Viola 28

Chapter 28 You Are Mine

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 April 24th

 Alto has not returned to Kanon’s mansion.

 Currently, Beth seems to be searching all over the holy city, but at this point, there is no trace of anything.

 Mana control device.

 It’s a prototype I developed earlier, but because there is a fear that it could be misused for crime if mass-produced, I left it in Kanon’s care. This time, Alto disappeared using it.

 The design of the mana control device itself doesn’t matter to me, but I’m simply worried about Alto’s safety. Why did she need to disappear? Or was she abducted? If so, why is there evidence that she started using the mana control device before leaving the house?

 Was she threatened? Detected by Miss Marcato or someone else…

 When I told Viola about this, she appeared calm, but I could sense her underlying unease.

 I hope she’s safe. Perhaps, for Viola’s sake, she might end up being just a family of two.



 April 26th

 Fiine’s request led to temporarily halting the analysis of Fiine’s situation.

 First, I will conduct an analysis of Miss Forte’s mana.

 …Somehow, the guilt toward Frau and Viola is tremendous.

 Is this somewhat akin to the feeling of a man caught cheating?

* * *


 This is…

 ”Umm… I’ll… get ready…”


 This might be too embarrassing.

 Amidst the brilliantly lit room, I found myself swallowing hard as I looked at Lute-sama, clad only in underwear. Looking at Lute-sama’s bare skin, I realize that the scenes from that night keep flooding my mind, and a deep ache starts within my body.

 ”Shall I help you?”

 ”N-No… I’ll undress myself!”

 Moreover, right beside me, Lute-sama’s lover, Frau, is gazing softly with a gentle smile… Thinking about exposing myself in front of them, I can’t gather my thoughts due to the embarrassment.


 With trembling hands, I focused on removing the chestplate, gauntlets, greaves, and gradually the armor, all the while concentrating on the task.

 This was a procedure.

 Just an analysis of mana.

 There was nothing inappropriate about it.

 I repeatedly told myself that over and over. Otherwise, my determination seemed likely to waver.

 ”I’ll undo your buttons.”

 ”Eek!? …Uh… Th-thank you… very much…”

 As I struggled to unfasten the belt, Frau-san’s hand reached from behind, touching my slightly exposed waist with a cool sensation.

 It’s not good…

 There’s no way I can maintain composure.

 I wasn’t this nervous even during the final selection for Divine Princess. Back then, I still had confidence in my own abilities, but in a situation like this, I can’t have any confidence at all.



 After completely removing the armor and pulling off the fabric beneath the belt, only a knit garment remained, accentuating the contours of my body.

 My heart pounding just at the thought of Lute-sama watching, and I instinctively covered my body with my arms, though I wasn’t even undressed.

 Frau-san was probably praising the lines of my body… but what must she be feeling…? Even if it’s not something that will actually happen, having to watch her lover, Lute-sama, transfering mana with another woman right in front of her… I’d be terribly conflicted if it were me.

 ”Um, could you also remove that?”


 Nodding as Frau-san held the wires of the device, I hesitantly put my hand on the hem of my clothes.


 I-I shouldn’t be embarrassed about this… I thought I should just do it all at once… but…



 And just like that, my ponytail got caught in the knit sweater, leaving my bra completely exposed as I ended up performing a belly dance right in front of Lute-sama. The more I struggled, the more tangled my hair and clothes became, futilely pulling at my clothes in a panic, only causing them to stretch and refusing to come off at all.

 From head to toe, I was entangled in clothes, with my bra exposed, and only wearing knitted tights on my lower half. How much of a ridiculous sight am I exposing to Lute-sama right now?

 The moment that thought crossed my mind, I felt a little panicked.


 ”Oh, um, please calm down…”


 ”I’ll take it off now!”

 In the end, with Frau-san’s help, I managed to pull my head out of the outer garment, and by that time, Lute-sama’s face was red, looking in the wrong direction.

 …I feel like my spirit is broken a little.


 ”F-Forte-sama… the tights…”


 Why do I lack any sensuality? Aria-chan gives off a mature vibe, but someone of the same age as me still seems childish.


 With teary eyes, I put my hands on the tights, smoothly pulling my legs out. The night air, even in early spring, feels chilly against my skin.


 …Lute-sama, did he just glance over here for a moment?


 My body is now covered only by a bra and shorts. I think my chest is decently sized, but I wonder what kind of preferences Lute-sama has.

