Viola 2

Chapter 2 Anywhere With You

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 August 11th

 Today, like any other day, I made porridge.

 But I’m really pathetic and can only apologize.

 On the first day, I went to a nearby bar and ordered food for the sick, but I kept complaining about the porridge not being cooked enough and asking them to make it again. As a result, I was kicked out.

 Since then, I’ve been making it myself, but no matter how much I try, it just doesn’t turn out well.

 In the end, it’s just a series of failed attempts at making porridge.

 I mean, on the first day, I even threw it up… However, I don’t think I threw up because it tasted bad, but at the very least, if it was delicious, I wouldn’t have thrown up.

 Seriously, I have to do something about this.



 August 12th

 This morning, I went to Kanon’s place and begged her to lend me Beth. I was turned away at the gate, but in the end, Beth came to visit me this afternoon, thanks to Kanon’s kindness.

 Even so, when I told her about my situation, she was quite surprised, but I think it’s inevitable.

 I can’t complain about what people in my position might speculate, such as buying a position like hers as a sl*ve.

 However, Beth apparently didn’t give me a disdainful look and I asked her to explain the situation to Kanon and get her approval. Even if she can come, it seems like it won’t be until next month…

 Even so, what a good girl she is. She’s a girl who’s 12 years younger than me, but she’s much more mature than I am. Regardless of whether Kanon approves, I must thank Beth.

 What should I give her as a gift? Who should I consult about a gift for a 17-year-old woman?



 August 13th

 I give up. She won’t tell me when she needs to go to the bathroom no matter what I ask. Perhaps it’s too disgusting for her to let me hear her voice.

 Still, I bought women’s underwear despite the embarrassment, but I’m almost out of stock. I can’t keep watching her all the time, so what should I do?… Would she be angry if I used diapers? But the current situation is too unsanitary.

 However, Viola the Swordswoman and diapers… But if she uses diapers, I’ll have to buy a lot… Oh, dear God…



 August 14th

 I’ve come to a conclusion. I’ll make her wear diapers. But I was afraid. Afraid that I might be hated. When I realized that, I laughed so hard that I couldn’t remember the last time I laughed so much. I mean, I’m too shallow.

 Is there anything else that I could be hated for? I’ve already done worse to her country. How many people have I killed with my weapons? How much humiliation have I caused her? I thought she was mentally strong enough to handle wearing diapers. How foolish and ugly I am.

 But she’s so beautiful…




 September 1st

 There’s been a long gap between my diary entries. Today is a small anniversary, so I thought I’d write in my diary again.

 I mean, she spoke. “I don’t need it,” she said. She didn’t say anything else after that, but I felt like a fool. I must make sure not to misunderstand. She is not opening up to me.

 She is a noble person.

 Surely, she is suppressing burning hatred and showing her gratitude. Still, I must thank her. With just a few words, she makes me feel like a workhorse.

 Oh yeah, besides porridge, I have learned how to cook some egg dishes. I can’t feed her heavy things yet, but I have to work hard to give her something delicious little by little.

 I’ll record it just in case.




 September 13th

 Beth came to see me.

 I want to record a few things, but first, I should express my gratitude for Beth’s greatness and wonderfulness.

 Thank you so much, Beth.

 I will definitely thank you.

 Now, what I learned when she came is that I am quite a taste deaf person.

 She tried all the things I made, but everything was rejected.

 She said it wasn’t so bad, but it’s a word that should weigh more than the face value.

 Today, she taught me how to cook rice.

 What a thorough instruction.

 I can’t thank her enough.

 She also taught me a simple soup, but I couldn’t pass the test.

 She seems to be coming again tomorrow.

 What a kind girl she is.

 Oh God, please give Beth an overwhelming happiness.

 Beth’s guidance was wonderful not only in cooking but also in other things.

 First of all, I received a tremendous scolding for not cleaned Viola with a bath.

 Why am I so stupid that I can’t even think of something that she takes for granted?

 So, I hurriedly went back to the pawnshop to buy a bucket that could be used for a bath, but it needs some repairs.

 After cleaning Viola’s body tomorrow, I will spend time repairing it instead of working.

 If I decide to do that, I have to go to bed early.

 Good night.



 September 20th

 Recently, she hasn’t bitten my arm anymore.

 Still, I must avoid doing such a disrespectful thing as trying to figure out her feelings, but I can’t help but feel happy and foolish. I must reflect on myself.

 She has her own psychology. She spoke to me at that time. But she doesn’t speak to me now.

 However, that’s okay.

 Beth will come again tomorrow.

 I have to clean the kitchen.



 September 30th

 Oh God, thank you.

 Viola’s heart is too beautiful.

 I mean, she cared about the food I made.

 But, no, this must be a misunderstanding.

 Still, I can work hard again by thinking that.

 And I can assert that there is nothing more beautiful in this world than her.

 How lucky am I.

* * *


 What should I do.

 I feel like something is coming up again.


 Should I endure it? But for how long? Like this for about two hours? It’s impossible.


 I’m embarrassed and my face is burning. I’m sure he’ll think, “Huh? Again?” It’s because I got carried away and drank three bowls of soup since morning.

