Chapter 114 On the Night after Discovery is Too Lewd・Part Four

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 Shinji and Iris are sitting on Renka's bed.
 With a clear view of the two, Renka is sitting in a chair.
"Renka is watching?"
"Yes. Don't worry about her"
 It is difficult for Shinji to be seen in a state of extreme calmness after the discussion.
 However, since Renka is in control of the situation, Shinji did as he was told and put his hand on Iris' shoulder to begin the act with her.
(The embarrassing voice means that ...... I should be the one to blame today"
"......Senpai ......"
 Iris's body tensed up. She is nervous because Shinji touched her without any aphrodisiac.
 To ease Iris's nervousness, Shinji decided to start with a simple kiss on her lips which made her feel more comfortable.
"Nn... Chu …… Nn~ ……Chu…… Nn~ "
 He kisses her from a short kiss to a longer one where they pressed their lips together. Iris was left to her own devices, but the tension in her body slowly dissipated.
(......I'm kissing with...... Senpai......)
 Iris had heard that kissing someone you love makes you happy, and she felt that it's true. She wanted to kiss him more and more, and as she kissed him hard, Shinji's hand touched her chest.
"Puah~ Ah…… Senpai…… "
 Shinji's hands rubbed the modest bulge.
 Iris felt sorry for her breasts, which were smaller than Renka's, but the pleasure of being touched by someone she loved made her body tremble.
 While touching her breasts, Shinji pushed Iris down.
"Iris-chan, stick out your tongue"
"...Y, yes ... Rero …… Rero …… Rero …… "
 Shinji's tongue gets entangled with Iris's tongue, which sticks out as she is told. She moved her tongue to mimic his slow instructive movement.
 The sensation their tongues intertwining is in awkward way. But Iris closed her eyelids, intoxicated by the adult kiss, and put her hands on Shinji's cheeks, captivated by the happy kiss.
 Shinji responded to the kiss by loosening Iris' clothes.
 He rolled up her top and slid down her bra to touch her raw breasts. Whenever he touched them, Iris's body responded honestly.
"Puah~ ……Senpai …… It's…… It's not big, desu …… Nn~
"But, you're very sensitive. Are you excited just by kissing me? It's starting to get hard"
 When he rubbed her nipple, which had begun to harden under his palm, Iris made a sweet sound. Shinji, the man who had taken her virginity, knew that Iris still inexperienced.
 He smiled wickedly at her, thinking that she is very sensitive for that.
"You touched your nipples when you did it alone, didn't you?"
"Hyan~ Why does Senpai know it~... An~ Ah ... "
"Well, I just rubbed them, but if you can feel this much, then you must have been touching them on a regular basis"
 When he rubs it harder, Iris's spine began to twitch. The pleasure seems to outweigh the pain, and her mouth is loosening.
"Iris-chan, do you masturbate a lot?"
"......T, that's ...... Ahh~ "
 Shinji sucked her erect nipple into his mouth.
 It is the first time for Iris to feel the pleasure of being licked and sucked by a tongue, because it felt better than anything she had ever masturbated to before.
 Shinji's caresses were skillful, and his fingers carefully caressed the nipple that was not in his mouth, quickly sending Iris into a whirlpool of pleasure.
 Iris felt her climax approaching as the nipple torture became more and more persistent.
(The nipples alone are enough to make me ...... Cum ......)
 But just as she is about to climax, the stimulation weakened.
 She turned her gaze to Shinji and their eyes met. Looking into his eyes, Iris could understand why Shinji had lowered his caresses.
"... Once every two days, desu~ "
 She is being made to say something that was even more embarrassing than hearing Renka's embarrassing voice.
 Iris thought about it, but let the words go. Iris couldn't see what kind of face Renka was making as she hid behind Shinji who was covering her.
 And Iris had no time to think about anything else.
 Shinji's nipple torture began again. This time, he didn't stop until Iris came.
 Iris climaxed as Shinji sucked on her nipples in an unpleasant way.
