Xray 145

Chapter 145

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 According to Yuka, Asahina was sealed up in the living room.

 I took Rikka up from the basement to the first floor and walked down from the corridor to the living room.

 I stopped in front of the living room door and activated my ability just in case.

 The door and walls were transparent, revealing the entire interior of the room.

 Asahina was lying on the sofa, wrapped up in ropes.

 Not only was she wrapped in rope, but she was also gagged with a cloth.

 Yuka is also rather relentless.

 And Asahina is happy no matter what Yuka does to her.

 What a pervert.

 Also, Hizuki is looking down on Asahina, who is lying on the sofa with her arms crossed. She’s obviously taunting Asahina, but Asahina doesn’t seem to mind.

 There is no sign of Kazehana. Unlike Hizuki, Kazehana can be used for anything.

 Kazehana seems to be working with Marina, Yuka, Tamamushi, and Nanafushi, a group of girls who can do it.

 In other words, the ones in the living room right now are the “kids who can’t do it” group.

 I was going to take Asahina with me, but…

 If I leave Hizuki alone, she might start messing around with Kazehana in her spare time, and drag down the valuable and talented moving-in staff.

 Well, I thought, why not take her with me too?

 So, Marina, you’re listening, right? Is there any problem if I take Hizuki with me?

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 ――It’s rather helpful. Kazehana-chan also says that she feels safe if Suzuhara-san is with her.

 Marina’s voice echoed in my brain.

 Marina seems to be thinking the same as me.

 I’ll take Asahina and Hizuki with me, so please take care of them.

 ――If anything, I think it’s more difficult to babysit two problem children. I’ve been entrusted with this one, so please take care of babysitting the two troublemakers, Suzuhara-san.

 Oh, come on, you have a poisonous tongue. If anyone asks, you’ll be blown away.

 Anyway, with Marina here, it’ll be fine. Even if something should happen, it’ll be safe with Tamamushi, Kazehana, and Nanafushi around.

 Oh, yes. I almost forgot.

 ――What’s the matter?

 Alice won’t be waking up for a while.

 ――I know. Physically, she’s fine, but her mental was about to break down. I think Yuka’s mantra has healed her mind a lot, but I think she’s lost a lot of tension instead. So I don’t think she’ll wake up for a while.

 It’s about Clelia, isn’t it?


 You can make a memorial service for Clelia’s head after Alice wakes up. I owe Alice a debt of gratitude. Please treat her as politely as possible. I’ll be counting on you.


 What is it?

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 ――It’s nothing. I’m busy here too, so please take care of that too.

 After saying that, Marina’s voice disappeared.

 What the heck is that guy? I feel like she’s getting cockier and cockier.

 Do I need to train her regularly? I can’t leave her alone and let her get even more cocky.

 Marina will have plenty of training later on, but I have Rikka here, and I’ll take care of the two problem children.

 Thinking about this with a sigh, I went into the living room.

 ”Ufu, ufufu, Ufufufu ♡ “

  A laugh filled with joy echoed through the room.

 ”What a mess. You’re really a pervert, looking so happy like that. If you are a pervert, why don’t you lick my feet like a pervert?”

 While Asahina is lying on the sofa, wrapped up in ropes, Hizuki is looking down on her and laughing at her. She is poking her cheek with a toe covered in black tights.

 Asahina, who is being pecked on the cheek with her toes, is not paying attention to Hizuki, and is smiling even though she is being gagged.

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 ”Ufu, ufufu, hora, don’t you dare lick my feet ♡”

 Hizuki, perhaps releasing her frustration of being mistreated by Asahina so far, is smiling and shouting with pleasure as she tweaks Asahina’s cheek with her toe.

 Rikka, who walked into the living room with me, sees the delighted Hizuki and holds her head in her hands.

 Rikka, you’re in trouble too. That’s your former master, isn’t it? But it’s Kazehana who is really in trouble. Because her master is still like that.

