Viola 25

Chapter 25 You’Re Too Beautiful, So I Don’T Have Any Confidence After All

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 March 26th

 I find it mysterious. Why do people have the sensitivity to feel beauty?

 It seems to be something not inherent in other living beings, something that exists in a much simpler sense than in humans, and therefore, it does not seem essential in living.

 Being beautiful doesn’t necessarily mean being excellent, being beautiful doesn’t necessarily mean being strong, being beautiful doesn’t necessarily mean being useful.

 But everyone is attracted to beautiful things, willing to pay money just to gaze at them, and having a desire to make them their own if possible.


 Today, Viola’s hands moved. It was a memorable day for her, more than a year since. With the cooperation of Kanon and Beth, it was accomplished, and I could only offer prayers in a separate room with Frau and Miss Forte.

 I will never forget the sight of that moment when I was informed by Beth of the end of the surgery and entered the room.

 The divinity of her sitting in the wheelchair I made, the warmth of the smile I brought out with my call, the joy of life filled in those eyes.

 And above all, what moved my heart the most was Viola’s expression as she desperately tried to move her hands, gritting her teeth.

 Why can she produce such a beautiful and moving expression one after another? Even when distorting her face like a miracle, why do I still find it beautiful?

 The sensation when I held her hand even now is unforgettable.

 The touch overwhelmed me with emotion to the point where I couldn’t contain the tears, feeling grateful for being born.

* * *

 ”S-Special Decree of the Empress?”

 ”Yes, Special Decree of the Empress.”

 ”Th-That’s quite an amazing thing, huh?”

 ”…Yeah, it really is. It’s unbearable. To be nominated for something like that, it must be because Father did something unnecessary behind the scenes.”

 Saying so, Aria-chan, holding her head, sighed discontentedly.

 Ignoring the disarray of her black straight hair, she scratched her head vigorously, and with her head in a tousled state, she frowned, seeming more tired than usual.

 Salon of the Divine Princess Special Building.

 I had been away from Lute-sama for quite a while, acting as a liaison to report his recent activities to Aria-chan. The maid from Kanon-sama’s place had taken over as Lute-sama’s guard in my absence. According to Aria-chan, the maid used to be part of the Divine Princess Guard before.

 With her purple twintails and brisk attitude, she gave off a lively vibe that didn’t quite match the image of the Divine Princess Guard. But perhaps she was incredibly strong, without a doubt.

 ”Well then… Aria-chan, are you going to Lute-sama’s residence too?”

 ”…I haven’t received orders for that yet, so I don’t know. The directive I got was just to become a designated Divine Princess under special orders. To be honest, I’m a bit confused because it doesn’t really make sense to me.”

 ”Uh, yeah… having two Divine Princesses attached to a man without a title is unprecedented, you know?”

 ”…What does Forte think?”


 ”What… about Lute-sama’s situation.”


 To be honest, even the two Divine Princesses might feel uneasy. The fact that Marcato is targeting Lute-sama is the only thing known publicly, but Fiine-chan is with Lute-sama. If this fact were to be revealed, how many influential nobles and church figures would rush to obtain Lute-sama?

 In the midst of that chaos, various interests are sure to collide.

 It would be fine if everyone trying to incorporate Lute-sama is pure, but undoubtedly, there are many who seek to eliminate him as well.

 To separate Fiine-chan, who is attached to Lute-sama, from him, those who do not welcome the presence of Draconia, those who are wary of the increasing influence of Kanon-sama through Lute-sama, factions of other archbishops who do not want Draconia to be established as a symbol and lose authority.

 Even someone like me can understand the intentions of those who aim for Lute-sama one after another with just a moment’s thought. If Fiine-chan’s existence becomes public, it may not be surprising if blades come flying from even more unexpected places.

 ”Well, I think a special order is necessary. You understand about Fiine-chan, and Aria-chan, right?”

 ”…Fiine-chan, huh? Well, that’s the problem.”

