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Chapter 20 Kamishiro’s Confession

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 ”Okay, bye”


 Chihiro left the apartment with Maria. They parted at the entrance and went their separate ways

 Riko is not with them

 She said she is going to miss school today too because her physical strength is not good enough, and that was why she had not changed into her school uniform when they ate

 Maria did not seem to be alarmed by the fact that she would be left alone in her room. After all..

 ”Well, I didn’t leave anything there that I didn’t want anyone to see”

 ”…And the computer?”

 ”I put passwords on all the logins and folders. Besides, she’d be committing a crime if she went through someone else’s computer without a solid reason, wouldn’t she?”

 ”I see”

 Considering the fact that Riko would be making an enemy of Chihiro and Maria, it’s unlikely that she’d be messing around in the room. With only half a day to spare, time is not on her side

 ”There’s also the possibility that if we show our trust, her resistance will be weaker…”

 Riko even had a key so that she could bring in her personal belongings later today

 No way, she thinks it’s a trap

 ☆   ☆   ☆

 Saturday is a half-day class, and the content of the class is quite irregular

 To be more specific, all four periods are free choice. The students can choose from a wide range of subjects from sports, martial arts, skills training to arts and technology, except that they are not allowed to not take any classes

 The classroom lectures held in the mornings from Monday to Friday concentrate on the main subjects, and do not include practical classes such as music, art, and information processing. The main purpose of this course is to supplement what the student need from such “omitted” subjects. Of course, if someone have no particular interest, they may exercise their body to become stronger

 The classes on Saturdays are basically a set of two periods, and each student can take a maximum of two classes

 Chihiro is taking art in the first and second periods, and information processing in the third and fourth periods

 The reason why he chooses to take these courses is because he is too weak to train, and also because he wants to get a good score on his unofficial application for admission to a university. In the first place, those who have the ability to read the mind generally go on to become psychologists or counselors, so the requirements for non-motor skills are high

 In addition, Kamishiro allotted four hours to physical education and training, and Aika chose home economics and art. Unfortunately, Aika and Chihiro are not in the same class because of their class schedule

 It seems that Riko chose home economics and training



 When Chihiro took his art bag – a big, bulky bag – to the dedicated classroom, he found Maria there

 Apparently, she is also taking art at the same time. And when she glanced at him, she said, as if to say, “Surprised?”

 …Actually, he didn’t expect to meet her here

 She told him later that she chose the “express yourself” course to relieve stress and clear her mind. Incidentally, she chose music as her third and fourth period elective

 As Chihiro continued to draw his subject, a still life, he took the opportunity to look into Maria’s sketchbook and found that she is using her time sparingly to draw the shadows. The accuracy of her work is remarkable, but the overall level of perfection did not seem to be improving

 As for Chihiro himself, he is neither good at art nor bad at it. Although he likes sketching and other subjects where the basics are important, he is not sure what to do when it comes to landscape painting or clay work

 Perhaps he likes to spend his time quietly immersed in his work

 In a sense, it is like meditation. While he concentrates on his work, various things come to his mind. As he does so, his mind becomes calmer. Then, he began to remind something

 ――This week, something happened to him

 He met Maria and made a deal with her. He was attacked decisively by Riko. And being approached by Kamishiro

 He also held Maria and Riko many, many times

 Before he knew it, the time for art ended while he is thinking about the changes which he could not even imagine a week ago

 After art class, he goes to the information processing class in the second half of the day. And it’s easy

 Unlike the art class, the content of the information processing class is similar to a classroom lecture, but the purpose is to learn techniques. Since the main purpose of the class is to “make those who can’t do it do it”. the speed of the class is slow, and to Chihiro, who has some knowledge of the subject, it’s like resting his bones

 He took it easy and let the class sink in

 Then, the homeroom teacher told the whole class

 ”At the end of this month, there will be a regular exam and an ability assessment. For everyone, this will be your first assessment after entering the school, so please try to prepare as much as possible in advance”

 Ability assessment for [Lost Item]. At Shibahou Academy, the results of this assessment and the regular examinations are both taken into account in determining the student’s grade

 The ability judgment is especially important. As Shibahou Academy is an institution for the gifted, students with poor prospects may be dismissed from the school. On the other hand, if they perform well, they may be given some preferential treatment. This is an event of great significance to Chihiro as well

 After the homeroom teacher gives a command and leaves the room, the students are all in a buzz

 Then as he exhaling lightly while packing up his belongings, Chihiro hears the students talking

 ”Kamishiro, are you going for B rank?”

 ”You can do it, right?”

 Intrigued, he looked up to see Kamishiro smiling as he is surrounded by boys

 ”Of course, I’m going for it. …but it’s going to be difficult, as expected”

 There are only six ranks in total. So, even just going up one rank is quite a challenge. It is even more difficult to go from D to C or from C to B than from E to D. In particular, the number of students who are ranked B or higher is much lower, and it is said that they can find a job that makes full use of their abilities when they reach the rank

 In this class, Kamishiro and Maria have a good chance

 ”Why are you being so demanding?”

 ”Well, I’m not ready yet either. I need to work harder to get to the top”

 Then, Kamishiro glanced at someone

 And the person ahead of him is Aika, who was talking to a female student. She turned and locked eyes with Kamishiro, as if she had noticed his gaze

 A tall, handsome boy and a girl who looks like she wants to be protected

 The surrounding students looked on without saying a word at the picturesque scene

 ”…Eh, um. Kamishiro-kun?”

 Aika raised her voice in a reserved manner to the silent Kamishiro

 Kamishiro’s response came a few seconds later

 ”Oh… sorry. Takatsuki-san”

 ”Oh, don’t worry. But…”

 Perhaps due to the lingering effects of his stare, Aika’s reply is also indecisive

 And then someone muttered

 ”What is it? I thought you are going to confess”

 The word “confession” spreads among the students who hear it, creating a buzzing commotion

 Rather, Aika and Kamishiro, the parties concerned, are left behind

 Kamishiro raised his voice in panic

 ”Oh, no. That’s not…”

 His denial stopped in mid-sentence

 His cheeks flush, and his gaze wanders in the air for a moment. He’s thinking about something… or maybe he’s lost

 Then, a slightly louder voice echoed in the classroom

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