Xray 137

Chapter 137

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 I held hands with Tamamushi and approached the warehouse.

 Tamamushi shivered and looked up at me.

 I squeezed Tamamushi’s hand.

 By focusing my ability on a single point and extending it to the limit, I was able to reach the warehouse within the effective range of my ability. However, since the range was stretched to the limit, I had to move my eye to the left and right in order to examine the warehouse in detail.

 If we get close to the warehouse, we can check the inside of the warehouse within the normal effective range, but if possible, we would like to check it from a distance.

 In short, it’s going to take us a little while to get a grasp of the situation.


 Tamamushi, who has stopped and staring at me, is tilting her head with a chuckle.

 I’ve given up to get this idiot to understand the situation. I’ll leave it alone.

 I slowly move my ability to the left, and when I reach the edge of the warehouse, I slowly move it to the right this time.

 There it is.

 I couldn’t help but grin.

 ――Su, Suzuhara’s smile is scary…….

 Tamamushi who was looking up at me muttering inbarrierly.

 Kukuku, how can I not laugh at this?

 The number of enemies whose seen by my ability is five.

 I had expected them to let Tamamushi and Alice crush each other before throwing their forces into the battle, but it seems that they have been throwing their forces into the battle from the beginning.

 Perhaps the enemy was just using Tamamushi as bait to lure the spies, and not intending to make them fight each other.

 If that the case, it is highly likely that the enemy is underestimating Tamamushi.

 Tamamushi is capable, but she’s also good-natured, innocent, and stupid. Perhaps she’s been screwing up the work that the organization sends her to do.

 It’s no wonder she was underestimated.

 If my guess is right, they’re stupid.

 But, as long as they know how to handle her, Tamamushi are terribly strong. Stupid, but strong.

 Although her physical abilities are inferior to Rikka, she is extremely strong and have a body that is hard to kill. In addition to that, she can manipulate insects, has various knowledge of different kinds of power, and is quite skilled.

 Their barriers have limited her abilities, but not all of them have been disabled. And the conditions are applied for the opponent too.

 It’s like an idiot using a scissors.

 That being said, just to be sure, I checked the entire warehouse with my abilities.

 Above and below.

 My ability allows me to check “underneath” the ground as well.

 As a result, there were five enemies. I couldn’t find anything else.

 If they’re just using Tamamushi as bait and don’t have any hostile intentions tobarriers us, they’ll just pretend to be ignorant and help us get rid of the spies. In other words, we’ll let the enemy and the spy crush each other and take the best part.

 However, if the enemy wanted to get rid of the Tamamushi and the spy, they would have to go all out from the beginning.

 As I pondered this, I drew a “5” with my finger on the palm of Tamamushi’s hand.

 ――So there are five enemies.

 I nodded silently to Tamamushi answer.

 ――B, but, do you know? When Suzuhara’s fingers touch my palm, I feel a little ♡

 Tamamushi’s cheeks flush, she rubs her thighs fidgety, and looks up at me with moist, upturned eyes.

 What an idiot. If you’re going to go into heat, think about the time and place. That’s why they call you stupid even though you’re capable.

 But it’s good to know that Tamamushi isn’t out of her element in the face of the enemy.

 I laughed as I let out a sigh and made circles with my fingers on Tamamushi’s palm.

 ―― I, I can feel it when you do that ♡

 Tamamushi’s ears turned red as my fingers touched on her palm, and she panted as she rubbed her thighs together.

 You idiot. It’s not a good time to be in heat.

 I let out another sigh, and pulled Tamamushi’s hand away.

 I drew a circle on her palm, a symbol that meant to go around the warehouse.

 The enemy is inside the warehouse, but the area around the warehouse is a forest. They can hide in the woods as long as they want. But hiding doesn’t work with my ability. So I should check before entering the warehouse.

 So I pulled Tamamushi, who was in heat, and went around the area while pretending to look for the entrance to the warehouse.

 As it turned out, there was no sign of the enemy hiding within 30 meters, the maximum range of my ability.

 It was possible that the reinforcements were waiting outside the range of my ability or outside the barriers, but if that the case, the enemies inside the warehouse would not be able to communicate with the reinforcements too.

 The barriers don’t only work on us, though.

 So, if there were reinforcements, they would probably be using the same method as us.

 They’d probably have a predetermined time to enter.

 If that’s the case, I’d say they’re idiots.

 My eyes seem to be special, but I’m sure they’ll disable my search abilities inside the barriers. In addition, the ability to communicate is also disabled, and once they’re inside the barriering, they can’t get out unless we destroy the barriering.

