Viola 40

Chapter 40 You Are My Prince

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 May 30th

 Frau woke up.

 She seemed a bit confused, but when she saw me next to her bed, she smiled weakly.

 Forte explained that Frau had almost had a heart attack before.

 Surprisingly, the curse inside her, which I didn’t even notice, ended up saving her life.

 Frau probably doesn’t really know what happened.

 But first, it’s important to give her the best care for her recovery. I feel I didn’t do well in protecting the women around me during this incident.

 Also, the magic weapon I created canceled out Forte’s power.

 …So, it was my fault that Frau was almost killed.

 There’s one more thing.

 It’s about the twin Divine Princesses who took Frau and Forte.

 When we got to the courtyard, they were still fighting, but they were all affected by a curse when we reached the underground dungeon.

 After Frau came back to life, Viola and I couldn’t immediately go to the treatment. Instead, we found out about the situation in the courtyard the next morning from Fiine. At that time, Beth, Aria, and Träumerei were starting to recover from the curse, but all the other soldiers controlled by the twin Divine Princesses had died. When Fiine went to check on them for the first time, she found out that the twin Divine Princesses, who had been unconscious, had already disappeared by dawn.

 …Even though Fiine tried to hold them back, it seems they were able to escape.

* * *

 There was an old mine near the divine domain where Draconia was believed to live, on the outskirts of the kingdom. It used to be a busy town with many miners and residents. However, as the supply of red iron ore, which was known to be good for mana, started to deplete, people began to leave. Over the past decade or so, the population has decreased to only one-twentieth of what it used to be.

 Now, the town is in ruins. Stray dogs and woodland animals have taken over the town, and only the poor people who couldn’t leave because of the mine’s decline are still there.

 In a city that wasn’t important in the past war, both the Kingdom and the Imperial Kingdom didn’t really care about it. Luckily, it didn’t suffer from the war. But, the little help from the Kingdom stopped after the war, making life harder for the people there.

 ”Hey, it looks like this place is still here.”

 Even though no one seemed to care about this city, some people found it valuable.

 ”Huh? Um, Alto-sama!? Are you okay!?”

 ”I’m sorry for not coming for a long time. I was being chased by the Resistance. Luckily, I came back safely.”

 ”Th-Thank goodness you’re okay…”

 ”The Divine Princess who caught me was actually nice. She didn’t hurt me at all. The clothes and food in the cell were pretty good. Because of that, I’m doing well.”

 In a part of the old mining town, in buildings surrounded by ruins, a few former knights from the Kingdom had gathered, around a dozen of them.

 Once beautiful with shiny platinum and gold, they now only wear old and worn-out gear. Their faces are covered in dirt, and their thin cheeks show that they haven’t been able to eat properly.

 Alto, who meets her previous subordinates after a long time, feels a tightness in her heart as she happily sees them gathering around her.

 ”Where have you been all this time?”

 ”I was in the Holy Capital of the Imperial Kingdom. Viola was living there.”


 It’s no surprise that they get excited when Viola’s name is mentioned. As the Sword Princess of the Raging Fire, she always fought at the frontlines and supported the kingdom’s knights. But I don’t want my sister to go back to such a place anymore.

 ”Yeah, but my sister has lost all her fighting abilities. Although she could still be helpful, please don’t bother her.”

 ”Her… fighting abilities have been completely taken away? What… does that mean?”

 ”When she was captured in the capital, it seems she was tortured. She was almost dead, unable to move, but then a noble from the Imperial Kingdom saved me.”


 ”That noble also helped me. I can’t tell Viola some things because it could be dangerous, but at least she can live a peaceful life for now.”

 ”Is that so… That’s good…”

 Their reactions to what I said clearly showed they felt discouraged. Even though they faced many disadvantages and kept fighting despite constant difficulties, they couldn’t accept that their kingdom had fallen. With Viola’s strong influence, their thinking would definitely change.

 ”What about messages from the Third Princess Andante?”

 ”…They stopped. After the last message about gathering forces against the Imperial Kingdom in the Holy Kingdom, there hasn’t been anything.”

 ”… I see. She must be facing difficulties. I hope she’s safe. How are things in the kingdom? Are our friends okay?”

 As soon as they heard that, they all looked down and their faces became even more sad.

 ”…It seems like people are disappearing one by one from the kingdom’s buildings.”

 ”…What does that mean? Are they being punished?”

 ”I don’t know. But there was a chance to save some individuals who were being taken somewhere. They were going towards the plain near the Imperial Kingdom.”

 That place was where a big fight happened between the kingdom and the Imperial Kingdom in the past.

