Wizard 155

Chapter 155 Infiltrating into Paradise

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 Alvin and the others followed the boy up the stairs to the fourth floor of the building. The only sound on the quiet stairs was the sound of walking.

 At the end of the stairs was a hall with only one door.

 ”Please wait a moment”


 After telling Alvin, the leader of the group, to wait, the boy opened the door and stepped inside. For a moment he could see inside, but it looked like a corridor.

 When Shinji looked back, he saw a calm Renka, a nervous Alvin and a nervous Milis looking at him. He smiled deliberately and tapped Alvin’s shoulder.

 ”Don’t be so nervous. You’ve come this far, you should know what to do”

 ”Y, yeah, I know……. I’m ready for this”

 If viewed from afar, it sounds like a conversation between a teasing man and a reckless man, but in fact it is not. Nevertheless, Alvin and the others exchanged glances and nodded at each other.

 As they did so, Alvin and the others sensed a presence approaching from the other side of the door.

 Shinji smiled frivolously again, and Alvin’s expression hardened as the tension returned.

 ” Sorry to keep you waiting. This is our number one and number two”

 The boy appeared from behind the door, followed by two beautiful women.

 ”My name is Eve. Please enjoy your day here……♡”

 ”Clara de~su ♡ Nice to meet you~ ♡”

 The white-haired beauty who introduced herself as Eve had a really nice face, and even Alvin, who was used to beautiful women from Milis and Renka, could not help but think she was pretty.

 Her body, clad in a daring black babydoll, was also first-rate, with a cleavage as large as Milis’s that any man would be tempted to admire, and a perfect figure from her slender waist to the tips of her legs.

 It was a girl who could be called an ideal image of a man.

 Clara, who came next, was no less than Eve.

 She was a beautiful woman with healthy tanned skin that contrasted with Eve’s white skin. Clara’s style was almost identical to Eve’s, with a friendly smile.

 Her white baby doll looked great against her tanned skin.

 ”This is amazing. I was surprised to see such a girl. In a good way”

 ”Thank you very much. Clara will be yours. In the back, Eve will take you to the playroom. Is that all right with you?”

 Shinji nodded at the boy’s words. But there was no response from Alvin. Shinji turned around and lightly tapped his head.

 ”Hey, pull yourself together. Are you okay?”

 ”O, oh, y, yeah, sorry, I’m fine”

 He looked to Milis and she responded with her eyes.

 (Please leave it to me)

 (Sorry, but please)

 After confirming his intentions through eye contact, Shinji turned and smiled at the boy.

 ”I’m sorry, boy. I think he was surprised by a beautiful woman”

 ”Don’t worry about it. I’m glad you’re satisfied. Please take your time and enjoy the rest”

 The boy replied with a smug look, bowed, looked at the two girls and went down the stairs.

 When the boy left, Eve and Clara came forward, and Eve wrapped her arms around Alvin and Clara around Shinji. The soft touch of her large breasts hit Alvin’s elbows.

 ”Let me show you around then……♡”

 ”O, ou. Nice to meet you……!”

 Alvin, with Eve on his arm, went with her to the door, Shinji looked at Clara, but she didn’t move and smiled at him.

 ”I’ll show you around after them, so just wait a minute, okay~? ♡”

 ”Oh, okay”

 ”I can’t wait any longer ♡”

 Clara presses her chest hard against his elbow.

 In the meantime, Eve and Alvin, followed by Milis, the maid, went behind the door.

 ”Onii-san is not very responsive. Are Clara’s breast not attractive~?”

 ”No? They’re nice. But I can’t squeeze them here”

 ”Awawa~ You’re killing me alive ♡”

 Clara is laughing at Shinji’s aloof attitude and rubbing her breasts in different ways. Naturally, Shinji’s crotch began to heat up, but he managed to hold back his erection.

 ”Well then, let’s go, I’ll give you lots of fun ♡”

 ”Haha, then I’ll be expecting you”

 There was a sound of a door slamming shut in some room.

 Then Clara pulled Shinji’s arm. Shinji’s maid, Renka, followed him as he walked through the lobby into the hallway.

 There were many doors in the hallway.

 At a glance, it was hard to tell which room Alvin and the others had gone into. However, Shinji knew which room Alvin and the others had gone into.

 He had given Milis a seed the size of a sesame seed beforehand, and dropped it in front of the room just before Milis entered. Even though he couldn’t see it, Shinji knew where the seed was by tracing its magical power.

 (They are in the farthest room……)

 Shinji could feel the magic in the back of the room, but he shouldn’t show it now.

 After Shinji detected the magic, Clara stopped in front of the room, opened the door to the front room and invited Shinji inside. Then, Shinji enters the room and is followed by Renka.

 After the three of them entered the room, the door was closed and locked.

* * *

 This happens before Shinji entered the room.

 It was when Alvin walked out of the lobby and stepped into the hallway with Eve pressing her large breasts against him.

 In that situation, Alvin was in a very restless state.

 It was a shame to say, but even though he had come here not to fuck, Alvin’s p*nis had become completely erect after Eve had pressed her breasts against him.

 Alvin, who had never been with a woman other than Milis, was nervous as hell. Eve, an experienced prostitute, was not so naive as to not notice that he was tensing up like that.

 ”Please don’t be so stiff……♡ Leave it to Eve and you’ll have a great time……♡”

 As they walk down the hallway, Eve shakes Alvin with her sweet voice. Eve’s voice slips into Alvin’s consciousness with unnatural ease.

 ”P, please……”


 Alvin replies in the affirmative despite the fact that Milis is behind him.

 Milis is not very happy to see Alvin, but she has to endure it for now and follows him silently.

 ”Now, this way……♡”

 Eve leads him to the room at the end of the hallway.

 Milis followed behind, dropping sesame-size seeds from her sleeve into the hallway.

 As Shinji had said, they were led separately, but that was no problem since they had taken all the necessary precautions.

 The biggest concern for Milis was that Alvin, who was carrying the sleeping powder, was acting strangely.

 The usual Alvin would have resisted a little more, but he was receiving Eve’s body touches without resistance. She thought it was an act, but looking at his disheveled face, Milis was sure it was real.

 (It might be necessary to fight without equipment……)

 Milis was beginning to wonder if Eve was a succubus.


 Finally, they infiltrated the fourth floor.

 Alvin and Shinji were each assigned a prostitute.

 Even though Alvin used to be a beautiful woman like Milis and Renka, he is still seduced by the prostitute.

 If she’s the most expensive prostitute in city, wouldn’t it be nice to have an extremely beautiful one? (laughs).

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