, I was quite fed up. Mizuki’s reaction was unexpected, and I wasn’t satisfied with her lack of response, even though I had already told her about Amazawa’s 8 million yen debt. Not only that, I had already exposed how he had lost most of the debt through gambling. At first, Mizuki vehemently denied my words, but when I pretended to have heard everything from Akuzawa and threatened her, she had nothing to say and fell silent.

 Kyouka probably had a vague idea that her father’s claim of the money being for a business was a lie. Without much surprise, she lowered her head and fell silent, just like her father. Mizuki, on the other hand, seemed slightly surprised, but she didn’t direct her anger at Amazawa or show any particular expression of despair or resignation. I had hoped that the topic of debt would lead to the Amazawa couple’s divorce, but it seemed that things wouldn’t go as I had expected. Most importantly, there was no trace of anger in Mizuki’s aura.

 ”This person will eventually become willing to work seriously. If that happens, we can gradually repay the principal. That’s why I’m willing to do it instead of my daughter.”


 ”Even though you said so, I’m afraid you don’t hold that much value, Madam. It’s precisely because your daughter is young and beautiful, like a lady, that she hold value. And let me tell you this, if she had remained under Akuzawa’s care, she would have been forced to entertain numerous men in the s*x industry. Compared to that, this is a much better choice, don’t you think?”

 In the end, what about the repayment? I had told the same fabricated story to the Amazawa family as I had told Akuzawa and the others. The story was that if Kyouka spent one year accompanying a foreigner, all of Amazawa’s debt would be forgiven.

 ”However, I can’t allow my daughter to do such a thing.”

 ”But your husband, Katsuji-san, already agreed to it, didn’t he? Oh, that’s right, Amazawa Katsuji-san. You understood the meaning behind Akuzawa’s words and signed the contract, didn’t you?”


 ”Well, I mean… I didn’t intend…”

 ”You can’t say you didn’t know that. I’m sure that you understood everything about the situation, not to mention your naive daughter. So, Miss, if you can endure it for about a year, all of the debt will disappear. How is it?”

 ”Huh? I-I…”

 Even though it could have been as simple as pressuring her father, Katsuji, why did it have to result in such cruel treatment towards Kyouka? What compelled me to stoop so low, even towards Kyouka?

 Has the future truly been changed by receiving an email from Kyouka?

 In my memories, Kyouka was being manipulated by Akuzawa. If that is destined to happen, then there’s no one else but me who should make it happen.

 If I were to do such a thing, Kyouka would surely resent me, James Masuda. It’s also certain that it would cause emotional harm to Kyouka.

 Even so, wouldn’t it be better than receiving such treatment from someone other than me?

 At least, if it were me, I could have some control over reproducing that situation.

 Taking my own girlfriend for myself.

 There was no other way but to carry out such a crazy and perverted act. That was the only method that came to mind for me now.

 ”There is about one more week until the repayment deadline. Please give me an answer by then. I will come back soon, so for now, I’ll take my leave.”

 With just those words, I stood up and left the place without even looking at her father, Katsuji. It’s because I think there’s no hope left for this guy.

 If her mother were still sane, things might have turned out differently.

 Regarding Kyouka, I had thought of considering some other similar method, but it seems like that won’t work either.

 And although her mother hasn’t gone as far as selling her like her father, Katsuji, there seemed to be no end to her obnoxiousness. At this rate, even if things somehow work out this time, it feels like the whole family will ultimately fall into hell.

 Is it out of love, dependence, or just resignation that life is like this? I couldn’t sense any intention from her mother, Mizuki, to change the current situation.

 Should I go as far as having her mother seduced by Nishikuze or other to cuckold her?

 No, it would be risky to leave it to someone else. It would be better if I seduced her directly.

 She may be older, but her figure is still enticing enough, and after completely corrupting her with an aphrodisiac, it would be enough to have s*x with her once a month.

 Considering my original life and the life in that other world, Mizuki’s age and my age shouldn’t be that different.

 As I pondered about such things, unknowingly, I was casting a condescending gaze upon Mizuki, who is Kyouka’s mother.

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