 ”Well, I’ll attach the measuring device now.”


 Saying that, Frau-san smiled at me and I awkwardly returned a vague smile, offering my wrist. Wrist, ankle, arm, thigh, neck… with each cold band of the measuring device, my body couldn’t help but twitch, and it was embarrassing. Frau worked diligently with a very serious face, but… it’s a complicated feeling.

 …I’m sorry.

 ”That’s all.”

 ”T-thank you.”

 ”…No, now towards Lute-sama.”

 ”Wha… y-yes…”

 Lute-sama, I’m very nervous.

 Maybe my nervousness has been conveyed… It’s embarrassing enough as it is, but in front of Frau, your lover… it’s unpleasant, isn’t it?

 And Lute-sama’s private part.

 It’s not as big as when you’re with Frau or Viola…


 I can feel Lute-sama’s mana filling the space around me as I get closer. He is not wearing the mana control device today for the measurement, so his mana is very dense. He doesn’t know how to control his mana like I do…

 Is this…what my male subordinates feel…? It’s hot, sticky, and a bit dizzying.

 Somehow, I feel more love for Lute-sama than ever before from the bottom of my heart…

 I want to serve him, protect him, and touch him. Those feelings fill my chest.


 Even the Divine Princess can’t resist this… he is like a walking magic weapon… I’m not suppressing my mana either… I should be filling the barrier with it, but I still lose to him.




 ”Come on, Lute-sama, relax your body and lie down. Forte-sama is worried about you.”


 I can’t fight this.

 I have no reason to resist my feelings for Lute-sama anymore.

 ”Ex, excuse me…”

 ”Ah, yeah…”

 I crawl over Lute-sama’s body, lying on his side, and straddle him.

 It’s just like that time I saw him.

 At that time, his eyes were closed, but now they are looking at me with a worried expression.



 Our faces are very close, and my shadow covers his face. I can hear his fast breathing, and my heart won’t stop pounding.

 What if I kiss him right now? How would he react?

 ”Come on, don’t just stare at each other, hurry up and get closer”

 ”Ah…ye, yes…is, is it okay?”

 ”Ye, yeah…”

 …Lute-sama, you sound like you’re talking to Frau-san or Viola-san.

 Are you nervous?



 Oh, it’s warm…

 Lute-sama, he had a solid physique that I didn’t notice at the time… Men and women really do have different body builds.

 ”You need to get closer. Forte-sama, you should embrace Lute-sama tightly. And Lute-sama, make sure to hug her properly.”


 ”I understand…”


 Squeezing tight… the heartbeat in my chest…! If this continues, my heart won’t last!!

 ”Yes, yes, Forte-sama, please relax your body more. …I’m going to move the measuring device, okay?”

 It’s impossible to relax… And, injecting mana from here…?

 ”It’s ready. Forte-sama, anytime is fine. Lute-sama, don’t forget to return the mana. Forte-sama will get tired.”


 T-this is part of the plan, right? Just this one time… for… one hour…? And with breaks in between…

 ”I… I’m going…”


 Okay, I try to send the mana as evenly as possible from the entire body…

 But, no matter what, the proportions of the limbs just keep getting larger…



 Ah, it’s begun. I wonder… Lute-sama’s body trembled a bit, but…

 ”How… how is it?”

 ”At first… this level is fine.”

 …I’m sending quite a bit of force, but if he says “at first,” does that mean I’ll need to approach full power eventually?

 ”Alright, I’ll send some from my side too.”

 ”Y-yes, Lute-sama…”

 In the next moment,


 ”Are you okay?”

 ”I-I’m fine…”

 A warm, syrupy sensation flowed from Lute-sama’s side, and I felt the cells in my body trembling with joy.


 My body remembers the mana I greedily took in at that time. I can feel the mana entering from the parts where I touch Lute-sama, spreading throughout every corner of my body.

 ”Haah… aah…”

 It’s no use. I can’t hold back these strange sounds.

 My hands, feet, and thighs are tingling, growing warmer and warmer… If I continue like this, it might become a problem.

 ”Nn… ah…”

 Lute-sama’s arms are warm and comforting, and with a gentle lift of my face, Lute-sama’s face is right in front of mine.



 I simply wanted him to look at me, so I called his name.

 However, as his gaze met mine and briefly swayed, diverting to the chest pressed against him,


 I subtly adjusted my position while maintaining contact with Lute-sama’s chest, and I found myself caught in a whirlwind of excitement.

