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 While Renka was basking in the afterglow of her climax, Shinji lightly slapped her thighs a few times and then, Renka finally came to her senses and move her body.
 Naturally, her eyes gaze to Shinji's, who had his mouth smeared with squirt and love juice.
"Now it's Renka's turn......, Milis......."
"Chu…… Nfu…… I understand, Shinji-san~ "
 Before he knew it, Milis had come her senses as well. Then, she lifted her hips and pulled out his penis, also she didn't forget to buried her face in his crotch and sucked on Shinji's penis, which was covered in semen and love juice.
 Renka was jealous of Milis' clean-up blowjob.
"Shinji, you're making Mil do that. But, when you do it with me, you don't let me do it at all......."
"Well, Renka is my girlfriend, you don't have to bother that, okay?"
"Puhaa...... I'm his sex friend so I have to thanks...... Shinji-san for his help~ "
 In Shinji's mind, cleaning blowjobs are meant to be a consistent way of teaching a fallen woman about her hierarchy. Also, it is a way for him to satisfy his need for dominance by having his penis, stained with semen and love juice, cleaned with the mouth.
 In the other reason, Shinji doesn't want to dominate his girlfriend. Actually, he just want to separate how to treat between his lover and his sex friend, still Renka didn't like that.
 After Milis cleaned it, she removed her mouth from his cock. His cock that exposed to the air still erected as it had been before his ejaculation. Then, Milis crawled back on top of Shinji and came up beside him.
 As she crawled back, Milis and Renka's gazes collide. Milis is smiling lecherously and Renka moves up to his penis.
"As we're lovers, so let's kiss a lot, Shinji~ "
"Yotto. ......Okay, Renka"
 When Shinji raised his body and held Renka's waist, Renka put her arms around Shinji's neck, and when Shinji lowered Renka's waist, his penis entered her vagina.
"Fua…… It's going deep inside me…… "
 As soon as Shinji finished inserting it slowly, the glans poked the back of Renka's vagina.
 Feeling so, Renka pressed her firm breasts pressed against Shinji's well-toned chest while tightening her arms around him.
 She felt good just to hold each other without moving while he was still inside her. Not only did it feel good, but Renka felt a strong sense of happiness and love.
 Even for Shinji, Renka's vagina was exceptional.
 From the time he took her virginity until today, he had inserted his cock into her vagina so many times that it had become suitable to be called Shinji's exclusive vagina in every way.
 Even though, it's not quite the same as Freri's vagina, which tries to squeeze him to death, but it feels just as good, Shinji thought.
"Here, Renka, you're going to kiss me, aren't you?"
"Un…… Chu~ Chu…… Nn…… Rero~ Fufu~, I knew it a kiss was good... "
 Shinji brought his face closer to Renka's, who hugged him with an ecstatic expression.
 As he does that, Renka immediately reacted and their lips lightly touched each other, and then their tongues intertwined in a deep kiss.
 They kissed with a gentle, sticky tongue, mixing their saliva together. Milis, looking from the side, looked at Renka enviously.
"Shinji-san, I'm going to be lonely if you leave me alone......"
"Puha...... Mo~, Why Mil just can't stand it? "
 While Shinji and Renka were kissing each other deeply, Milis interrupted them. She interrupts them by hugged Shinji from behind and pressed her big tits against his back.
 Milis's breasts felt good as she pressed hard against his back, making them swell and change shape. And it made Shinji's penis jumped involuntarily, as he worked hard to push his hips up and down.
 Sense Shinji's penis trembling, Renka also moved her hips up and down. While they held each other tightly, Shinji also slowly and deliberately tightened his penis around her vagina.
 The glans that penetrated the tight vagina made Shinji moaned out in pleasure. Having had sex with him many times, Renka loves his reaction, because she knows that when Shinji feels really good, he moans.
"Shinji...... Shinji...... Does it feel good?~ Hah...... Hah...... My vagina...... Is filled with Shinji's cock...... Ah......"
"Shinji-san~ Apart from Renka-chan's insides My breast feels good too, right? I'm rubbing against them and it feels so good too......
 Milis rubs her breasts pleasurably. Her erect nipples rubbed against Shinji's back, and Milis felt pleasure.