 Saying so, Aria-chan, who sighed deeply again, leaned back against the chair’s backrest with a weary look, letting her gaze wander into the void. The fingers on the hand placed on the desk tap rapidly, a habit of Aria-chan when she’s irritated.

 ”What is the problem…?”

 ”Forte, you haven’t told anyone about Fiine-chan, right?”

 ”O-of course not. I can’t tell anyone about that.”

 ”So, you know about Fiine-chan, right? In essence, only a handful of people truly know about her existence. If her presence were publicly acknowledged, it might garner understanding from those around, allowing for the successive deployment of Divine Princess. However, the current situation is different. To deploy two Divine Princesses to Lute-sama, the reasons are too weak.”

 ”…Are there opposing voices?”

 ”Quite a few. If things go wrong, it might even worsen Kanon-sama’s position.”

 ”W-Why would Kanon-sama’s position be affected?”

 ”Well, that’s obvious. Because the content of the special decree communicated this time internally is almost identical to the warning Kanon-sama issued to Divine Princess. It’s clear that it originated from the sphere influenced by Kanon-sama. The nobles throughout the country are probably thinking the same way.”

 If what Aria-chan says is true, it’s definitely troublesome. Kanon-sama has significant influence over the nobility due to her close ties with Maraketh-sama, but the relationship between the nobility and the church is delicately balanced in the first place.

 If one side takes a stand, the other will condemn it.

 Should Kanon-sama impose something upon the nobles this time, unless there’s an extremely compelling reason, many nobles are likely to find her actions distasteful. Mishandle the discontent among the nobles, and Kanon-sama will inevitably face constant opposition from their side in the future.

 ”Could it be… there’s a possibility the Special Decree could be crushed…?”

 ”It’s quite possible. In fact, I believe there are many who might act with that aim in mind. If something like that were to happen, it would be the worst. There would be those who’d make a fuss, claiming Kanon-sama besmirched the Empress’s name. If that were to happen… we’d lose the means to protect Lute-sama.”

 ”W-What should we do…?”

 ”That’s what’s troubling me… I don’t know.”

 If by some chance Kanon-sama were to fall from grace…

 ”T-Then I-I’ll… resign as the Divine Princess…”

 ”…Don’t say stupid things. You’ll be killed.”

 ”…I won’t be killed.”


 I won’t be killed.

 But if Kanon-sama were to end up in such a situation, it’s not a joke—Lute-sama’s life would be in danger.

 If I were to be killed… the shield protecting Lute-sama would decrease.

 I absolutely won’t let myself get killed or anything.

 ”…It’s serious, huh.”


 It’s nothing. Saying that, Aria-chan turned her face to the side with a very displeased expression.

 ”Anyway, since I’m also investigating various things, Forte, don’t leave Lute-sama’s side as usual.”

 Unlike before, somehow, I understand the reason now.

 ”Yeah… Of course.”

 For Aria-chan’s sake, I thought I’d do my best.

* * *

 ”The Empress’s special decree is troublesome, isn’t it, Quintet?”

 ”Special decrees are unfair, Quartet.”

 Seated at a terrace table at a cafe overlooking the town square, dressed in nun attire with veils covering their faces, the twin Divine Princesses leaned in close, quietly conversing.

 On the other side of the square in front of them, a dark-haired man with a menacing gaze and a Divine Princess with her blue hair tied behind her head were doing grocery shopping.

 ”If something like that comes out, it’ll be even harder to get close to the target. The risk becomes too great even to seize it.”

 ”True. If it’s just within the church, Allegretto-sama alone might manage it somehow, but if nobles get involved, it’ll be troublesome.”

 Watching her twin sister nod along to her own words as usual, Quartet let out a sigh and covered her face with her hand.

 ”We’ve only just started investigating… Is it really okay to act now? What do you think, Quintet?”

 ”I think it’s still too early to move, Quartet. But if Quartet decides to move, I’ll follow.”

 ”…I think that girl is Frau.”

 ”Oh? Is that so? I think she’s Forte.”

 ”Forte? Isn’t that a bit too much? After all, that girl is the Divine Princess, isn’t she? We’re not liked by society.”

