Stargazer 14

Chapter Chapter 14 Her Highness the Princess Loses Her Temper

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 ”Her Highness Princess Verneuil! Arrived!”

 The fortress suddenly became more and more crowded as soon as the knight in the watchtower shouted.

 Lucas and Valerie rush to the gate. Beyond the open gate, they see a cavalryman riding toward them on the road.

 And a royal banner flutter in the air.

 About twenty horsemen in flashy red armor on a black background are riding toward them.

 In the center, there’s a richly decorated carriage. There is no doubt about it. It’s Princess Verneuil’s party.

 ”Get in line! Hurry! Hurry!”

 Valerie turned and shouted, and the knights rushed out to the square in front of the gate.

 They split to the left and right, leaving Lucas and Valerie at the front, and waited breathlessly for the arrival of the Princess and her entourage.

 When the Princess and her party, led by a female knight, passed through the gate on horseback, they looked around and shouted.

 ”Her Highness Princess Verneuil, second in line to the throne, is coming! Everyone, stand back!”

 Valerie and the other knights kneeled on the spot, and the two knights who entered the castle after the woman knight waved their banners in their hands.

 Then a carriage, presumably carrying the princess, came through the gate.

 It is a magnificent carriage decorated with goldsmith’s work.

 The size of the carriage is about two times larger than normal.

 Then, after another carriage, probably carrying maidservants, and the knights of the rear guard had finished entering the castle, the people near the gate rushed to the gate and closed the heavy doors.

 When the carriages stopped, the area fell silent. The only sound is the wind whistling the flags of the knights attached to the princess’ carriage.

 Lucas also hears Valerie’s gurgling in his ear. She seems to be nervous.

 Looking around, he finds that his fellow knights are also tense and stiff. No wonder.

 It is not every day that the children of nobles get a chance to meet royalty.

 But Lucas is the same as usual.

 When he wonders why he is not at all nervous…

 (Oh, I remember that my brother Bastian was also a royal family member.)

 It was only a few years ago that he found out that the kind brother he used to live with as a child was the Crown Prince.

 Maybe that’s the reason why he doesn’t feel the royalty as much as expected.

 When Lucas let out an involuntary smile, Valerie’s elbow poked him in the side, telling him to be quiet.

 At about the same time, the carriage doors open and a maid step out. She is a young maid with long silver hair, translucent white skin, and a rather expressionless face.

 She walks slowly to the rear of the carriage with a gait as if she were going through some kind of ceremony, and opens the double doors to bring out a large object.

 It has a thick backrest and a large armrest.

 What comes out is a luxurious sofa.

 It looked like a one-seater sofa with wheels attached to both sides of it.

 (What’s that?)

 Probably, every knight in the room must have thought so. They all looked doubtful.

 On the sofa that had been pulled out of the room, a woman is sitting on it while she is leaning against it.

 She had thick, fleshy lips contorted languidly inside her elegant Urizane-shaped contours.

 Her golden hair is plaited high and her narrow blue eyes are narrowed.

 It is difficult to guess her age, but if she is the virgin princess as rumored, she must be over 40 years old.

 However, the atmosphere she is wearing is that of a deviousness. She looks like she is in her 20s or even in her teens.

 She looked at the knights who were stretching out their noses, and raised her hand with a beaming smile.

 ”Well, everyone. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Do not be afraid, lift up your faces.”

 At her words, Lucas and the other knights looked puzzled at once.

 It was because she had appeared in such an unintelligible way that they all looked up at her.

 Although it’s a very impolite talk, Valerie, who came to her senses quickly, raised her voice as if she was trying to make up for it.

 ”I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your visit! Glory to Her Highness!”

 ””””Glory to Her Highness!””””

 Following Valerie, the knights chanted loudly, and Her Highness nodded her head in satisfaction.

 ”I’m sorry to trouble you, but I’ll be here for a while. Thank you for your cooperation.”

 ”No! What a waste of words!”

 Next to Valerie, Lucas quietly observes the princess.

 She has a brace on her leg and many bandages are wrapped over the brace. It seems that she has a leg injury.

 That explains why she is in this wheelchair, or rather, a wheelsofa.

 However, the wheelchair and the carriage carrying the wheelchair are not something that can be procured on the way to the site.

 It is not that she was injured on the way here, but that she came all the way here even though she was injured. What a trouble!

 ”By the way, are these all the people in this fortress?”

 ”Yes! The main army has already started marching…”

 While Valerie is responding to the Princess’s question, Lucas is going over in his mind the arrangements to be made from here on.

 (Well, Ernesto and Eudin will take the knights to their rooms, the Commander and I will take Her Highness to the guest room, and the others will take care of the horses and carriages…)

 Meanwhile, the woman knight who had just entered the castle at the head of the group took off her helmet as she walked toward Valerie.

