Viola 15

Chapter 15 Your Happiness Is My Happiness

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 February 1st

 The other day, I received a sudden visit from divine Princess Marcato.

 What she is aiming for is the control over Fiine’s little brother, Oratorio.

 And not just any control, but a control that will last for many years to come.

 According to Kanon’s estimation, Oratorio is currently in a state of intoxication with divine princess Marcato’s immense mana.

 Based on Fiine’s behavior and words, it is likely that Oratorio has never had contact with females of other races before.

 Since his mana is still immature, it wouldn’t be strange for him to mistake the interference of mana as romantic feelings when exposed to divine princess Marcato’s bewitching mana.

 And what Marcato is concerned about is that as Oratorio grows, the influence of divine princess’s mana will gradually diminish.

 That is why Marcato must have come to request the development of a mana control device specifically for Draconia, in order to weaken Oratorio’s resistance.

 However, the question is, even though the Divine Princess possesses mana that is far superior to that of ordinary humans, would a being of Draconia’s level be intoxicated by the mana of a human?

 I might need to question Marcato-san’s story once I hear all the details.

 Beth mentioned that Alto is becoming interested in Draconia. Draconia is a powerful yet fragile being, and the thoughts of both Draconia and those around them could lead to significant conflicts.

 Currently, with Kanon’s assistance, Fiine’s existence remains a secret. However, as Fiine doesn’t want to go back to the Sanctuary, it’s my duty to safeguard her and prevent any exposure to malicious intentions.

 I can’t afford to cause any issues around me right now for Viola’s sake. It’s crucial to make careful choices in my actions.

* * *

 ”Hey there, you must be Fiine-chan, you’re so cute!”

 ”Cute? Fiine is?”

 ”Yeah, incredibly cute!”

 Alto-oneesama had come to Lute’s house in secret after a long time.

 At Kanon-san’s place, it seems she has been treated quite well. After all, the condition of her skin and hair is incomparable to when we first met, showing a significant improvement.

 Back in the kingdom, she was bombarded with proposals, unlike me. Alto-oneesama has a charm that captivates those who see her.

 ”Do you think Lute finds Fiine cute?”

 ”I’m sure he does. Maybe when Fiine grows a bit more, he’ll be head over heels for you?”

 ”Not now?”

 ”Well… I’m not sure. I don’t know his preferences, but it might be a little early for that.”

 ”I see…”

 On the other hand, Fiine sitting on her lap, bowing shyly, is just as adorable. It’s easy to forget her true purpose, which is supposedly to bear Lute’s child.

 ”How much more should I grow?”

 ”Well, at least to Frau-chan’s size? What do you think, Viola?”

 ”That sounds about right. Judging by past experiences, Frau is undoubtedly within Lute’s preferences.”

 ”About Frau’s size, then. Got it.”

 You know, sometimes I forget that she’s not your average girl, someone who fits into the mold of what’s considered normal. Fiine, in her everyday self, gives off this carefree and innocent vibe, you know?

 And as I pondered over such thoughts, watching their interaction unfold before my eyes…


 With a ridiculously silly sound, Fiine transformed.



 ”Is this good enough?”

 It goes without saying that both Alto-oneesama and I were left speechless for a moment, as we looked at Fiine, who had now grown to be as tall as Frau, perched on Alto-oneesama’s lap.



 Before Alto and I could even react, Fiine darted out of the room at lightning speed. Lute had been busy with something in his own room, and now Fiine charged towards Lute, who was engrossed in some research.

 ”Fi… Fiine!?”

 Fiine threw Lute off his chair and onto the bed, landing on top of him.

 ”H-hey! Fiine!? What’s with this appearance!?”

 ”Hmm? Alto and Viola said that if I was as big as Frau, Lute would be head over heels for me!”

 In Lute’s room, Alto-oneesama and I, who had finally caught up, looked at Lute with an indescribable expression. With a hesitant smile, Alto sought forgiveness from Lute, who was staring at us with a peculiar look.

 ”What do you think about Fiine? Is Fiine cute?”

 ”Uh… Huh?”


 ”Well, yeah… I think you’re cute…”


 Fiine, with sparkling eyes, immediately hugged Lute’s chest and rubbed her cheek against him. Her lizard-like tail stretched out in the air, and she pressed her well-defined limbs against Lute with enthusiasm.

