Chapter 8 The Changing Daily Life - Part 2

 The fifth and sixth periods are for basic training.
 Unlike yesterday and the day before, the main purpose of this training is to master different abilities and combat techniques. It is a class that is largely left to the initiative of each student.
 Incidentally, tomorrow, Thursday, will be physical education as yesterday, and Friday will be combat training as Monday. Naturally, they will have another game on Friday to check the progress made during the break on Monday, to keep the students' spirits up, and to see the growth of the week.
 And so, for the first time in a day, the students put on their training clothes. Yesterday was PE, so most of the students, including Chihiro, wore informal gym clothes.
 Basic training takes place in the outdoor practice field. The floor of the field is similar to a tennis court and is paved.
Even though it's training, don't let your guard down and work as if it is a real game. Always pay attention to your surroundings when using your abilities. Be careful not to get hurt
 After the roll call, warm-up and cautions, the group will disperse individually.
 This is because the way of training is different for each individual.
 As Shibahou Academy is a [Lost Item] school, and all the students are gifted, this is inevitable. For example, in the training of physical and martial arts, it is natural to assume that each student has his or her own abilities, and even more so when it comes to the control and use of abilities.
 Therefore, there is no standardized class for everyone. Although there are a few such classes in the early days of the school, this is not the case now.
 The students are scattered in a large practice area and train as they wish. The training is checked by several teachers, and if there are any problems, the teachers respond to them. Students may use the indoor training area if they wish, and teachers will provide proper guidance to students who need to train in a more conventional manner.
...All right
 What shall he do?
 Chihiro let out a small breath, glancing at the students as they scattered to their own devices.
 In Chihiro's case, there is no such "unique training". His mind-reading ability is useless without a partner, so there is almost no way to train it. It has been verified that he cannot read his own mind even using a mirror. Even if he tries to practice with one of students, no one likes to be read. Even if he asks a teacher, he cannot ask much because the number of teachers is limited.
 As a result, he had no choice but to do ordinary training, but because of his mind-reading ability, it was difficult to find a partner.
 After some consideration, Chihiro decided to go through the menu as usual.
 He borrowed a wooden sword, and repeated swinging in the corner of the practice room. After a few dozen times of each set of patterns, he mixed in some running and karate forms like exercises.
 If someone ask what kind of training it is, the menu can only be described as "basic". Until now, even he himself had doubts about the meaning of the exercises, and to be honest, he had not put much effort into them.
 However, after he had met Maria, his mind-set has changed somewhat.
 This may be useful for something.
 At least, if he continues to put in effort, he will gain some muscles. He may also learn perseverance and concentration. The same applies to running. Leg strength, lung capacity, and so on. It's much better than not doing it.
 And doing it seriously is much better than just doing it randomly.
 Just do the whole menu without thinking.
 When the menu had come full circle and he is about to go back to the beginning, someone suddenly approached Chihiro.
I didn't know you are here
 It's Maria, dressed in her main black training outfit.
 ...Not many girls use tight-fitting clothes without layering them up. I wonder if she does it because it turns her on.
What's wrong?
Well. I was practicing by myself, and I'm kind of bored
Bored? Why?
 Chihiro blinked at Maria's answer. I'm sure she can find anyone.
 She looked a little uncomfortable and said.
You see. With my abilities, even if it's just training, it'll be more like a real battle
 If he thinks about it, Maria's ability is also not effective without a partner. Self-healing is not an ability to be activated or trained by self-inflicted wounds, and the ability to return the damage received is basically for opponents.
 This makes it difficult to train in a hand-to-hand combat style.
 For example, someone throws her lightly or hits her with a protector. Even in such safe training, Maria's impact will be returned to the attacker. So, Maria's partner will be wasting energy in what is supposed to be training.
 On the other hand, if she turns off the ability, Maria's training efficiency will decrease.
That's why I didn't ask anyone. And I turned them down when they asked me
...I see
 So, she came to Chihiro.
 And as she already knows Chihiro's character and ability, she should have expected him to be training alone like this. All that remained is to find out where he is.
Izumi-kun, would you like to train with me?
With me?
Yes. We both know we're not at our best without each other, right?
 That's not a bad idea.
 With Maria, Chihiro can use his abilities as he pleases. Well, Chihiro might be outmatched in terms of ability.
Okay. Then...
Can you hold on a second?
 Then, another voice stopped Chihiro and Maria.
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