Viola 18

Chapter 18 It’s Not That You Don’t like It Either, Right?

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 February 15th

 Tomorrow, in the morning, I have to report the situation of Viola to Alto, and in the afternoon, I have a promise to have a meal with Aria.

 It’s been a while since I’ve had errands outside, relying on Frau for shopping and staying at home all the time.

 …Because I showed a terrible sight to Aria the other day, honestly, I feel awkward about meeting her. I suppose she invited me tomorrow because she still has something she wants to say.

 From what she told me and the expression on her face at that time, I can understand that I haven’t fully comprehended it. I can’t imagine what she will say, but no matter what she says, I will accept it wholeheartedly.

 She is a smart person with keen observation skills. She understands the world much better than someone like me.

 …However, acknowledging that I know nothing is the first step. If I just keep pondering, nothing will progress. I have to become more positive in my thinking for the sake of Viola and Frau, who are by my side.

 …But what should I wear tomorrow?

 Did I get too carried away by lending both of my coats?

 Maybe I should go out a little earlier and find a new coat in town.

* * *

 ”Please hang it there.”

 Marcato said with a smile, wearing a knee-length skirt and a sleeveless deep red dress. Even though it’s a bit too lightly dressed for winter, it suits her well.

 ”Well, um…”

 ”I don’t mean to make you eat anything, so please relax a little more. I get nervous too.”

 Although Marcato sat on the sofa and crossed her legs without any signs of tension, it’s true that being too stiff doesn’t allow for clear thinking. While it’s impossible to let go of caution, it’s definitely better to relax a bit.

 ”So, getting to the point, I was thinking of keeping it a secret…”


 ”Depending on Lute-sama’s attitude…”

 ”…Is it a threat?”

 ”Oh, that’s unpleasant to hear. I’m just stating the conditions for exchange. Or perhaps, could you please? You’re free to think of it as earnest if you’d like.”


 The murder of templars in the forest along the national highway.

 I had heard about the case assigned to Divine Princess Marcato from Kanon. That’s why I was cautious and made efforts to keep people away from the surroundings.

 But I never thought they would come to my house. It’s nothing but carelessness. When Marcato approached me with the story, I should have consulted more with Kanon or Aria.

 ”The slave I saw at that time… I investigated various things, and it’s a great success.”

 Marcato smiles slightly, suppressing her mouth and chuckling.

 ”How did you make them kill? Were they from the former kingdom’s knight order? I’ve crossed swords with the knight order commander myself. Well, thanks to the magic tool you created, it didn’t become a worthy opponent. Still, I would have liked to fight in that state. Even then, I wouldn’t lose.”


 ”It seems like he uses special mana manipulation. If it were true, I would have loved to fight him in that state. Still, I don’t feel like losing.”

 While saying that, she brushed her hair back and fought against Alto, Viola’s big sister. Due to the injury at that time, Alto lost her vision and left arm.

 However, Marcato, in her characteristic lack of interest towards others, doesn’t seem to remember Alto’s physical features. In Alto’s defense, it was during the battle, so it’s possible that she couldn’t see Alto’s face due to being fully equipped. Well, it’s not like it mattered when her eyes were gouged out.

 Surely, she must have connected the information about Viola to the incident in which the three templars died, not from the back view of Viola, but from the information about her wheelchair.

 When she was called out in the town, Marcato suddenly invited her to come home with her. Naturally, when she refused, Marcato smiled and whispered in her ear, ‘The killer of the templars… it was the doing of your slaves, right?’

 It seemed that Beth’s involvement hadn’t been revealed yet, but if Marcato investigates, it won’t be long before Beth and Kanon’s involvement is discovered. I cannot point out any mistakes.

 For now, I have no choice but to comply.

 ”The request is…?”

 ”That would be about the Oratorio.”

 ”A mana control device, huh…”

 ”That’s right, but, in truth, I’m facing various difficulties…”


 With an ostentatious exhale, Marcato, just as ostentatiously, crossed her legs, wearing a bewitching smile.

 What is her intention, I wonder.

 The sight of Marcato’s white legs exposed all the way to their base is seared into my eyes.