 She is about 18 or 19 years old.

 She has short black bob. She is a unique woman with diagonally angled bangs.

 Her fair skin and long slit eyes are sharp, and although she is beautiful, she looks somewhat cold.

 She walked up to Valerie from behind and quietly opened her mouth.

 ”It’s been a long time, Valerie.”

 Valerie looked back at her, her eyes widened in surprise, and then she let out an uncharacteristically excited cry.

 ”Olga! Isn’t it Olga!?”

 ”Well, I’m glad to see you are in good health. I’ve been looking forward to seeing you.”

 ”Ah, yes! No… no… It’s bad form to address the head of a royal order so casually. I beg your pardon. From now on, I’ll have to call you Sir Igne.”

 When Valerie said this, Olga laughed and shook her head shakily.

 ”No. A warlike maiden cannot be humbled. You and I are on good terms, are we not? You can call me by my name from now on.”

 ”Ah, who’s this?”

 Lucas asked fearfully.

 ”Hmm? She’s a friend of mine from my childhood school…”

 As Valerie is about to answer, Olga looked at him with a serious look from behind.

 ”Valerie… who is this vulgar-looking man? I think you should choose your men a little more carefully.”

 ”No, actually… uh, you see…”

 Valerie mumbled, and Olga tilted her head, “Hmm?” at this moment…

 ”Whaa! Bon-bon! Hilarie! There’s Bon-bon!”

 ”Wow! You’re right! Bon-bon! Hahaha! Bon-bon!”

 Suddenly, the girls’ adulterous voices rang out.

 The voices are pronounced with a southern accent.

 When Lucas turned his eyes toward the direction where he heard the voices, he saw two girls jumping out of the group of what seemed to be the handmaidens.

 They are young twins with black hair tied up on either side of their heads, two girls with exactly the same faces.

 The two girls have brown skin with southern blood and are dressed in very short maid’s dresses, and they jump straight toward Lucas.

 ”Ugh!? Y-You guys! W-W-What are you doing here!?”

 They jumped on Lucas, who was trying to escape with his face twisted into a tight knot, and clung to him like cicadas from both sides, pinning his thighs between without a second thought.

 ”I won’t let you go! It’s our destiny to meet in such a place!”

 ”Yes, yes, it can’t be helped now. Your mistress is coming!”

 ”Hilarie! Wait, don’t touch a strange place! Millie! Don’t kiss me! Let go! Get off me!”

 Lucas struggles desperately to escape from the two girls who are nipping at him like puppies.

 Valerie’s face lit up in astonishment as she saw this.

 ”N-No way, Danna-sama… Are you cheating on me, or look like cheating?”

 As she staggered and uttered this, Lucas barked with a blue streak on his temple.

 ”What do you mean, it looks like that?”

 ”It just looks that way!”

 Ah… Well, maybe. That’s something Lucas himself agrees with.

 ”Please help me! They’re my maids! They’re twin perverts who don’t read the atmosphere!”

 As Lucas desperately pleads for help, one of the maids puffs out her cheeks.

 ”You’re terrible. Saying that we are pervert. Hey, Bonbon. I’ll be a good mistress. Take care of me, take care of me…”

 ”Shut up! Hilarie! Millie’s not a threat to me, but you’re a threat to me!”

 ”Why! We have the same face!”

 Valerie looks around and sees that all the knights are staring at them with their faces scrunched up in disbelief.

 She doesn’t know why the maid of the viscount is here, but she understands from Lucas’s reluctance that it is not an affair.

 Then Olga comes up to her.

 ”Valerie… let me ask you something… what do you mean by cheating?”

 ”Oh, yeah. That man is my husband”

 ”What… a husband?”

 Olga’s eyes instantly go wide. And the next moment…


 She twisted Valerie’s chest up, as if she had screamed out of the blue.

 ”You! I thought you were my only friend! You lied when you said you weren’t interested in men! So you’ve been planning to make fun of me with the rest of the family! You little fox!”

 ”C-Calm down! Olga!”

 ”Olga! Wait! Wait! No swords!”

 Just as Olga’s fingers are about to fall on the hilt of her sword, Lucas drags the twins away and hastily puts them in a chokehold…

 ”You’re so noisy…! Waaaa!!”

 A woman’s high-pitched, angry voice echoed through the plaza.

 Everyone’s eyes widened and they all stiffened. Everyone stops moving at once.

 ”You! How long are you going to neglect this princess! Enough or I’ll cry!”

 They look in the direction of the angry shouts, and they see Princess Verneuil, 40 years old, her cheeks puffed out and her hands flailing about.

 Her former magical charm is now gone.

 And only the silver-haired maid stroked her head with an emotionless face as if to soothe her.

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