Viola 13

Chapter 13 Do You Have Someone You Like Now?

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 January 20th

 After Divine Princess Aria and Divine Princess Forte, I also received a request for a meeting from Divine Princess Marcato.

 I managed to decline, citing schedule conflicts, but I can’t help but wonder what is going on.

 Kanon contacted me, warning me that there is something suspicious about Marcato’s surroundings… Could it be that Marcato is also pursuing Alto?

 Rumors say that the eradication of the anti-empire forces has been passed on to the twins, Quartet and Quintet, by Forte, almost bringing them to the brink of destruction.

 So, ut seems unlikely that three Divine Princesses would be deployed solely for Alto at this point…

 By the way, thanks to Frau’s help, Viola’s treatment is progressing steadily. Her body is getting closer to being ready.

 I can only hope that unnecessary trouble won’t arise.

* * *

 ”Haa…♡ Yes… You’re good…♡”


 I love this thing more than anything.

 Their eyes when they are being dominated, their face when they are being dominated, and their attitude.

 I like them all.

 ”Um, um… Ah…♡”

 Draconia is said to be the strongest living being.

 When I became a divine princess, I had once imagine too make them burying their fingers in my groin and offering their service that it sent a thrilling sensation surging through my brain.


 ”…What? Oratorio? ♡”

 And this hybrid between a dragon and a human.

 They are said to have been exterminated by the pure-blooded dragon species that existed in ancient times and established dominance in this world.

 There was a long history of wars with some dragons who didn’t want to change, inbreeding among close relatives, and conflicts with other founders over humans.

 Due to various factors, their numbers dwindled, and now they live in several nests in this world, rarely showing themselves in public.

 However, this does not mean that there are no eyewitness testimonies.

 They have often been seen flying in the sky, and most importantly, they sometimes come down to human settlements once every few decades.

 ”Ah, um… I…”

 From the experience of weakening the entire race through inbreeding, it has been speculated that regularly incorporating human blood into the species would be beneficial. However, the truth remains unknown.

 ”Oh my… Did I get you excited…? ♡”

 What they seek is the blood of strong humans. Individuals with immense mana that can bring their power close to its prime.

 ”What is excitement…?”

 ”Hehe~♡ It means wanting to mate~♡”

 For example, to the extent of causing succubus or incubus syndrome in the surroundings.

 ”What is mating…?”

 ”Oh, your parents haven’t taught you about that yet?”


 After the kingdom’s downfall, I entered the sanctuary and released mana, waiting for a week. One day, when I found Oratorio wandering in front of my tent, looking troubled, I couldn’t contain my joy and let out a scream of excitement.

 ”Well then… Allow me to teach you…♡”

 ”M-Marcato-sama…? Ah… Oh… Ahh…!”

 ”Relax and enjoy, Oratorio… Because you’re a good boy…”

 It had been several days since Oratorio was brought into my mansion and began serving me on the bed. The time was ripe for what was to come.

 I couldn’t be certain if his young body could conceive me, but it was worth a try. Although I had initially desired an adult form, this might actually be more manageable.

 Above all else, his captivating appearance had ensnared my heart.

 His beautiful green hair.

 His fiery red eyes that seemed to ignite with passion.

 His skin, radiant under the sunlight.

 Each of these features embodied a level of beauty beyond human reach.

 ”Ah… uh… Marcato-sama… something feels… strange…”

 If by any chance I could bear a child with Draconia…

 ”…It feels good, right? Oratorio~♡”

 ”…Ah…! Ugh…”



 ”…What… what is happening…”


 ”My body… it feels… weird…”


 With this, I would be able to dominate not only this nation, but much more.

 With such thoughts in my heart, I was suddenly attacked by intense vomiting and a headache, and my consciousness was instantly taken away.

* * *


 Lute went to Kanon-san to consult about something and spent the whole day there. Late at night, I received a message saying that tonight Lute would be staying at Kanon-san’s place.

 ”Zzz… zzz… munya… fuhe…♡ Lute-sama…”


 Frau, sleeping on a futon next to the bed, had a happy expression on her face, as if she was dreaming of Lute.

