Wizard 111

Chapter 111 On the Night after Discovery is Too Lewd・Part One

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 When Alvin was being comforted by Milis.

 After the meal in the dining room was over, Shinji remained with Renka.

 After that, they went into Renka’s room together and sat side by side on the bed. Renka was in a good mood because she could stay in the same room with him publicly without any worries.

 ”Shinji~, I was surprised when you suddenly said that in front of everyone. I feel bad for Al, but I’m glad we don’t have to hide…… anymore”

 ”I’m sorry to keep you waiting”

 With a raised eyebrow, Shinji apologized to Renka, who hugged his arm like a spoiled child.

 ”I’ve been thinking about maintaining the status quo until Alvin’s goal. I figured that if we stayed on track, we’d be in the upper ranks and it wouldn’t take us that long to get to Hateyama”

 ”Well, I was going to hide it that well. ……Even though it would still take a long time to get there”

 With a little bit of dismay, Renka pinched his arm lightly.

 It’s possible to laughed it off because it’s already been revealed, but Renka has always wanted to make the relationship public sooner rather than later.

 It’s going to be a lot easier for her not to have to worry about people looking at her, after all, she used to date mostly at home, but now she’ll be able to go to popular restaurants in town.

 (In the meantime, we can go shopping or went to…… good restaurant. What should I do first?)

 Shinji apologized again to Renka as she thought about what she wanted to do.

 ”I’m sorry for the inconvenience…… But Alvin and Renka have known each other since childhood, and I thought both of you were pretty close. I think it’s not fair, but ……the higher up we go, the less likely we are to be able to replace members. I figured it would be harder for you to disagree with me. ……Also, I don’t plan on breaking up with you”


 Renka’s heart fluttered when she saw the self-mockery of his lack of confidence, which was different from his usual gentle and dependable attitude.

 She could tell from his jealousy towards Alvin that Shinji had a strong affection for her. She felt that he cared for her that much, and she naturally smiled with joy.

 ”……Also ……I’ve been wooed lately, but ……I wanted to include that and firmly say that Renka is my girlfriend.”

 ”Tell me more about it”

 While looking with half-eye, Renka smiles at Shinji. Shinji nodded, thinking that her sulky face is also good.

 ”Iris had a little trouble, so I introduced her to a party I know……. It’s a party of three elven sisters called <Green Travelers>. At the party, the man who got involved before was missing. ……Well, after that, the eldest daughter liked me”

 ”The trouble is, the guy who got into trouble was …… <Fire-Breathing Dragon>, right? is Iris okay?”

 Shinji nodded to Renka, who was the first to worry about Iris. Shinji feels that this is something that he does not have, and he likes the way that Renka worries about her younger colleagues before she gets jealous.

 ”It’s all settled. When <Fire-Breathing Dragon> still existed, that annoying man was threatening the three sisters. ……I saved them by chance. Well, I help them, but she seemed to like me. ……She confessed to me, but I turned her down”

 ”……Muu~, she did confess to you…….”

 While stroking Renka’s head, she rubs her head against his arm.

 ”And then Iris-chan starts talking about becoming a second wife……”

 ”Iris too……?”

 Renka’s eyes become sharper and sharper at the facts that he being confessed continuously.

 ”I don’t know if Iris-chan is serious…… T, that’s why I thought I’d make it known that Renka is my number one”

 Shinji can only laugh at Renka’s increasing grumpiness.

 Renka doesn’t like the reason, but she thinks it’s good to know that…. she is Shinji’s number one.

 Phew……, Renka sighs deliberately, but then she smiles and kisses Shinji’s cheek lightly.

 ”I’ll forgive you for your honesty”

 ”Thank you, Renka”

 Shinji kissed Renka’ lips in return.

 Chu…… chu…… ♡ They repeated the short kisses as if they were pecking. As they kiss, Shinji remove Renka’s arms and puts his arms around Renka’s back.

 ”Nn…… ♡ Chu…… ♡ Nn…… ♡ Nn…… ♡”

 Renka’s arms went around Shinji’s neck.

 The light kisses were not enough for both of them, and they gradually moved to longer kisses where their lips rubbed together.

 Shinji slowly pushed Renka while supporting her.

 The kiss continued as Renka’s body was laid down on the soft bed and Shinji covered her.

 ”Rero……♡ Juru……♡ Nn~ ♡ Chu~ ♡ Rero……♡”

 Without either of them having to say a word, their tongues intertwined with each other.

 Shinji and Renka enjoy a deep, moist kiss, making a watery sound as they share their mixed saliva and lose themselves in a pleasurable kiss.

 Now that they’ve made their relationship public, there’s no need to hold back.

 When Shinji parted his lips, a string of saliva was drawn from his mouth.

 The kiss alone was enough to make Renka’s body tingle. She was filled with the desire to connect with the man she loved right in front of her.

 Shinji puts his hands on Renka’s clothes as she looks at him with blushing cheeks and invitingly moist eyes.

 While they were about to begin their lovemaking, Iris was at the door of the room.

 After finding out that his girlfriend was Renka, she went to visit her room to take the next step, but…… there was no sign of Shinji, who had entered the room with Renka, coming out.

 (……I’m not going to talk about the second wife in Senpai’s presence. ……First of all, I have to get…… permission from his regular wife, Renka-san, desu”

 When Iris started to secretly listen in, she found that Shinji and Renka had just started to kiss…….

 She can hear Shinji and Renka’s breathing and lip sounds.

 (Isn’t this an….. atmosphere for s*x?)

 Iris gulped.

 For Iris, s*x is still unknown territory after her first experience with aphrodisiacs that only put her at the mercy of the drug. All she remembers is that it felt incredibly good.

 As the situation in the room gradually escalated, Iris was suddenly filled with a desire to hear more.

 However, it was impossible to keep listening in the hallway forever. But she couldn’t go into the room either.

 ”Oh, Iris-san”


 While she was wondering what to do, Iris was spotted by Akane. Iris turned around in a panic and tried to make an excuse to Akane, but she couldn’t find the words.

 Akane smiles at the panicked Iris, and Iris sees that Akane’s smile seems to say, “I know everything ♡”

 In fact, Freri had sent thought to Akane that Iris was listening in, and she had come all this way. But there was no way for Iris to know that.

 ”If you want, you can use my room……. The servant’s room is next to Renka-san…….”

 After unlocking her room, Akane said that much and went back to the dining room.

 As she watched her go, Iris hesitated. She wondered if she should just walk away, or enter the room and eavesdrop on the room.

 Normally, she would decide to stop before she embarrassed herself further.

 However, for some reason, the desire to see overcame her rational mind and she wandered off to Akane’s room.

 Although she didn’t realize it herself, Iris was in heat.

 During the first eavesdropping, Freri, who was in Shinji’s room, had cast an estrus spell on Iris.

 It made Iris who entered Akane’s room, already in a state of debauchery.

 Freri who looks on the scene, smiles wickedly.

 Shinji and Renka, on other side of Iris.

 Shinji explains the situation to Renka to some extent.

 He appeals to Renka to be his only girlfriend.

 Renka is relieved to hear that.

 Iris also tries to become the second wife, but she is disturbed by ……Freri.

 I wonder what will happen if she eavesdrops. ……

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