 An action that once had little effect on me now feels too toxic for my current self.

 I never thought I’d lose my resistance to such allure at this age.

 Seeing a woman’s legs, chest, or skin brings back sensations brought by Viola and Frau in a chain reaction.

 This is truly not good.

 They say once humans get used to luxury, they can’t go back, and I believe that’s entirely true.

 Viola and Frau… They are far too beautiful for me.

 ”I’d like you to create a mechanism to neutralize the mana between humans and Draconia.”


 ”I’m really in trouble, you know? When I absorbed a large amount of Oratorio mana into my body, I couldn’t stand for days…”


 What’s going on? Taking in a large amount of mana into your body? Why would you do something so dangerous?

 It’s a well-known fact that the wavelength of mana varies with different species. That’s why, even though Fiine wanted to participate in Viola’s treatment, I’ve been gently refusing. Even Marcato should be well aware of such things.

 ”…Why would you take such a dangerous risk?”


 Why are you looking at me as if I asked a completely off-topic question?

 ”Do you really not understand unless I explain everything from the beginning?”


 With a sigh of exasperation, Marcato slowly rose from the sofa.

 ”Lute-sama, are you injecting s*men into that slave of yours?”

 ”Y-yes!? Wh-why the sudden…”

 ”…It’s not sudden at all. I’ve been talking about the same thing since earlier. What kind of reaction did the slave girl have when you injected inside?”


 Marcato approached slowly, then sat beside me on the sofa, intertwining my arms against her chest as she leaned over.

 Uh, her chest hit my arm…

 ”W-What are you doing…”

 ”Ahn! Please, don’t be rough…”

 Instinctively, I tried to push her arm away, but Marcato continued to corner me in the corner of the sofa.

 ”Even though tou have quite an extreme fetish… Are you insensitive?”


 ”To put it plainly, I had s*x with the Oratorio. He ej***ed inside me.”

 As Marcato casually said this with a smile, I felt my thoughts come to a halt, as usual.

 ”I don’t mind ingesting Oratorio’s bodily fluids, but the reverse is not acceptable. Bodily fluids contain a large amount of mana, don’t they? Especially s*men, it’s the most intense.”


 ”As soon as it’s inside, I lose consciousness and faint. Even when I wake up, I experience intense headaches and dizziness. It’s quite a difficult experience.”


 ”Even with my Divine Princess’ self-purification, it would take three days… If it were an ordinary person, it would be enough to kill them… And yet, he still young… At this rate, there’s no way I can form a contract with Oratorio.”

 ”A contract…?”

 ”I intend to bear his child.”


 As Marcato spoke, she placed her hand on my chest and began to caress my body. She entwined her legs around my thighs, revealing the base of her white legs…

 ”I don’t expect you to be moved by just the matter of the slave… If Lute-sama were to take it seriously, you could cover it up. I will prepare a separate reward… Money as well… How?”


 ”If you can’t be satisfied with just me, you can take a few of my maids back with you. There are many with exceptional beauty… Of course, their salaries will be covered by me… I have also prepared some who match your preferences this time…”

 Marcato’s face drew closer, whispering in a sweet voice.

 Her hand also descended from my chest to my abdomen rapidly…



 And without restraint, my lower half…

 ”Stop it!!”

 ”Ah… it’s already…”

 I need to go back. It’s not good to stay here. I need to handle Viola’s matter myself. Kanon and Maraketh-sama… There should be many people willing to help.

 ”Oh, what have you been waiting for?”

 ”I apologize, but…”

 It’s infuriating. At myself. What’s this about self-restraint? My will is too weak.

 ”Can’t be helped. Oratorio.”



 When I noticed, a child with green hair stood before me.

 ”Give me your mana.”


 Surprised, I stiffened. As the child gently placed his hand on my abdomen, in the next moment…


 Something viscous flowed into my body, and consciousness was swiftly taken away.

* * *

 ”Hmm… chu…”


 ”Haa… My jaw is tired… You’re quite big, Lute-sama.”


 ”Shall we do it now?”

 ”…” *struggling sounds*


 As consciousness faintly returned, I instinctively covered my mouth with my hand due to the overwhelming nausea rising from my throat. My vision spun, and it felt as if something indescribable was running rampant inside my body.