 In the past two weeks or so, Frau has been gradually recovering her previous condition. It seems that being on the verge of being kissed by Lute during Divine Princess Aria’s visit has somehow helped her let go of various things.

 ”Mmm… no, no… not yet… ah… but…♡”


 Or rather, it worsened compared to before. It seems that her feelings did not change even after Lute wearing mana control device, which boosted her confidence in her recovery.

 Now, whenever something happens, I find her whispering her love to Lute face to face. Honestly, sometimes I even wish she would be a little more downhearted. But if she lives so faithfully to her desires, of course, she’ll have a good night’s sleep.


 As for me… I can’t seem to sleep.

 That night, I was looking at the moon through the window while sitting on the bed Lute had modified for me. It seems that this bed is utilizing some of my mana.

 It’s designed so that when I pull the lever with my mouth, the mattress automatically lifts up, making it much easier for me to sit up.


 Lute is amazing. While I haven’t advanced at all, he has been creating one new magic tool after another to improve my life. Honestly, during the war, I thought magician and their gadgets were suspicious.

 Certainly, there were many useful magic tools in our lives, but I never really thanked them for it.

 It was something that was taken for granted.

 But it would be inconvenient if they didn’t exist.

 That’s the fate of a failure who couldn’t become a magician capable of developing such tools.

 That was the extent of my recognition at best.


 I don’t think it was just my perception.

 The whole kingdom had that kind of atmosphere.

 That’s why we lost.


 Power is everything.

 The sword is the symbol of justice.

 We focused on training the knights and poured money into them.

 As a result, we were destroyed by the empire’s civilization.


 And the person who contributed greatly to that empire’s civilization is the man who is supporting me now.


 I think it’s very ironic. Still…

 ”I wonder when he’ll come back….”

 Before I knew it, I felt lonely just being away from him for one night. Beth, who came to deliver Lute’s message, comforted me with a wry smile, saying “Don’t look so depressed. He’ll be back by early morning.”

 But, I’m not depressed at all!!!! I tried to act tough, but when Frau fell asleep, I couldn’t help but want to see Lute.

 And I think I’m anxious.

 If something happens to Lute now, I can’t go to help him.

 Even if I crawled like a caterpillar to his side, I couldn’t do anything for him.


 I’ve always lived my life thinking only about protecting something, and now that has been taken away from me, my anxiety only grows. I am so inadequate for always being the one protected.


 If only my limbs had been cut off, would I have given up without so much hesitation? Perhaps having hope has made me this weak.

 I can’t even live honestly like Frau. I can’t even make choices for myself like Beth.


 I’m so pathetic that I shed tears.

 Without thinking, a single tear runs down my cheek, and I find myself in a sentimental mood.

 ”…Why are you crying?”


 When I saw the girl who popped her head out from below the window, as I was looking up at the moon, my heart felt like it stopped for a moment.

 ”Wha… who…!?”

 ”What? Can’t you speak human language even though you’re human? By the way, Fiine can speak. Amazing, right?”

 ”Wh…who are you!?”

 ”What, you can speak? And… who the hell are you? You’re not the owner of this nest, are you? Where’s the owner? Show yourself.”

 The person had fluffy green hair that didn’t seem human at all. Short twisted horns protruded from their forehead. Their eyes were a fiery red. Scales floated on their limbs. They had a lizard-like tail. Small fangs peeked out from their mouth.


 ”Where’s the owner?”



 Their body was covered in scales on their chest and groin, as if they were only wearing underwear. A rare existence that I had only seen in book illustrations.

 I’ve never heard of them being sighted in the city like this.

 ”Oh… we are called Draconia, right? Well, whatever. just call the owner. I thought he’d be in this nest. Why isn’t he here?”



 What is this?

 Why did a Draconia suddenly come to Lute’s house?

 And why is this child speaking human language so fluently? I heard they only speak their own language.

 ”Are you listening? I’ll kill you, you know?”

 And they have a foul mouth too.

 Even though she looked like a fairy from a fairy tale, her mouth and eyes were glaring and she was clearly in a bad mood.

 As I faced the creature that I had no chance of beating even if I could move my limbs, I belatedly realized that my life was hanging by a thread. She still looked like a youngling, but there was a story that a youngling once wiped out a whole battalion of knights in the old records.

