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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Chapter 1 The Beginning, Shinji Joined

Hello everyone, this is the work that I want to translate.
The new works take place on fantasy world.
I hope you like it!!
 A flash of energy. The boy swordsman's sword cuts off the heads of the kobolds. When the swordsman looks around, he sees that all the kobolds have fallen down. The boy swordsman turned to his companions who were waiting behind him.
"There is no sign of any other monsters. It looks like the battle is over."
 The young wizard called from behind the swordsman.
"Al-kun, thank you for your hard work. Are you injured?"
 The boy swordsman and the female priest.
"Please wait, Al. I'm going to collect the parts as soon as possible!"
 The female ranger, carrying her bow on her back, pulls out the dagger at her waist and begins to dispose of the kobold's corpse.
"I'm not hurt, thank you Mii. I'll be right there! Go on first, Renka! Sorry, Shinji-san, but..."
"I know what you mean. You can leave the guards to me. Hey, Freli"
 When the wizard calls out to the palm-sized child spirit on his shoulder, she waves back gently. The swordsman, in spite of his cute and unreliable appearance in adventures, knew how to search for enemies well, so he rushed off without worry.
 Thus, this adventure ended without any problems.
 The party of three, the boy swordsman Alvin, the girl priestess Milis, and the female ranger Renka, <Running Wolf>, and the solo young wizard Shinji. It was the third adventure of the trial party.
"So, to celebrate Shinji-san officially joining the party, let's have a party!"
 After the adventure, the three members of The Running Wolf decided to ask Shinji to join.
"I like the fact that you don't look at me and Mii weirdly. I would have preferred a girl, though."
"Give me a break. I'm definitely tired if I have to be with three girls and one boy!"
"What do you mean? Are you saying you're tired of being with us?"
"Calm down, both of you..."
 Millis calms the two noisy men. Shinji smiles and drinks his drink.
"Because the previous party members had a child together, we disbanded. It was a celebration, but it was sudden. I wouldn't have complained if they had consulted me beforehand."
 Shinji's eyes are somewhat distant. Milis muttered to herself "Children..." Her face turned red and she turned over and glanced sideways at Alvin. Renka is looking at Alvin with a blank stare. Oh, from their reaction, no way? Shinji tilted his head.
"W, we're not going to let that happen to us! Hey, Mil!"
"I don't know!!"
 Milis reddening at Alvin's spur-of-the-moment words and actions made her shout out in an unusually loud voice. Shinji sensed this reaction and bowed his head to apologize for the unethical topic. The two of them were flustered by Shinji.
"Both of you don't flirt with each other during adventures. It's no wonder you don't know. You're so passionate when you're on a date."
 Renka teased.
"Oh, tell me more about that."
 Shinji started to make fun of her.
"Oh, hey, Renka! How do you know about it?"
"I just happened to see it on the street the other day."
"Re, Renka-chan!"
"No, it's good to know that there's an on/off switch. I'm talking about a party somewhere else. Before..."
 They started talking about something else.
 I laughed and raised my voice. We couldn't stop talking to each other. And the drinking goes on.
(Oh, this is so great! This is what being an adventurer is all about!)
 Seeing his beloved Milis, having his trusted Renka, and welcoming his new friend Shinji. Alvin was feeling very happy. He didn't doubt that it would continue for a long time to come.
"See you tomorrow, then."
"Yeah, at the guild. I'm sorry I insisted on staying at the guild."
"No, don't worry about it. I'll see you tomorrow."
 Alvin, Milis, and Renka were on their way home. Alvin asked Shinji if he could change to the same accommodation, but he was refused with an apologetic look. When I looked back, I could see Shinji's back leaving the bar with a steady gait.
"It would be more convenient if we stayed at the same inn."
"Well, well, Renka-chan. I understand how Shinji feels. He doesn't want to change from his current inn to another one."
"You like it here, don't you, Mil? <Yadokitei>"
"Yes. The service is good and Riri is here."
 Ririka, the only daughter of the couple who run the inn, is two years old. Milis loves her so much that she makes time to play with her on her days off. Alvin recalls the smiling scene, but then he remembers the story that came up during the drinking session... He imagines himself as the husband, Milis as the wife, and their daughter, and blushes alone. Renka, who has a keen eye, would not miss it.
"Al, what are you blushing about? You're just imagining yourself and Mil, right?"
"I told you it was too early for that!!"
"I was right, pervert〜♪"
 Milis face was also red, as was Alvin's, as she walked behind the two.
(I've been thinking the same thing as him...)
 Milis was happy that they had imagined getting married and having children together and living happily ever after. At the same time, having a child meant doing things....
(I wonder if Al wants to do it too...?)
 Milis had only experienced a loverly kiss with Alvin. He has avoided it for some reason, but it doesn't mean he's not interested. However, she thought it would be immature to ask him out herself, so she was waiting.
(If the mood is good and he presses me... hehehe)
 Alvin have no intention of rejecting Milis. Even if she wasn't going to have children yet, she wanted to cuddle with the one she loved.
"Even Mil, you're turning red...I don't remember raising you to be a naughty girl!" 
 Millis, who was engrossed in her fantasy, was surprised to be hugged by Renka, who had somehow arrived next to her.
"It's not like Renka raised me!"
"I'm older than you and I raised you. It's not an exaggeration to say that I, the older of the two, raised you."
 We've always been together. It will be the same from now on.
   At this time, this thought is the same for all three of them.
 No one ever thought that things would change in the future.
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Edited by Kanaa-senpai.
Thanks for reading.

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