 ”Are you awake? That’s quick. I thought it would take a bit longer.”

 ”Ugh… M-Marcato… w-what…”

 When I desperately turned my unfocused eyes to Marcato’s voice…

 ”What do you mean? I was thinking of doing it with you, Lute-sama.”


 Beneath my naked body, laid bare on the bed, Marcato wore nothing but a thin negligee, giving me a mysterious smile as she looked at me with upturned eyes.

 ”Look, Oratorio is watching too.”


 Upon hearing Marcato’s words, I noticed for the first time that the child from earlier was smiling and watching me, leaning on the bed.

 ”Oratorio, this will solve your problem and mine. Please be a good child, okay?”

 ”Yes, Marcato-sama.”

 The child’s face was smiling happily, resembling Fiine.

 His hair was even longer than Fiine’s, reaching to his feet.

 He was wearing a dress with frills, designed for girls.

 I had heard that Marcato had taken a male, but the hair was adorned with a ribbon, and at first glance, it looked like the appearance of a girl.

 ”Or should we let Oratorio serve as well? Although he is a male, he surely appears to be a girl, right?”

 ”What… you fool…”

 ”Oratorio, you’re good, right? I’m sure you will like it. Right, Oratorio?”



 I feel like throwing up.

 ”Well, if you don’t like it, I won’t force you… but even if it’s just me, it has grown considerably in size.”


 As Marcato held it and gently stroked it, my vision distorted, and I could no longer see Marcato.

 ”I’m sorry, but I will now be taking a video with Mana’s crystallization. I don’t have anything that can be recorded for a long time, but it’s enough if I can capture what Lute-sama and I are doing during that time.”

 ”Ah… guu…”

 ”For the slave, our relationship, this should be enough… Can you create a control device and a neutralizing device for me?”

 ”S-stop… guu…”

 ”Of course, I will give you proper compensation… You can im***nate me if you want. It wouldn’t be bad to give birth to Lute-sama’s child before getting pregnant with Oration’s child. Yes, that feels good. And why not get married?”


 ”Hehe, such a cute expression ♡…Hm.”

 My head feels empty. The pleasure that comes from my lower body is making me go crazy.

 My body convulses with pleasure from Marcato’s warm mouth, and I feel like I’m about to release right away.

 I have to stop this.

 I can’t face Viola and Frau if I do something like this.

 ”It’s big… muah… nfu… you seem enjoy it.”

 Wrapped in both hands, Marcato rubbed her soft cheeks against mine,

 ”Mmm… Muahh…”

 The tip is sucked making a clicking sound.

 Nausea and pleasure mixed together, even wanting to quickly feel relieved.

 ”It feels good, doesn’t it? I conducted an experiment. What would happen if I infused mana into someone of the same sex…”

 As soon as she let go of her mouth, her hand immediately made a lascivious slurping sound as it gently moved up and down.

 Marcato didn’t let go and skillfully twisted her body while covering me, peering closely from above.

 The lipstick on her lips was intensely red, sending shivers down my spine.

 ”There seems to be no difference between genders. Those who directly ingest Oratorio’s s*men suffer from mana circulation failure, causing significant impairment of their sense of balance…”

 Her lips pressed against mine, and her tongue invaded my mouth.

 ”Mmm… muah… haa…”

 At the same time, sensation of something rubbing against my lower abdomen, it was being rubbed against marcato’s crotch.

 ”S*xual desire increases… or rather, what is it? Is it the instinct for survival? Women were dripping wet, and men were all incredibly hard… just like Lute-sama is now.”

 ”Ah… stop… please…”

 ”A few people died… but their bodies were preserved in the development of magic tools… It seems to make things a bit easier to reach that point. In addition, I have adjusted the amount and received mana, so there is no need to worry.”

 Marcato suddenly stopped her hand movement and moved her lower body restlessly.

 ”Oratorio, activate the video device.”


 With a buzzing sound, the video device started up next to her face.

 It’s no use anymore.

 My body won’t move anymore, no matter what…

 ”Mmm… ah… it’s… big…”

 With a slippery sensation, Marcato’s warm body enveloped mine,

 In that moment.