 If she kept getting more irritated, she might blow me and Frau, who was sleeping happily behind me, away without a trace.

 ”Ah… owner, you mean Lute?”

 ”Lute? Hmm? Lute is his name? Male?”

 ”He’s a man…”

 ”Hmm, hmm…♡”

 But luckily, the Draconia became happy as soon as I started talking about Lute.

 ”What kind of male is he!?”

 ”Uh… what kind of… um… well…”

 ”Is he handsome!?”


 Handsome… how do I answer that…?

 Well, he’s the most handsome to me, but I don’t know if my sense of beauty matches the draconia’s.

 First of all, I wonder if Lute is considered cool by society.


 Upon further reflection, I realize that I am too uninformed about such topics.

 I cannot have confidence in my judgment.

 ”Well… I think he’s cool…”


 In response to my words, the Draconia girl clearly had an excited expression.

 Her cheeks turned red, and she floated up, swirling her tail in a cute manner.

 ”Is he smart?”

 ”Well… he’s definitely good.”

 ”Is he a magician?”

 ”Oh? No, he is a magic technician…”

 ”A magic technician?”

 ”…You don’t know?”

 ”I don’t know.”

 Perhaps it’s because I’ve been secluded in the mountains, but is my knowledge limited?

 The history of magic technicians isn’t that recent, though…

 The Draconia girl stopped her tail’s movement and tilted her head in curiosity. I explained to her what a magic technician is.

 It seems that this child has a strong desire for knowledge.

 Next, the Draconia, bombards me with one question after another, nodding with interest. Her charming behavior makes me almost forget that it is referred to as a walking calamity.

 ”Haa… So, Lute is amazing, huh?”

 ”Yes, indeed.”

 As Draconia gazes at my bed and wheelchair, her eyes sparkle, and she gently glides through the window, landing on top of my bed.

 It’s really flying… Just like in a fairy tale picture book. I find myself staring blankly at the surreal scene, and the creature, while gazing back at me, says something outrageous.

 ”Are you Lute’s mate?”


 Caught off guard by the sudden question, I freeze, and the creature also widens its eyes and tilts its head.

 ”Is that not the case?”

 ”N-No, of course not. Why would you think I’m Lute’s mate?”

 ”Well, you’re inside this nest without its owner. If you’re not its mate, why are you guarding the nest?”

 ”Well, I’m just house-sitting. Don’t you ever have someone else guard your nest?”

 ”We don’t.”

 I’ve only heard about the ecology of Draconia in fairy tales…

 I do want to know how this child lives on a daily basis, but…

 ”So, how about that one?”

 The Draconia girl(?) soundly next to my bed, gently cupping Frau, who still sleeps, with her chin and showing a curious expression.

 ”No, that child is not a mate either.”

 Well, I think for now they are the closest to being a pair. At least, in our sense, I don’t think the word “pair” applies.

 ”Then where is the mate? Is she out with the owner?”

 ”…Lute doesn’t have a mate?”

 ”He doesn’t have one!?”

 ”Well, um… he doesn’t have one… probably… unless he’s hiding it…”

 But I don’t think Lute could hide such a presence for almost half a year. If there is a possibility, maybe it’s Kanon-san?

 Even so, those two didn’t have that kind of atmosphere.


 ”Well, even if you ask why…”

 But this child…

 She has no idea who Lute is, but she is making a fuse that he doesn’t have a partner.

 ”Lute doesn’t seem to be interested in women that much…”

 …Well, I don’t think he has no interest at all.

 It’s just that he’s extremely shy.

 And he’s incredibly clueless.

 ”No interest… does that mean he can’t reproduce?”

 And as I was thinking about my grudge against Lute, this girl who only looks like a child said that, and I burst out laughing and choked.

 ”W-what are you saying!”

 ”Huh? Well… even though he’s a strong male, he has no interest in females…”

 ”I-it’s not like he has no interest just because he can’t reproduce! I don’t know about you, but there are people like that among us humans!”

 ”Oh… weird… So Lute can reproduce then?”

 ”I… I think he can…?”

