Viola 6

Chapter 6 What’s Your Type of Person?

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 November 5th

 Beth came to my house for the first time in a while.

 I had heard from Kanon that she had been quite down since that day, but when she came to our house, she still showed the same smile.

 For Beth, who used to be a former Divine Princess Guard, Kanon’s orders, her benefactor, were something she couldn’t go against.

 And I used Kanon’s kindness to indirectly make Beth, who is a delicate girl, commit murder.

 Just because I couldn’t do it with my own strength.

 It’s by no means forgivable.

 It’s not something that can be settled by apologizing.

 However, when I, the weak one who can’t bear the self-reproach, apologized to her, she tilted her head in a curious way and said, “Why is Lute-sama apologizing?”

 What a kind girl she is.

 I couldn’t come up with any clever words to say to her.




 November 6th

 Thanks to Beth’s suggestion, I decided to renovate the toilet.

 Why didn’t I realize such a simple thing?

 Furthermore, when it comes to improving the interior of the room and taking care of Viola’s body, Beth is eager to help.

 Once again, I am endlessly grateful for her broad perspective and kindness towards others, as well as for providing me with a perspective that I, as a man, do not possess.

 No matter how many times I express my gratitude, it is not enough, but I do not want to become a nuisance by saying it too persistently.

 At the very least, I have decided to write my final words of appreciation in this diary.

 Thank you, Beth. You are an amazing person.




 November 15th

 The renovation of the toilet is complete.

 Kanon’s butlers worked efficiently and quickly, understanding our intentions and getting to work.

 Their reward is a request to make the same thing at Kanon-sama’s mansion next time. It is a small price to pay.

 As for the comfort of the toilet, it should be good since Viola seemed very happy about it, and I have endured quite an embarrassing experience until now.

 So, with this momentum, I wonder if I can automate not only bathing but also brushing teeth and changing clothes.

 It might be difficult because there is a risk of drowning in the bath, but I want a way to spare her from embarrassing experiences.




 November 20th

 Viola showed me her appearance with makeup. What a beauty it is.

 There is no doubt that she is the most beautiful woman in the world from the beginning, but with makeup, her beauty becomes even more captivating.

 Her braided hair always makes her look younger, and I forgot my manners and couldn’t help but be fascinated by her.

 It was a strange sensation that I wanted to touch her skin that I had unintentionally touched many times.

 Indeed, Beth’s presence may be indispensable to her. If Beth were not there, I would never have been able to make her look so beautiful.

 For a moment, I thought about learning makeup from Beth, but I gave up when I imagined I putting makeup on Viola. It is impossible for someone like me who is clueless about such things to continue gazing at her as she becomes more beautiful.

 However, she was so beautiful…

 As a tribute to her beauty, I thought I would record her beauty.

 First, let’s talk about her hair…

 (After this, several pages are written endlessly about how beautiful Viola is)




 November 25th

 I received a message through Beth from Kanon. It is a talk about the recovery of Viola’s limbs that I have been requesting for a long time.

 I am not knowledgeable about the structure of the human body, so I relied on Kanon’s knowledge. However, being a genius, she seems to have found possibilities beyond my imagination.

 I wonder what kind of answer she will give the day after tomorrow.

 Even though I think it’s not good to have too high expectations, I can’t help but feel restless.

* * *

 ”So, is it about altering the mana circuit to create a substitute for tendons?”

 As I listened to Kanon’s explanation, I could only think of question marks and my mouth hung open, but Lute seemed to understand. In other words, Kanon’s explanation was accurate, and it’s just that I’m dumb, right?

 ”That’s a cold way of saying it. Do you use such unsexy language when trying to seduce women?”

 ”What are you talking about?! That’s irrelevant! Besides, I’ve never tried to seduce a woman!”


 Lute hasn’t ever tried to seduce anyone?

 So, does that mean… he has no experience dating women until now?

 Oh, there’s also a situation where Lute is being courted… by a woman who, like me, is obsessed with Lute.”

 ”Viola-sama, why do you have such a happy face?~♡”

 ”What are you talking about, Beth! I’m not looking happy at all!”

 And I don’t really care about what kind of relationship Lute had in the past! It’s just important whether he’s dating someone else now…

 ”Don’t worry. It has been investigated that there is no woman currently dating Lute~♡.”

 ”Oh, really…? Um, by the way… about Lute…”

 ”By the way, I think Viola-sama isn’t interested, but Lute-sama seems to have been approached by multiple women in the past without realizing it.”