 With a crashing sound, a person with a pitch-black mask over their head and wrapped in a man’s coat jumped in from the window of Marcato’s room.

 Instantly, Oratorio let out a fierce threatening sound, and that roar rushed towards the person in the coat like a whirlpool of light, blowing away the wall and window frame.


 However, as if that person had predicted the roar, they quickly avoided it by jumping to the side.



 Continuing with that momentum, they kicked Marcato, who was dumbfounded on top of me.


 ”~~~~Thank you for your patience…!!”

 Ignoring Marcato being blown away by Oratorio, they picked up my body and escaped through the hole in the destroyed wall at full speed.

 They repeated their jumps at an astonishing pace, even in normal circumstances, such movements would surely make someone dizzy.


 ”I’m so sorry… please forgive me…”

 ”Ugh…!! Gag… uhgg…!!”

 ”Ah… ah… ah… please endure… I’m so sorrryyyyy…!!”

 ”Haa… haa… upp…”

 ”Uwawa… I’m doing my best… Soon… to a place where you can rest peacefully…!”

 Of all things, after vomiting extravagantly on that person’s chest, she cleanly lost consciousness.

* * *

 What should I do…?

 ”Gu… Ugh…”

 Is he okay?

 Is this really okay…?

 ”Ha… Uaaah…”

 Or rather, I brought him to the room without thinking of a good place in a hurry… Should I take him to his house even now?

 Oh, but, Marcato-sama… Marcato might be heading to Lute-sama’s house… It would be troublesome if they crossed paths…

 He won’t die, right…?

 What should I do…?

 ”Ugu… Oee…”

 ”Huh!? Do you want to vomit!? It’s okay! Look! I’ve prepared a bucket!”

 ”Oeeeh!! Oeeeeeh… Haah… Haahaa… Sorry… Frau…”


 He looks in pain…

 What should I do…

 What should I do to help him…

 If I call someone, Marcato will notice. Aria-chan is probably searching for Lute-sama by now, so I don’t know her location… The message I left only says,

 [Lute-sama, urgent, move, guard.]

 I wrote the message to disappear quickly… I wonder if Aria-chan saw it…

 ”Ugh… guh…”


 His complexion is terrible. He’s repeatedly vomiting and can’t even bring up stomach acid anymore.

 Moreover, he can’t drink water properly; no matter how much it’s chilled, his body temperature won’t drop, and sweat is pouring out from all over his body.

 But it’s not the time to panic and cry.

 I have to do something somehow…


 ’Once you become an adult, it’s not uncommon for bodies to connect before hearts do….’

 Is that true?

 Given the situation, it doesn’t seem like a lie.

 ”Haa… haa… guh…”


 His focus is not clear.

 His consciousness is hazy.

 Earlier, he mistook me for Frau-san…


 Lute-sama… Does he like Frau-san…?

 Not Aria-chan…?

 But, the other night it seemed like Aria-chan and he had a good atmosphere…

 But neither relationship seems clearly established yet…

 ”Guh… Ah…”

 Is it okay…?

 Then, it’s okay…?

 Because he seems so troubled.

 Just helping…

 Just helping, that’s all…

 It won’t be considered cheating, right…?

 He won’t get mad, right…?

 And… he won’t remember, right…?

 No matter what I do…

 ”Hah… Hah… Haaa…”

 Now, I peek under the blanket…

 It’s… big…


 It’s the first time touching it…

 It’s… hard…

 Does everyone touch this, lick it, or put it in their mouths…?

 W-What should I do…?

 What should I do…?

 C-Can I do it well…? Such a thing…

 ’Shouldn’t we all teach you? Like how to invite or refuse… and techniques?’

 ’Hahaha! That’s a good idea! Whose house should we do it at?’

 ’Let’s go to Forte’s house!’

 ’Wait a minute!!’

 ’Let’s go, let’s go!! Hahaha! Then I’ll be the one to attack Forte!’


 ’No way! Don’t get too carried away!’


 Wait for me, Lute-sama…


 Now… I’ll make you feel good…!!!




 Leave it to me!!!!

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