 It seemed like Frau was making a big deal out of it…

 Well, to be honest, before that incident, I also had my doubts about Lute’s capabilities.

 But… please stop.

 Well, to be honest, until that incident, I too had some doubts about Lute’s inability.

 Reproduction and such…

 ”Have he mated with anyone?”

 ”He haven’t!!! !!!”

 I was tempted though!!!

 ”Why are you angry…?”

 ”I’m not angry!! …Th-that kind of topic is delicate for humans, you know!!”

 ”It’s strange. It’s an important matter…”

 …Draconia, are they on the brink of extinction?

 Certainly, from their perspective, they may not have a sense of shame about reproduction.

 ”So, is that woman over there mating with that Lute?”

 ”…I-I don’t think so.”

 She’s not mating, right?

 Not yet.

 …Indeed, right?

 ”…Even though he have two females in his nest, he’s not mating?”



 Well, it’s not exactly that simple.

 Mating too easily would be troublesome.

 ”It’s strange…”

 However, it seems extremely incomprehensible to the Draconia, who kept tilting her head and wearing a puzzled expression while crossing her arms.

 ”So… is it okay for Fiine to be Lute’s mate?”



 And with those words, I found myself tilting my head in confusion, just like her.

 ”What did you say?”

 ”So, neither you nor that female are a mate, right? He haven’t even mated. So it’s fine if Fiine becomes Lute’s mate, right?”‘


 Well, that’s not good, is it? Not for Lute’s feelings, not for his race, and not for this child’s ethical perspective based on appearances.

 And also, not for my and Frau’s feelings.

 ”W-W-Why do you want Lute to be your mate?”

 ”Why…? Because Lute has amazing mana. He’s an incredible individual, even among humans. If Fiine partners with him, we’ll be able to have strong children.”

 Is this child drawn to Lute’s mana?

 ”Actually, I came here to find my little brother in place of Mommy, but while doind so, I senses a male with mana similar to Fiine and the others, so I thought I could get the seed as well… But if there’s no mate, then Fiine can just be Lute’s mate. That way, the chances of having children will increase!”


 Th-Th-This seed…

 Wait, what does she mean by her brother…?

 And mommy? Is Lute’s mana on par with Draconia’s?


 …What should I even start with?

 ”I came here because this place had the strongest mana scent… Why isn’t he here? Where is he?”

 In front of me, who was taken aback and bewildered, the one who introduced herself as Fiine, the Draconia, once again became displeased and pursed her lips.

* * *

 ”A Draconia?”

 ”Yeah, he looks like a hatchling. I’ve only seen him once, but for now, he’s been behaving quietly by Marcato’s side.”

 ”This is bad…”

 ”It’s really bad. Not only with that child, but there are also people among the church and nobility who are asking for more Draconia specimens. They’re getting carried away after seeing Marcato’s success.”

 Late at night, I sighed as I looked at Kanon, who sighed in a room at the back of Kanon’s mansion, and I, too, sighed and held my head.

 I had concerns about how the Empire would handle the Kingdom’s sanctuary, but I never thought they would step into the sanctuary at a stage where post-war affairs hadn’t even finished and capture a Draconia.

 And it wasn’t just Divine Princess Marcato’s own decision. There was a high chance that the Pope or the Cardinals, or at least some of the Archbishops were involved.

 ”Did you get any message from them before this?”

 ”No, I didn’t. I bet it was old man Allegretto’s idea, right? If not, I can’t think of why they didn’t tell me anything.”

 ”What if his parents come to get him back? The holy city will blow up…”

 ”It would be better if it was only the holy city.”

 She said that and brushed up her red hair that was hanging over her face with annoyance. She drank the wine glass that was on the table in one gulp and made a sour face.

 ”If we’re unlucky, the whole land will be a sea of fire. They brought him from the kingdom’s sanctuary, so he’s a descendant of the green dragon. He was one of the individuals who specialized in combat ability among the dragon race…”

 ”…You mean he’s a young one… from 30 years ago when a village in the kingdom disappeared?”

 ”Probably. He was the child of the green dragon’s descendant and the former kingdom’s knight commander who was kidnapped at that time. That person had a very powerful mana, they say.”

