Returnee 68-2

Chapter 68 Slight Guilt

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 ”Haahaa… Master? Could it be that you weren’t satisfied with Sayaka’s body?”

 ”Hm? That’s not it. What’s the sudden question?”

 ”I’m sorry. I just had a feeling.”

 ”Just a feeling, huh. No, I was just lost in thought for a moment. Anyway, why haven’t you asked about Satou Yuuki’s mother?”

 ”No. If Master hasn’t mentioned anything, then it’s probably too late. I’m sorry for troubling you.”

 ”True. It might be a good idea to talk to Sayaka about it. Satou Yuuki’s mother was indeed held captive by that Akuzawa guy. There are also signs that drugs were used.”

 ”Is that so? Is this related to a request involving Congressman Kusunoki?”

 Sayaka didn’t inquire about the methods used. By saving her daughter, she seemed to blindly believe in the miracles of Agpfis. She appeared to trust in the mysterious power I possessed without questioning.

 ”Probably. Satou Yuuki’s mother, who was snooping around about the accident, must have been quite a hindrance.”

 ”So, does that mean her claims are true? That the traffic accident occurred due to the negligence of her younger brother, Kusunoki Kenjiro?”

 ”Yeah, that’s the only way to see it. If they find witnesses and the truth gets overturned, it would be troublesome. Whether it’s to protect her brother or for her own public image, I don’t know.”

 ”Is there any way we can help her?”

 ”Why is Sayaka so fixated on Satou Yuuki’s mother? It’s not like you were particularly close, right?”

 ”Well… I’m sorry. Please forget what I just said.”

 Sayaka, who usually never makes unreasonable demands or acts selfishly, seems oddly fixated on Satou Yuuki’s mother’s situation. Perhaps feeling guilty for her daughter being the only one to survive a similar situation, she might have some understandable sympathy. However, she must also be aware that burdening me with her troubles is not right. Sayaka’s fluctuating emotions are quite apparent to me.

 ”It’s possible to secretly take her away from Akuzawa. However, it seems like she’s completely swayed by Akuzawa. There’s a possibility that she won’t listen to us.”

 ”No way…”

 ”Her heart was quite vulnerable when it came to her child. Akuzawa took advantage of that vulnerability.”

 ”Oh, is that so? I see. If that’s the case, then it can’t be helped, perhaps.”

 ”Don’t jump to conclusions. It’s not like there are no measures available.”

 ”However, causing any more trouble for Master…”

 ”No, we’re in this together. It wouldn’t be right to abandon it now. If we do, Satou Yuuki’s mother might face a miserable fate.”

 ”W-What is that exactly?”

 ”Even if it’s due to s*x or drugs, it’s fine as long as she can completely forget about the child’s accident. But if that doesn’t happen, what measures might that guy Akuzawa take…”

 ”He might resort to forceful measures?”

 ”I can’t say for sure that he won’t. If she doesn’t listen at all, it might be quicker to just erase her.”

 ”Would he really go that far?”

 ”I don’t know. With Akuzawa, it’s not impossible.”

 I had a feeling that it might actually turn out like this. It’s the resentment of a mother who had her beloved child taken away. Even if her body completely falls, I feel like she will continue to hold onto that resentment.

 ”Master, can you tell me what approach you plan to take?”

 ”Well, I intend to take her away from Akuzawa and temporarily entrust her to Nishikuze Eishin.”

 ”Huh? Is that the Gospel of Love Church?”

 ”Yes, that’s right. I also plan to have someone else take her away from Akuzawa’s room. That way, there won’t be any suspicion that it was our doing, just in case.”


 ”I understand. It was none other than me who taught them. They may be scammers, but even Sayaka was deceived by them. You know they’re good at tricking others, right? Satou Yuuki’s mother needs something to cling to. If we leave her at the Gospel of Love Church for a while, she might eventually regain her sanity.”

 Of course, I don’t expect her to regain her sanity at all. If her drug addiction gets worse, I’m even considering soaking her in aphrodisiacs.

 In that case, it would only be a matter of whether Akuzawa or Nishikuze becomes the person she depends on. However, if it’s the Gospel of Love Church, her whereabouts won’t be exposed, and James Masuda or Sayaka won’t be suspected of involvement.

 That being said, I myself am not sure if I’m trying to help Satou Yuuki’s mother or if I’m just trying to obey.

 But, one thing I know for sure is that I am burdened with an unexpected sense of guilt towards Satou Yuuki’s mother. I feel hesitation about using Satou Yuuki’s mother to corner Akuzawa into a prison.

 ”Does that mean Nishikuze Eishin will listen to Master’s orders?”

 ”Yeah. I once let Sayaka listen to the conversation between Nishikuze Eishin and Higashikawa Hirofumi. I threatened to leak that audio to the media. He’s the founder of a religious organization with nearly a thousand believers, after all. In that audio, he talks about using the cult’s money to go to hostess clubs and expresses his desire to get involved with underage female followers. If we release it to the media, they should find it interesting and cover it.”

 ”Is that so?”

 ”Do you really worry that much about Nishikuze’s side? I think it’s better than leaving it with Akuzawa.”

 ”I see, I understand. If that’s what my master wants, then it’s probably best to do so.”

 ”However, I can’t do it right away. I need to inform Nishikuze Eishin as well.”


 I also have to deal with Mizuki, who is Kyouka’s mother. It will probably be after that is somewhat resolved.

 Still, I should have long abandoned any feelings of guilt. I am not that kind of person. In fact, what I am doing to Mizuki is nothing short of cruel. Well, whether it’s selfish or whatever, the meaning for me is completely different when I am the one being cruel compared to when someone else is being cruel.

 I desperately searched for excuses, convinced that there must be some hidden reason behind why I am trying to help Satou Yuuki’s mother.

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