Wizard 154

Chapter 154 The Bad Guy and The Victim (Setting)

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 Alvin woke up in a terrible state.

 He had a nasty nightmare and his pants were covered in semen, so he changed his pants and left the room.

 Alvin who had arrived at the backyard of the temple in time for the appointment found Shinji, Renka and Milis.

 Alvin feels a little defensive because of the strange dream he had.

 However, the way the three of them are talking to each other without noticing Alvin doesn’t seem to have changed at all.

 The distance between Shinji and Renka was close, as if they were lovers, and Milis was keeping a moderate distance from Shinji, as if they were friends.

 (What am I thinking? ……Don’t let the weird dreams affect me)

 Alvin shakes his head to clear his mind and walks towards Shinji and the others, Milis is the first to notice Alvin and waves with a smile, Shinji and Renka also notice Alvin and smile.

 ”Sorry, I’m a little late”

 ”It’s okay. All right, let’s get started”


 Milis and Renka responded to Shinji’s call.

 Alvin finally regained his normal cheerful smile at the peaceful scene.

 The dream of the three of them having a physical relationship was only a dream, he thought to himself.

 Silently, the four of them went through a series of muscle stretches.

 Alvin, who had regained his composure, looked at Shinji as he stretched his arm muscles.

 ”So, how do you plan to infiltrate?”

 ”What should we do? Just go in head on. As a guest, of course”

 Alvin had never been to a brothel, though Shinji said it was a normal thing to do. Alvin was blatantly confused, but Renka opened her mouth.

 ”I don’t think that’s going to work for me and Mil”

 ”I’ve thought of a good setup, and I was thinking of having you two play as our maid”

 ”Eh, what do you mean……?”

 Renka looked uncertain at Shinji’s words, but Milis didn’t seem to understand what Shinji meant either.

 ”First of all, Alvin and I will be entered as the sons of a certain nobles. I’ll tell them that I’m the playboy who dragged Alvin here to teach him some bad habits”

 As the brothel does not check their guest names on the spot. He thought that if he was dressed like that, he could fool them into thinking he was entering the place.

 ”I’m going to set up Renka as my maid and Milis as Alvin’s maid. It’s common knowledge that children of noble families have their own maids.

 But Renka should be dumbfounded by my bad play, and Milis should be naive with Alvin, which will give her a fresh start as to fool them”

 ”I see……”


 Alvin snorted and Milis nodded firmly.

 ”I’m going to pick a luxury class prostitute who has a room on the top floor of the store. When you enter the room, use this. This is the sleeping powder I asked Freri to make for you. If you give them a sniff, they’ll sleep soundly until morning, and there will be no after-effects”

 Shinji took a small bottle out of his pocket and handed it to Alvin.

 ”We’ll leave the equipment with Freri. As it’s impossible to teleport into a store like this, so I’ll ask Freri to join us by climbing the wall from the outside. With ivy, it’s easy to climb”

 ”Then we’ll have to meet up with her as soon as we put the woman to sleep in the room”

 ”We’re on the same top floor, so it shouldn’t be too difficult”

 Shinji nodded back at Alvin.

 When Shinji saw that Milis and Renka had no objections, he smiled.

 ”No problem? If so, Milis and Renka will learn how to be maids. But don’t worry, it’s just the surface of how to walk and stand”

 ”Eh…… I can’t help it…….”

 ”Why do you look so happy, Shinji-san?……”

 Renka and Milis glared at Shinji, but he didn’t care. Alvin couldn’t help but laugh at the hilarity of the situation.

 The two women’s gazes flashed at Alvin as well.

 ”I wonder if Al needs to practice becoming a nobles son too”

 ”Al-kun, is there nothing for you?”

 ”Wait, wait, please wait!”

 Shinji laughs at Alvin’s panic.

 In his hand was a wax to fix his hair.

 ”Alvin needs a change of clothes and a……. young master’s haircut”



 Milis and Renka laughed at the thought of Alvin stiffening up with his hair split into seven thirds ratio, which didn’t suit the image of the vivacious Alvin.

 ”No, no, stop ittttt!!”

 Alvin’s cry echoed through the backyard.

* * *

 The sun was beginning to set at dusk.

 Alvin and the others were walking through the entertainment district, trying to get to the brothel before the temple and the Mazzola family started to move.

 The one who leads the way is Shinji.

 He was dressed in simple but well-made clothes and had a light smile on his face, as if he was used to playing around.

 Walking right behind him was Renka.

 She was dressed in a long-sleeved maid’s uniform with almost no exposed skin and a long skirt, giving off the aura of an accomplished maid.

 Beside them, Alvin and Milis walked, keeping an eye on their surroundings. It was the first time for them to be in the entertainment district, and they looked very innocent.

 Alvin, with his hair split into seven thirds ratio, was dressed like young master, and Milis was wearing the same maid’s uniform as Renka.

 For all intents and purposes, they looked like a serious-looking young master and maid who had been brought here out of the blue by a friend who was used to having fun.

 The people they passed on the street glanced at Alvin and the others, but they seemed to recognize them as part of the scenery, and they were able to get to <Paradise Brothel> without being stopped or tangled up.

 Without hesitation, Shinji opened the door to the brothel and stepped inside.

 Alvin and three others followed Shinji into the brothel.

 ”Welcome. What can we do for you today?”

 A boy in the store called out to Shinji.

 The boy didn’t remember seeing Shinji’s face, but he recognized him as a noble from his attire and the presence of his maid, and was polite.

 ”I thought I’d show my friend how to play the ladies today. I want the most popular girl in this store. Can you take me to her?”

 Shinji’s smile was the opposite of the boys. He pointed his thumb at Alvin and smiled in amusement.

 When the boy looked at Alvin, his eyes met Alvin’s, who was blatantly upset.

 Thinking that this is a man who has never played with a woman before, the boy decides to assign him one of the most expensive prostitutes in <Paradise> to get him hooked.

 ”Dear Guest. How about our number one prostitute, who will cost you ten gold coins? I am confident that you will be satisfied with her. How about it?”

 ”Oh, that’s nice. Then I’d like the number two girl. Can you put them all together for me?”

 The boy smiled and Shinji presented him with 20 gold coins.

 The boy nodded vigorously at Shinji’s generous response.

 ”Leave it to me, dear guest. The girls are waiting for you on the fourth floor of our building. Please follow me”

 ”Okay. Hey, Al! She’s the number one girl! Good for you!”

 ”O, oi……! You’re talking too loud!”

 Alvin protested as Shinji roughly slapped Alvin’s shoulder with a grin.

 The boy never thought that this group of people were adventurers and had come to infiltrate.

 Thus, Alvin and the <Running Wolves> succeeded in breaking into the fourth floor of the <Paradise Brothel>.


 Alvin is completely unaware their act!

 Well, the big thing is that Milis’ attitude hasn’t changed.

 Because she’s just a s*x friend whose only love his p*nis. It’s normal, and there’s no way she’ll change his distance.

 So, he wouldn’t notice if the three of them were hiding him.

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