Returnee 64

Chapter 64 A Woman who Cannot Refuse

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 If a father is still a father, a mother is still a mother. While I watched Mizuki, who obediently swallowed Warabbit’s ovary, I had these thoughts.

 Of course, Mizuki isn’t at fault. Logically, the one at fault is Katsuji, the father, and Mizuki, like Kyouka, is also a victim. In a situation where there’s little hope of repaying 8 million yen, it’s understandable that a mother would sacrifice herself to protect her daughter, Kyouka. Even the decision to work in the adult entertainment industry was probably reached through discussion between the husband and wife.

 But Mizuki, who accepts such a conclusion, is also Mizuki. She’s accepting it too easily. Even now, there should be more resistance, but she’s readily accepting my proposal. It might be her personality, but it’s also her fault that Kyouka fell into Akuzawa’s clutches. If Mizuki, the mother, were more resolute, some action could have been taken before it reached such a point. To truly save Kyouka, I have no choice but to make Mizuki obedient to my will.

 No, that’s just an excuse. I could justify what I’m about to do in various ways, but in the end, I simply want to do it. Do I really need a valid reason to do something with Mizuki? Trying to save Kyouka isn’t out of goodwill or romantic feelings; it’s because Kyouka belongs to me. Trying to hide that fact is pointless. Ultimately, it’s just about me being a selfish person.

 ”I drank it…”

 Warabbit’s ovary should take effect quickly. Once that happens, Mizuki will lose control over her own desires. The effect should last for about 1 to 2 hours. The significant difference compared to an aphrodisiac is the level of physical dependence afterward. While Warabbit’s ovary will leave a lingering desire, it won’t disrupt daily life as much. It’s manageable. However, during its effect, there’s a potential for sexual dependence to develop, with the pleasure of sex etching itself into the mind, making it difficult to forget.

 ”Well then, let’s start with you using your mouth. But don’t think it ends there. After that, I’ll take you from behind again.”

 [Resignation] in gray. [Shame] in purple. And a hint of [Excitement] in red and [Lust] in pink. But there was hardly any [Anger] in red or [Hate] in black in sight.

 Having confirmed Mizuki’s aura, I moved closer to her, and she didn’t attempt to flee. I proceeded to remove my belt, pants, and underwear, leaving my lower body exposed. Mizuki averted her eyes, but [Hate] in black remained absent, while [Shame] became slightly more pronounced. Well, she did have a face resembling Kyouka’s, and her aura exuded a mature allure. Regardless of whether she had previous experiences of infidelity, considering her pre-marital history, she likely had encounters with other men besides Katsuji. It shouldn’t be embarrassing for her to see another man’s penis at this point.

 ”How long are you planning to just sit there? Don’t you have a part-time job in the afternoon?”

 Mizuki turns her body to face me at my words. I guessed that she had finally made up her mind after all this time, and she started to touch my penis, which was not even semi-erect yet, with her hand. She was indeed a married woman. She was so used to her touch that my penis started to react to her touch and grew bigger and bigger. And even Mizuki’s aura was gradually tinted pink with [Lust] when she saw this.

 There is no way to know whether this pink aura is caused by the effect of Warabbit’s ovaries or by the recognition of the penis that is about to penetrate her vagina. However, I did not miss the [Excitement] red color added to Mizuki’s aura as she gulped down her spit at the throat.

 ”I’ll take off your clothes. Is that okay?”

 ”I-I’ll undress myself…”

 ”In that case, please undress quickly. Don’t you want to create some atmosphere for our upcoming sexual encounter, even if it’s just a little? Or are you embarrassed to show your relaxed body?”

 I deliberately made snide remarks, suspecting that Mizuki might have a condition akin to battered wife syndrome. Perhaps she had become so accustomed to Katsuji’s commands in their married life that she no longer felt resistance. She has accepted the situation too readily.

 If this is the case, I feel sorry to hold Mizuki responsible, but the reality is that even Kyouka has been affected.

 Besides, I can only see some red [excitement] here and there in my aggressive words. It makes me wonder if she might have a mental taste for abuse. In any case, I think that Mizuki’s character of being easily dependent on men is the main culprit.. If that were the case, then the solution was simple: replace Katsuji’s influence with someone like James Masuda.

 ”Oh, no…”

 ”If you don’t like it, I can stop. I’m simply asking your daughter to be my companion instead of you, Ma’am. You should be in a situation where she has to please me in any way possible, don’t you think?”

