Wizard 110

Chapter 110 Alvin is Comforted by Milis

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 After a shockingly revealing dinner, Alvin returned to his room and sat down on his bed, feeling dejected.

 (I didn’t notice that at all……)

 He recalls the sight of Renka’s blushing cheeks next to Shinji.

 Alvin felt that the embarrassed Renka was very beautiful. At the same time, Shinji who brought out a look that Alvin had never made before, made Alvin understand that Renka was really in love with him.

 He had always thought that the caring Renka and the caring Shinji were a good match. He knew that they spent a lot of time together, and that they cared about him and Milis.

 Still, he thought it was not a relationship between a man and a woman, but a relationship of mutual trust as party companions. Because there was nothing sweet air.

 (But if I think about it…… It’s not surprising that’s happened. I’ve only recently become aware of Renka…… Because until then, I’ve only been watching Mil)

 It wasn’t until he reached upper-intermediate rank that he became aware of Renka, who was always there for him. And the number of women who were interested in him suddenly increased.

 From the outside, Alvin was an adventurer who had risen to upper-intermediate rank in a short period of time. He was a good-looking man who took good care of his girlfriend, Milis, and had no bad habits such as cheating on her. It was natural for him to think that if she became his second wife, he would take good care of her, and it was no wonder that many women wanted to be his wife.

 When Alvin began to get fed up with such women, he asked for advice from the other upper-intermediate parties and was told that he should take a second wife.

 The first person that came to his mind was Renka.

 Finally, Alvin realized that he liked Renka so much that he immediately thought of her when he heard the word marriage.

 What he thought and felt as his best friend was not friendship but love.

 On the other hand, Shinji probably cared for Renka the most. There’s nothing wrong with like-minded people coming together under the same roof.

 (……That’s right. I’d rather have Shinji make her second wife, she’ll be happier with someone who loves her first, and I’m sure Shinji will make Renka happy)

 Alvin thinks to himself.

 He tries to think positively and say that he’s happy that he’s just now becoming aware of her. Also, he thought that his wounds would be less severe than if he had found out after hitting on her or confessing to her……

 ”Al-kun, can I come in?”

 Alvin was so lost in thought that he didn’t notice Milis at the front of the room, until Milis’ discreet knock brought him back to himself and he rushed to open the door.

 ”Pardon me! Sorry, Mil”

 ”It’s okay, Al-kun. I’m sorry to bother you”

 Milis entered the room through the open door.

 She sat on the edge of the bed, her usual position, and Alvin sat next to her. After a few moments of silence, Milis looked into Alvin’s face and nodded.

 ”Did you get …… organized?”

 ”It’s not quite easy……, Mil. But I’ve managed to…… congratulate Renka and Shinji”

 Alvin put his hand on Milis’s knee, who laughed bitterly.

 ”Mil, do you like…… Shinji?”

 ”What’s wrong with you all of a sudden? Al-kun”

 Milis snuggled against Alvin’s shoulder, and leaned her head on his shoulder. Alvin who hugged Milis’s shoulder mocked himself unsurely.

 ”It’s not only Renka, but also Master and Iris like Shinji. …… Sorry, I’m pathetic……”

 ”Not at all, Al-kun”

 Milis smiled gently and hugged Alvin’s head to her plump breasts. The warmth seemed to soothe Alvin’s aching heart.

 ”I like Shinji-san as a companion. But what I love is Al-kun. I love you, Al-kun ♡”

 ”Mil…… I love you, too!”

 Alvin thinks as he buries his face in her chest.

 He could not be a good man who cared about others like Shinji, but he could not lose the love he had for one person.

 Thinking about it, Alvin began to regret asking Milis something that made him doubt her feelings.

 ”I’m sorry ……for doubting you earlier”

 ”It’s okay ♡ I was surprised too……. But Renka-chan is so cute when she falls in love”

 Alvin nodded in agreement with Milis’s kind words of forgiveness.

 Alvin didn’t have any doubts that Milis was having an affair.

 Because her attitude hadn’t changed since before the affair.

 Milis still loves Alvin with all her heart.

 Spending time with Alvin fills her heart and makes her happy.

 The only frustration is the s*x……. Milis’s body has been developed by Shinji, a magnificent male, and Alvin is not enough for her.

 With Alvin, she feels good and she can cum, but it doesn’t satisfy her.

 She knows it’s wrong, and she knows she has to stop, but she just can’t.

 Although Milis is not attracted to him personally, her female instincts and body are attracted to Shinji’s energy and she is captivated by it.

 If Shinji tries to force himself on her, Milis is not sure she will be able to refuse.

 (So, Al-kun, please…… Do a lot more s*x ……♡ Because if you do a lot of s*x……♡ Your energy might increase ……♡)

 Alvin doesn’t notice that Milis is having these thoughts.

 He pulls his face away from her chest and smiles brightly. It’s a no-no for Alvin to attack Milis who encouraging him.

 But she thinks for a moment that Shinji would have attacked her without hesitation. Whenever she’s in the mood for s*x, Milis can’t help but think of Shinji.

 ”Oh…… you’re right! I’ll be able to congratulate them tomorrow…… Okay! It’s time for bath, I’m going in first! What about Mil?”

 ”……Eh, can you wait ……?”

 Milis muttered as she turned her head to the side.

 Her forward leaning posture emphasizes her ample breasts and makes Alvin gasp. Alvin is also a healthy man, although he has endured. After that, he left the room, saying that he would be back soon.

 (……I wonder if Al-kun thinks I’m a naughty girl……)

 Lying on the bed, Milis covers her face with her hands.

 After all, she was embarrassed to ask him out, and no matter how much s*x she had, she was never used to doing it.

 In this respect, Shinji was easy. She didn’t have to make up for it because she was already known to be a nasty person. Going to see him is having s*x with him, and with Shinji’s lead, she can lose her mind in no time.

 (……I can’t…… think about Shinji in Al-kun’s room ♡ Al-kun…… Come quickly ♡)

 Milis has been disciplined by Shinji.

 Her s*xual appetite only grew stronger.

 When Alvin returns to his room, Milis has s*x with Alvin.

 But, Milis’s body is still not satisfied with Alvin.

 Milis gazes at Alvin’s face as he sleeps next to the bed.

 His face is peaceful as he is satisfied with his two ejaculations.

 (Al-kun …… Good night ……♡)

 She kissed his cheek and closed her eyelids.

 But her body still aching. Milis who didn’t fall asleep next to the man she loves, making up her mind to go for the solution…….


 Alvin’s sinking time.

 Alvin summarized his thoughts on various topics.

 Well, it was too late to think about Renka……. It can’t be helped!

 It is common knowledge in this world that the regular wife is happier than the second wife because she has a stronger position.

 The movement of Milis, who was pure and evil, is amazing.

 Her body has completely fallen.

 If Shinji-kun seduces her, her body will be caught and her mind will be addicted to s*x with Shinji-kun, just like a common cuckold.

 Al-kun’s ignorance is a blessing…….

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