 If that’s the case, they should deploy reinforcements near the warehouse where we’re meeting.

 But their reinforcements are not nearby, at least not yet.

 It would be a terrible to destroy the great barriers they’ve put up a while ago.

 One of the five men in the warehouse is probably a spy.

 Are they overconfident that the remaining four will be able to handle the two of them, Tamamushi and the spy?

 If that’s the case, I’m grateful.

 I’ve been planning for the worst, but maybe the situation isn’t as bad as I thought.

 I looked down at Tamamushi and smiled, having a rough idea of the situation based on my expectations and guesses.

 I looked down at Tamamushi and smiled at her. Tamamushi shuddered when she saw my smile, and her eyes turned into dots and her mouth into a triangle.

 ―― W, what’s wrong with you, Suzuhara! You look like a demon or a devil smiling at me!

 Tamamushi shivered as she screamed in her mind.

 I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. My bad.

 I laughed to reassure Tamamushi, but it seems my smile make her trouble now.

 I pulled Tamamushi’s hand and stood in front of the iron door, and opened it.

 The door opened with a creaking metallic sound, as if the oil had run out.

 I knew, of course, that there were no enemies “beyond” the door. In fact, I already know where the enemy is.

 Surprise attacks don’t work on me. I’d rather have you take me by surprise.

 After all, with my “eyes”, I can “see” in advance if there is a surprise attack. It’s a really cobarrierly ability.

 I think it’s a really cobarrierly ability.

 Anyway, there is something strange about this.

 There are five enemies. One of them is a spy.

 If my information is correct, the spy is a woman.

 The five men in the warehouse are four men and a woman.

 And I’ve “looked” inside their bodies, and three of the four men are probably beastsman. Like Rikka, their physical structure is fundamentally different from that of humans.

 The enemy seems to have used beastmen as I expected.

 The remaining man looks physically like a normal human, but there is a red light circulating inside his body. He must be a person with different abilities, but what is he doing here? Because of the barriering, most of different abilities will be blocked. They’re the one who put up the barriers, so they should be familiar with it.

 That’s fine, but I’m having a tremendous sense of discomfort right now.

 Is there something wrong with my senses?

 There are five of them in the warehouse, but I can’t help but they feel extremely weak.

 I look down at Tamamushi, who notices my gaze, looks up at me and smiles.

 It’s strange. There was something wrong.

 I can’t help but feel that even if the five people in the warehouse attacked with all their might, they would be helpless against Tamamushi alone.

 What’s with this confidence?

 The self-confidence without any cause fuels my anxiety.

 I’m trying to avoid wishful thinking.

 I pull Tamamushi’s hand and walk down to the dark corridor.

 The enemy is gathered in the square inside the warehouse.

 By approaching the enemy, I returned my abilities to normal state, but this made me feel more and more uncomfortable.

 This is strange. That’s strange.

 The spy was a Category D according to my information, and Tamamushi was also a Category D on paper.

 According to Nanafushi’s story, a person with Category D abilities was one of the strongest.

 If they wanted to destroy Tamamushi as well, they would have to bring two Category D.

 Even if their abilities sealed by barriers, they were not an opponent to be taken lightly.

 No, that’s not the problem.

 The woman who seemed to be a spy was the same rank as Tamamushi on paper. In reality, Tamamushi was probably higher ranked than her, but I couldn’t help but feel that Tamamushi’s strength was on a different level.

 The same goes for the three men who looked like beastmen.

 They are supposed to be physically enhanced, but their physical abilities seem to be much lower than Tamamushi’s. I just can’t wrap my head around that.

 Is this a trap? Is this a trap? Did they gather a bunch of weak guys to catch us off guard?

 No, but at least there were no enemies within a 30 meter radius of the warehouse. Because of the barriering, there was no way to contact them, so the trap would not work unless reinforcements were nearby.

 Even if it was a mechanical trap instead of a biological one, it would not work for my eyes.

 I can’t find it. No matter how hard I searched using my abilities, I couldn’t find anything that looked like a trap.

 It’s a trap? Or it’s not a trap? Or am I missing something?

 Calm down, calm down, calm down.

 The worst thing I can do is misjudge my enemy’s capabilities.

 It’s a distraction. The margin of error is disturbing.

 The self-confidence that we are overwhelmingly strong is a hindrance.

 I won’t die. I won’t let them die. For the first time in my life, I’ve made “friends”, and I can’t let any of them die.

 Pull yourself together. Don’t let my guard down.

 No matter how many times I told myself that, the overwhelming margin and self-confidence that we was overwhelming the enemy kept growing.

 What’s wrong with me?

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