Returnee 70

Chapter 70 In A Forgotten Dream

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 ”Excuse me. Can I talk to you for a moment?”


 A man in his late twenties looked at me and walked by without saying anything.

 ”Excuse me. Can I ask you some questions?”

 ”Sorry, I’m busy right now.”

 A woman, who seemed like an office worker, thought I was trying to flirt with her for a moment. She made a displeased face but quickly realized that wasn’t the case. Awkwardly, she declined and walked away.

 ”Excuse me. Can I have a moment of your time?”

 ”Hmm? What is it?”

 ”Oh, thank you. The details are written on this paper, but I’m looking for witnesses to a fatal collision that occurred at this intersection on the third Friday of last month. I believe it was around 2 a.m…”

 ”Hmm, a traffic accident?”

 ”Yes, right around that intersection…”

 ”I’m sorry, but I don’t seem to have any information.”

 ”I see… I apologize for stopping you.”

 The man who was nice to me didn’t know the answer I needed.

 ”I’m sorry. Can you give me some time?”

 These scenes kept changing in a dream. But they’re usually forgotten when I wake up. Some force erases most of the memories, even who I am. But I know someone is desperately looking for something. I can feel that desperation, and somehow, I feel overwhelmed by that emotion.

 Vaguely, I wonder what color that emotion is. Is it black like revenge, red like anger, or maybe gray like sadness? Even the colors of such emotions fade away slowly in the dream. It feels like I’m drifting in a world of just dreams, with no colors or memories left.

* * *

 After 3 AM. I quickly went down the dark emergency stairs of the apartment building. I held Satou Yuuki’s mother in my arms, as if carrying a child. In case I passed by another resident, I tried to make it look like the woman was drunk and couldn’t move by emitting a slight smell of alcohol.

 Taking a woman out of the apartment like this might be uncomfortable, but I shouldn’t be concerned about Satou Yuuki’s mother, who doesn’t even live in the same apartment building. In reality, because I made Satou Yuuki’s mother smell Devil Flower’s pollen along with Akuzawa, she was just sleeping in my arms.

 I thought about taking her away when Akuzawa wasn’t there, but that would mean taking her during the day. Since I was planning to use Devil Flower pollen anyway, it was better to go into his room at night when it would be hard for others to notice.

 Because of that, I was able to go down to the underground parking lot without seeing anyone. I walked towards a car that was parked with the engine on. I opened the back passenger door and put Satou Yuuki’s unconscious mother in the car.

 Yukari was sitting in the driver’s seat wearing Gina Melfissa’s mask. I was wearing Shiena’s mask myself. I only used the Mirage Coat to get into Akuzawa’s room and spread Devil Flower pollen. No matter what I did, I couldn’t hide Satou Yuuki’s mother. But there’s no need to worry about Akuzawa finding out who took her. I even rented a car to be extra careful.

 When morning came, the woman who was sleeping in the same bed disappeared without a trace. From Akuzawa’s point of view, Satou Yuuki’s mother must have escaped on her own. He might also think that she was drugged while she was deeply asleep.

 ”It’s okay now. Let’s go.”

 Yukari, who was in the front seat, turned on the car lights and pressed the gas pedal without saying anything. I had secretly taken Satou Yuuki’s mother from Akuzawa’s room. Now, we were driving to the Gospel of Love Church. If we had to keep her somewhere, that seemed like the only option. Maybe later we could leave everything to Nishikuze and the others and walk away easily. While thinking about that, I found a driver’s license in the woman’s wallet.

 ”Her name is Satou Hanae… She should be 27 this year.”

 After checking that, I put the license back and threw the wallet on the back seat. I had taken her, but I still didn’t know what to do next. I couldn’t decide on Satou Hanae’s future yet.



 ”Shiena-sama, is this the woman you asked us to hide?”

 ”Yes. She is Satou Hanae, a married woman who was going to be framed by a yakuza man.”

 Right now, Yukari is waiting in the car, taking off her disguise as Gina Melfissa. Higashikawa, looking annoyed, and Nishikuze, looking tired, welcomed me when I arrived at the church before sunrise.

 However, Higashikawa and the others already knew what I was going to ask. This is typical of greedy Higashikawa. He will act like I am burdening him with a problem and ask for compensation.

 ”I-I didn’t hear anything about yakuza… The request was just to hide the woman, right?”

 Higashikawa, who was already unhappy, became even more upset when he heard about the involvement of yakuza.

 ”Well, yes. I just mentioned it now.”

 ”That’s presumptuous. Do you really think you can give us a problem to deal with?”

 ”Haah… Hirofumi, come on. Don’t be so scared of some yakuza from the countryside.”

 ”As Nishikuze-san said, it’s true. And besides, if the problem doesn’t become known, it doesn’t matter. That yakuza doesn’t know anything about you guys, right?”

 ”Well, that’s true…”

 ”Still, Shiena-sama, why such a suspicious woman?”

