Returnee 72

Chapter 72 Repeated Humiliation, Part 1

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 ’Yes, that’s correct. His Highness Sabbah should be waiting in Room 1205 of that hotel. He is fluent in Japanese, so you don’t have to worry about the conversation. However, it goes without saying, even though he is from a small country, he is a member of the royal family, so please be careful not to be disrespectful.’

 A short, bewildered voice leaked from Kyouka’s mouth in response to the words she heard from her smartphone.

 The call had been disconnected before Kyouka could ask James Masuda any questions.

 It seemed like an unilateral declaration that didn’t require any further explanation.

 Although Kyouka had already received an explanation from James Masuda beforehand.

 It was a request to take care of a foreigner who had come to Japan for study.

 If Kyouka took care of this foreigner for a few hours once a week for a year, all her debts, including interest, would be forgiven.

 Kyouka understood that the word “take care” had a s*xual connotation.

 Even though Kyouka had no experience, she understood that it was impossible to earn 8 million yen with just a few hours of work per week.

 However, even though she had a somewhat s*xual relationship with her boyfriend Shuu, she was still inexperienced in terms of s*x.

 Naturally, she had never engaged in any kind of selling or sugar daddy activities.

 And no matter what excuses she made, it would still be a betrayal of her boyfriend Shuu.

 It was only natural that Kyouka, who had led a completely normal high school life, couldn’t agree to this proposal.

 However, Kyouka couldn’t think of any other way to repay the debt.

 Even if she were to work part-time, it wouldn’t be enough to cover the amount owed.

 Her father, Katsuji, showed no sign of trying to repay the debt, and lately, he hadn’t even been coming home.

 Meanwhile, the deadline for repayment was looming.

 Could it be that her father, Katsuji, had no intention of repaying the debt?

 Suspicion began to grow within Kyouka.

 Recently, even her mother, Mizuki, seemed to be doubting Katsuji, just like Kyouka.

 Kyouka felt as if there were cracks forming within the family.

 However, she couldn’t simply abandon her father. Although Kyouka couldn’t say she loved her father, he was still an important part of her family. She couldn’t bear to see her family separated, and she especially didn’t want to see her mother, Mizuki, with a sad expression on her face.

 If only I could endure and repay the debt for one year… Such thoughts flashed through Kyouka’s mind.

 Every time Kyouka saw Mizuki, who seemed to want to say something with a face that looked like she was about to cry, Kyouka felt a sharp pain in her chest, and in the end, she had no choice but to nod in response to James Masuda’s proposal.

 On a weekend evening.

 Kyouka entered the elevator after announcing the name of His Highness Sabbah and headed to room 1205.

 When Kyouka got off the elevator and walked to the front of the designated room, she took a deep breath once and then pressed the doorbell, as if she had made up her mind.

 ”Yes? Who may I ask is calling?”

 Unexpectedly, a polite Japanese response came back to Kyouka.

 She had heard that His Highness Sabbah could speak Japanese, but she thought it would only be at a basic level.

 ”This is Amazawa Kyouka. I have come here through Masuda-san’s introduction.”

 ”Oh, Amazawa-san, is it? I’ve heard about you from James. I will open the door for you now.”

 Immediately, the sound of the door opening with a click could be heard from inside the room.

 And from the gap of the opened door, a person who clearly appeared to be non-Japanese was peering in.

* * *

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