 ”There might be more than a thousand prisoners gathered there. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough people to fully understand the situation… Should we investigate?”

 It’s also the perfect place to kill a lot of people.

* * *

 ”The Holy Kingdom’s…human weapon.”

 ”Yes, you heard about it before, right?”

 When I said that and looked up at Lute, he looked worried and lowered his head. Forte, who was recovering in a different room from Frau, continued to look sad. The scene of Frau’s temporary death had caused a lot of emotional pain for Forte, and the concern was more about the emotional wounds than the physical ones.

 Aria, who was sitting on the bed and staring at Forte, had been by Forte’s side for the past two days without leaving.

 ”I’ve heard about it before… but why would something like that be inside Frau…”

 ”I don’t know. But it’s definitely a spell from the Holy Kingdom. The Imperial Kingdom might have used it a long time ago, but our Kingdom used it once when I was young. I’ve seen some papers that my father had stolen.”


 While Lute stayed quiet, Aria, who had been looking at Forte until now, turned her attention to him and looked worried.

 ”Because we let Quartet and Quintet escape… we need to think about the possibility of more danger for Frau-san.”

 ”…Aria, you did really well. Thanks to you, we were able to rescue Frau and Forte. Frau’s situation… is hard to describe. Quartet and Quintet are probably not in the country anymore…”

 Human Weapon of the Holy Kingdom.

 It is said that the shrine maiden who sings the ballad of death is chosen from among those who have the blood of emperors for generations. The special ritual in their bodies can start by itself in specific situations, and can cause a sudden large number of deaths in the enemy’s area. It’s like a bomb that goes off later.

 ”Frau is… the descendant of the Holy Kingdom’s emperor, right?”

 My words made the three people in the room stop talking and look serious.

 ”Maybe she was sent to the Imperial Kingdom on purpose…”

 ”I don’t know… Kanon might have some information…”

 At least Frau doesn’t know about this. She’s not the kind of kid who would hide these things from Lute.

 ”…Viola, how much did you understand about that ritual?”

 ”The ritual starts at the same time as someone dies. At the same time, the resurrection ritual is connected and starts.”


 ”After the ritual starts, it slowly spreads and kills people. If the resurrection is done alone, it takes a long time. By the time Frau wakes up, there might be a lot of dead bodies around.”


 In short, it was not possible to cancel the spell.


 ”It’s nothing. But what about Frau’s protection?”

 Until now, Aria and Forte have been taking turns guarding Lute. It’s okay for a day or two, but it’s not sustainable in the long run.

 They might say they’re fine and can protect each other for a long time, but… we can leave the house to Fiine like we’re doing now.

 Still, I’m really worried.

 What if Forte or Aria gets sick?

 What if one of them gets kidnapped like last time?

 What if an incident happens when Beth or Kanon-san are far away from the Imperial Kingdom?

 I’m sure things won’t go as smoothly as they did last time.

 ”……I’m considering relying on Träumerei.”

 ”Is that possible? Even Aria had to come here with a special imperial decree, right?”

 Lute looked serious as he spoke to Aria and Forte. He mentioned a message from the Empress reaching Kanon’s place. Then, with a somber expression, Lute raised his face and looked at Aria and Forte.

 ”A proclamation has come from the Queen.”


 Aria probably heard about it when she was summoned by Kanon yesterday.

 ”About Draconia…”

 On that night.

 Fiine, who shone like a shooting star and guided Lute to Frau, said,

 ”She wishes to see Fiine.”

 Surely, many people must have saw her.

* * *

 It was lonely.

 A feeling that made my chest feel like it would burst, unbearably lonely.

 Even when I looked around, there was nothing.

 Endlessly, the pure white world continued, and no matter how much I screamed, there was no one.

 Even lowering my gaze, in the dazzling brightness where I couldn’t even see my own hands, I kept running endlessly.

 I want to meet them.

 I want to meet that person.

 Only that thought kept swirling in my head.

 Strangely, even as I ran, I didn’t get out of breath. I ran through the light, calling that person’s name as if I had gone mad.

 Among the unclear mist,

 Did I find it by chance, or was it meant to be?

 In a world without landmarks,

 I ran towards it without thinking,

 Jumping into that fog.

 Coming out of the mist was a girl,

 With bright red hair.

 ”Is it Frau?”

 ”Yeah, I took the name from a musical instrument. Cute, isn’t it?”

 ”Yeah, I think it suits her, big sister.”

 ”Hey, what if… what if something happens to me… Will you protect this child?”

 ”Is the Holy Kingdom… is it really that dangerous?”