 Ever since the incident with Frau, it seemed like Lute had lost even more resistance to women, and he remained tense and confused, his body stiff as a board.

 Well, even without that, Fiine, who had always seemed like a child until now, growing up suddenly, would naturally confuse him. We’re just here, bewildered and unsure of what to do.

 ”Ah, so Lute likes big girls, huh? Will I get bigger too? Hey, let’s save talk about mating for later and focus on our little secret first, okay? ♡”

 ”Well, you see… It’s not about being big or small, you know…”

 ”Is it okay to be small then? Fine, it’s easier if it’s small. Is it okay if it’s not big?”

 ”No, being small is not good…”

 ”So, being big is better?”

 ”Well, that’s true, but…”

 I don’t understand what they’re talking about, whether it’s big or small.

 In reality, Fiine’s body has grown in various ways besides height…

 Bigger than me…

 It’s frustrating, really.

 I wonder why.

 By the way, now that I think about it, Fiine talks a lot about mating, but does she actually know how it’s done? This girl has some strange gaps in her knowledge. Maybe she thinks storks bring babies if you kiss…




 ”Stop… Please let go!! Viola!! Alto!! Don’t look, please help me!! Ah, no… No, don’t look after all!!”

 I take back what I said before.

 She absolutely know.

 She wouldn’t be shaken even if she saw what Lute did to me.

 But, it’s the first time I’ve seen what Lute did…


 Is that normal?

 Does it get bigger from there?


 Does it go in?

 That thing?


 What good is it for me to be shaken?

 ”Lute-sama… It’s quite heinous, isn’t it…”

 Even though my sister is blushing and making inappropriate comments.

 I am not in a position to say as I’m frozen here.

 ”Lute, why are you in such a panic? Have you never had any secrets before?”


 Why are you asking such a thing, Fiine?!

 But, I might be curious…

 ”Even Fiine hasn’t done it, but it’s not something that decreases, so it’s okay, you don’t have to be scared.”

 Is that a line that the girl would say?

 ”I haven’t… I haven’t, so please stop!!”

 Ah… Hmm…

 There isn’t one…

 ”No way…”


 Well, it’s not like that’s the point, you know?

 Yeah, something like that, I guess.


 ”So, this is your first time with Fiine! ♡”

 ”I won’t!! Stop it!!”

 Even so, an adult man struggling desperately but unable to escape, Draconia really has a power that doesn’t match her appearance.

 If we leave it be, will it really start?

 ”Um… Fiine, Lute doesn’t like it… let him go…”

 ”Lute, you don’t like it?”

 ”I don’t like it!”


 Suddenly, Fiine’s gaze shifted to Lute’s, and unable to resist, I inadvertently looked at him.

 ”Is it true that males get bigger when they want to do it?”

 Before I knew it, Fiine’s tail had wrapped around and gently squeezed Lute’s, which clearly seemed larger than before.

 ”Th-this is…!!!”

 ”Lute, don’t you want it too? If you don’t like it, it won’t get bigger, you know?”


 ”W-wha-No!! It’s often against my will!!!”

 ”Your body isn’t saying that!!”

 Hey, that’s not a line a girl would say, Fiine.


 ”Hmm? What is it, Alto?”

 Beside me in a state of confusion, my big sister, with an air of ‘yareyare,’ spoke, and Fiine looked at her with a puzzled expression.

 It’s fine to look like that, but please stop wagging your tail with it.

 I can’t take my eyes off you.

 ”I don’t know about you Draconias, but for us humans, romantic feelings are quite important. Of course, there’s the momentary desire as well, but at least, when it comes to becoming mates, you can’t ignore the importance of romantic feelings.”

 ”Hmm…? It means you like each other, right? Fiine and the others have that too. Mom likes Dad. Dad likes Mom too.”

 ”Is that so? Well, that’s wonderful. But you see, what Fiine-chan is trying to force right now, I think it would be a significant negative for those romantic feelings.”

 ”…Is that so? Mom said that if our bodies are connected, our hearts will be connected too, you know?”

 ”Individual differences, huh? At least it doesn’t seem like Lute-sama is the type who likes things forced on him.”


