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Chapter 20 Kamishiro’s Confession

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 The buzz died down

 Then, as the crowd began to grow, Kamishiro and Takatsuki looked at each other again

 Kamishiro opened his mouth and told Aika, choosing his words carefully

 ”…Well, I’ve been thinking about you for a while. To tell you the truth, I was going to wait until later to tell you”

 ”Uh, yeah”

 ”If I get a B on the next assessment, will you go out with me?”

 Aika’s eyes widened

 Perhaps the voice she had just heard had triggered it

 And Kamishiro’s sudden confession to Aika made everyone around them gasp, and they looked at the two who had turned red

 ”Eh, uhhh…”

 Aika looks down

 She says quietly, staring at the floor or a nearby desk

 ”Well, let me consider it positively…”

 ”Whoa”, someone shouted

 Within a breath, the two students are swarmed and jostled. Students from other classes pass by and peek in to see what’s going on

 Watching the scene from afar, Chihiro quietly left his seat

 As he headed for the doorway behind him, Maria, still seated, whispered to him

 ”Aren’t you going to see it?”

 ”I’m not in the mood”

 ”Ah, so”, he heard her reply as he left the classroom

 Then, he left the school and went back to the apartment. Using a duplicate key, he went through the entrance and into the apartment

 It’s quiet at the door

 He didn’t know whether to say “I’m home” or not, and finally took off his shoes without saying anything

 Riko’s shoes are in doorway. Apparently, she’s not out

 Although he didn’t think so, he walked down the hallway, keeping an eye out for a surprise attack

 There is no sign of anyone in the living room

 Then where the hell is she?


 Suddenly, the curtain at the entrance to the bathroom opens

 Chihiro turned around reflexively, and her eyes met Riko’s

 She is in her underwear

 The same white bra and panties as last night. Her dusky blond hair and her natural appearance, with her guard down, made her look like a normal high school girl, vulnerable and different from Maria’s body

 He couldn’t help but stop and stiffen

 Puzzled by the pure throbbing sensation, which was different from a feeling of torment, Chihiro stood there

 ”W-Why are you here!?”

 He came to his senses as the curtain is closed again with a shout

 ”I-I’m sorry!”

 Chihiro turned his face away in panic. Well, it didn’t make much sense, since his line of sight is already blocked, though

 (…By the way, she had already told that I’m staying here. Even if I had called out to her at the door, I doubt if she would have noticed with the way she was acting just now)

 Well, it’s no use saying

 ”Umm… I’m going to the living room”


 After he confirmed the small reply, he headed for the living room. Chihiro’s stuff is left in a sports bag in the corner of the room, and he needed it to change his clothes anyway

 Then, a few minutes later, Riko came out of the bathroom. She is wearing her uniform this time, as expected

 Fortunately, he did not make the mistake of starting to change his clothes before she came out. That would have been the same thing, or rather, there is a high possibility that he would have no excuse this time


 After glancing at Chihiro, Riko went to the kitchen and poured iced tea into a cup. Apparently, she wanted to drink something cold after taking a hot bath

 Then, after Riko came back with a glass in her hand, Chihiro spoke

 ”I’m going to change my clothes”

 ”Sure, sure”

 She waved her hand as if to say, “Don’t bother me”

 Feeling a little uncomfortable, Chihiro took his change of clothes and moved on. He felt that she would not like him to use the bathroom right after, so he changed in the room he saw her in the morning

 ”I’m home”

 ”Welcome home, Maria”

 Maria came back just as he is getting dressed

 Then, she walked back to the living room still in her uniform

 Maria’s eyes narrowed when she saw Riko’s outfit

 ”Nishizaki-san, you didn’t go back to the dorm, did you?”

 ”Uh, yeah. I was asleep and it was almost noon. Besides, if I came back in the morning, I’d be caught skipping school”

 ”Right. Have you eaten lunch yet?”

 ”Not yet”

 ”Okay. I’ll make you something”

 Maria nodded and took off her jacket, and then her skirt. She hung her uniform on a chair and went to the bathroom with her black underwear peeking out from the hem of her blouse. She then washes her hands and puts on her apron in the kitchen

 Riko immediately intervened

 ”I mean, are you going to cook in that outfit!?”

 ”? I’ve already taken off what I don’t want to get dirty, so there’s no problem, right?”

 Maria tilted her head as if she didn’t understand

 Riko let out a sigh and looked back at Chihiro

 ”Is she always like this?”

 ”…Yeah, sort of”

 Chihiro replied with a wry smile

 From his point of view, it was strange that Riko is showing a rational reaction

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