 ”I don’t know the exact details either. But it seems that a man named Kusuno Seiichiro may have angered Vepar-sama.”

 ”Kusuno Seiichiro, the local government member?”

 ”Yes. You guys mentioned Kusuno Seiichiro’s name before, right?”

 ”Oh, yes. I remember that. It was about Kusuno Seiichiro’s daughter having a disabled leg, and we thought he might be interested in a divine medicine. But I followed Shiena-sama’s instructions and stopped pursuing that. How does that relate to this woman?”

 Well, I was still confused too. I couldn’t find a reason inside me to help Satou Hanae. It’s impossible for me to suddenly want to help her just because Sayaka asked me to. I am not that kind of nice person, and Sayaka didn’t even ask me to help this woman no matter what. Is it because I feel guilty for taking Kyouka’s place? I shouldn’t have such cheap feelings right now.

 I feel like both of those reasons are wrong. Of course, I can’t say for sure that those feelings don’t exist within me, but it’s too strange to say that’s the reason I suddenly decided to help Satou Hanae.

 ”Well, Kusunoki Seiichiro contacted you guys because one of the followers of the Gospel of Love Church happened to see the hit-and-run accident involving Kusunoki Kenjiro, his younger brother, right?”

 ”Yes. Apparently, one of our followers happened to witness the accident… Um, what was the name of that follower?”

 ”It was Oyama Yoko, Hirofumi.”

 ”Oh, right. That talkative old hag. So, is it about Oyama?”

 ”Well, it’s not about her, but the victim of the accident is Satou Hanae’s only son.”


 ”Satou Hanae has been going to the accident scene every week since then, looking for witnesses. Probably, Kusunoki Seiichiro saw Satou Hanae as a problem and asked the yakuza to do something about her.”

 ”Hoho. So she was kidnapped by the yakuza because of that? That’s an interesting story.”

 ”I understand the situation to some extent, Shiena-sama, but what should we do?”

 ”I don’t know yet. We might crush Kusunoki Seiichiro, or there might be other possibilities. It all depends on Vepar-sama’s will.”

 ”In that case…”

 ”Yes. Nishikuze-san, you’re free to do whatever you want with this woman. In fact, it seems that making this woman obedient to us is what Vepar-sama wants, so I’ll leave that role to you, Nishikuze-san.”

 ”I see, I see. So this is also an important role for us who serve Vepar-sama.”

 As soon as I spoke, Nishikuze’s face changed, looking creepy. I thought about leaving it to Nishikuze at first. Since Satou Hanae would eventually know about the accident from someone else, I couldn’t hide it. But if I could make it seem like Satou Hanae was Vepar’s sacrifice, Nishikuze wouldn’t easily harm her. Nishikuze should remember what happened with Sayaka. Maybe he will keep her in the basement until the drugs wore off.

 However, there’s no reason for me to feel sorry for Satou Hanae. It’s not like me to help her just because. It’s probably just a temporary lapse in judgment. I chose to distance myself from Satou Hanae because those feelings won.

 ”But if you’re going to do it, corrupt her completely. No room for mistakes like with Yukari.”

 ”I get it. Look at Miki now. She’ll do anything I say.”

 ”Okay. And things are going well with Amazawa Katsuji (Kyouka’s Father), right?”

 ”Yes, very well. She’s been quite a devoted lover of him lately. Miki’s condition is good, thanks to what I’ve taught her.”

 ”In that case, let’s plan a trip together soon for them. I’ll take Mizuki, the mother, and make her confront them at the scene of their infidelity.”

 ”Got it. Can I send then to a nearby hot spring inn this weekend?”

 ”Yes, please do.”

 ”I was watching Katsuji carefully to make sure he didn’t run away. But he was trying to escape with a woman I didn’t know,” I told Mizuki about it. I also plan to involve Miki Miki to “perform” on the spot. Anyway, it wouldn’t bother me if Katsuji left his wife and children behind and ran away. In the end, he’s going to break up with Mizuki anyway, so it doesn’t matter.

 ”Shiena-sama. We have been serving Vepar-sama faithfully too. Shouldn’t we expect some kind of reward as well?”

 ”Yes, I agree. I am thinking about giving a suitable reward to those who serve Vepar-sama faithfully. Higashikawa-san is probably already asking for it.”

 I gave three Healing Potions from the Interdimensional storage to Higashikawa. I recently sold two Healing Potions for 6 million yen. But this time, maybe because he got three for free, Higashikawa suddenly seemed to be in a good mood.

 ”I will give Nishikuze-san the usual medicine as well. It will be necessary to bring down Satou Hanae.”

 ”Yes, thank you very much.”

 If loyalty can be bought with something like this, it’s a cheap price to pay.

 Although in that world, it’s nothing more than a common item.

 While thinking about such things, I look down on Satou Hanae, who is sleeping due to the effects of Devil’s Flower pollen.

 This woman should be happier than being deceived by Akuzawa.

 I shouldn’t sympathize with this woman, yet somewhere inside me, I still make excuses.

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