Wizard 112

Chapter 112 On the Night after Discovery is Too Lewd・Part Two

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 When Shinji is undressing Renka, he receives a thought from Freri.

 He is informed that Iris has been eavesdropping outside his room, but this does not stop him from undressing her.

 He hears that she has led Iris to Akane’s room, and thinks that if he can get her to listen to him having sweet s*x with Renka, maybe she will give up become the second wife.

 For Shinji, the position of lover or wife is very special.

 Renka is the exception to this rule, as he doesn’t treat her as a s*x friend, and he doesn’t actively steal her heart.

 Shinji is a man who draws a clear line depending on the position. If he made a woman his girlfriend, he would take responsibility for her, and if he made a woman his servant, he would take care of her.

 So far, Shinji hadn’t asked Iris for anything more than a physical relationship, though Iris had fallen to a terrible man.

 ”I haven’t even taken a bath yet……”

 ”I like the way you smell, Renka”

 Renka smacks Shinji’s chest as he laughs while rubbing Renka’s breasts over her black bra.

 As Shinji laughs, he apologizes for his cute protest and kisses her again. While kissing her, he removes her bra with a practiced hand and directly touches her soft breasts.

 He pinches her hardened nipples, knowing that he will never get tired of touching Renka’s breasts as they fit in his palm.

 ”Fuah~ ♡ Un~ ♡ Shinji…… ♡ Chu…… ♡ Chu~ ♡ Ah~ ♡ Fuah …… ♡”


 When Renka’s body trembles, Shinji gets excited and not only pinches her but also puts her nipple in his mouth.

 As Shinji sucking her nipple, Renka gently stroked his head. And he didn’t mind being stroked by Renka.

 He took his time sucking the other’s nipples, also while the nipples became erect…… Renka’s face began to lose her temper.

 (Still…… need to take my time today)

 Shinji’s fingers stroked Renka’s private parts.

 Her underwear was already soaking wet, and the caressing of Shinji’s fingers made a nasty watery sound as Renka’s mouth let out a sweet moan.

 ”You’re getting really wet. Does it feel good?”

 ”Nn… ♡ Ah~ ♡ Shinji…… ♡ Your caress different than usual …… ♡ Hyann~ ♡ You touch it a lot~ ♡ Hyan…… ♡”

 Shinji’s finger was inserted and dexterously stirred around inside her vagina.

 The more he touched, the more her love juices flowed, staining the bed sheets. Renka moans in ecstasy as her private parts are caressed with more care than usual.

 She doesn’t try to keep her voice down because she doesn’t need to hide it anymore.

 In addition, the other side of the wall, on the other side of the room, Iris could hear Renka’s voice.

 (Renka-san …… looks comfortable ……)

 Unlike herself, who only inserted herself when she was wet from masturbation, Renka’s voice was not only lustrous but also happy as she moaned from Shinji’s caresses.

 Renka’s bed seemed to be just beside the wall, and Iris was listening to their voices from Akane’s bed.

 (Even though I’m doing something wrong, I’m …… throbbing, desu)

 Iris’ hand naturally reached for her crotch.

 While engrossed in eavesdropping, her thoughts filled with dirty thoughts due to her estrus state, and it made Iris couldn’t help but want to masturbate even though she was in Akane’s room.

 When her hand gently touched her underwear, it was slightly wet.

 Renka, who didn’t know that Iris was in the next room, let out a loud shout.

 ”Ah~ ♡ Shinji~ ♡ I say I didn’t have a bath yet~ ♡ Ah… ♡ Hyaa~ ♡ Don’t lick it~ ♡ Ah~ ♡”

 Shinji buried his face in Renka’s private part and licked it with his tongue.

 He not only plays the clitoris with the fingers of both hands, but also caresses it with the tip of his tongue, which makes Renka moaned with pleasure.

 The sound of his tongue licking her clitoris echoes in the room because Shinji wants Iris to hear it.

 (It’s amazing sound than before…… ♡ Senpai is licking…… here ♡)

 As Iris’s arousal increased, the wetness naturally increased.

 When she presses her finger lightly on her underwear, it makes a nasty ……♡ sound and she feels pleasure.

 Iris began to masturbate, fantasizing about being licked by Shinji, completely forgetting that she was in Akane’s room.

