Chapter 21 Evil Scheme - Part 1

 The menu for lunch is a sandwich made from the leftovers of breakfast.
 Even if it is the same food, if the spicy mayonnaise is added to the bread, the mood changes. Moreover, with the help of hunger, the number of sandwiches decreased rapidly.
How was school yesterday and today?
 During the meal, Riko asked about the school during her absence.
 It seems like a big event for her. It is understandable that she is curious. However, that event only happened between Chihiro and the others. For the rest of the students, it just became a normal day, and there are not many things to talk about.
Today, the teacher told us about the exam at the end of the month
And yesterday, Maria and Kamishiro had a match
 There are two things that stood out, but Riko reacted to the latter.
 She looked up, stopped eating, and asked with some enthusiasm.
Who won?
 Maria answered shortly. Her expression didn't move, as if she didn't have any thoughts about the victory or defeat of the match.
...I see. Even Fukami-san can't beat Kamishiro
 When Riko heard the answer, her shoulders slumped. She looked strangely disappointed, and Chihiro felt a faint sense of discomfort.
 Did she want Kamishiro to lose?
Did you have a problem with Kamishiro?
No. Nothing
 Riko shook her head.
I don't have anything against Kamishiro, but it's boring if the strongest guy always wins. And to be honest, I thought Fukami-san is stronger than him
I'm not that strong
 Maria muttered to herself.
 It's understandable. Because at that time, Maria is able to match Kamishiro because of her [Retaliation] and [Self-Healing] abilities.
 But those abilities are not her strength rather her weakness - the embodiment of her uncontrollable sexual desire.
 So, Maria can't be proud of her abilities.
 But to Riko, who didn't know what is going on, it must have sounded like mere modesty.
 She tilted her head in disagreement and said, "I wonder if that's true".
 Chihiro could understand Riko's feelings, so he could not say anything to her.
 Whatever the cause, Maria has power.
 Her power is an object of admiration and envy for those who do not have it.
 On the one hand, Chihiro hopes that power will not betray him, but on the other hand, he wants to overwhelm and trample the strong.
 Did Riko want Maria, who is the same sex as her, to defeat Kamishiro, the "top person in the class"?
 Chihiro and the rest of the group fell silent.
 As he tried to think of a way to divert the conversation, Chihiro remembered another event that had happened at the school.
 In a way, it was related to the top of the class confrontation, though this was a love story.
 Thinking that Riko might be interested in it, he opened his mouth.
Oh, by the way, Kamishiro-kun confessed his feelings to Takatsuki-san today
 But Riko's response is "What the hell are you talking about?" .
 And when the details of the conversation are told to her, her face became even more sullen.
To confess in a classroom, as expected of Kamishiro
 Her voice is piercing as she muttered.
 Her hair is dyed, her uniform is worn down, and she looks carefree, but she doesn't seem to be interested in Kamishiro.
 She chews her sandwich in a reproachful manner.
 And when Chihiro's face tightened, Maria glanced at him.
 Then, she sighed, as if she had no choice.
Nothing has happened since Izumi-kun left. The two of them got up and left separately while everyone else was screaming
...I see
 Apparently, there was no reason for them to remain there anyway.
 So, as it stands now, the confession has simply taken place.
 It does not mean that a couple was formed, nor that Kamishiro and Aika got closer.
 There is a possibility that the story will end with them not going out after all.
 Riko's mood seemed to have improved a little, and her expression softened as she replied animatedly.
 Chihiro let out a sigh of relief.
 ...But to be honest, that was a shock to Chihiro as well.
[If I get a B grade in the next exam, will you go out with me?]
 A bold declaration in front of a crowd of students.
 According to the previous example, it is extremely rare for a first-year student to get a B grade in the first assessment. First of all, it is difficult to establish the precondition itself, but Kamishiro's confession was so strong that it could not have been made on the spur of the moment.
 Therefore, it seems that Kamishiro has a strong will to do it.
 And Aika did not refuse Kamishiro's offer either.
[Well, let me consider it positively...]
 As long as the girl said that, she was practically agreeing.
 ...Aika is willing to go out with Kamishiro.
 Then, even if Kamishiro doesn't get a B rank, there is a possibility that they will start dating.
 The two of them would be a good match, but somehow an indescribable feeling of guilt is floating in Chihiro's chest.
 To tell the truth, he had felt a familiar feeling at the scene.
 Is he unhappy? About their relationship?
Oh, Izumi-kun is not in a good mood?
 Maria, who looked into Chihiro's face, said to him.
...Did it show on my face?
Yes. You looked so unhappy
 That's it?
 It's not like Chihiro can do anything about it.
 If Kamishiro and Aika want to go out with each other, it's their choice.
 He has no right to ask them to stop, even if he doesn't want to.
Izumi, you like Takatsuki-san
 Chihiro is at a loss for words when Riko suddenly stared at him.
...I wonder if it's true
 Chihiro wasn't aware of it. He trusted Aika. Although he trusted Aika, he was not sure if he was in love with her.
 When he mumbled, Riko's gaze became even heavier.
You have bad taste
 The words stabbed into the heart.
 He doesn't feel that Riko has the right to say this, but Chihiro feel that she has the right to say it after losing her virginity to him.
 Suddenly, Maria tilted her head and looked at Riko.
Nishizaki-san, even if you don't have any feelings for Kamishiro-kun, do you have any thoughts about Takatsuki-san?
 Then, Riko looked away from Maria.
 Apparently, there is something difficult to say.
 She chose her words carefully, and spun them one by one.
I don't know, I don't trust that girl
You mean there's more to her?
I wouldn't go that far, but I don't like the way she seems to have no idea what she's doing. I don't think we'd get along
Isn't that an accusation?
Well, maybe Izumi wouldn't understand even if I told it
I guess so
 Maria agreed with Riko's opinion. But what the hell was she talking about?
 Maria smiled at Chihiro's confusion and said.
In other words, Nishizaki-san would be happy if she had a hard time. For example, Izumi-kun might take away Takatsuki-san's heart from Kamishiro-kun
 What is she saying all of a sudden?
 As soon as he was about to raise his voice in protest, his body became heavy.
 It is because Maria was looking at him.
 His body is being taken over by lust and his thoughts are being unraveled.
You don't like it? I think you're probably attracted to Takatsuki-san
I won't deny it, but...
 But what does it mean to take her away?
 Is she suggesting forcible rape like Riko? Then blackmail her with pictures to make her a slave and make her act like a girlfriend on school.
 And then mock at Kamishiro's damaged appearance.
 An urge welled up in the chest. The image of Aika's naked body aroused the sexual desire.
 A proposition that should have been easily dismissed by the rational mind now seemed incredibly attractive.
...Izumi is going to rape Takatsuki-san?
 Riko muttered, leaving Chihiro speechless.
Yes, that's right. She's going to fall into slavery, just like you
 Maria replied, staring at Chihiro, and Riko smirked.
That sounds good
 It is a smile with a hint of deep darkness in it.
 But at the same time, it is a very beautiful smile.
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