 ”No, it’s not that I don’t want to… I’m sorry. I’ll undress right away.”

 Mizuki apologized and swiftly removed her clothes. Her underwear-clad figure appeared well-toned, with no signs of sagging. Her breasts resembled Kyouka’s, and even through the underwear, her nipples were prominently visible.

 ”Okay, you can leave your underwear on for now. Go ahead and use your mouth.”


 I reached out toward Mizuki and gently pushed her toward my crotch, encouraging her. She hesitated for a moment but then slowly began to lick my penis. And just like that, she slowly took my penis into her mouth. I immediately felt a pleasurable sensation in my lower body, and despite the slightly uncomfortable position, I reached out to touch Mizuki’s ample breasts.

 ”Ah! D-Don’t touch there…”

 When I fondled Mizuki’s breasts through her underwear, she let out a protesting scream and flinched.

 ”Is it because you feel really good when someone touches those big breasts of yours?”

 ”N-No, it’s not…”

 ”Well, considering how your nipples are so hard and erect, I thought you might want me to touch them. It seems like you’re quite frustrated, am I wrong?”

 ”Frustrated… No, that’s not it.”

 ”If that’s the case, then there shouldn’t be any problem, right? While you’re giving me a blowjob, can you endure me fondling those big breasts of yours a little?”


 Maybe she was at a loss for words, but Mizuki, who was still sucking my penis, began to move her head up and down hesitantly. Her intense fellatio, sucking on my penis with fervor, made me wonder if she was doing this to hurry things along or if she genuinely enjoyed it.

 In any case, the effects of Warabbit’s ovaries must have kicked in by now. Despite Mizuki’s denials, I could clearly see that her [lust] in pink and [excitement] in red were dominating the other colors. As I continued to fondle her breasts, Mizuki’s body shivered with pleasure at the slightest touch around her nipples. From Mizuki’s perspective, she must be feeling confused about her body’s response, which seemed to derive pleasure from even minor touches.

 ”Just be honest and tell me. Don’t you really want me to touch your big breasts more roughly?”

 ”T-That’s not… I…”

 ”Well, with how hard your nipples are getting just from me sucking your penis a bit, it seems like you want me to touch them, don’t you? I can’t help but think you’re a frustrated married woman with a lecherous body who hasn’t had her husband’s attention lately.”

 ”That’s not… relevant right now. I-I’m not… feeling good at all.”

 ”Is that so? Then I guess your pussy isn’t wet at all.”

 Saying that, I moved my hand toward Mizuki’s buttocks and slid it under her underwear. She noticed my actions and tried to escape, but in her current position with her face buried in my crotch, she couldn’t move much. She allowed my hand to pass between her buttocks and smoothly enter her vagina.

 ”Wow. You’ve gotten your pussy so wet, and yet you say such things?”

 ”Ahh! Please. You can’t do that. Please stop… touching there!”

 ”It doesn’t matter; I’ll touch it later anyway. Besides, it feels good here, doesn’t it? Just endure a little while longer, while I’m getting a blowjob.”

 ”Ah, ah, ah! Wait, wait, wait! No, I can’t. If you touch me now, I’ll cum. Please, just wait a little… ah, ah, ah.”

 ”You can cum as much as you want. With such a lewd body, you could go multiple times. And it’s also for Kyouka-san’s sake.”

 ”No, no, I can’t! Ah, I’m cumming, I’m cumming! My vagina is cumming! Ah, ah, ah… Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!”

 It seemed like she couldn’t perform fellatio anymore. Mizuki, who had taken her mouth off my penis, had her face pressed against my groin, touching herself vigorously while convulsing intensely. It looked as if she was desperately trying to escape the relentless pleasure, much like a woman on top of a man’s groin during female dominance, repeatedly thrusting her hips down.

 The reason Mizuki had become like this with just a little stimulation to her vagina was, of course, due to Warabbit’s ovaries. Mizuki was currently experiencing pleasure like she had never felt before.

 However, what’s truly terrifying is not that. The terrifying aspect of Warabbit’s ovaries is that the woman’s sexual desire keeps escalating limitlessly while the effects last. The incessant throbbing of the body’s desire that cannot be restrained after climaxing once. By instilling this never-ending chain of pleasure in Mizuki’s body, I intended to make her obedient to me.

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