 Meanwhile, Shinji is straddling Renka, his p*nis pushing up against his pants in front of Renka’s eyes.

 When Renka pulled out Shinji’s p*nis, it was already fully erect, and the tip was beginning to overflow with pre-cum. Without hesitation, she welcomed his p*nis into her mouth.

 ”Jupo ♡ Jupu ♡ Npu ♡ Jyuru ♡ Jupo ♡”

 Renka, who had been aroused by Shinji’s caresses, sucked his cock vigorously from the start. Renka’s face is enraptured as she moves her head back and forth, carefully sucking Shinji’s cock in an effort to bring him to ejaculation.

 Renka’s effort of sucking made Shinji not want to hold back his ejaculation. Then, a thick amount of semen was released into Renka’s mouth.

 Doppu ♡ Dopyu ♡ Doku …… ♡ Pyu …… ♡

 ”Gulp~ ♡ Nn…… ♡ Nn…… ♡ Fuah…… ♡ As expected, Shinji’s semen…… ♡ Is a lot~ ♡”

 ”I’m sorry. ……Your blowjob felt too good”

 The look on Renka’s face as she dripped semen from the corner of her mouth was very lewd.

 While Shinji pulls his p*nis out of Renka’s mouth, he apologizes.

 (It’s a lot……Senpai’s stuff…… Also, blowjob means mouth……)

 As Iris listens to their conversation, she licks her lips with her tongue, fantasizing about Shinji’s oral ejaculation as she masturbates.

 She knows what a blowjob is, but she had never do it. She wondered if it was possible to suck a p*nis that big. ……Remembering the size of the p*nis, Iris tried to make a circle with her thumb and forefinger.

 While she made a circle with her finger, she brought it in front of her mouth and opened her mouth wide, giving her a very seductive look.

 ”Renka, I’m going to insert it……”

 ”Fuahhhhhh~ ♡♡♡”

 Iris’s ears were filled with the sound of Renka’s crying of happiness.

 Iris was very jealous of Renka, who was being held by a man she liked just a wall away.

 Iris knew how good it felt to be held by Shinji.

 Her instincts were telling her that she wanted to feel the numbing pleasure of each thrust, the feeling of her mind going blank.

 ”Senpai……♡ Senpai……♡ Senpai……♡”

 While pressing her body against the wall, Iris’s fingers furiously stirred her vagina in an effort to bring her to climax.

 She does it when she hears the sound of the bed creaking and the sound of hands clapping against the wall.

 ”Ah~ ♡ Ah~ ♡ Shinji~ ♡ It’s good~ ♡ Fah~ ♡ Ah…… ♡ It feels good…… ♡ I like you…… ♡ Shinji, I like you~ ♡”

 ”……Senpai ♡ I like you too ♡Senpai……♡”

 The two women rise against a single wall.

 The climax happened to be at the same time for all of them.


 ”Ah~ ♡ Ah … ♡ I’m cumming… ♡”

 ”Nn… ♡ Ah…! ♡”

 Renka was savoring the sensation of semen filling her vagina, and Shinji was soaking up the aftermath of his climax while he covered Renka and held her tightly that made his glans and womb in contact.

 Iris was also in the aftermath of her climax when she finally remembered …… that she was in Akane’s room.

 It’s not just that.

 ”……Iris? are you there ……?”

 Renka called out Iris’s name, as if her voice had been too loud during her climax and the neighbors could hear it.

 Shinji hadn’t expected Iris to be so lost in masturbation. He looked at Renka and smiled bitterly, as if he didn’t know that Iris was next to them.

 ”……So, sorry…… I’m sorry……”

 Iris’s voice came from the other side of the wall, and Renka’s face turned bright red.

 ”……Iris, come into this room”

 ”……Y, yes…….desu”

 Renka was trembling with shame, but there was no way she could resist the low voice of Iris, who sounded disconsolate.

 With an expression of resignation on his face, Shinji looked into the distance and said, “I’ll just leave it to her”


 Iris-chan masturbating while they’re making love…….

 It’s an embarrassing death situation.

 This is awkward, isn’t it?

 What kind of story will Renka tell her?

 It seems that Shinji wanted to tell her that there was no room for interruptions in the lovemaking…… but it turned out to be a surprise.

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