 It’s okay to persuade, but onee-sama, you should hurry. Lute is writhing in pain and groaning, so please do something quickly. There seems to be a scene unfolding in front of us that we shouldn’t witness.

 …But wow.

 It’s still growing, that… thing.


 Can it really fit in mine?

 Isn’t it impossible?

 ”Lute-sama may not dislike Fiine-chan, but I think he’ll get quite hurt if you force it, you know?”


 ”Let’s call it a day for today. At least Lute-sama got excited seeing Fiine-chan. There will be another chance.”

 ”…Did Lute get excited by Fiine?”


 Fiine, stopping her tail movement abruptly, leans in so close to Lute that their noses almost touch, peering into his eyes.

 Ignoring her tail and horns, there was no denying that Fiine was an incredibly beautiful girl. With her radiant presence, it was impossible for Lute to maintain a coherent thought while being so close to her.

 ”Did you…?”

 ”W-Well…I guess so…”

 ”Oh? Really?”


 Oh my, was that voice just now directed at me? Lute turned pale and looked in my direction. It must have been me, right?

 ”Lute, look here.”


 In front of my eyes, I was in a psychological state that Alto-san later commented, “Viola, you looked like a demon.’






 For what felt like minutes, Fiine’s tongue twisted and danced inside Lute’s mouth, according to my perception. But with a sudden “poof,” she returned to her original size and released Lute.

 ”That’s enough for today!”

 Even if she said that with a dazzling, radiant smile, it’s not like it mattered. Well, it did feel refreshing, though.

 Emotions? Who needs them, right?

 I’m not frustrated or anything. Probably because that was Lute’s first kiss, but still…

 I’m not really feeling any regret. I never imagined that even Frau wouldn’t be able to steal it. But that’s fine. I’ll have my emotions stirred up, so it’s all good.

 I’m not really feeling regret at all.



 When I turned around at the sound, there was Frau with a pale face, dropping the vase she was holding onto the floor…

 Hmm, I wonder why? Even though Frau is supposed to be my love rival, I feel a sense of solidarity with her.

 ”Let’s do it again!! ♡ This feels so good! ♡”

 ”W-Wait!!!! S-Something’s wrong… Hmmph!!! Mmmmm!!!!”

 ”N-Nooooo!!! What are you doing, Fiineeee?!!!!!”

 Frau, who fearlessly charged at Draconia, was the bravest among the humans present in that situation. In a situation where it wouldn’t be strange for someone to be turned into charcoal, Frau pulled Fiine away, made her sit down, and started lecturing her, making her look like a goddess to me.

 ”Oh, how shameless…”

 While Fiine struggled against Frau, Lute clung on in resistance, ending up in an unconscious state with his pants and underwear yanked down, fully exposed. Fiine, despite being Fiine, perhaps Frau wasn’t any better.

* * *

 ”Marcato at Lute-sama’s home…?”

 ”Yeah… seems so.”

 ”What’s that woman thinking…?”

 Forte, who was renting a room in a church in the holy city, invited me to stay with her, and what I heard from Forte gave me a headache.

 ”Is she planning on getting involved in the search for Alto?”

 ”It doesn’t seem to be the case…”


 ”She apparently requested the development of a mana control device to suppress Draconia’s mana. She was boasting about it in the salon.”

 ”What!? That foolish woman!”

 The mana-control device, known as a walking natural disaster, requires understanding the core of Draconia’s strength.

 It’s like asking for the creation of a weapon.

 If something like that were to be created, the technology could potentially be used to create magic tools that control Draconia.

 ”Lute-sama would never entertain such talk, yet others are spreading it around…!”

 ”But it seems like that’s not the case…”


 ”I heard that Lute-sama is planning to visit Marcato-sama’s mansion. It seems like he has also submitted an application to the church, so I don’t think Marcato-sama is lying.”


 That’s ridiculous. There’s no way Lute-sama would openly get involved in military matters.

 ”…I’ll go and confirm.”


 ”There’s no way that’s true. It’s unthinkable, especially for Lute-sama.”

 ”H-hey, Aria-chan!? You’re going now!?”


 ”But it’s nighttime!?”

 ”I’ll apologize properly.”