* * *

 ”It’s been an hour.”

 ”Ugh… haah…”


 ”Are both of you finished?”

 ”Ah… fah…”


 ”Lute-sama!! Forte-sama!! Ah!”

 Shaking the two who didn’t notice me when I called out, a sticky mana, perhaps confused, flowed even towards me. In an instant, my knees went weak.

 ”W-wait! I-I’m done!”

 ”Ah… y-yes… I’m sorry…”

 Finally regaining sanity, Forte-sama, trembling, got up. Lute-sama, too, repeatedly breathed heavily, covering his face with his arm.

 ”Ah… ugh…”

 Forte-sama, now upright, blushed intensely because Lute-sama’s thing seemed like it could burst through the fabric at any moment. Earlier, Forte-sama had been rubbing her belly, but looking again, it must be making her heart race.

 ”Forte-sama, would you like to go to the bath? It’s prepared.”

 ”Ugh… y-yes…”

 And Forte-sama is also in quite a state. Wearing gray shorts at a time like this, she must be regretting it.

 Embarrassed, she tries to cover herself with trembling hands, but the dampness of her love juices spreads so much that it can’t be hidden by her hands.

 Or rather, there are few places that aren’t moist.

 ”May I assist you?”

 ”I-I’m fine… Um, just changing…”

 ”Yes, the change of clothes is in the bathroom. Underwear and a bathrobe.”

 Forte-sama hastily bows at my words, then unsteadily leaves for the bathroom after getting off the bed.


 Lute-sama breathes heavily through his shoulders, looking distressed.



 Approaching his side and peering into his face, he removes his arm covering his and smiles slightly.

 His flushed face is alluring.

 ”…May I kiss you?”



 ”…Come here.”

 I love him.

 I love Lute-sama.

 As I feel Lute-sama’s gentle touch on my cheek as a sign, our lips meet softly in response.

 When I extend my tongue, it feels pleasant as he awkwardly but gently sucks on it.

 ”Mmm… Muah… Ahh…”

 I get more and more excited as I lick Lute-sama’s saliva with passion.

 It’s not my fault, I had to watch Lute-sama and Forte-sama exchange mana for an hour.

 It’s challenging to focus on transcribing the device readings; it’s just impossible.



 Pulling away with a string of saliva connecting our mouths, I reach for Lute-sama’s taut form, and he seems a bit flustered as he tries to sit up. It’s cute.

 But no, please stay still.

 ”Did it feel good, Lute-sama? Forte-sama?”


 It must feel good. Of course, it does. Even if hearts and bodies are connected, there are limits. Lute-sama doesn’t dislike Forte-sama.

 If you’re cuddling with such a cute person half-naked, it’s natural to react without needing a mana transfer.

 ”I-I’m sorry… I…”

 ”No, don’t apologize. I’m not angry.”

 I’m not angry at all.

 It’s out of character for me to get angry.

 Lute-sama is so kind that he cares for me, but in reality, I’m the kind of existence that could easily be played with and discarded.

 ”Enduring this must be tough for you, right…?”

 When I pull down Lute-sama’s underwear, what springs out twitches in the open air, trembling and dripping transparent drool.


 ”Frau… Ahh…”

 Even a light kiss elicits a response. With squishy sounds, I lick up Lute-sama’s essence, swiftly taking it into my mouth and making sucking sounds.

 ”Chu… Chupa… Mmm… Jyuru…”

 I like it when I tighten my lips around the gl*ns, and Lute-sama responds with seductive moans. When I lick the tip in my mouth, Lute-sama’s body twitches.

 Wanting to see Lute-sama’s face contorted in pleasure, I gaze up at him with a provocative look, and our eyes meet.


 Is it inappropriate?

 My face.


 I’m not very good at this yet, so I have to use my hand to stimulate Lute-sama too.

 I reach out to his base and sack and gently rub them, and I’m happy that he likes it.

 ”Haah…♡ Muah…♡ Lick… Nn…♡”

 It’s strange. Why do I find Lute-sama’s skin so delicious? Of course, having him inside me is the most thrilling, but I also really enjoy doing this with my mouth.

 The more provocative sounds I make, the more I can feel Lute-sama getting excited, getting harder.

 ”Are you about to release…? ♡”


 ”I’ll drink it… in my mouth ♡”

 Rubbing the shaft in a circular motion, Lute-sama looks incredibly pleased. Providing service is truly the best.