 ”Maybe not by society, but not necessarily by that man either. Look, consider this.”

 Quintet glanced beyond the square at the words, and there, Forte could be seen across the square, laughing happily while covering her mouth. On the other hand, the target, Anima Lute, blushed and fumbled, indeed appearing somewhat affectionate to an onlooker.

 ”…I wonder, isn’t it just a normal relationship at that level?”

 ”Is that so? Honestly, I’ve never dated a man, so I don’t really know.”

 ”I haven’t either, Quintet.”

 ”That’s right, Quartet.”

 As the two of them continued to tilt their heads while looking at the two across the square,

 ”Oh my.”

 ”Look, see? Those two are definitely dating.”

 This time, it was Forte who blushed, grabbing the hem of Anima Lute’s clothes with a *snap*.

 ”I wonder what happened. What should we do to make such a development?”

 ”I’m curious. Maybe I should have put more effort into disguising myself and getting closer.”

 ”Maybe Quintet was right. Are those two really dating?”

 ”Absolutely, that’s how it is. If Forte were in danger, Anima Lute would unquestionably do anything she says, right?”

 …I wonder.

 It’s hard to judge.

 Despite employing the Divine Princess’s guards to investigate extensively, no rumors emerged about Anima Lute having a specific lover.

 With no other choice, we began to stake out the surroundings ourselves, but whenever Anima Lute goes out, it’s always with Frau, the maid, or Forte, the Divine Princess.

 ”But didn’t Anima Lute stay overnight with Frau?”

 ”It seems so. Since it’s from the Divine Princess’s guards, I don’t think it’s a mistake… but what were they doing?”

 ”Something intimate?”

 ”No, don’t phrase it so crudely.”

 ”Well, they’re doing something inappropriate, so that’s the only way Quintet can express it.”

 ”True. Doesn’t Anima Lute seem unhygienic? Don’t you think so, Quartet?”

 The notion that Frau might be Anima Lute’s lover is indeed difficult to erase.

 Obviously, there will be intense resistance if we try to snatch Forte. Considering the risk, wouldn’t it be better to explore that option even if Frau isn’t a lover?

 ”I still lean towards Frau.”

 ”Stubborn. But I can’t yield on this. Forte’s level of enthusiasm towards men is unprecedented. I support Forte.”

 ”…But isn’t Forte strong?”

 ”Oh, don’t worry. The church should have records of Forte’s mana wavelength, right?”

 ”Well, that’s true. We don’t necessarily need to confront directly, do we?”

 ”Right? Besides, it’s not like we often engage in direct confrontations.”

 During my time leading the Divine Princess’s guards, I incessantly advised my subordinates never to directly confront the enemy. There were no honors or rules in our battlefield until the Great War caused significant vacancies in the Divine Princess’s circle, and we were promoted alongside the Quintet.

 ”…Should we just snatch them both?”

 ”…Yes, that might be a good idea. If we’re wrong, we can always think of another way.”

 If only Anima Lute could develop a device to suppress and neutralize the mana of Draconia. Even if this situation turns out to be a mistake, it might be enough if Anima Lute is concerned about further consequences.

 ”Should we make preparations, Quintet?”

 ”Yes, let’s. Being prompt is virtuous, Quartet.”

 Both of us rose from our seats, having finished eating the same parfait. Squinting, we observed Anima Lute and Forte walking across the square. What kind of conversation were they having? Trying to grab each other’s bags, tugging at the handles, eventually carrying one bag each, their backs resembled those of amiable lovers.

 ”We need to resolve this before the special decree is issued.”

 ”We’ll have to request Allegretto-sama for interference.”

 This situation seems like it could turn upside down at any moment. We should act swiftly regardless.

 At least for now, there shouldn’t be a significant obstacle to the completion of the mission.


 While watching my sister’s Quartet happily lick her lips beside me, I began to organize the tasks I had to complete in my head.

 First… arrange for the procurement magic tools for disabling magic.

* * *



 ”…Welcome back.”

