Stargazer 7

Chapter Chapter 7 Father is Very Excited

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 When they arrived at the mansion, they saw a group of servants waiting for them in the yard in front of the entrance.

 In the middle of them, there are a pair of figures, a man and a woman.

 The man is Valerie’s father who visited the Vandale family the other day.

 And the woman is probably his wife.

 She was an elegant woman with gentle wrinkles around her eyes, though she looked a little older than her father.

 Valerie seems to be like her mother.

 In appearance. In appearance only.

 ”Father, Mother, I’m back.”

 ”Yes, we’ve been waiting for you!”

 The father looks at Lucas and breaks into a smile.

 ”Hahaha! My son-in-law! You’re here! But now that I’ve met you again, I’m not so sure about it…”

 ”Father… haven’t I told you so from the beginning?”

 ”Valerie, you’re being rude.”

 By all accounts he’s not a man worthy of Valery. Lucas couldn’t help but giggle.

 ”No, no, madam, Duke-sama is right. It’s not rude or anything. In fact I’m really not very reliable. And it’s not too late, Duke-sama. Please just say, +My eyes were blind. Let’s pretend that there was no marriage to such a weakling+.”

 ”Hey! You! You call my father’s eyes blind! You insolent man!”

 Valerie’s voice immediately becomes hoarse and her mother tilts her head with a blank expression on her face. But just then, her father’s loud laugh echoed through the room.

 ”Hahahaha! That’s funny! You are a very funny man, aren’t you? My daughter, he is just as you said he would be. He’s got a thick skin and as far as I’m concerned he doesn’t read the air. This guy could be a big shot. He may not look like it, but that’s good too. I don’t have to worry about him having an affair with some stupid woman.”

 ”Dear, you are talking ruder than him…”

 When the madam rebuked him with a mixture of exasperation, Valerie nodded her head and raised her voice.

 ”That’s right, father! I’ve often said he’s a piece of trash, incompetent and useless, but I didn’t realize his appearance was also bad…”

 ”Hoo, but you like this kind of look, right?”

 ”Huh! No, of course not! I just thought it’s not proper for an aristocrat to criticize someone’s appearance! And I hate what’s in him, but I don’t hate what he looks like… But since I’ve made up my mind to be his wife, so I don’t want any unjustified slander against my husband…”

 The parents looked blank for a moment as their daughter’s face turned red and she turned her head down at the end of the story.

 But soon after that, Lucas saw Valerie’s parents looking at each other warmly, as if they had seen something smiling.

* * *


 ”F-Father, you don’t have to laugh so much!”

 Valerie’s cheeks puffed out, and her father made a funny face.

 ”I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I didn’t expect to see you behaving like a girl of your age.”

 ”Dear, she’s a girl of her age, you know.”

 Now, Lucas and the others are now in the hall, sitting around the table with Valerie’s parents, enjoying a sumptuous meal.

 It is a very noisy exchange between father and daughter. Meanwhile, Lucas shrinks back and reaches for the nearest dish.

 Honestly, he feels awkward. He feels out of place.

 He can’t help but notice the eyes of the maids standing by the wall, but no one besides them seems to pay attention to him.

 Looking up slowly, he sees the father’s smiling face, which seems to be truly enjoying himself. His wife smiles elegantly, covering her mouth with her hand, standing right next to him. And Valerie, who is flustered when her father makes fun of her, is shouting in a panic.

 Clearly, the family seems to be getting along very well.

 These scenes could be called a family reunion.

 (Well, I guess it’s better than being tossed into an awkward dinner table…)

 ”However, the more I look at him, the more I think he is unreliable…”

 ”Dear…. You’re being rude again.”

 Lucas jumps involuntarily when he realizes that the conversation is suddenly directed toward him.

 ”What’s so rude? He is my son-in-law, and from now on he would be my son. I will say what I have to say. Well, it doesn’t matter if he’s a bit unreliable. As long as I train him well, he’ll be able to strangle a bear with his bare hands in a month. What do you think, my son-in-law? Can you stay here for a month or so? If you want, I can arrange for you to take a long vacation.”

 During the carriage ride to the mansion, Valerie told him that her father had been the commander of the Golden Eagle Knights in the previous generation.