 The realization that I’m devoted to Lute-sama is more satisfying than anything.

 …I hope Viola-sama can be embraced soon.

 If the two of us could serve together… we could make it even more pleasurable than now.

 ”Come on… anytime is fine, you know…? I’m waiting ♡”

 While licking the tip with my tongue and vigorously stroking with my hand, I felt Lute-sama’s bag tighten. Lute-sama’s essence is rising.


 ”It’s okay… Lute-sama… Release a lot…♡”

 I want to drink it quickly. After making squelching sounds in my mouth, I showed it off to Lute-sama.



 The moment I caught the milky fluid that burst out with a slurp, I clung to Lute-sama’s with my mouth, making sure not to spill a drop.

 ”Mm-mm-mm… mm… mm-mm”

 It’s hot.

 And there’s a tremendous amount.

 As Lute-sama’s fluid passed through my mouth and the scent reached my nose, my lower abdomen contracted in a yearning manner.

 I want it.

 Lute-sama’s seed.

 ”Mm-mm-mm-mm… mmku… mm… mmku”

 Because of the mana transfer, there’s a lot. I couldn’t possibly keep it all in my mouth, and only after swallowing and making my throat sound two or three times did Lute-sama’s ejaculation finally subside.


 With a popping sound, my lips left Lute-sama’s,


 I opened my mouth, intending to show him the frothy mixture I had whipped with my tongue,


 “F-Frau… Forte…”

 She must have hurried back. Forte-sama returned to the hallway, where most of the doors had been removed for Viola-sama. Our eyes met, and she froze, her body trembling slightly.

 …Lute-sama, you forgot to use an honorific, didn’t you?



 Wet hair. It was the first time I had seen her let her ponytail down, and it made her look a bit more mature and beautiful.

 “…I-I’m sorry… t-that… I…”

 Seeing Forte-sama, who looked like she was about to cry and stammering, I closed my mouth and swallowed all of Lute-sama’s fluids.

 The moment I made a sound in my throat, Forte-sama’s body twitched again, and her neatly shaped eyebrows twisted into an even deeper frown.

 ”Welcome back. You were quick.”

 So saying and showing a smile, I wonder if it won’t be considered mean.

 ”Um, I’m really sorry… I didn’t mean to peek…”

 Even looking at a place like this, it seems Forte-sama won’t get angry.


 ”What will you do? Shall we start the second round right away?”

 Without responding to Forte-sama’s apology, I asked while wiping my mouth. Forte-sama looked at Lute-sama with a blue face.

 ”Well, I don’t mind either way…”

 Lute-sama also had a bright red face and seemed awkward… Maybe we should take a break? But when I thought about that and lowered myself from the bed, Lute-sama, still looking awkward, stared at Forte-sama and said,

 ”If Forte-sama is okay, then I’m fine too,”

 And immediately looked down.


 ”Well, let’s resume right away. Today, we have three more sets planned, including the next one.”

 ”Ugh… Y-yes…”

 ”If it’s too hard, please let me know right away, okay? It’s not a problem if you can’t go through the plan… Is it, Lute-sama?”

 ”Well, it’s not like there’s a set deadline…”

 ”I see.”

 ”Yeah, it’s okay…”


 If the roles were reversed, I’d probably cry and try to run away. I feel like I couldn’t endure something like this.

 ”S-so, the measuring device…”


 But Forte-sama doesn’t give up. Despite looking very sad and embarrassed, Forte-sama quickly unties the robe and exposes only the newly replaced underwear-clad skin in front of Lute-sama.

 …Even though there’s really no need for Forte-sama to do something so embarrassing in that position.

 ”E-excuse me…”

 ”Oh… Forte-sama, if it’s really too much…”

 ”…It’s not too much, I’m okay.”


 Forte-sama truly loves Lute-sama.

 Honestly, I underestimated it a bit.

 Because I thought that, in terms of time and situation, Forte-sama’s love was lighter than mine or Viola-sama’s.

 I thought that after a little while, Lute-sama would wake up.

 ”I’ll, begin…”


 I thought she would run away soon, but he didn’t.






 To be honest,

 I feel proud that Lute-sama can charm Forte-sama so much.

 And I feel superior that I can enjoy his love.


 Even though he is not mine,

 maybe I can share some of Lute-sama’s love with Forte-sama?

 That’s how arrogant I am.

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