 ”Ah, yeah… I-I’m back.”

 Viola-san, who was about to go to the kitchen, had an incredibly destructive expression as she pinched the hem of Lute-sama’s clothes with trembling hands.

 Seeing Lute-sama frozen in the posture of turning around with his luggage still in hand, perhaps Lute-sama’s heart might have been shattered.

 Somehow, since the surgery, Viola-san’s expression seems to have gained even more divine radiance. Although she changes her expression with her inherent brightness just like before, the expression filled with affection shown at unexpected moments is like that of a saint.

 ”Thank you, Forte-san. The luggage must have been heavy, right?”

 ”Ah, no, um… Despite how I may appear, I’m quite skilled in physical work…”

 ”Come to think of it, that’s right. Even if there were a hundred Lutes, they wouldn’t stand a chance, huh?”

 ”A-A hundred…?”

 ”Ah, no… It’s nothing. Forget it.”

 As Viola-san’s arm trembled increasingly, Lute-sama, who had been tensed up, gently took her arm. Handling Viola-san as if she were fragile candy, Lute-sama’s every move overflowed with deep affection for her.


 ”…Doesn’t it hurt?”

 ”Not at all?”

 The sight of the two gazing at each other was truly lovely. Viola, resembling a princess, and Lute-sama, the knight protecting her. Though in reality, their roles might be the opposite, Viola-san wearing a spring dress seemed somewhat like a clandestine princess.

 Me… I’m definitely not the princess type.

 How nice… I’m envious.


 ”Ah, n-no… I-I didn’t say anything!”

 I’ve been staring too much.

 The moment my eyes met Viola-san’s, I felt my cheeks flush with heat, and hastily, I averted my gaze and dashed into the kitchen. While hearing the murmurs of the two behind me still conversing about something, I let out a small sigh and placed the shopping bag on the table.


 It’s painful.

 I knew it and I was prepared for it, but it’s still painful.

 Yet, I cannot completely give up, so I cling to the position of being Lute-sama’s guard, but the only time I can have Lute-sama all to myself is perhaps during shopping.

 Once we return home, Lute-sama belongs to Viola-san or Frau-san. They freely touch Lute-sama, stick close to him, and can make him blush with their sweet voices.

 All I can do is keep Lute-sama within my sight, far away.


 I shouldn’t have confessed.

 It’s too late to regret now, but the chances of such an impromptu confession succeeding were originally zero.


 There was no need for me to strangle myself like this.

 At least, it should have been after building a stronger bond… Perhaps…

 ”Miss Forte?”


 ”A-ah, I, I apologize…”

 ”A, a, no, no, it’s, it’s okay… I’m sorry, I was a bit… lost…”

 When Lute-sama noticed, he was standing right next to me with a puzzled expression.

 I wonder if I made a strange face?

 And I feel like I made a weird sound.

 Seeing that Viola-san is not around, she must have headed to her room for her daily reading.

 Lately, turning the pages with her own hands has become part of her rehabilitation.

 ”…Are you a bit tired?”

 ”N-no, not at all! I only have vitality as my strong point!”

 Rather than being tired, it feels more like I’m in pain.

 ”Today, it might be better for you to rest without pushing yourself with the guard duty… I’ll ask Beth to take over for you when she returns…”

 ”N-no, really! I’m perfectly fine! I’m okay, so please!”

 As I panicked and waved my hands, Lute-sama looked at me with a worried expression.


 Even though it’s just that, my heart’s heartbeat has accelerated, and I feel really cheap, making me dislike myself.

 Precious alone time with Lute-sama.

 Even though it’s a rare opportunity, I don’t want to rest in the room.

 ”If you really don’t feel well, please don’t hesitate to tell me…”

 ”Yes, I’ll do that… Anyway, right now I was just spacing out, so please don’t worry.”

 I tried to put on a cheerful smile, but it didn’t seem to have much effect, as the worried look didn’t fade from Lute-sama’s face. Somehow, just the fact that he’s worried about me makes me happy.