 Lute should have stopped me… no, that would be reverse resentment. Still, I put the bell placed next to my pillow in my mouth, trembling, and hesitantly made a small sound.

 *Clink, clink*

 Suddenly, I heard heavy footsteps. I’m always impressed that he doesn’t miss such a small sound.

 ”What’s wrong!?”

 A tall, black-haired man with a bad look and an appearance that makes people think he’s an assassin or something silently stood there, but in reality, this man is a person with a much worse nature than an assassin.


 Without being able to call it a toilet, I blushed and looked down in silence when suddenly.



 I let out a shriek, and this darn guy just burst into laughter.

 ”Alright, let’s go right away. Please bear with it for just a little longer.”

 Lute seemed to have taken my embarrassed appearance as affirmation, and ran to the side of the bed with a thud, lifting my body by putting his hands around the back of my knees and back.

 I almost leaked out as the gravity hit me, but I couldn’t complain to Lute. He was hurrying for me. I want him to hurry, but…

 ”Sorry, I’ll carry you slowly.”


 Did I make a strange face?

 When I noticed, Lute, who had a serious face, was looking at me up close, and I was surprised and my face turned red again.

 I felt my face burning as he looked at me, but…


 Lute’s gaze was already fixed ahead, and it seemed like my face wasn’t even in the corner of his vision. For some reason, this irritated me.

 I glared at Lute’s face while being held in his arms for several seconds. Without stumbling, and without violently shaking my body up and down, Lute brought me to the toilet slowly and carefully, just as he had declared.

 The toilet door was wide open.

 Ever since Lute nearly fell trying to open the toilet door with his foot on the first day, it seemed he had been leaving the toilet door wide open.

 ”I’ll put you down.”


 Seeing me nodding slightly, Lute gently lowered my body onto the toilet and leaned me against the backrest.

 ”Sorry, I’ll take off your pants.”


 Saying that, Lute put his hand on my pants, turned his face away, and slid them down to my feet.

 ”Open your legs.”


 ”How is it?”

 ”…It’s okay.”

 Since he’s not looking at me, I have no choice but to respond with words.

 ”Okay, then I’ll leave. I’ll close the door. Call me right away if you lose your balance. Don’t hesitate.”


 He’s worrying too much. I glared at Lute, who continued to talk chaotically until the door closed, and as soon as the door closed with a snap, I released all the tension in my stomach.


 No good. It’s still no good.


 It’s just too embarrassing. There’s no part of my body that hasn’t been seen. I was even taken care of my excrement.

 I shouldn’t be embarrassed by anything anymore, but the sound of me relieving myself in front of this door is making me feel so embarrassed that I could die. And what’s worse…

 ”Are you finished?”





 ”…I-I’m done.”

 ”I see. Sorry, can I open the door?”


 ”…Can I open it?”


 With a soft click, the door opened, and there was Lute, still facing the day after tomorrow. He silently approached me, then squatted down in front of me.


 Why am I so embarrassed about this now? Even though I’ve shown him more embarrassing things than this…

 ”I’m sorry, let me wipe you.”

 Lute briefly glanced at my legs, then quickly turned his face diagonally backward. He approached my crotch with a soft piece of paper in his hand.


 He then pressed the paper against me very hesitantly.


 ”Ah!? Sorry!!!!”

 A mix of embarrassment at making a strange noise and inexplicable anger towards Lute, who momentarily looked up at me with a face that didn’t blush but rather turned pale, made my head feel like it was about to explode. What’s with that face? That’s rude… Wait, rude? why?

 ”Sorry… Are you okay?”


 What is this man doing, looking away and acting nervous?

 ”I-I’m fine!”

 ”I-I see…Um…”

 I regretted yelling at him out of embarrassment. I don’t know why, but I didn’t want him to think I was angry.

 ”Umm, I might still have some… can you wipe me again?”

 ”I-I see…Okay…”

 What do I want? I really don’t understand.



 I gritted my teeth and tried not to make a sound. My body trembled with a flush of red on my face.

 This time, Lute didn’t say anything.

 ”Shall I lift your clothes?”


 I was still a little worried that I might not be clean enough, but I was at my limit.

 I looked up at Lute with a shy glance, and for some reason, he blushed all the way to his ears. That made me blush all the way to my ears too.

 After Lute helped me pull up my pants, he immediately pulled a lever next to me. The toilet, one of Lute’s inventions, made a sound like “flush” as the water inside was sucked away.

 The soft paper he used to wipe me was also one of Lute’s ideas. He really can make anything, just like the rumors say.

 ”Let’s go back.”


 While distracting myself by thinking about these things, I looked at Lute’s face as he lifted me up.

 Even though he didn’t need to, he was still facing the day after tomorrow. And his ears were still as red as apples.


 No, don’t misunderstand me. I have no value as a woman anymore.

 Now, having lost my sword and practically lost my limbs, it’s foolish to cling to the s*xuality I had long since abandoned. I’ve been processed as waste. So, it’s absolutely impossible.


 But why does this person still carry me like a fragile treasure on the way back?