 ”Beth!! Please don’t say baseless things about me! And what exactly are you investigating?”

 ”Furthermore, Kanon-sama…”


 Beth, alarmed by the intimidating aura that suddenly emanated from Kanon, hastily fled from the room, her face turning pale, and Kanon let out a sigh, saying, “Haa…”

 Sitting in a luxurious chair, leaning on the desk, Kanon’s appearance was oozing with sensuality, and to be honest, even I, being the same woman, can’t help but feel my heart race.

 Her fiery red hair, flowing like flames down to her shoulders, and her enigmatic, crescent-like eyes, are so captivating that one can’t help but be drawn in. And it’s not just me who can’t help but glance at her voluptuous figure, even from beneath her red lipstick and pure white robe.

 I thought Lute might be affected too, but when I looked at Lute, he was gazing straight at Kanon, without any change in expression, as he let out a sigh.

 …Although he always turns red when he looks at me.

 Huh? It’s not like that. I don’t have any ulterior motives or anything.

 ”Beth always gets carried away quickly…”

 ”That’s what’s good about my maid. Thanks to her, there’s always a smile around her.”

 ”It’s because you always spoil Beth like that that it’s a problem.”

 But for some reason, these two…

 ”I’m not spoiling her. She’s a wonderful person. She understands things properly even without me saying anything.”

 ”But she’s only 18, right? Certainly, she’s a smart girl, however she can make mistakes too. You have to watch over her properly.”

 What should I say? It’s like… a married couple.

 I don’t know much about Lute and Kanon’s relationship, but there’s an atmosphere that seems like they’ve been together for a long time.

 ”Mistakes are also experiences. Beth can learn from her failures.”

 ”You’ve been like this since you were young, you know… Such expectations can be quite a pressure for the person, right? Besides, there are many failures that don’t need to happen.”

 And Kanon’s gaze at Lute, which seemed exasperated, is… kind.

 ”Oh, um… about my arm…”

 Unable to bear watching the two of them staring at each other, I spoke up.

 It’s not my place to meddle just because Lute and Kanon are close. But over these past few months, Lute’s eyes have always been on me. So, I’m jealous.

 …I wonder why. Even though Beth is looking at Lute, I don’t seem jealous of her.

 ”Hmm? Oh… that’s right. Look, Lute, your princess is waiting tiredly, you know?”

 ”H-Hey, Kanon… don’t say such rude things…”

 I feel relieved when I see Lute blush as soon as he sees me.

 I was so happy that I unintentionally stared at Lute, and Kanon looked at my face with an indescribable expression.

 What is it?

 ”You’re going through a lot too, Viola.”

 ”W-Well, it’s not like that… I am…”

 ”Hmm?… You two, can I start explaining?”

 …I see, I felt jealous.

 Kanon knows Lute in a way that I don’t.

 How he has lived his life.

 What he likes.

 What makes him feel touched.

 I’m sure Kanon knows everything about Lute.

 I… I want to know that too.

 ”Do you know that there are mana currents flowing through our bodies?”


 ”Mana permeates the natural world and takes on different forms through us, the users, including humans, monsters, and dragon tribes. For example…”


 With a sound similar to the release of a fireball from Kanon’s fingertips, I stared in astonishment at the scene before me.

 Because it didn’t look like Kanon was chanting just now.

 ”Just like this.”

 ”It’s not unusual for phenomena to be caused by alchemy arrays or spells, but well, exceptions like Kanon exist too.”

 ”It’s not really special, you know? Anyone can do it as long as they understand the mechanism.”

 She said it with a cool expression, but what does understanding the mechanism of mana mean?

 Especially since it’s a substance that hasn’t been thoroughly studied.


 I hadn’t heard anything about Kanon coming to the front lines during the recent war, but the thought of her coming out there sends shivers down my spine.

 Well, in the end, our country perished before she even had a chance to come out.

 ”By the way, about your body, I took the liberty of examining it a little while you were sleeping. I’m sorry for doing something without your permission.”

 ”N-No, it’s not a problem…”

 ”Sorry, I asked Kanon without your consent as well.”

 ”I didn’t do it just because you asked, Lute… I’m just as meddlesome as you are.”

 ”I see… Thank you.”


 What’s with the intense staring? Do you both understand what you’re doing? Earlier, Beth nearly slipped up about the relationship between Kanon and Lute…

 There must have been something in the past between them.