 ”Hey, Hizuki, don’t play around, let’s go out.”

 ”Eh? Su, Suzuhara-san. How do you do?”

 When I called out to her, she looked at me and raised her voice.

 At the same time, Asahina’s eyes widened and she looked at me.

 And then――


 Hizuki screamed and jumped backwards.

 There was a buzzing sound, and Asahina woke up suddenly.

 The torn ropes unraveled.

 Asahina had been quiet since Yuka had wrapped her around the rope, but it seemed that she could have cut the rope whenever she wanted to.

 As Asahina sat up, she gritted her teeth.

 A buzzing noise was heard and the gag was severed as well as the rope.

 ”What can I do for you?”

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 Asahina sat back down on the sofa, looking at me sideways as she spoke.

 ”I’m going to protect Yukina. You know where she lives, don’t you?”

 ”Eh? I don’t know where she lives.”


 ”Yukina may come to my house, but I’ve never been to hers.”

 ”Oh, I see.”

 I thought Asahina would know about it, but she doesn’t.

 ”I think Yui knows.”

 ”Yui is your sister, right?”


 Asahina nodded in response to my question.

 Loli Hina. Certainly, if she’s a friend of Yukina’s, Loli Hina would know about Yukina’s house. But there is no way to get Loli Hina involved …….

 No, as long as Yukina is targeted, Loli Hina can not be said to be safe either.

 ”What’s your family history?”

 ”My mother died early. My father is not in Japan. My sisters and I are staying with my father’s brother, my uncle.”

 Oh, I see. Asahina’s family seems to be complicated. Well, I don’t really care.

 ”Yukina’s life is in danger. I’m going to go protect her now. So, what about your sister? If Yukina is in danger, your sister might be in danger too.”

 ”I see. Then why don’t you protect Yui as well?”

 ”You’re too careless. And you don’t even ask what the danger is.”

 ”Afraid not. I’m dying of boredom right now. If your doggy friend and my sister would play with me, I think I could get over my boredom.”

 Asahina put her right hand over her mouth, biting back a yawn as she spoke, then glanced at Rikka and grinned.

 Rikka shivered when she saw Asahina.

 She had seen the battle between Rokuhana and Fuka more than anyone else, and yet she had the nerve to say that she would take on both of them at once to relieve her boredom. If it was a joke, it would be funny, but in her case, she was serious, which made it worse.

 Well, if she was going to take on Rikka and Kazehana all at once, Asahina would surely lose. There is no way she can win. But Asahina will never retreat.

 Whether she wins or loses is of secondary importance. What is important is whether it is fun or not.

 As Nanafushi said, when I look at this guy, I can’t help but think of Kudan.

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 ”It’s okay. Then we’ll head to your house for now.”

 ”It’s not my house, it’s my uncle and his wife’s.”

 ”It doesn’t matter. Where’s your house?”

 ”Asahina General Hospital.”

 ”Oh, I see. Asahina General Hospital……?”

 Asahina General Hospital? Wait a minute. Is this guy’s house a hospital?

 By the way, she said that it was her dream to become a nurse.

 I mean, it’s not the Asahina Clinic, but the Asahina General Hospital? Is it that big hospital in the center of town?

 ”Eh? Are you, by any chance, an amazing young lady?”

 ”What? What do you mean “lady”? It’s my uncle who runs the hospital, and my sisters and I are just relatives.”

 ”No, well, maybe you are, but ……”

 I felt at a loss for words at Asahina’s overly blunt attitude.

 She said her father was abroad, and her uncle was the manager of a general hospital.

 ”W, what’s a general hospital? My family is a former noble family! I’m much more of a lady than Asahina-san!”

 Hizuki, who had been silent until then, raised her voice. She pushed up her uniform and smacked her reasonably large breasts.

 I knew that Hizuki was rich, but an old noble family? She’s a lady with no shame, isn’t she?

 But well, it seems that she was abandoned by that family.

