Wizard 113

Chapter 113 On the Night after Discovery is Too Lewd・Part Three

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 Silence filled Renka’s room.

 Renka with her clothes adjusted was sitting on the bed with her arms crossed.

 In front of her, Iris was sitting on the floor with her bare feet.

 Next to her, a little farther away, Shinji was sitting in the same position.

 ”I can’t believe it…… Iris is eavesdropping”

 Renka’s cheeks were flushed red and she looked very embarrassed. It’s not surprising, since she was being asked about her s*x life.

 Iris is looking down with a very apologetic look on her face. She felt she had no choice but to bow her head and ask for forgiveness.

 ”I’m sorry…….”

 ”Huh…… That’s enough. I heard that you want to be Shinji’s second wife. Are you serious?”

 Iris looked up at Renka’s words, her eyes serious and not in a joking manner.

 Renka looked at Shinji with a look that seemed to say, “Captivate another new girl again!”. Shinji couldn’t help but avert his gaze.

 ”Can you please explain what happened to…… what happen? It’s too sudden for me to understand”

 She can’t make a decision until she hear what happened. That’s what Renka thought, and she was ready to hear what Iris had to say.

 Iris was also grateful for the opportunity. She straightened her posture, looked Renka’s eyes and started talking.

 She began the story of how she had found her own party.

 The party tried to rape her.

 But Shinji had saved her from a dangerous situation.

 Because of the aphrodisiac, she got into a relationship with him.

 Then, Shinji introduced her to a party member who liked Shinji so much that she felt she couldn’t lose.

 But, when she saw Shinji’s stubborn refusal, she thought she might be able to stand next to him as a second wife.

 Iris continued to talk about everything.

 Shinji was in no mood to interfere, so there was no stopping Iris.

 When Iris finished speaking, Renka let out a deep breath.


 Renka listened and tried to collect her thoughts, but it was not so easy.

 (It’s easy to say no……. But Iris seems to be serious…… And I think she’d be good as a second wife. It might be a future story. ……Also, I think it’s better to allow Iris than strangers……)

 Renka, who has been captivated by Shinji’s body and heart, didn’t have the option of rejected her.

 She thinks that Shinji, who looks after his s*xfriends and takes good care of them, will continue to win the hearts of women. It’s complicated for Renka, who is attracted to him, but she doesn’t want to destroy Shinji’s good qualities by restricting him…….

 However, it is not fun to have more and more women.

 No matter how much Renka is his number one, even if it is inevitable that Shinji has s*x friends, the fewer the better.

 ”What do you think about that, Shinji?”

 The first thing she did was to check each other’s feelings.

 ”Oh~…….. I think I’m only going to have Renka as my girlfriend for now. I’ve never thought about a second wife. ……I like Iris-chan, but that’s not the same as this”

 Shinji said he had no intention of taking a second wife at the moment, though he was having a hard time saying it. Iris nodded nonchalantly.

 ”……..I’m aware of that, desu. I wished I could become a second wife in the future…… Not right now…… But in the future……desu”

 Shinji is a little pressured by Iris, who is not shocked and replies without hesitation.

 As for Shinji, if he rejects her clearly at this point, it will be difficult for him to have a physical relationship with her. On the other hand, he didn’t want to promise to have a second wife in the future.

 Also, as long as Iris is having a physical relationship with the man she loves, she wants him to take responsibility for her and make her his wife.

 And In the current state of affairs, the option of becoming s*xfriends with someone who has only been drugged once with an aphrodisiac and has not yet begun to fall does not come to his mind.

 ”……Senpai……Is it no…….? ……No 2 is fine. …… I want you to think about me too, desu”

 ”Umm…. Yeah, I guess so ……?”

 The situation does not allow Shinji to escape.

 If it’s just the two of them, he’ll be able to find a way to fool her, but he couldn’t do it because Renka was watching.

 Seeing that Shinji was at a loss for an answer, Renka finally opened her mouth.

 ”I was surprised to see that Iris is more passionate than I thought. I’m surprised”

 ”……I’m surprised too, desu ……That I got serious until like this, desu”

 Renka knew that she hated to lose, but she was impressed by how far she could go.

 ”I’m good”


 ”……Renka-san, ……Really?”

 Shinji’s eyes widened as Renka laughed and agreed because he thought that Renka’s character would not allow it.

 Iris hadn’t expected to get such a quick answer…… and in such a good way.

 ”Shinji, if you’ve made her fall in love with you so much, why don’t you just accept it? I don’t know about the treat for the second wife, but…… you should treat her as your second lover first. You don’t hate Iris, do you?”

 ”If you made her fall in love with you, shouldn’t you be responsible for that?” Shinji nodded silently to Renka, who tilted her head to the side.

 ”And Iris. We’ll start with a trial relationship. And since I’m Shinji’s number one……Iris will know what I’m talking about, right?”

 ”……I understand what you mean, desu”

 Iris nodded happily.

 (Phew…… I’m saved)

 It’s not a bad way for Shinji.

 Why not try it first! He can’t say that in front of Renka. He needed Renka’s voice, as she was the most important person in the room.

 If she starts as a lover, he can have a physical relationship with her.

 Also, Shinji had thought that if he didn’t like her enough to want to make her his second wife, he could just make her surrender to her pleasure and become his s*x friend.

 ”So…… That’s it. I’m looking forward to working with you, Iris”

 ”……Yes. ……I’m so glad I’m here, desu ♡”

 Even though it was a trial run, they became lovers.

 Iris smiled with a joy that came from the bottom of her heart. The smile was the smile of a beautiful woman who knew love and romance.

 She could feel the indescribable s*xiness of her childhood appearance, and it was no wonder that Shinji fell in love with her for a moment.

 ”Well then, I guess we’re done here. Now, Shinji and Iris are going to have a little s*x”



 Shinji and Iris tilted their heads at the same time.

 ”I think that since you have heard my embarrassing voice…… Iris should have to go through the same thing. And then, I’ll forgive you for eavesdropping”

 Renka smiled, and he could sense that she meant it.

 Shinji resigned himself to the fact that she was still mad at him.

 Thus, Iris’s Renka-only public s*x session now begins.


 Renka-chan, you’re scaring her!

 I can’t blame her if Iris hears her embarrassing voice.

 Iris hates to lose, so when she needs to push, she pushes hard.

 She’s a hybrid who can observe her opponent and know when to attack.

 She’s a girl in love.

 I hope she slips into the second wife category!

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