Wizard 109

Chapter 109 Avoiding Unnecessary Talk can Prevent Disaster Falling on Them

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 Shinji carved a lewd crest into Lila, and after making appointments with all three sisters to make babies, he headed home in time for dinner.

 His body was tired from the half day of fucking, but he felt satisfied and his steps were light.

 It was great to have Lila as a s*xfriend. Now he could make an excuse when he met Renka, and he could prove that Shinji was telling the truth when he said that Renka was his only girlfriend. (*Well, she is jealous if the other person is not his s*xfriend)

 So, after returning to the party house in a relatively good mood, Shinji left his baggage in his room and went to the dining room.

 The moment Shinji entered the room, he noticed that the atmosphere had changed strangely.

 All the members were there, as usual.

 However, the lively conversations had stopped, and the whole atmosphere seemed to be unsettled.

 Alvin gave Shinji a very nice smile as he took his seat suspiciously. At that point, Shinji had a vague idea of what was going on.

 ”Shinji, you smell like water. If you had a girlfriend, you could have told me” (*Note: smell like water (?) -> 水臭いな〜 -> Mizukusai)

 ”That matter. ……Well, there are a lot of circumstances”

 Alvin laughed teasingly at Shinji’s muffled words.

 ”Is there something you can’t tell us?”

 While talking to Alvin, Shinji looked around.

 Milis was fidgeting, trying her best to keep a poker face. Seeing from the side, it looked like she wanted to know the answer, so he thought it was safe then he looks at the next person.

 Emily was looking at Shinji with moist eyes. She knew everything that was going on, so her attitude was based on the assumption that what if Emily didn’t know?

 Iris was also staring at Shinji and he was sure that Iris was the one who told Alvin about this. He regretted that he was a step behind.

 Akane was not in the dining room, probably cooking.

 Her girlfriend, Renka, was watching the exchange between Alvin and Shinji with a worried look on her face. It was obvious that she knew something! So, Shinji snorted and tried to get everyone’s attention again.

 ”Is it the timing……?”

 Shinji says, trying to deceive them.

 Shinji chuckled in his mind, thinking that Iris had gotten the message much earlier than he had expected.

 However, it was within Shinji’s expectation that Iris would tell Alvin. Otherwise, he would have kept it to himself.

 Why didn’t he keep it to himself?

 Originally, Shinji had decided that he would reveal the truth at some point after he reached upper-intermediate rank.

 (Really, I should tell them about Renka beforehand, but ……)

 ”So, who is Shinji’s girlfriend? Is it someone we know?”

 ”Oh, that’s right”

 Shinji nodded at Alvin’s words. “You must to tell us!” Alvin’s nose flared in anticipation and Shinji opened his mouth.

 ”It’s Renka”

 The air in the cafeteria froze at Shinji’s words.

 ”……Eh……? ……Renka……?”


 ((He said it!!))

 Milis and Emily’s heart cried out together. The two of them, who hadn’t expected Shinji to answer honestly, went stiff.

 Alvin and Iris can’t believe it’s true, but when they turn to look at Renka, they see her staring at…… Shinji with a red face.

 Only then did Alvin realize that Shinji’s words were true. At the same time, Alvin felt a tremendous shock.

 ”W, when did you start……? I didn’t notice …… at all”

 Shinji left his seat with an apologetic look on his face and walked next to Renka to continue the conversation.

 ”It was a while ago. Well, it’s been a while since we rented this place”

 No one pursues this as a lie, and Alvin is too upset to believe it.

 Before Alvin could respond, Shinji stood next to Renka, put his hand on Renka’s shoulder and continued.

 ”In fact, I was going to tell you after we finished climbing Hateyama…… and achieved Alvin’s goal. Because I wanted you to focus on your goal”

 Renka put her hand on Shinji’s hand. Her hand that rested on Shinji’s seemed to show how much she loved him and how happy she was that she didn’t have to hide it anymore.

 ”I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, Al”

 ”I’m sorry I kept it from you, even though I had my reasons, I’m sorry”

 Shinji and Renka looked really sorry.

 Alvin looked at them and couldn’t decide what to say.

 He felt that he should congratulate them honestly.

 But, his thought of hiding it from them was rather watery.

 Also, as a good friend, he felt safe that Shinji was her partner.

 However, his wish that she would become his second wife had been on his mind since beginning.

 She is so important to him that he could marry her. Renka, her childhood friend, whom he used to think of as his caring older sister.

 He loves Milis the most, but if he asked who he love the second most, he would say Renka.

 (……I thought we were together all along……)

 Renka gave Alvin a worried look as he fell silent.

 ”……Al, are you angry……?”

 Alvin came to his senses at the sound of Renka’s questioning voice. He waved his hand hurriedly and tried to sound cheerful.

 ”No, no! I was just too surprised! I really didn’t see any sign of it at all! Hey, Mil!”

 ”Yes …… I was surprised too. …… Why didn’t you tell me, Renka-chan?”

 ”Ah, so that’s why Shinji didn’t fall in love with me. Did both of you have feelings for each other ever since the first met?”

 Muu, Milis pouted, and Renka apologized with an embarrassed laugh, but Renka’s cheeks turned red when she heard Emily’s words.

 In fact, they only had a physical relationship at that time, but it was not a mistake since Renka was in the middle of her crush on Shinji.

 As Renka, Milis, and Emily started to talk in a cheerful mood, Shinji felt the air slowly relax.

 (Alvin, I’m sorry, but…… I’m getting serious, too. I’m not going to give up)

 The reason why Shinji revealed his feelings for Renka at a time because it would make Alvin more aware of his feelings for Renka and to make him give up.

 At first it was just a physical relationship, but as soon as he was reluctant to let go of Renka, Shinji saw an effective time to tell her.

 Alvin and Renka remain very close because of Renka’s obvious fondness and Alvin’s unconscious fondness.

 He guessed that Alvin, being a serious person, would not close the distance with someone who had a girlfriend.

 (It worked. Now I just have to make sure that he doesn’t find out about my s*x friend. …… To do that, I’ll have to seduce Iris-chan, too)

 Shinji chuckled to himself.

 Iris has been quietly listening to the conversation, but Shinji didn’t mention it because now was not the time to mention it.

 They all ate dinner in the dining room, where the atmosphere had been restored, albeit awkwardly. On the surface, Alvin seems to have regained his energy, but inside he is still depressed.

 What had started out as a topic of conversation with the intention of poking fun at Shinji had ended up revealing an unexpected truth.

 It was too late to regret it.


 Renka-chan, you can flirt in front of everyone, yay!

 Alvin was trying to make fun of him, but he was confronted with a terrible reality. If he hadn’t said anything, he wouldn’t have found out yet.

 Let Milis comfort you! Al, you have to get over this and be happy with Milis.

 Shinji has a s*x friend, but he has a desire for exclusivity when it comes to his lover. Is it selfish!

 He knows better than anyone else that even if he has a girlfriend, there’s always the possibility that she might be stolen away, so he takes good care of her and takes precautions.

 A lover is a lover. A s*x friend is a s*x friend. There is a clear line between the two.

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