 ”But that’s not the issue…”

 ”I’m going. We can have a sleepover another time.”

 ”A, Aria-chan…”

 I hastily discarded my pajamas for overnight stays, shoved them into my bag, and put on a thick skirt and sweater. With heavy footsteps, I rushed out of Forte’s room.

 ”Aria-chan! At least your coat…!”

 ”Don’t need it!”

 Even in the dead of winter, oddly, there was no sense of cold.

 My body felt strangely hot, sweat even began to trickle.

 ”Be, be careful!”

 ”I’ll be fine!”

 Marcato, that woman, unforgivable.

 Involving Lute-sama like that.


 No, it’s different.

 Surely, it’s not just Marcato.

 There must be higher forces involved.


 I have to protect him.

 I should be able to.

 Otherwise, why did I become the Divine Princess?

 While higher forces aren’t making big moves…!

 Wait! Lute-sama!

* * *

 My treatment has entered a new stage.

 I was told from the early stages to perform a mana exchange.

 ”I-it’s embarrassing…”


 Frau and I, both wearing thin shorts and a sheer piece with shoulder straps.

 I’ve only been showing Lute a little bit of my back lately, so I’m getting nervous.

 Even if that’s not the case, my cheap prostitute-like attire is extremely sensational, and looking at Frau standing next to me makes me feel weird.

 For Lute, who was waiting for us on the bed with just his underwear, it must have been even more nerve-wracking.

 ”Why are you getting all embarrassed now? You’ve shown yourself off plenty…”

 ”Beth! Don’t say weird things!”

 And to make matters worse, we were facing Lute, with Beth in her usual maid outfit and Fiine floating in the air with a puzzled expression. It was quite a ridiculous scene for a therapeutic session.

 While Frau desperately pulled her see-through shirt to cover her lower half, she probably didn’t realize that her actions were only making things more scandalous.

 Being bold would have been less lewd…

 But it was impossible.

 ”Hurry up and get on with it. Both Lute-sama and Viola-sama are waiting…”

 ”I-I know… I was just mentally preparing myself…”

 Frau stares at Lute, who is sitting on the bed, with a face so red that she seems on the verge of tears. As for Lute himself…


 Is he imagining what is about to happen? His head turns in a different direction with such force that it looks like his neck might snap, and his face becomes as red as his neck. Naturally, today is more likely to be a difficult situation for Lute.

 Today, we will perform mana transfer. Up until now, we have only been injecting mana. In other words, Lute has never received the stimulation from mana.

 What was vividly reliving behind my eyelids was Lute, who had been squeezed by Fiine’s tail just the other day and had gotten into a lot of trouble.


 I can’t take it anymore. Despite trying to maintain composure while witnessing the embarrassed expressions of Frau and Lute, my head feels like it’s about to boil. I hope I’m not having a nosebleed right now.

 Maybe it would be better to plug my nose before beginning the treatment.

 ”W-Well then…”

 In the midst of my trembling nerves, Frau, finally having made up her mind, starts moving towards the bed where Lute is waiting.

 In this tense situation, it’s impressive how my rival is the first to take action. Frau is always brave, no matter what.

 ”Alright, come on, Viola-sama…”

 ”Yes, y-yes…!!”

 ”…Don’t be so nervous.”

 It’s impossible, Beth. I can’t not be nervous.

 ”L-L-Lute-sama… Please lie down…”


 See! Even Lute is saying “yes” like that.

 ”E-Excuse me… I’m going to start now…”

 Beth pushed the wheelchair closer to the bed, and Frau, who had already positioned herself face-up on top of Lute’s body, crawled over him.

 Lute tightly shut his eyes, but when Frau’s body touched his, he trembled involuntarily.

 ”Now, Viola-sama, I will lift you up.”

 ”Y-Yes, y-yes…”

 Only Beth and Fiine are calm. As my face flushed with heat, I felt both of them holding me by the sides, and my body floated gently in the air.

 ”Lute-sama, can you spread your arms?”

 ”Like… like this…?”

 ”Thank you very much.”

 As Lute’s arms spread in a T-shape, I found myself pressed sideways into Lute’s arms, snuggling close.