 ”So… about changing the flow of mana…”

 ”Huh? Ah… cough… I examined your body and found out about the condition of your injury. Well, more specifically, the extent of damage to your mana circuit. In regards to your arm, there’s still a slight pulse remaining. On the other hand, your leg has been severed and there’s no flow of mana.”

 As Kanon pointed at me and explained, I looked down at my own hands and feet.

 Come to think of it, since coming to Lute’s house, I hadn’t even checked if mana was flowing through my hands and feet.

 ”If you hadn’t done anything, it wouldn’t have been strange for them to have necrosis, right?”

 ”…If I hadn’t done anything?”

 ”Lute forcefully stimulated your metabolism, didn’t he? Your hands and feet haven’t gotten any thinner, have they?”


 When I widened my eyes at Kanon’s words and looked up at Lute, he had an awkward expression and was looking down…

 Is it because when Lute was taking a bath, he only used his bare hands on my limbs? Was it because it felt so good, it was interfering with my mana?”

 ”Lute, why didn’t you tell her something like that?”

 Kanon sighed in exasperation, and Lute blushed.


 But somehow, I can understand what Lute might be thinking. He must have had reservations about manipulating the mana inside my body.


 Transferring or exchanging mana is said to be akin to a soul’s intimacy behind the scenes.

 ”So if we can revive this pulse in your arm… then we just need to transform that pulse to serve as a substitute for the human body.”

 ”Is it really that simple?”

 ”At least for me, it is.”

 Kanon stated this without a hint of hesitation in her expression.

 ”Viola. Kanon is a genius. You can trust her.”

 ”Well, praising won’t get me anywhere, Lute.”


 For now, I want them to stop staring at each other so intently.

 ”So, um… how do we go about reviving this pulse?”

 Kanon, who averted her gaze from Lute’s words, immediately had a mysterious smile.

 ”It’s quite difficult. But are you still going to do it?”

 ”Yes, I will.”

 There’s no need to hesitate.

 No matter how difficult it may be, if my hands can move again, I will do anything to prove it.

 ”Now, you will perform mana infusion, which Lute had secretly been doing until now, with the maximum amount you can endure. Well… if you spend about 2 hours a day, you should recover at a good speed, maybe?”


 Because if my hands can move, I can stroke Lute’s hair.

 I can hold hands.

 I can even embrace him.

 We can even cook together.

 ”Well… I think it’s quite difficult…”

 Though Lute blushes and says such things, I am quite loyal to my desires, so I won’t hesitate.


 By the way, Lute, have you ever experienced mana infusion?

 Perhaps from Kanon?

 And if that’s the case, have Kanon and Lute already had soul intercourse?

 I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t imply things like that.

 ”You’re talking about it as if it’s someone else’s business. Lute, will you do it?”

 ”What!? Wait a minute! Can’t Kanon do it!?”

 ”Don’t be silly. I don’t have two hours every day. I’m quite busy, you know?”

 ”I’ll do it with Lute.”

 ”Vi, Viola!?”

 ”I’ll do it!!”

 I can’t be bothered if it causes trouble for Lute anymore.

 Seeing my sharp expression, Kanon looked at Lute, who was at a loss, with a stronger smile.

 That expression was somewhat similar to Beth’s, and when I see things like this, I can tell that the two of them are similar in some ways.

 ”By the way, it’s more effective to circulate rather than just pour it one-sidedly. It can reduce mana consumption, and you should be able to do it for a longer time. But that’s a talk for when your arm has recovered to a certain extent.”


 Circulating… That means… Even from me… That’s kind of embarrassing… But…


 Lute’s face turned red as well.

 ”Lute’s mana is huge, so I think it will be tough. What will you do?”


 ”…Why do you know such things?”

 ”Because Lute and I have done it before.”

 ”Oh, really?”

 Kanon, with a smile, tilted her head, clearly seeming to provoke me. Well, with my simple-minded brain, even such a cheap provocation is definitely effective.

 ”Alright, let’s do it.”


 With a heated face, I stared at Kanon and said that, and Kanon was laughing mockingly while looking at the flustered Lute.

* * *

 From that evening, I repeatedly asked the hesitant Lute to practice the circulation of mana.

 ’It’s dangerous to suddenly inject a large amount of mana into a weakened circuit. So, it’s better to gradually get used to it starting from the body that is functioning normally. In the first place, sending mana from Viola’s arm is still difficult, and it’s impossible with just arm-to-arm contact.’

