Returnee 68

Chapter 68 Slight Guilt

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ”Aaah! It feels good, Master. Just like that… please eja***ate inside me.”

 Now, I thrust vigorously from behind into Sayaka’s reddened and swollen buttocks. Her body is like that of a model who has never given birth to a child, with a level of beauty in both physique and facial features that is rarely seen. Even to the point where she could have become a celebrity if she wanted.

 Sayaka, in such a posture, thrusts her buttocks high and begs for me to release my s**men inside her uterus. Just before eja***ion, angelic wings appear on Sayaka’s back and convey that she has reached climax a little earlier. And I, in sync with Sayaka’s climax and timing, am ejaculating my s**men with a pulsating rhythm.

 Having recorded the entire process at Akuzawa’s apartment, I immediately made love to Sayaka in a hotel after work.

 ”Aaah! It’s coming out a lot inside. Master’s precious seeds. Haahaa… I love you, Master.”

 Sayaka has been expressing a desire for more vanilla s*x lately. Although we still engage in rough play from behind, she seems to prefer having s*x face-to-face, embracing each other closely and enjoying an intimate experience like lovers.

 However, her s*xual preferences haven’t changed. She still enjoys BDSM play, so it seems that her love for me outweighs the pleasure.

 She insists on having regular s*x because she wants to conceive my child, even though I have made it clear that I won’t acknowledge it.

 It’s frustrating, but I guess it’s to be expected since in other world, I would have unprotected s*x without any concerns. It’s strange to suddenly feel responsible now.

 By the way, I haven’t told Sayaka about what I witnessed at Akuzawa’s apartment. After all, I’ve been struggling with it myself.

 Because of my actions that changed Kyouka’s fate, it’s certain that Satou Yuuki’s mother became a substitute. The woman named Shiori, who was mistreated by Sakaki and others, is also part of it. However, if I were to feel moral responsibility for each of these things, nothing would change. But that doesn’t mean I feel nothing about it.

 I should have long ago given up on my conscience, which makes me feel sick just because I blame someone unrelated to my misfortune…

 The real problem, however, is that even if I send the hidden camera footage to the police later, it’s unlikely to be significant evidence. Certainly, things like drugs were captured on the video, but that alone is too weak to be considered evidence of a crime. Besides, things like voyeurism have almost no evidential value, and it’s just an anonymous video. Even if the police were to search the house, they shouldn’t have a warrant from the court.

 However, just in case, given the involvement with the violent organization, I expected to undergo voluntary questioning at least.

 In the interrogation room, Satou Yuuki’s mother considered speaking to the police about being held captive by Akuzawa, fearing that she might get caught.

 However, what appeared on the digital camera screen was Satou Yuuki’s mother, who didn’t seem to be resisting at all. I admit that I underestimated the situation, but I never thought she was already ensnared.

 Perhaps she has already fallen both physically and mentally due to s*x and drugs? Even after the handcuffs were removed, she willingly straddled Akuzawa’s penis and moved her hips. That wouldn’t be considered captivity. Akuzawa’s way of talking afterwards was also quite skilled.

 He pretended to be a third party who knew nothing, skillfully leading Satou Yuuki’s mother and offering to take care of everything. He seemed to be planning to cooperate in finding witnesses to the traffic accident and ultimately make everything disappear.

 As it stands, sending a video may be futile if Satou Yuuki’s mother is unwilling to report the damage.

 Perhaps sensing my hesitation, Sayaka doesn’t ask me anything.

 Of course, she knows that I followed Akuzawa and probably has a sense that it didn’t go well.

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