 ”Now, Frau…”

 ”Ugh… Yes…”

 ”Lute-sama, please pull the two of them closer together as much as possible.”


 In this way, Frau and I ended up embraced in Lute’s arms.

 ”Viola-sama, arms and legs, if you please. Frau, entwine your arms with Viola-sama’s. That’s it. Now, the legs.”

 Beth’s straightforward instructions were appreciated. If it were just the three of us, we might not have been able to even start the treatment.

 With Fiine’s assistance, I entwined my arms and legs over Lute’s body, and then Frau intertwined hers over ours.

 Oh, this is hopeless.

 The sensation of skin against skin is both thrilling and… honestly, incredibly pleasant. Lute’s body is firm, Frau’s body is soft, and… Lute’s mana has a strong fragrance.

 It’s probably due to the sweat.

 ”Alright… all set!”

 ”Nice… Fiine wants too…”

 ”No, it’s not possible. Fiine’s mana is likely different from that of humans. If you just pour it without investigating, you’ll be putting everyone in danger. Besides, the last time you kissed, didn’t it make Lute-sama faint?”

 ”Oh, that sounds nice…”

 Ah, this scent…it’s making my head spin.

 I want to lick Lute’s sweat…

 ”Well then, as originally planned, Lute-sama’s mana goes to Frau, Frau transfers it to Viola-sama’s arms and legs, and Viola-sama returns the received mana to Lute-sama’s opposite arms and legs. Frau, you have a crucial role in controlling the amount of mana, so don’t lose focus.”


 ”…I’m counting on you, Frau.”


 Our faces are so close…

 Ah, I want kiss him…

 Like Fiine did to him

 ”Well then, Lute-sama, let’s begin~♡”

 Should I lick it…?

 In the midst of the commotion…


 Frau’s body trembles slightly.

 The treatment seems to have started.


 Warm sensations flowed into my arms and legs, wrapped around by Frau’s limbs. It feels so good… The core of my body starts to warm up, and a tingling sensation spreads to the tips of my limbs.

 ”Ha… Ah… Uh…”

 ”Viola-sama, come on, don’t just receive, but also send mana to Lute-sama.”

 That’s right… Mana, to Lute…

 ”Gu… Uh…”

 …Does it feel good? Mana flows from me. It’s thick and warm.

 ”Mmm… Lute-sama… Ah… Mmm…”

 Frau’s voice is a little soft.

 Such a cute voice… Frau’s voice tickles the back of my mind in a pleasant way.

 Ah, no… My thoughts aren’t clear… I feel dazed…

 ”Mmm… Ah… Ah…”

 It feels good.

 It feels good.

 It feels good.

 …It feels so gooood.

 It’s getting more intense.

 How much time has passed?

 ”Hii… Uuu…”

 Frau seems to be in pain.

 ”Frau, don’t run away. Lute-sama, save Frau.”

 ”Frau… I’m sorry.”

 ”Hyaa… fahh…!”

 It feels good… Being held tightly…

 Frau’s face is so alluring…

 Her eyes are glazed, and saliva drips from the corner of her mouth…

 She stares at Lute desperately…

 Does she want to kiss?

 ”Mmm… Viola-sama, please relax too. Just unwind.”

 It’s impossible…

 I can’t relax…

 My body is convulsing, and I can’t help but tense up…

 ”Haa… Lute-sama… ngh… ah…”



 While I was in a daze, Frau…

 How much time has passed?

 ”Ah… ah… feels… good…!”

 Frau… rubbing against him…?

 Since when?

 ”No… ah… no, no, no…!”

 Frau, your movements are too sensual.

 It’s like watching a different creature.

 Even Fiine is watching.

 Her eyes widen in surprise.


 …does it feel good?


 …it seems so.

 Your face looks amazing, so naughty, Frau.



 My hips can’t stop.

 Lute’s legs feel so good…

 It’s hard and when it rubs against me, it feels so good…


 Inside my body, it’s all mushy with mana, and my private parts are all mushy with Lute’s heat. I can only feel pleasure.

 I love you.

 Lute, I love you.

 ”I love you… I love you…”

 I love everything about you.

 Your cool parts, your cute parts, your kind parts, I love them all.

 ”Lute… I love you…”

 A kiss…

 Kiss me…



 Oh no…


 I’m sorry, my nails…

 It must hurt.