 Iris squeezed Shinji's head.
(I came...... with just my nipples......♡♡)
 It is the first time for Iris to come with just her nipples because when she masturbates, she touches her nipples and clitoris together.
 Her vagina, which had not yet been touched, become tingling. It is already craving Shinji's penis.
 Iris had been made to cum by her nipples alone, and now Shinji's fingertips touched her private parts. She was soaking her underwear, which was more than enough.
 When he slipped her underwear off and used his fingertips to explore the entrance, Shinji could see that it was sucking on it and that she had enough love juice.
"I'm going to insert you now that you're wet enough"
"...Yes... ...It's not a treatment like last time.......
 As Shinji took off his pants and underwear, he rolled up her skirt, slid down her white underwear and placed his penis on it.
 Shinji get excited because it reminds him of Iris, who is quiet and has never been involved in anything unpleasant.
 Iris who below him has a woman's face.
 And Shinji's penis is about to penetrate Iris to make her his woman.
 They're connected in missionary position, and Iris's vagina is still tight from the third penetration, and she raises her eyebrows at the sensation of Shinji's large penis slowly pushing into her.
(It's big…… Inside me …… The sensation, it spreads my inside…… )
 Iris can clearly taste the sensation of being pushed apart without the influence of the aphrodisiac. The happiness of being made into Shinji's woman far outweighed the slight pain she felt.
"I'll move slowly, but let me know if it hurts, okay?"
"......Yes~ "
 Her vagina is wet enough, but it was much harder than it would have been with the aphrodisiac.
 As Shinji slowly pulled back his hips, Iris let out a pleasurable gasp. The very slow pistoning movement seems to be giving Iris enough pleasure, even though she is not used to sex, and her body completely weakens and her face becomes lewd and debauched.
 When this happens, Iris thinks back to Shinji's intense hips and feels unsatisfied.
"......Senpai...... I'm okay...... Please harder...... Like earlier treatment......"
"Oh...... Then I won't hold back!"
"Ah~ Ah~ Senpai~ Senpai~ This …… This is feels so good Senpai sex~ It feels good~ "
 Pan Pan Pan Pan
 Shinji responded to Iris's pleas.
 He grabbed Iris's thin waist firmly and thrust his penis hard and repeatedly into her. Iris squirmed with tears in her eyes at the pleasure of Shinji's huge cock gouging her vaginal walls.
"Ah~ Ah~ Nn Senpai~ I like... I like you~ Cumming…… Senpai~ I'm cumming~ Ah~ Ah~ …… Nahh~ "
 The fact that Renka was watching her was already out of Iris's mind.
 Iris continues to whisper her love with childish words and whispers in an irresistible voice.
 Even if Shinji didn't feel like it at the moment, the passionate cries of love were bound to excite him. The words of a woman who has been in love with another man for a long time resonate in his heart.
"I'm going to cum!"
"Let it out~ Let it out~ Faaaaaahh~ "
 Dopyu Dopyu He inserts his penis deep into her vagina and ejaculates inside her vagina.
 The semen fills Iris's womb.
 While immersed herself in a deep and profound climax, Iris felt the happiness of being dyed by Shinji all over her body.
 When the ejaculation subsided, Shinji slowly withdrew his penis. The semen drips out from Iris's vagina onto the sheets.
 It was a great pleasure for Shinji to realize that he had dyed another woman to his own color.
"Good work, Iris-chan"
 Shinji kisses Iris's forehead lightly.
 When Shinji turns around to take a breath, Renka hugs him back.
 He stroked Renka's head with his back hand and hugged her tightly.
"Renka, let you wait"
"Muu~, Shinji, I want to do it again"
 He chuckled at Renka's muffled voice.
 The lewd night shows no signs of being over yet......
  • Iris is an onnalyst. (*Onna + Analyst?)
  • Shinji will do it for her from now on!
  • Are Iris-chan's suki-suki attack will bond him?
  • And Renka is jealous even though she said it herself.
  • So, why did you let her do it in front of you?

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