 Short distance to the room.

 I continued to stare at Lute’s profile, and Lute never once looked at me.

 Both Lute and I had faces as red as apples.

* * *

 Knock knock, the sound echoed and I involuntarily shuddered.

 ”Are you awake?”


 ”Can I come in?”

 ”…O-of course.”

 Unusually, Lute came into the room on his own at a time that wasn’t for meals, baths or cleaning.

 For some reason, I became inexplicably happy about it and looked at the slowly opening door with a red face.


 I frowned and tilted my head as I saw the strange chair in front of Lute’s body.

 ”I made a wheelchair.”

 ”A wheelchair?”

 At the foot of the chair was a wheel with some kind of transmutation circle drawn on it, and a soft-looking chair with a very sturdy construction was placed on top of it.

 There was a handle behind the backrest, and it made a rattling sound as Lute pushed the handle and brought the chair in front of me.

 Did some noble make something as inconvenient as this?

 The chair, which was covered with high-quality cushions, had a complicated transmutation circle on the armrests when approached.

 ”…What’s this?”

 ”I wanted Viola to try using it… What do you think?”

 Even if he asks me how, what should I do?

 ”Use it… Me?”

 ”Huh? …Oh, yeah. Do you not want to?”

 Even if he asks me if I don’t want to, how can I use it when I can’t move my hands or feet?

 Come to think of it, using a chair… not sitting a chair? No, using is the right word.


 ”Well, sit down for a moment. I’ve checked the movements.”

 ”Eh… W-wait a minute… Ah…”

 As usual, I was lifted up and quickly seated in the chair.

 It’s not just the seat that’s great, but the backrest is also incredibly soft and seems to have a will of its own.

 ”I made it so that the seat and backrest automatically change shape, but is the seating comfort okay?”


 It seems to have a will of its own. I looked up at Lute with a blank expression, but he remained almost emotionless as usual.

 ”Also, I carved a transmutation circle on the armrests and the wheels below.”


 ”Can you say ‘belt’?”


 As soon as I said that, snap! Black leather belts wrapped around my stomach, the wrist I had on the armrest, and the ankle I had on the footrest.

 ”What the…!?”

 ”Then, try to think in your head that you want to move forward.”

 ”Think? … Ahh!?”

 The chair suddenly started moving and I couldn’t help but scream. When I looked down, I saw a transmutation circle on the armrests and wheels emitting a faint light.

 ”Next, backwards.”

 Lute must have sensed my fear and put his hand on my shoulder and looked at my face.

 Although I was angry, I felt a little relieved and thought about moving backwards as Lute had told me to, grinding my teeth.


 Suddenly, the chair slowly moved backwards.

 I was so surprised that my whole body was covered in goosebumps and I looked up at Lute’s face with wide open eyes.

 ”Good. Viola, it works properly too.”


 When I looked up, my face turned red, maybe because I showed a stupid expression or maybe because of Lute’s smiling face.

 ”Now we can go outside.”


 Or maybe it was because I realized that this monster, known as the greatest wizard in the country, had made an invention that could be worth a lot of money just for me.

 Or maybe it was because he had been thinking about me, who had been lying in the room for a long time, and was trying to take me outside.

 ”If you don’t mind… but… what do you think?”


 ”Ah, no! I’m sorry. Of course, you can just use it inside the house. The stairs are impossible, but the wheels will automatically go up some steps…”

 ”I don’t dislike it.”

 ”If it’s just the first floor of the house, it won’t be inconvenient…”

 ”…Take me there.”


 ”…Outside, now.”



 ”…It’s already night, maybe tomorrow during the day…”

 ”…Take me there.”


 ”Right now.”


 Lute opened the door for me and held the handle from behind. I moved forward on my own will.

 It was a little difficult to turn, and I was a little scared of the bumpy steps, but I kept moving forward.

 ”…It’s cloudy.”


 ”I wish I could see the stars… I’ve been able to see them lately from window, but…”


 The wind outside felt good, and even though it was dark, the scenery around me looked vividly colorful, which I hadn’t seen in a long time.

 ”…Should we go somewhere?”

 ”…Here is fine.”

 ”……I see.”

 If I were a more honest person, if I wasn’t such a cute girl, if my arms and legs moved, and if I didn’t look so dirty…

 ”…The clouds are pretty too.”

 ”…I see.”

 If we had met in a different way, if the war hadn’t brought us together… No, that’s just an excuse. I have to say thank you properly.

 ”I’m glad you said that.”

 But why did he say that first?

 ”Thank you, Viola.”

 If he said that,


 I would be ashamed that he would notice I was crying and not be able to say anything.





 But will I remember this before I die?

 ”…It’s a shooting star.”


 The sight of the the shooting star that I saw for just a moment in the break of the clouds on this day.



 ”…Do you want to keep watching?”


 And the feeling of this day when I couldn’t help but feel a little fondness for my detestable opponent.




 The next day, Lute removed all the first floor doors except for the toilet and my room, and asked with an apologetic face,

 ”I’m sorry, was it too loud?”

 And I blushed.

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