 ”I don’t know… but just in case…”

 ”No, come back. Mom and Dad would be happy.”

 ”Yeah, but… not now. Hey, Canon… I… well…”

 As I opened my eyes, the one looking at me with a gentle expression was…

 ”It seems you’ve woken up. Sorry, I can’t take my eyes off you since you’re still groggy.”

 ”It must be tough, raising a child.”

 ”That tough part… I’m happy for it.”

 ”For me, I couldn’t handle it. Babies are so confusing.”

 ”Haha, Kanon has Lute-kun, right?”

 ”Hey, what are you talking about… He and I aren’t like that.”

 Platinum blonde hair sparkled.

 ”Okay, okay, don’t cry. Do you want milk? Wait a moment.”


 ”Good girl.”

 Green eyes.

 ”Big sister, you really look like our mom.”

 ”Kanon, you resemble too, you know?”

 ”Where? I have the same hair color as Dad. We look nothing alike.”

 ”That’s not true. Look, your gentle eyes, they’re just like hers.”


 ”Oh, what’s wrong? Isn’t it odd? Not asking for breast milk? A diaper change?”

 ”Is there an itch somewhere?”

 ”She doesn’t cry much, but…”


 You’re my…

 ”There, there. Good girl, good girl.”

 ”You somehow feels like… a mom, right, big sister?”

 ”What are you saying? I’ve become a mother.”



 ”Hey, really, come back, okay?”

 ”…It’s impossible.”


 ”It’s for the sake of that child.”

 I was lonely.

 ”Kanon… I… want to entrust something to you.”


 My new mother was nice. I can’t remember much, but her hair was a pretty light purple.

 ”I have something I want to give you.”

 ”Something to give…?”

 Beth was a bit scary, but she always cared about me.

 ”I… what is this…? How… am I supposed to deal with something like this?”

 But still, I felt alone.

 ”What are you doing? Big sister!! This is…”



 Lonely and lonely, I wondered if there was any meaning to my existence, if it would be okay to die, if it would be okay if I wasn’t around anymore.

 ”Please, protect this child.”


 Unloved by anyone, with no important person, if I’m all alone, it might be better.



 But you see…

 ”I’m sorry… because I’m… powerless.”



 I’ve fallen in love.

 ”Can I ask for something like this? You’re the only one, Canon.”

 ”…Selfish, huh.”


 She stroked my lonely head. She read many picture books to me. She listened to my stories all the time.

 ”…I’m still a child.”

 ”I’m sorry… for everything.”

 She let me sit on her lap. When she read me a picture book, if I fell asleep, she would keep stroking my head.

 ”…Big sister, do your best here.”

 ”Yeah, I’ll do my best. So …Sorry.”

 When I wake up from a scary dream, she’s there telling me it’s okay. With very kind eyes.

 So, I want this child… to keep on living, no matter what happens. Even if it means putting a curse?

 ”Kanon, can you use this?”

 ”I can use it. Because I’m a genius.”

 ”But I’ll put a limit on it. I don’t want to let you do anything like killing people, okay?”


 With a blue face, covered in mud, she would find me wherever I was.

 ”Don’t let your guard down. Surprisingly, it is fragile. It seems like something that can’t be overwritten. There’s even a possibility of it being misused.”


 My prince.


 ”It’s just insurance, okay? Because I don’t want that. If big sister dies…”

 ”Yeah. I also… want to see how this child grows up.”

 ”…Frau seems to be falling asleep.”


 I hoped someday my feelings would be conveyed. That’s what I thought.

 ”Lute!!!! Call Frau!!!”




 ”Frau… You’re a good child… My cute child.”

 ”…Hehe… It’s cute, it’s ticklish.”

 Because the words “I love you” might not convey my feelings…

 ”Frau!!!! !! Please!!! Come back!!! If Frau isn’t here――――I…!!!”

 ”Frau… Mom is… thinking about you…”


 Someday, I will give birth to a baby.


 ”!!!? Lute!!! Frau is!!!”

 ”Frau!!! Frau!!!! Please wake up!!!”

 I will sing many, many songs for you. Even if the baby is asleep.

 And then…

 The two of us will gently stroke its head together.

 I think that’s when my feelings will finally be conveyed.


 ”Mom is… thinking about you…”


 I love you.

 Such are my feelings.


 ”……. “

 When I opened my eyes, Lute-sama was sitting in a moonlit room, stroking my head.

 ”Sorry, did I wake you?”


 ”Frau? Is your condition still not good?”

 A very gentle gaze.

 A gaze filled with concern.




 ”A kiss…”




 My prince.

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