 Trying to hide my embarrassment, I arrange the ingredients on the cooking table from the shopping bag. Eventually, Lute-sama gives up and starts working silently with me.



 Today, Frau-san is also sending Beth-san and staying overnight at Kanon-sama’s mansion.

 Fiine-chan often takes a nap at this time, and spending such a quiet moment with Lute-sama… Maybe it’s the first time.



 Wh-what should I do… I don’t know what to talk about.

 Come to think of it, Lute-sama was originally a quite reserved person. Even though I’ve met him several times before, we hardly ever had a conversation.

 That’s why I was nervous when Aria-chan and I came to Lute-sama’s house the other day… I had forgotten that Lute-sama talks quite a bit when he’s with Viola-san and Frau-san.



 I-I have to say something… Even though we’re finally alone, Lute-sama has already started preparing for dinner, and if I’m not careful, it might just end in silence.

 During the day… there were no problems with conversation as we were with people from the shop, but in such a quiet space, I feel strangely conscious and nervous.

 Talking non-stop while shopping, and now suddenly falling silent… I hope I don’t come across as a weird girl.





 What does ‘late’ mean!? Why did I just say ‘late’ now!? Lute-sama is also looking at me with a puzzled expression. If I keep this up, he might really think I’m a weird girl…

 ”L-lately, um, it’s getting quite warm, isn’t it?”

 ”Hm? Oh, yeah. I need to put away my winter clothes… Miss Forte always wears armor these days. Isn’t it hot?”

 ”W-well, I’m used to it…”

 Alright… When in doubt in a conversation, talking about the weather is a safe bet. It’s a neutral topic that works for everyone, and luckily, Lute-sama has expanded on the conversation. Can I somehow steer this towards a good atmosphere…

 ”I-is something strange?”


 ”Um… about the armor…”

 The Divine Princess’s armor.

 Our equipment is made with a focus on appearance, and while it protects vital points, it’s not something you can rely on for defense. The chestplate and gauntlets are made of thin steel, unable to withstand a greatsword, and if you’re not careful, there’s a possibility it could be pierced by a thrusting sword.

 ”No, I think it suits you really well. Miss Forte’s hair color has a beautiful hint of blue, so it complements the white and gold Divine Princess armor.”

 ”……I-Is that so?”

 Is that so? That’s not it.

 What’s the point of staying silent?

 Now is not the time to be embarrassed.

 That was just a compliment, Forte. It’s just a compliment.

 It’s not like he’s using pick-up lines or anything, Forte.

 Pull yourself together.

 Are you trying to get closer to Lute-sama?

 At the very least, you need to stop the overly serious act.

 ”L-Lute, Lute-sama also… looks good in today’s outfit…”

 ”Is that so? Thank you.”

 Say something clever, me!

 Lute-sama even complimented my hair!

 This might really be taken as flattery!

 Ah, no… I’ve never had the experience of talking alone with a man in the first place.

 Moreover, Lute-sama is much older than me, and I have no idea what topics he would be interested in.

 What could I talk about? Maybe stories about the Divine Princess?

 No, talking about the Divine Princess is a dull topic, and I dislike it. Speaking of which, I recently rearranged my room… But even so, I decided to make it a bit more girly after bringing Lute-sama into the room, so bringing up that topic would be awkward.

 Dolls, greens, and… lots of cute things.

 Hmm. Speaking of cute things, Lute-sama’s house is filled with them. The most common ones are cat figurines. I wonder if he likes cats.

 ”Lute-sama, do you like cats?”


 And there are also many stuffed animals. Not just cats, but dogs, squirrels, various sizes of animal plushies are scattered all around.

 ”There are so many stuffed animals…”

 ”Hmm… Yeah… She has fallen for them in the past six months.”


 This topic might have been a mistake…

 ”Does Viola-san… like them?”

 ”Yeah, she seems to like cute things. She often stares at them without getting bored.”

 Come to think of it, that’s true.

 Especially her favorite, two cat plushies in a cute cage.

 One black and one white, both with a slightly menacing look.