 He is still in his late forties, his swordsmanship has not declined, and even Valerie was treated as if she were a child when she crossed swords with him one-on-one, which is an extraordinary strength.

 He seems to be too young to retire, but it is said that he stepped down at the same time Valerie was accepted into the Knight’s Order.

 According to him, his daughter might be criticized for having the glory due to her parents if he were to stay. So, he retired without hesitation because he did not want to be a barrier to his talented daughter’s future.

 Perhaps, he is quite a parent’s fool.

 Furthermore, his right hand man, who was appointed as his successor, also retired as soon as Valerie became a knight, handing over the position of the commander to her, saying +I’m just a trustee+.

 ”Eh…uh, no, that’s…”

 Recalling Valerie’s discipline, Lucas’ cheeks twitched involuntarily as he imagined her father’s discipline, which was probably even greater than Valerie’s.

 Valerie interrupted him, though perhaps not out of concern for him.

 ”Father, we will have to leave for the war in a few days. And tomorrow we must return to the capital.”

 ”Hmm… I see. Okay. Then I’ll save that for after the return from the war. Be loyal to the crown and work with all your might.”

 ”Of course. As the daughter and son-in-law of the House of Savignac, whose loyalty is beyond reproach, we will do our duty without shame.”

 It may sound like an exaggeration to say that they are loyal and matchless, but that is what the Savignacs are proud of, they say.

 In fact, Lucas has often seen Valerie talking about her loyalty to the royal family.

 ”By the way, what do you think of my daughter, son-in-law?”


 When Lucas gave an involuntarily twisted smile at the father’s sudden question, Valerie gave him an unhappy look.

 ”Of course you think I’m a nagging, strong-willed gorilla. In fact, I heard him complaining about “that female gorilla” a few months ago.”

 Well, at that time Lucas really thought she was going to kill him.

 I turned around and Valerie was standing there.

 Lucas turned around and was amazed at his bad luck.

 ”Oh, is that so? My son-in-law…”

 ”Oh, that’s just a misunderstanding of the word, but… she looks very pretty when she is dressed like that, and… well, you know… she is my favorite type”

 Lucas somehow manages to make up a story, adding in his mind that Valerie is a female gorilla. Even though he really thinks she is a female gorilla, he cannot say it out loud.

 However, Valerie reacted unexpectedly to this comment.

 ”Y-Your favorite type… Y-You were l-l-looking at me likat that?”

 She turned red like a ripe fruit and fell silent.

 Seeing this, her father became more and more happy and started laughing loudly.

 ”Well, it’s good! It’s good Hahaha!”

 At the dinner table, the father is the only one who made a lot of noise.

 He was so happy that his daughter brought home his son-in-law, and he was so excited that it could be said that he had a great time all the time.

 And now, after dinner was over, the father, in his excitement, said something outrageous.

 ”My son-in-law, this house is proud of its bath.”

 ”Oh… a bath?”

 ”It’s a good opportunity to strengthen the bond between husband and wife. Come in with my daughter!”


 Lucas leaps up from his chair.

 He stole a glance at Valerie, who was blushing red and glaring at him.

 ”Kuh…. If this the case”

 Lucas couldn’t help but tremble at the sight of her gritting her back teeth.

 (She’s going to kill me!)

 ”Well, I want to take good care of the Commander, so I don’t want to talk about that kind of thing right now… Because I’ve decided to wait until after we get back from the battlefield. That’s right! That way, I’ll be more motivated to come back alive!”

 ”I see, my son-in-law is an unusually ascetic man nowadays. But such a man is good man. All right! I see… Then tonight you and I will strengthen our father-son bond.”


 As soon as Lucas’s mouth dropped open, his father walked up to him without blinking and picked him up by his arm.

 ”Hey, wait!”

 ”Hahahaha! Then, son-in-law! Let’s have a naked man-to-man talk!”

 ”Commander! Do something!”

 ”I don’t care.”


 Valerie whispered, “Idiot…” as she heard Lucas’s screams in the distance.

 She had made up her mind to take a bath with him as a wife’s duty, but he had simply refused to do so, as if he thought he was protecting her.

 On the one hand, she is relieved, but on the other hand, she is not quite sure where to go with the resolve she had made.

 The mother’s eyes narrowed at the sight of her daughter’s pouting cheeks.

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