 It’s the recommended method for performing mana transfer that we learned from Kanon during the day.

 ’Afterwards… it’s better not to sandwich things like cloth or other materials. Of course, not even air. Mana is easily influenced and transformed, resulting in loss.’

 So now, we were sat on the bed, with Lute behind me.

 I was placed between his legs, as I sat with my legs stretched out.

 ’Well, in short… It’s better to have direct contact with the skin without wearing clothes. As much as possible, with a large area. So, in a situation where your skin is in contact, you both will…’

 I am wearing only the bra that Lute bought for me on my upper body, while Lute is wearing pants but completely naked on the upper body.

 …By the way, it was the first time I saw Lute naked.



 My head was completely boiling, and I couldn’t have any proper thoughts. Anyway, Lute’s naked body is burned into my eyes, and even though we’re not even touching, Lute’s body temperature is transmitted to my back through the air…

 Can I really perform proper mana transfer with these things happening?

 ”…So, are we… going to stick together?”

 ”Yeah… um…”

 ”Are you really okay with it, Viola…?”

 ”Y-Yes, of course…”

 I mean, I don’t want anyone other than Lute, but with Lute….

 ”But, still… this kind of thing should at least be between women…”

 ”…No. I won’t do it with anyone other than Lute.”


 I know it’s embarrassing, but I can’t think of anything else.

 Moreover, even though I’ve already shown him many embarrassing moments, I realized for the first time that this kind of embarrassment is not about the amount, but about individual experiences.

 And that makes me a little happy.


 ”…I understand.”

 I know that Lute is weak to my “please.”

 I know it’s unfair, but… what else should I say?


 Lute’s body touches my back, and instantly, a shivering sensation runs through my back.

 It’s warm and feels good.

 ”Lute, can you hug me…?”

 ”Ah!? N-No… but…”

 ”Kanon-san also told us to get as close as possible.”

 ”That’s true, but…”


 When I said that, Lute timidly said while wrapping his arm around my stomach as if under a spell.


 He tightly embraced my body.


 What kind of expression is he making now?

 I want to see it.

 If possible, I want to keep it saved.

 ”Well then… shall we start?”


 ”Let’s take it slowly at first, okay?”


 ”If it’s too painful, let me know right away…”

 ”I-I understand!”

 Well, maybe it’s me who’s making a strange face.

 Why do people face turn red when they feel embarrassed?

 No, not in a logical sense, it would be fine even if a less noticeable place turns red.

 If the other person knew that I was embarrassed, it would become even more embarrassing and create a vicious cycle.


 ”A-are you okay?”

 No matter how hard I try to distract myself with other thoughts, it’s impossible, because of the warm and sticky sensation of mana flowing from him, I was taught with my own body when I jumped up for the umpteenth time.


 Even if I grit my teeth and try to endure the voice, it’s impossible. Even if I tightly close my eyes, it’s impossible. It feels like a hot liquid is being poured into my body. The presence of Lute is creeping in. My core is throbbing. My head feels foggy and I can’t understand.



 It feels good all over my body. Lute’s body temperature on my back, his breath on my neck, and the mana flowing into my body, all of them feel good.

 Haah… I can’t handle this for two hours. Even 30 minutes is tough.

 ”L-Lute… please, a bit softer…”

 ”I-I’m sorry… I’m trying to make it as soft as possible…”

 It’s not because of the release from his hand. Rather, it’s something we’re not used to doing regularly… And because there are many areas of body contact, it’s difficult to adjust.

 ”Maybe at first, it would be better to distance our bodies a bit more…”

 ”N-No, that’s not allowed!!”

 Saying that I want to be able to move my hands quickly is just an excuse.

 The truth is, I want to be close.

 ”Because I can endure… please continue.”

 ”…I see.”

 And I hate being stuck together, so please don’t misunderstand.

 I’m just embarrassed by myself making obscene noises.


 Moreover, just the thought of tomorrow’s weird stain on my underwear being discovered makes me so embarrassed that I could die.



 Just the thought of being seen as a lewd woman, if it wasn’t someone like Lute who likes me like that… that’s just my insecurity.


 ”Lute…it feels good…”


 ”It feels so good…”

 Exposed to the intense flow of Lute’s passion, my feeble reason easily blew away, to the point that I couldn’t help but laugh.

 After one hour, having continued to convulse countless times, I finally lost consciousness,


 When I woke up, seeing Lute’s sleeping face next to me in the same bed, my face turned red again.

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