Returnee 71-2

Chapter 71 Deceitful Dilemma, Part 2

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 Naoko’s intimate part, wide open, is accepting my private part. Currently, I am in Yukari’s room, engaging with Naoko from behind. Naoko, on all fours with her hands in front, moves my private part in and out of her private area, moving her hips on her own and enjoying the pleasure. She makes explicit sounds from her wet private area, completely losing herself in pleasure.

 ”Ah, ah, ah. Amazing! It feels so good! Master’s little thing feels amazing. Haah, haah… Naoko’s private area is really happy. I love it! Master, I love you. Please bless Naoko’s womb with your sperm. Naoko wants to have your baby soon! Ah, ah, ah.”

 Maybe being a servant is affecting Naoko and me too. It seems that pleasure through sucking blood and having sex is involved. Even now, it looks like she can only think about inserting and removing my private part from her private part.

 Naoko had become a completely obedient pet, and I could clearly see the pink color of [love] and the white color of [trust] towards me.

 ”Naoko, you always say that it’s not good if only you feel good, right? You should understand that your private part is a female opening meant to please Master’s private part.”

 Yukari, who was not wearing clothes, hugged me from the side and scolded Naoko. While still connected to Naoko’s wet and messy private part, I also received blood sucking from Yukari.

 ”Ah, ah, ah! Y-yes. That’s right. Naoko’s private part is a female opening meant to please Master’s private part. Haa, haa… Master, please thoroughly enjoy the feeling of Naoko’s private part.”

 I didn’t even bother to talk to Naoko. Even though being treated like a tool like that makes her feel happy. Naoko must have had a side that enjoys being hurt from the beginning.

 ”Ah… Tasty.”

 Yukari sighed as if enjoying the flavor of my blood, while still controlling her violent urges to a large extent. It seems that the members of the 4th-generation Shoryu Family are all looking for Yukari, but as a foreign woman, she remains hard to find. Instead, she seems to enjoy being chased and turning the tables on those who pursue her.

 ”Is everything okay?”

 ”Hmm? What do you mean?”

 ”I’ve had a feeling for a while now that Shiena’s behavior is a bit strange.”

 ”I don’t think so.”

 ”Really? Are you not worried about that woman?”

 ”When you say ‘that woman,’ do you mean Satou Hanae? Does she seem that way to Yukari?”

 ”Yes. It’s not like you’ve fallen for her, right? If that were the case, there would have been no need to involve Nishikuze. I could have just taken her blood myself.”

 ”Ah, that’s not it. But, as Yukari said, I am indeed feeling like I might be overlooking something.”

 ”Maybe Shiena is overthinking things?”

 ”That might be the case. But then, what do you want me to do about it?”

 ”You just need to get rid of that worry. From what I’ve heard, Akuzawa is the source of it all, isn’t he?”

 ”Are you telling me to kill him?”

 ”Wel, I can do it. I’ll get rid of him in a way that ensures no one will ever find out. You can trust me.”

 I fell silent when Yukari made a suggestion. I had thought about it before, and I know it’s the fastest way.

 ”I can’t do it. The other person is a yakuza. If we killed him, it would cause trouble. And if it has to be done, I would have to do it myself.”

 Those were my words, but they sounded like excuses. I’m just afraid to cross that line. Even though I’ve treated my own woman badly, I still want to live like a normal person. I sighed at myself. I tried hard to control the dark feelings inside me.

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