Chapter 106 Discussion with the Three Elven Sisters・Part Two

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Lila chapter continued....
"Ah~ Ah~ Ah~ Nn~ Shinji-san~ I~ I'm going crazy~ "
 When Shinji started his pistoning movement, Lila became squishy in no time.
 A sweet sensation of pleasure hits Lila when he plays with her tits, squeezing them with both hands.
 Both her hands which on the desk were shaking and she felt like she was going to collapse if Shinji didn't support her while rubbing her breasts.
"But it feels good, doesn't it?"
"Yes~ Yes…… It feels good Ah~ I'm cumming again~ Cummmmmmming~ Nfuuuuuuu~ "
 Lila climaxes when her vagina is poked and poked.
 Shinji also hugged Lila's trembling body as he felt the pleasure of the tightening vaginal pressure.
"Nchu …… N …… Rero~ Rero~ Nmu~ "
 Shinji grabbed Lila's chin and turned her around so that their lips met.
 She's already in love with Shinji, so there's no need to worry about her feelings being swayed. Also, Shinji is trying to teach her the pleasures of kissing by intertwining his tongue with hers.
 Lila's first kiss turned out to be a very lewd one.
(Kissing...... Kissing someone I love~ It's so good ...... I want to do more and more ......)
 With Shinji leading the way, Lila twirled her tongue hard.
 They exchanged saliva, making nasty sounds as Lila chased Shinji's tongue.
 The sight of Lila in such a nasty state was something worth to watch. Even if he doesn't intend to change his lover, it's still difficult for him to resist when someone likes him.
 Especially if the person is beautiful and has a good figure.
 So, it was no wonder that Shinji suddenly reached his limit and started to ejaculate.
"Nnnnnuu ♡♡♡"
 Doppu Dokku Doppu Dopyu
 Ejaculation with the glans and womb in close contact makes Lila climax again with a residual climax.
 Lila's womb swallows and stores Shinji's semen greedily, even though the continuous climaxes have overloaded her womb. And an overflow of semen flowed from Lila's private parts and ran down to her thighs.
".... It feels so good that I came out a lot"
"Hah~ …… Hah~ …… It's a lot …… That came out~ It's getting hard to keep standing for a while... "
 Lila was out of breath after being made to cum several times in a short time, even though she had only been inserted and moved around a little. Shinji, on the other hand, still had time to spare.
 Lila's request was answered by Shinji with a laugh.
"I can't help it. But I wonder if you'll be okay on this condition. There's still time for lunch"
"Nn... It's okay~ Shinji-san... Because you're so compatible with my body... Ah Ah No~ "
 As soon as Lila's breathing was under control, she tried to talk to Shinji.
 But Shinji has no intention of listening to her.
 He pushed Lila face down on the desk. Her upper body rests on the desk and her large breasts are crushed by the desk.
 Shinji covered Lila and held her hands on both sides of her face.
 He was the very image of a male beast trying to subdue a female.
"Ah~ Nn~ Ah~ Cumming~ I'm cumming again~ Shinji's cock~ It's strong~ It's amazing~ "
 Lila moaned out with a disheveled face, feeling the powerful male attraction of Shinji's cock. She grabbed the arm that was next to her face and continued to lift her ass as hard as she could.
 She fainted in agony at the pleasure of Shinji's penis as it pounded into her, fantasizing that she was trapped in his cage.
 Pan Pan Pan Pan Pan
 Shinji's swinging hips become more and more violent. Lila climaxed again as Shinji's hands were on the desk.
"You come so fast, Lila is so cute"
"Ah No~ Don't chew my ears Ah~ Ah…… My power…… Is lost…… Ah…… "
 Shinji sucked the pointed tip of her ear and caressed it with his tongue.
 It made her vagina twitch again and again while she moaned sweetly with her lips.
"......I'm about to cum once more"
"Fahhhhhh~ Ah...... It's coming out again ......"
 Lila let herself climax as she felt Shinji's breath on her sensitive ear.
 She presses her hips against Shinji's as she continues to ejaculate, squeezing all of the semen out of him.
 Lila's hips still show her greed, and Shinji pulls out his penis, thinking that he still needs to push her harder.
 At the same time, the semen overflowed from the secret area and stained the floor.......
"Phew ...... now, we will do it on the bed. Are you ready?"
"Yhess.... "
 Lila murmured with a look of ecstasy.
 As he hugged her, Shinji covered her again on the bed, and she continued to be fucked by him until noon.
"Excuse me...... Wow......"
"It smells amazing...... They've been doing it all day"
 Lili and Lilu, who had bought lunch and were carrying their luggage, frowned at the smell of sexual activity in the room.
"Welcome, both of you...... Ugh......"
"Juru...... Jupu...... Mumu...... Chupo......"
 Shinji was sitting beside weakened Lila who on bedside, while Lila sucking on his unwilted penis. Her face was a woman in heat.
"Is the meal ready?"
"Yes. I bought you lunch, but we'll have to clean the room before...... we eat it"
"Oh ......Onee-chan, you didn't win. I thought it would be a 50/50 split, from what I could tell"
 Shinji said while looking at Lilu's disappointment.
"So? Why were you two doing something to encourage Lila?"
 Shinji was sure that the twins were responsible for Lila's sudden outburst of affection.
 Lili and Lilu were silent for a while, but then they seemed to give up and started to tell him why.
"I really want to support her, and if Onee-chan gets her shot, we'll join the...... harem, right? That's the goal"
"We're one packet with Onee-chan. So, if we could join the harem...... even we would have a chance together with Onee-chan"
 Lili and Lilu smiled shadily.
 The two who were severed affected by charm thought that they were too dirty to receive someone's love. They thought that they would have to wait a few decades to see where their past would lead them.
 But Shinji didn't care about that. Even though they have been tainted.
 Because he's a man who is determined to overwrite them.
 He makes Lila stop sucking his cock and invites Lili and Lilu over to him. Shinji took both of them in his arms and held them close.
"Lili and Lilu both have my lewd crest engraved on your bodies. It's a proof of sex friend. All you have to do is tell me that you want to have sex with me"
"Isn't that the worst thing we could say?"
"But I think it's good for us"
"According to you, I'm a demon, right?"
 The twins and Shinji laughed at each other.
"I don't like it, but will you hold me?"
"I want you to love me as a sex friend"
"Of course. Let's keep it that way"
 He kisses Lili's cheek, who tilts her head adorably, and does the same to Lilu, who smiles shyly. Finally, Shinji kissed Lila's lips and started to have sex with her again.
  • Even Lila, who has toughness of Freri, was no match for the magical dick magic.......
  • Lili and Lilu were worried about what Minato had done to them.
  • Well, it's a small matter for Shinji, but ...... it's usually a concern.
  • Lili and Lilu have no fondness for him. So, it's sex friend with no favoritism.

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