 ”Well, it seems like it. The Kingdom Knights have been weakening since that time… It’s quite something how the offspring of the Green Dragon’s descendants abducting people led to the incident of the Green Dragon’s young being abducted…”

 ”Ironically speaking, right? Beth, Another refill, please.”

 Kanon frowned as she raised her empty wine glass to the air, and Beth, who had been silently standing against the wall, immediately approached with a furrowed brow and poured wine into the glass.

 ”You’re drinking too much, Kanon-sama… Let’s make this the last one, okay?”

 ”It’s fine, really…”

 ”You say that, but your face is all red… Lute-sama, say something to her, too.”

 ”Huh? …Well, actually, you’re right. Kanon, let’s make this the last one.”

 Speaking of which, how many glasses is this now? While my glass is still on the second one, the wine bottle that Beth is holding is nearly empty.

 ”…You really listen to everything Beth says, don’t you?”

 ”Not really… I don’t intend to, but…”

 ”Well, Lute-sama does love me, after all.”

 …I won’t deny that.

 ”Hmph… What do you mean, love? That’s ridiculous.”

 ”Huh…? Are you jealous?”

 In response to Beth’s teasing, Kanon, who would usually just shoot a fireball silently, asks,

 ”Jealous…? Me? Of who?”

 ”Me and Lute-sama♡”

 Kanon becomes more wild when she’s drunk. As I watch Kanon, who stands up with a murderous aura, I feel the blood drain from my face, while Beth continues to smirk and moves behind me for safety.

 How many times have I witnessed Kanon fall in the same pattern?

 ”H-Hey… Kanon…”

 ”What? Can’t you stay quiet, Lute? This girl here needs a little punishment.”

 ”Kyaa~♡ Lute-sama, help me~♡”

 ”Why are you clinging to him…? Let go of him, Beth.”

 Beth hugs me tightly from behind, and my thoughts instantly scatter, making it impossible for me to think straight.


 Ever since that incident with Frau, I’ve been more aware of women than ever before. And especially… being pushed into various situations…

 ”Huh…? Lute-sama…? Lute-sama is drunk too…?”

 ”B-Beth…please spare me…”

 Phew…! Beth blew into my ear, and her slender fingers roamed across my chest. I had no idea what to do in this situation.

 ”Beth, Lute is in trouble, you know…? So, let him go…”



 A sound like a blood vessel bursting echoed from Kanon’s forehead, but Beth showed no signs of being startled.

 Not only that,




 Right in front of Kanon’s eyes, she pressed her lips against my ear, and things took a turn for the worse.

 ”You clumsy maid!!!!”

 ”Eeeek~♡ Lute-sama, help me, help me~♡”


 With that sound, countless orbs of light floated up from Kanon’s body.

 ”Let go. This is your last warning.”

 ”Jeal—ous—ly~♡ If only you could be honest~♡ That’s why…”


 As Kanon shouted, all the light balls were somehow fired at me.

 As the light balls approached, my vision turned white as if in slow motion.

 ”Why do you think… you get stolen by some random girl…?~♡”

 Right after I heard Beth say something behind me while giggling, my body was blown into the air.




 In the end, Kanon, who had sobered up that day, apologized profusely and ended up spending the night receiving treatment for my injuries.

 If only I knew what was happening at my home, I would have rushed back…

 Well, no, I guess it wouldn’t have made much difference whether I was early or late.

 Still, who could have imagined,

 ”Hey! You’re Lute, right? ♡ I’m Fiine!! ♡”


 That when I returned home early in the morning, I would be greeted by a young draconia, along with Frau who looked pale, and Viola who frowned.

 ”You don’t have a mate, right?~♡ Become mates with Fiine!~♡”

 I mean, is it possible for you to imagine yourself being greeted by a young draconia?

 ”…? What’s wrong? You dropped your bag…? Is this a souvenir…?”

 She ran over to me and picked up my bag, sniffing its smell. Her hair was a bright green that woke me up.


 ”Hey… is this a souvenir? Is there something delicious inside?”

 She looked up at me and tilted her head.

 ”….What? Can’t you talk? Do you want to use telepathy?”


 She looked like nothing but a draconia with green dragon blood in her veins.

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