 But…my body won’t listen to me.


 We have to stick together.

 Even though we have to stick together, my body is getting tense…


 It feels good…

 My head feels like it’s going to break…

 What about Frau…?




 What’s wrong? You have a happy-looking face. Are you drooling…?


 Wait… let go of my hand…


 What are you touching…?



 That’s not fair…

 ”Fu… Frau…uuu…”



 No, I said no.

 ”Frau! No, it’s not…!”

 That’s right, it’s not allowed!!


 Just as Lute was about to move…

 ”Huh…? Lute-sama…? ♡”

 Hovering over the bed, Beth gazes at Lute with a slightly blushing cheek.

 ”Even after seeing Viola-sama and Frau in their embarrassing appearances countless times…♡”


 ”Lute-sama, is it still a secret…? ♡ That’s a little…”


 ”So unfair… ♡”

 Her eyes seemed to be moist, as if suppressing intense excitement.

 ”Both Frau and Viola-sama have been taken advantage of by Lute-sama so many times…♡ How can they not notice…? I won’t let them say that…♡”

 ”W-Well, that’s…”

 ”Don’t think it was embarrassing…♡ To be seen in such a shameful state… Only Lute-sama can make it end beautifully…♡”


 ”Could it be… you’re the only one running away…? Hey? ♡”

 Seeing Lute’s face turn bright red and freeze, Frau took it as a sign.

 ”Lute-sama… ♡”

 Frau slipped her hand into Lute’s pants.


 With a smooth motion, she pulled down Lute’s pants.






 Fiine, you look so happy.

 Frau too…

 I… I…


 I want to touch.

 I want to try touching.

 With my hand.

 ”Vi… Viola… Frau…”

 Ah, but I can’t move.

 I envy Frau.

 Your touch… it’s so teasing.



 Unfair, Frau.

 I don’t want it.

 Don’t take it.

 Don’t take it, please.


 As I squirm and feel like crying,

 ”Here… let me help you…♡”

 The warm hand of Beth gently overlaps with my motionless hand.


 I’m happy.

 I’m so happy.

 When it’s gently lifted, and Beth’s hand touches from the other side,


 It’s hard yet squishy…

 And it’s so hot.

 Despite being grotesque, I can’t help but find it incredibly cute.

 ”There… squeeze…♡”

 As Betb’s hand wraps around my fingers and Lute’s, Lute trembles and moans.


 ”Hee… ♡ Lute-sama… ♡”

 So cute, Lute…

 Does it feel good?

 It’s the opposite of usual… so cute… ♡

 *Squelch, squelch!*

 ”Stop… mmm…!!”

 ”Lute-sama… Lute-sama…! ♡”

 Lute’s thing, with me, Frau, and Beth’s hands… this is strange.


 As Beth brushes her hair behind her ear and lets out saliva, a really naughty sound of water begins to echo. The loudest one making the sound is Frau.

 Her expression is distorted with joy and excitement, tears even flowing from her eyes.

 ”Lute… Lute… ♡”

 I thought about how happy she must be, but I felt the same.


 Before I knew it, I was clinging to Lute’s neck, repeatedly kissing and nibbling as if biting. Every time I kissed, Lute’s body twitched, so cute.

 But just kissing was not enough.

 I want more of Lute.

 ”Ah… Vi, Viola…!”


 Lute’s seed…

 Sweat, salty…


 Frau also already completely draped over Lute, and at some point, she had managed to undress, leaving her upper body bare.


 Frau’s chest, adorable.

 …I might want to touch it a bit.

 *Squelch, Slish-slosh!!*

 ”Viola-sama…♡ Look at Lute-sama’s face…♡”


 ”Shall we make it stronger…? ♡”

 It’s incredible sound… I’ve never heard such a suggestive sound before. My whole body tingles, and the depths of my stomach tighten.

 ”Agu… V-Viola…”

 My head is buzzing, and all I can see is Lute’s face.

 So cute.

 Why is he so incredibly cute?

 I’m overwhelmed with affection for Lute, so much so that it feels like my head is spinning.