 ”And she used to hug those cat plushies to sleep.”

 ”Is that so?”

 ”Yes, ever since her arms could move, she has been hugging them to sleep every day. At night… when everyone’s asleep, I notice her patrolling.”

 ”I see.”

 Those cat plushies… now that I think about it, they’re like Lute-sama and Viola-san.

 ”When we went to the town before, Viola wanted one. She doesn’t usually ask for things, so she must have really liked it.”


 Moreover, as a present from Lute-sama…

 That makes sense… Viola-san lost her country.

 Even when she couldn’t move her arms and legs, she couldn’t buy it herself.

 ”…It’s a relief, isn’t it?”


 ”Viola-san’s arms, they’re moving now.”

 I truly think it’s a good thing. While my unit didn’t directly clash with Viola-san during the Great War, there’s no denying that our country took her homeland and limbs. Especially as Divine Princess, we often fought on the front lines, and from her perspective, I must appear as an invader.

 Is it strange for me to say it’s a relief?



 However, Lute-sama’s expression, unable to convey a particular emotion, was a bit unexpected for me. I thought he would be openly delighted.

 ”…Is there something on your mind?”


 Saying that, Lute-sama fell silent again, busy preparing ingredients for cooking.



 Did I say something offensive? If so, I should apologize.

 Certainly, I often feel jealous of Viola-san, but deep down, I genuinely think it’s a good thing that her hands are moving again.

 It wasn’t like I had any other intentions.



 What should I do? At this rate…

 As I, with a troubled expression that almost wanted to cry, gazed at Lute-sama, he muttered,

 ”……Still, her legs won’t move.”

 ”……The legs… the state of the mana circuit was severe?”

 ”Yeah, it’s not just severe. It’s so severed that even Kanon can’t heal it. How much mistreatment must she endure to reach such a state…”


 Lute-sama… is angry. Though his expression is calm, mana leaks from his body like a mirage.

 Is this how Lute-sama gets angry?

 ”…Will her legs never move again?”


 Viola-san’s standing figure must be beautiful… Even sitting, her posture is incredibly elegant, and her legs are very long.

 Wearing high heels and a dress… If every man in this world see Viola-san like that, they would surely fall in love with her.

 …Maybe Lute-sama is the same.

 ”…There’s a possibility.”


 Surprised by those words, I turned to Lute-sama. Lute-sama, with his hands frozen in motion, was staring intently at his hands.

 ”Did you see Fiine change her appearance?”

 ”…? Y-yes, only once though.”

 That moment truly left me flabbergasted. In an instant, Fiine-chan’s body grew larger, and it seemed like even her skeletal structure had completely transformed. Perhaps it’s due to the nature of Draconia’s mana, but I’ve never heard of a human being able to manipulate mana like that.

 ”If I analyze Fiine’s mana… I might be able to apply it to Viola’s leg treatment.”


 Thump… I could feel my own heart pounding heavily.

 ”There are some conditions that need to be met… I have some leads, but there are still issues I haven’t figured out…”

 Ah, as I thought…

 ”It seems Draconia has the ability to neutralize human mana… If Fiine cooperates, this might be resolved…”

 It seems I was guided by fate, after all.

 ”The problem lies in the neutralization of Draconia’s mana. When I had mana poured into me by Oratorio, there was a violent rejection. As a treatment direction, I speculate that it is possible to convert Viola’s mana into Draconia’s mana and pseudo-function it as the tendon of the foot… Fiine’s transformation ability clearly expanded beyond the original mana circuit framework. However, as long as there is a rejection reaction to Draconia’s mana, it is too dangerous to perform mana conversion within Viola.”


 ”Rather than neutralization… precisely, it’s about rendering it harmless. But… in a state where there are no hints…”


 If it’s not fate, then what is it?

 If it’s chance, I call that chance fate.


 If it’s needed…

 If I’m wanted…

 I want to dedicate everything.

 For now, that’s enough.


 Even if that inadvertently becomes assistance for Lute-sama to love Viola-sama more.


 For now, that’s enough.

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