 That being said, Hizuki seems to be in no mood to compete with Asahina.

 It’s a pain in the ass to take care of these two.

 I’ll leave one of them behind, after all.

 I want the one who know Yukina, and the one who want to protect Loli Hina together with me. If so, the one girl I don’t want is Hizuki.

 I should follow Yuka’s example and tie her up with rope.

 She’s not like Asahina, Hizuki won’t be able to escape on her own.

 ”So, where are the enemies? If it’s dangerous, I can set up a trap here and crush the enemy, then protect Yukina with dignity.”

 Asahina brilliantly went through Hizuki and asked me a question.

 The ignored Hizuki turns fiery red, her cheeks puff out with tears in her eyes, and she is trembling with a pull.

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 ”I can’t even tell if the enemy is moving or not. But I’m sure they’re after her. That’s why we have to protect Yukina as soon as possible. Besides, I’d like to avoid fights as much as possible.”

 ”That’s sweet. If you don’t know if they are moving, you should go out and look for them. And crush all of them. Then we won’t have to protect Yukina.”

 ”Are you stupid? The first thing you need to do in order to eradicate the enemy is to solidify your defenses. What if you start a fight and Yukina is kidnapped while you’re at it?”

 ”We can destroy the one who took her.”

 ”That’s the problem. That’s why I said we have to protect her first.”

 ”I’m saying that if we crush all the enemies before protecting her, the problem will be solved.”

 She said the stupid thing so brazenly that my head started to hurt.

 ”I would do it well!”

 Hizuki, who was trembling with tears in her eyes and puffed out her cheeks, raised her right hand with a pinch and raised her voice. Then she ran up to me, put her arms around me and hugged me.

 ”Just leave that person! That person is an unwanted child!”

 Hizuki raised her voice as she glared at Asahina.

 You’re an unwanted child, though…….

 I’m sorry, Hizuki. If anything, it’s you who’s the unwanted child.

 ”She can’t hear me, no matter how much I tell her. And even if you force her to go with you, it will only be a hassle. So, let’s go with me, Suzuhara-san and Rikka. That’s how it is, Asahina-san will be staying at home.”

 Asahina reacted to Hizuki’s words with a twitch, and stood up shakily.

 Hizuki shivered and hugged my arm tightly and glared at Asahina.

 ”I’m sorry I had to stay.”

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 Asahina put her hands on her hips and let out a sigh, muttering in a boring way.

 Seeing Asahina’s appearance, perhaps she thought she had beaten her to the punch and Hizuki smiled as she hugged my arm, sniffing and puffing out her chest with pride.

 Big bulges are pressed into me as stretched out by Hizuki.

 This is not the case with Asahina. Because she’s so flat.

 That being said, Asahina is not convinced. If Hizuki complains and makes a fuss, Kazehana might come.

 Yuka probably didn’t use a mantra when she wrapped Asahina up in rope.

 There’s no way Yuka would brainwash her best friend into obeying her, and even if she tried, she probably wouldn’t activate the mantra.

 Even if she tried, the mantra probably wouldn’t work, it would only work when Yuka sincerely wanted it to. That’s the limitation of Yuka’s ability.

 But Asahina obeyed Yuka. Asahina was probably responding to Yuka’s desire not to brainwash her best friend.

 But if there was a commotion, Yuka might try to use the mantra.

 But I don’t want to do that, so Asahina is pretending to be in agreement with me. Then she’ll get out of the house, look for the enemy, and if she founds them, she’ll try…….

 Well, we’ll see about that.

 ”Let’s go.”

 ”Yesssss ♡”

 Hizuki replied to my words in a good mood.

 Asahina, who was in a gaze, crossed her arms and sniffed.

 And Rika, looking at Hizuki and Asahina alternately, is flustered.

 It’s really a team so full of anxiety that it’s almost funny. But, well, it’s fun to say that sometimes, isn’t it? (from TinyTL)

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