 Milis also bite and licked Shinji's earlobe, trying to make him feel as good as possible. Renka who saw this also began to do the same on the other ear.
 Shinji was about to reach the end of his patience when he heard the sound of their lusty breathing in his ear. As he reaches the end, he reflexively pulled Renka's hips from her grip and penetrated his cock deeper, it made his glans and her cervix touched each other.
 Dopu Bupyu Doku Dobyu ♡♡♡
 Shinji's powerful ejaculation was received by Renka's womb. Then she climaxed too, her vagina tightened and wriggled to squeeze out Shinji's semen.
 It's a great feeling to be able to do this, because Shinji's penis stays hard the whole time.
 Milis could only watch enviously as the two of them relaxed, looking so comfortable. She was so frustrated that she didn't get the chance to being ejaculated first.
"Shinji-san~ It's my turn again, right......? "
"Hah...... Mo~, can you just let me soak up the afterglow......"
 Like a child who can't be bothered, Milis begged Shinji to let her go, and Renka looked like she couldn't help it.
 Renka, who was completely ignited by vaginal cum shoot, retreated from the top of Shinji, but she sucked his penis in her mouth, just like she did with Milis earlier. After giving Shinji a clean blowjob, Renka looked up with a satisfied expression on her face.
"Nfu...... You must be happy when I do, right? ......"
"I like the cleaning blowjob itself. ......Thanks, Renka"
 He stroked Renka's head as if he was caring for her. It's a gentle gesture he would never give Milis, but Milis wasn't complaining. Because Milis is more excited when she is treated a little roughly.
"Both of you, line up and turn your hips"
""Yess~ ""
 Shinji led Milis to stand next to Renka. The two of them got down on all fours and turned their hips to each other.
 Milis's plump ass and Renka's tight, yet feminine and round ass.
 He nodded his head in satisfaction as he looked at his semen dripping from their crotch.
"Let's do this until the end of time, okay?"
"Yes...... Let's have lots of sex...... Ah~ "
"Shinji, you're touching my ass again......"
 Shinji comes up behind Milis and inserts his penis. In other hand, his hand played with Renka's asshole which made Renka scream with a mixture of confusion and pleasure as he thrusting deep into Milis's vagina.
 Renka's asshole was being developed by the repeated caresses of Shinji's fingers. She was now able to feel the pleasure and was confused by the fact that Renka's common sense was to feel it in her asshole.
"Ah~ Ah~ Shinji-san~ Shinji-san~ It's amazing~ Shinji-san's cock~ It's still feels so good~ "
 Milis' mouth was filled with one lewd word after another.
"Shinji's~ Finger~ Why~ Why am I feeling it with my ass~ Am I weird? ~ I'm not weird, right? "
"No, it's not weird. I'm so happy, if you feel good"
 Following Milis' lead, Renka also expressed her confusion. Then Shinji affirmed in a gentle voice, and Renka finally accepted the pleasure of having her asshole played with.
 Pan Pan Pan Pan
 Milis's body jumped when Shinji violently and roughly penetrated her vagina. She was shaking like she had climaxed lightly, but Shinji didn't care and continued to shake his hips toward ejaculation.
"Ah~ Ah~ I'm cumming~ Shinji-san~ I like it when you poke me my pussy when I'm cumming~ Ah~ Ah~ Cumming again~ "
"I'm gonna cum~ I'm gonna cum with my ass~ Shinji makes me cum with my asssss~ "
 Milis climaxed and Renka climaxed in her asshole almost simultaneously.
 Shinji managed to hold back his ejaculation and pulled his penis out, spraying his semen all over their asses.
"Hah~......  Hah~......  It's warm......  "
"Sticky...... You still cum a lot for the third time ......"
 After Shinji's ejaculation, Milis and Renka's asses and backsides were covered in a thick layer of semen. The two of them looked up at Shinji with enraptured voices and expressions, and Shinji's penis began to erect again.
 The three of them weren't going to finish their preparations just yet.
  • It seems that the awakened Milis is no longer shy about using naughty words.
  • And with that, Renka was also able to honestly talk about her asshole.

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