 ”Well… it seems like it’s about to happen, isn’t it…♡”


 ”Lute-sama is…♡”

 Lowering my gaze upon Beth’s whisper-like voice, I find myself looking at Lute’s precious place, which seems ready to explode.

 Beth’s saliva and the transparent substance coming from Lute’s tip… it instantly stole my heart.

 I want to see…

 Lute going in.

 How will it feel…

 …how will it taste?

 ”Ohhh~ ♡ Is it coming?♡”

 Fiine, don’t get your face too close.

 If it comes out, it’ll hit your face.


 Fiine, it’s no good.

 It’s dangerous.

 That one, probably, with quite a force…

 *Spurt, spurttt!!!*

 ”Ugh… ah… ahhh…!!”







 Lute’s body jumps up and trembled.

 ”Mhmm!!~♡ Nk… pha!! Hyaa!!”

 Fiine’s eyes widened in astonishment as she watched the liquid overflow from the corner of her mouth, thinking for a moment that she had swallowed it all in an instant. The white, gooey substance trickled down her chin, creating a surprising sight.


 As Fiine pulled away, the white liquid shot out, splattering onto Beth’ face.


 The parts that missed Beth’ face pattered down onto my buttocks and thighs, causing a tingling sensation.


 The tip, which continued to release the white liquid, was enveloped by Frau’s hand.

 ”Ah…♡ Lute-sama… Lute-samaa…♡”

 Despite the overwhelming amount that Frau’s small hand couldn’t contain, it continued to leak through her fingers, staining her hand.

 Ignoring my bewildered state, Frau kept stroking Lute’s member.


 After what felt like an eternity, Frau, with a dreamy expression, began to lick the liquid off her hand.

 ”Mmm… Lick, lick…””

 To my surprise, Frau started sensually licking the liquid off her hand.

 ”Ahhh!!!! Fiine too!!!! Fiine too!!!!!!!!”

 ”Haah… Ahhh… ♡”

 ”You cheater! Frau, you’re so unfair!!!”



 Whispering with her tongue licking her own hand, Frau said,


 Ah, Frau!!

 ”Mmm… slurp… lick…♡”

 Without any hesitation, she went straight for it… I couldn’t stop her in time.

 ”F-Frau!! Ahh!! Ughhh!!!”


 ”Ahhhh!!! Fiine too!! Fiineee!!!”

 Beth’s arm is holding down Lute, wriggling and struggling.

 Lute’s upper body is completely restrained by Beth’s slender arm, I can’t believe how much strength she has.

 ”Lick… suck… slurp…♡”


 Frau’s tongue goes back and forth from the base to the tip, over and over again.

 As Lute’s body gradually relaxes and twitches, as if his will to resist has been completely licked away, Frau finally takes it into her mouth completely. She narrows her eyes and moves her face up and down repeatedly…


 The sound echoed as her lips reluctantly parted.

 ”Lute-sama… you’re so cute…♡”

 ”Frau, you’re so unfairrrrrrrrrrr! Fiine wants too.”

 Indeed, it was unfair.

 To sneak away right in front of me…

 And Fiine too, just a moment ago…

 And Beth, her face disappeared without a trace, where did she go…

 I’m nothing but my buttocks and thighs…

 Ah, but…


 ”But it’s still quite big, isn’t it…♡”

 My heart skipped a beat at Beth’s whispered voice brushing against my ear.

 ”Do you know, Viola-sama… that the strength of mana is directly proportional to sexual desire…♡”

 Of course… I already knew that.

 ”Lute-sama… I think you’ve been suffering for half a year…♡”

 I knew…

 I thought so…

 That’s why I became even more anxious.

 Why won’t he give in to temptation…


 And I’ve been wondering why I wouldn’t do it for so long.

 ”Don’t you want to…♡”

 In the soft whispers of Beth by my ear, there lingers the scent of Lute’s pale fluids. The fragrance, clinging to the depths of my nose, is the kind that could become an addictive scent…

 I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed. Nothing else enters my vision except Lute, and I can’t think of anything else. My heart keeps pounding, and my entire body feels tense. Surely, it’s not just me—Frau, Beth, even Fiine seem to be in the same state.


 ”What are you all doing…”

 We completely failed to notice Divine Princess Aria, her face pale blue, peering through the window beside the bed.

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